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J & Z talk about the world record peanut push, Dyson ball vacuum, saran wrap, cat food made for people, and top 5 movie characters.
[Music] all right we’re live
um the weirdest jerky flavor like animal i mean animal
well they have like i know kangaroo yeah like ostrich they do have ostrich
i think they i i think they have like koala and [ __ ] oh [ __ ] dude like
assorted koala meats yeah i heard koalas very tender
don’t they all have syphilis yeah i think so i think i think that is weird that an
entire species can have a disease like that like i remember i think it’s from [ __ ] i think it’s just they just get
it from each other like actually oh [ __ ] well it’s an std yeah for us
so it’s not sexually transmitted to other mammals oh maybe it is i don’t know but they just [ __ ] rub their
paws in each other’s faces and well it’s the same way certain things affect humans differently than dogs
yeah dogs can’t have chocolate right i don’t think so neither can diabetics i think right
i mean depending no that’s caramel well it’s sugar oh just sugar in general the [ __ ] i
don’t know i’m not a doctor it depends how bad your diabetes is no okay like did you know there’s a place down south where they
just have like [ __ ] rare meats you just be like yeah i want a [ __ ] like a rhino burger i’m just [ __ ] just
okay i don’t know about a rhino but like here yeah it’s on i-5 south how would they
get it it’s right outside of portland which is a weird place no one would get that because it’s in
they’d have to get them across the world there’s no way oh yeah it’s probably like a 30 burger probably a small patty
no because it’s going to be [ __ ] frozen for three weeks to just get here i don’t okay like so you know how there’s co you
said there’s like koala jerky right you know what i think there is you know how we have like farms for cows and chickens there’s a qualifier
i’m sure it’s just where do they get the meat i’m sure it’s freelancers freelance jerky packers
[ __ ] poachers yeah probably that tone illegal meats aren’t rich people like and up remember
they liked eating like extinct things well i think i feel like that’s just rich people in general they like paying
extra bucks for just over the top things what was uh what was the bird’s name and up roger or something frank no
i don’t know something like that i don’t know i only saw it like once yeah how many balloons do you think it’d take
to lift the house um someone probably did it once there was a guy who at the balloon it was an insane amount
he was like in a chair and they taped like thousands and thousands of thousands of balloons to me floated it’s hot like past the statue of liberty oh
[ __ ] how do you get down you start slowly popping them until you slowly like i don’t know i’m assuming he just jumped out of the [ __ ] thing with a
parachute no i feel like he just haven’t polluted the [ __ ] earth on my own i feel like he just have like a pellet gun you like
poop poop and then it does just slowly starts going down i’m pretty bold can you imagine a flock
of geese just you’re like no no no no no no oh um welcome back slap this button
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um on streams monday through friday jack what do you got next got moles got moles if you have moles in the puget
sound area uh servicing northern seattle to southern tacoma there you go oh my god what happened [ __ ] nails
sticking up dude do you have your tetanus shot well it’s not rusty you’re fine i don’t think i don’t know that’s why i attended
i was like in seventh grade so i probably doesn’t last forever probably not no it lasts like five years or something then why do we have to get it
in the first place for tetanus if we don’t get it every five years and it’s just like i i could be wrong i’m saying
it just i’m only playing on rusty equipment as a child probably i mean it makes sense yeah um
got moles if you have moles in the uh if you have more if you have a mole problem um they’re
your guys uh servicing southern i cannot do this servicing northern taco oh my god
i’m drinking tea i’m [ __ ] sober dude you are servicing northern seattle to southern tacoma they are your premier
mole exterminator chemically free they use little pokers it’s pretty [ __ ] cool to watch um how do you talk to
customers like are you just stupid all the time no yes um
i’m just kidding you’re not stupid thank you you’re smart your head’s moist no it’s [ __ ] hot um
dude it kind of looks from this angle your hair looks like a muffin blueberry
um they’re your premier mole exterminator service they’ll make sure you got no moles
that was a long intro yeah but you know what it’s it’s for the people it’s for it’s for the click bait dog [ __ ] that
[ __ ] i hate when people say that when people say that okay uh so first thing i have an article straight off the
rip that i just had to i don’t even know what it is briefly skim through it so man pushes
peanut up colorado mountain using unconventional body part he pushes a peanut yeah so this man did
most of his push at night on his way to the 14 115 foot summit he pushed a peanut up
