#117 Botched Banter

J & Z talk about, u know what i have no idea. But have you ever thought about old, abandoned buildings? They're kinda cool, you know? They've got this eerie vibe, like they've seen better days and have secrets to tell. It's wild how they just...

#91 We Bought a Subaru

J&Z talk about.. okay to be honest, we have no idea what we talked about, so we gave it a random title. Just for clarification, we did not purchase a Subaru. Nor have we thought about purchasing said vehicle. If we were going to purchase a...

#71 Jack The Ripper

J & Z talk about if you would save an old person in a burning building, Mormons, jack killing chickens, and then our friend Sam made a surprise guest appearance and talked about her trip to Europe. Apparently, she traveled many miles to carry...

#36 120 Squirrels

J & Z have a very special guest who needs no introduction. The one and only Jacob Moore. There is so much covered in this episode we don't know how to write a summary, but he did state he killed 120 squirrels in summer. Which seems preposterous.


J & Z have a few guests on this episode. We have the "greatjaketodd" who is an amazing artist who works mainly with surrealist art and acrylic paint on canvas. We also have Jordan Obaya from Obaya State who is a cinematographer who has appeared...

#9 Animal Kingdom Antics

WARNING - Z's Microphone had a few issues during recording so it is clipping quite a bit. It doesn't ruin the episode but ya. Anyways we discuss what princess we would be, we read the entire article on how animals are kinkier then humans and ya. New...

#5 Emu Farm Financials

J & Z discuss what mammal they could knock out with one punch. This leads to a deep discussion about the inner workings of an emu farm and how they financially profit. Lastly, Z does his best smeagel impression, and Selena Gomez says a cuss word.

#4 Do dicks float?

J & Z ponder the serious questions in life. Who are our fans an India? How are pocket p***ies made? Do dicks float? If you have ever asked yourselves any of these questions. We will probably give you the wrong answers.

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