wait okay well a little peanut yeah just a like a peanut push like he just flicked it i
don’t we’re gonna push his interesting word for a peanut push because it’s so tiny you’re not
pushing kind of just it’s just push your teeth there the whole time that makes no sense okay a 53 year old colorado man
didn’t crack under pressure as he pushed a peanut to the top of
fourteen thousand one hundred fifteen foot something like this and where’s he going mount kilimanjaro he did most of put his push at night and he went
through roughly two dozen peanuts along the way however he didn’t use his hands to move the peanut along the 12.6 mile route to
the top of the mountain that’s what i originally thought the man decided to let his nose do the pushing
so he crawled off how is that a special skill this is the craziest thing
okay this is where it gets interesting if it wasn’t already interesting this is okay the stupidest thing i’ve ever written um he his nose had the aid of a
homemade contraption a cpap sleep machine with the duct tape spoon on it during his journey and he pushed the
peanut all the way up you imagine other hikers i know what they were there that’s why you did it at night he’s probably embarrassed um yeah cause he
that’s [ __ ] dumb um it’s the crazier thing this is not the first time someone has accomplished
this feat what what feat apparently a texas craftsman named bill
won a 50 bet in 1929 the journey with a peanut to win 50 bet in 1929 and in 1963
ulysses baxter pushed a penis what the [ __ ] 1963 ulysses baxter how is
this even a documentary what was this news this is not news thanks for the report
bob today we are sitting here with what the [ __ ] was this i’m telling you what i’m pretty sure
even someone with the most boring life in history has done something more exciting than dude every single person
has done something more exciting like if i’m bored at home i’m not just going to be like should i go push this peanut up this hiking trail dude
there’s that is does not even need to be documented okay but by the way um in 1963 ulysses baxter
pushed the peanut up the mountain in eight days which is a record at the time but bob salem the guy just did it
reportedly beat the previous record by one day salem who did the peanut push to
celebrate the city of man manito manatee springs 150th birthday is the first
person in the 21st century to complete the push that is that is riveting
so here’s the thing how much money for you that guy must be unemployed well i mean unless he’s touching money
it would have to be a [ __ ] ton you know [ __ ] annoying and dumb a ton of money i mean
oh i thought you meant to be like to do the push i thought you meant like yeah i said to do the put you said how
much money oh i thought you were on something else i i thought you meant like it would cost a lot of money to do the peanut push i’m like he really just
duct taped a spoon to his nose that’s the most tedious thing for no [ __ ] reason and it was to celebrate the
birthday okay and then you do it and then what you tell your boys that at the bar yo i pushed a peanut with a spoon
taped in my nose up a hill and they won’t not only will they not think that’s cool they’ll just think you’re a [ __ ] psychopath dude you have issues
you’re on the spectrum we are no longer friends it’s just that there’s no logical reason to do that like i mean
we’re talking about it so he won he didn’t win we’re the real fool he beat the record by one day congrat
congratulations salem where no one had from colorado springs stupid thing ever
do you know how like people from michigan talk you know like no i don’t think
oh mom’s from michigan really yeah north bend north bend michigan well she doesn’t
have the you know like they were also well the notre dame people really wow i love that
what’s your favorite accent i mean i gotta go with british probably i it’s stuck between that and australian
australian is just more just kind of goofy but that’s the thing too because it could be your favorite because it sounds cool and proper but on this on
the flip side i really like irish ones too not saying that
are also like really funny australians funny they sound like you know what they sound like like australian people
are like crackhead british people they’re like these questions
and they say it’s so loud and it’s just like i don’t know i love it it’s it’s british tourettes
have you ever seen australian commercials i [ __ ] love it not having it it’s like a guy trying to sell used cars he’s like you want to check out
this super room you know who’s check out these super
braces what’s that guy um zero percent the dyson ball guy
it’s not british i think it might be australian or something but he talks he talks this is so soft and the dyson
rolls around and it’s in a 360 scientifically engineered dude it’s so soft
they have to have the biggest preamp on that mic
he’s a dyson with the extended 360 scientific engineering it has the thing
going around a couch or something dude dyson puts so much it’s like [ __ ] it’s like a nose
trimmer and it’s like and then the trimmer gets all the way up the nose and gets to the slightest particles of hair and brings them down ever so slightly
unwanted body hair don’t worry the nose trimmer has an extra blade on the bottom for your goats [Laughter]
are you not comfortable using this tool a dyson certified technician will come by and shave your couch for you
dude they’re good at marketing man no that wasn’t but honestly i think that’s one of the best examples of an
absolutely boring [ __ ] thing to sell but it made it very interesting actually captivating
like i don’t it was and it was very aesthetically pleasing the way in the sounds in the in the i do that oh like
dude that thing can yeah it looks like it’s a [ __ ] tetherball dude like you could literally like and it’s it is a
smart thing that’s this other video like it’s a smart bag you know everything’s like smart now it’s like yeah i can bluetooth
to my washing machine now why why do the people i want an app for my washing machine like the tvs with the with the
touchscreen and the weather it’s like i have a phone that doesn’t like why do i need what do you want to wake up in the morning back you know what instead of my
phone where i can go anywhere i’m going to use my refrigerator screen and stand there dude just go on there kenzie’s smart fridge she was like oh yeah you can turn on the camera and see inside
i’m like just open the [ __ ] fridge she’s like jack you have to see this i was like
don’t get me wrong it is it’s and it’s not even like wide screen so i’m like is that me
i don’t know is that marshmallow pop no there’s not good lighting i know there’s one little bulb on the top you
know i don’t understand because it’s like i would rather just not pay extra money and just have a normal fridge
i mean i will admit it’s cool but it’s [ __ ] pointless it’s just getting overboard now yeah everything like dude when we got these lights you
know i had to download an app for it one of my biggest pet peeves and then it’s like an app for like [ __ ] i’m gonna like just like
clicking like using your thumbs to click is hard no i’m saying to like set something up and you don’t use the app it’s like it’s like oh my god i just got
this new washer dryer combo let me download the [ __ ] whirlpool app so i can [ __ ] send then let me download
microsoft authenticator then i gotta create an account yeah and
then i got the password and then go to the email and then confirm the code they sent me so i can get the account even though i’m going to signed up for it
it’s like one they want me to confirm a phone number and then and then for the next 20 years of your life you will continue to get pounded with emails from
them so that’s why every email account you’ve had for a long time has 18 000 emails in the inbox
god and i’m a little ocd every morning i go through it i highlight all and click marcus and i gave up on that a long time
ago i just i don’t know it’s [ __ ] you know what’s funny is people who like don’t know
or don’t use computers much and they they go through there and they click click click click because you could do
it by page at least of course but honestly i don’t understand why they actually don’t have like a
a fail safe like delete all they do on google on gmail yeah i mean on outlook i
don’t think they didn’t you use outlook well i have outlook in you know oh tweet me well i have like six do you know why
because all those years all those years i used emails for free xbox accounts oh yeah yeah just kind of stuck with them yeah
no i have like like two i have but i can i actually sign in and have used i think three or
four did you have you ever like i don’t even use my emails i use um my gmail one for work because i have
to send work emails every day now but like um
is that funny no it’s awesome how is that fun you started with your macbook on the couch even though you
have thousands of dollars with the pc equipment in there because we do it together
well you can edit the episodes now so there we go done perfect perfect cool can i have your macbook
[Laughter] anyways oh wait you oh i forgot you said have
you ever signed up for something okay for example no wait we we were talking about you sending thousands of emails a day for work continue
i know i’m kidding okay yeah he does that yeah and so i’m saying
for work now i have to send pictures of billing is that funny i don’t know what sorry
you know what you know what i think the fact that i just mentioned i use my
email for work now no i just when you have you i i don’t laugh at you like yeah i have send you work emails i
wouldn’t be like no i think it’s funny if if i was like yeah i gotta like like replace tires now or
something and like i don’t know how is that even a comparable this is funny it’s funny okay anyways have you ever
had to use an email for signing up for something whatever and i don’t understand what the [ __ ] joke
is like that’s not even close to as funny as you had a [ __ ] little pad of apple
stickers outside your car that you’re probably gonna put on your binder and your macbook or something no they were on the arcade i accidentally blew them with the
blower yeah because you put stickers in there anyways continue anyways have you ever signed up for
something with an email account and like like oh let me use this email oh wait and switch them
and like the reason that i’m saying this because like i’ve switched them before i’m like i don’t even use them for anything one of my and i switch i’m like
oh that’s my gaming one i’m like that’s my gaming email it’s like you don’t go on there anyways the only time i go on there’s a recent xbox
or steam password did you ever have a weird like like a weird email name because i remember my mine’s always a
bit mine’s always been like yeah i wasn’t as cool my dad made me my first one when i was in the star wars and he’s like it’s jedi jack 1997. that is virgin [ __ ] yeah
i didn’t want to [ __ ] i was like trying to email girls remember do you remember your famous youtube account jackfilms13 i do remember that yeah
luckily it’s no longer on there i reported the [ __ ] out of it until it got [ __ ] banned i don’t want people finding that [ __ ]
oh you could just deleted it i didn’t know the login i don’t know i don’t know my password to jedi jack 1992 oh yeah
yeah that’s fair that’s why i can’t live on my facebook i don’t know the password isaiah listening gmail.com that was made in 2011. now they have emails i know
no um yeah okay there was something else i wanted to chat about god it’s hot now i think it’s just the heat getting to me
um okay uh apparently uh i saw this today [ __ ]
they are making a fancy feast before you start sorry i have to interrupt and we have to talk about this
on the show because i think that if i don’t mention this it it can it can it can leave a dangerous
precedent okay so i’m gonna so something happened before we got on the show
and yes just now like right before we on the show and this involves you i’m sitting here
minding my business and you shove the chair i did not do that on
paper no stop let me oh my god quiet let me talk okay and i you know this this is
a controversy because it’s not a big deal but you know it sets a dangerous precedent so i have to lay it online i’m sitting here on my phone we’re getting
ready for the episode he’s sliding the bar stool this way is i look up at him
and he was like smirking slams it into my shin and then walks away i’m like
dude and then he starts laughing he’s like he’s like i’m laughing because you said him like i didn’t say anything i look at his face he’s smirking and he
slams in my shin and just like for no reason and then he walks away okay okay let me in the united states of america
we are innocent until proven guilty so let me give my statement okay um let the record show i one did not do that on
purpose okay but let the record show you were smirking no i was you were smirking before i saw you with that you’re no it
wasn’t you weren’t smiling you’re like this little scientist if i ever just hit you on purpose i don’t know maybe you just
thought it was funny it would be funny i don’t know you just but the funny thing was what i was laughing about afterwards was because
after it happened and then you’re like ow you’re like did you do that on purpose i was like that would be funny if i did just like
like [ __ ] hit you like exactly yeah you think that’d be funny but you’re why would i i didn’t think of it i was just
moving the bar okay i’d move the stools over every time we do an episode to make it aesthetically pleasing
don’t act why would i actually randomly hit you we you don’t we do it all you do it way harder than i
do you’re on the top of my [ __ ] foot and you’re even like you wait for the fight to be over and
then my ankle will be exposed and i never do the ankle i do your hand you’re the one because i’m like rubbing
my feet you just go no because you haven’t it’s just it i just can’t help it sometimes yeah i get that um at least i admit it
i admit when i’m wrong i’m just not wrong very often at least i’m saying at least i meant when i when i purposed him doing something okay good um no okay
what i want to talk about [ __ ] so apparently fancy feast is that where we left off um fancy feast is making a uh a
food for humans and cats so wait whoa like
it’s like the same product sold to both like both i think it’s like a fancy feast for cats
but humans can also partake that’s what i’m saying wait humans can oh like they have the ability
to eat cat food now like but you should it’s advised you should yeah is that what it is it’s not actually for humans
too no it is what are you gonna do put it in the bowl next you’re cutting that’s what i was saying i’m saying when aaron finds out about this we’re gonna
come in here and she’s gonna be like in the bowl with the head just they’re like pushing their heads
we’re going to come home and alex is just like smearing it on her face letting the cat like
something [ __ ] weird um or like i don’t love when you when you look at the commercials of cat
food it shows like a [ __ ] porterhouse on the smoker in like a japanese kitchen
and then there’s fresh cotton vegetables dumps in there there’s some like [ __ ] japanese chef with two knives going
he’s making onion volcanoes and and that’s like and then you see the
vegetables everything’s like falling slow-mo into this can and then the cat’s eating like yum
and then you open it and it looks like it looks like it looks like [ __ ] that’s been marinating and dirty looks like
spam it’s and then it goes and it flops with this cube it’s like okay i know it’s cap and then it kind of goes like i
know yeah i know it’s cat food just stop making it look like gordon ramsay made it i don’t know
there was like and then it’s like a little slow-mo of him like tossing the onion from one knife yeah i’m like where i’m like is this cat and then they got
the dyson ball guy behind his like exclusively seasoned with the finest
ingredients and i’m just like the [ __ ] it’s a cat and then yeah the fresh ingredients you don’t even give fresh ingredients to people you’re gonna give
fresh greens to cats yeah and also it’s like my cat will jump in the trash can for the crust of a four-day-old domino’s
pizza like it doesn’t care if it’s [ __ ] cooked medium rare do you remember that
one pet commercial kibbles and bits and the dog would [ __ ] dance and almost hit the milly rock
what you never saw it no
holy [ __ ] i forgot about that do you remember the the frontline commercial uh the old commercials were the [ __ ] though took some fleas they don’t put or
what there was like a little jingle oh there’s like a cat and a hat rap dr seuss was in his bag
um no [ __ ] uh god i know it was like um
take some fleas take some flour i’m going to butcher it let’s just leave that to the other
pusha t you probably wrote that too that was so weird
no i mean i feel like i could write a jingle give me enough time i i’d say i could do a jingle for like a
cleaning product like a cleaning product you know like a new sort of bleach or something
extra bleach i don’t know i feel like i could talk about i just i don’t know i just feel like you know
sometimes you know inside of like something you’d be good at i think i could make a jingle for like a johnson johnson product or something
like no more tears no more tears something like that yeah but i mean a cleaning product is random but
i mean i guess it makes sense well everything’s gotta have a mascot now i mean there’s a little mascot for the [ __ ] aluminum foil it’s like a lion
and he’s like he’s got a [ __ ] aluminum foil i’m like now i’m gonna buy it because you know why because that’s what you
need to tear it off instead of the little
and it’s never in a line and the only time it is in a line is if you go yeah all the way down it’s like i’m not
you rip it it’s never dude i’ve tried 18 different times like you like fold it back around itself
or like saran wrap yeah the crazy thing is is like they make these ridges like a great white’s mouth but it does they
don’t actually [ __ ] work right ever it feels like yeah and then and then this rain wrap sticks to the other side
of the roll you peel this one up one line comes off and then you come across on the other side of it okay i’ll just start here in the beginning and roll
this side back to get us back on track and then that little sliver comes up okay i’ll go in the middle i’ll go in
the middle center of gravity it’s going to pull the rest of it over one little sliver next thing you know you have cat cradles all over your fingers of all
these different lines you know where the star where to go you ever uh had like a like uh someone puts in like a new thing
of like two-ply toilet paper and then they split and you’re like okay i’ll just go up here and tear it and then it splits and have you ever done that like
split the ply no no i know i don’t know some people do people do that i think so just buy one ply it’s half the price who
gives a [ __ ] about the ply okay one one ply sucks okay yeah and like a gas station i mean you gotta like you know
what it’s like you’re getting ready for [ __ ] boxing yeah it’s like you’re mummified
they’re wrapping the guy’s hands you’re gonna get a [ __ ] ton of it because like your finger’s gonna poke through yeah you gotta [ __ ] mummify
yourself to wipe once i feel like you’re just using more come on like you come out of there look like
floyd mayweather it’s not cost effective because i was using [ __ ] 18 the strength yeah
what’s what’s the point of yeah using a whole roll for eight butts
remember the the charmin the sherman strong bears um they have it’s weird that they have the red bears for
strength but the blueberries for comfort do you think there’s i never knew there was a difference yeah there’s sherman ultra strong and that’s the one the dad
bear no that’s the one that that’s where the kid grabbed you know like when people drive off weird he doesn’t do
that he’s like yeah he’s got it in the front in the back and then he’s just like he’s like trying to break it with
friction through his crack and it doesn’t break i’m like okay that is ultra strong yeah it must be if a [ __ ] grizzly bear is using it to wipe
his ass no but then there’s ultra soft and that kid’s just a [ __ ] i know it’s like there’s people in in like board
rooms that come up with that like and that’s their big idea like these guys are these are guys are like six figure
salary guys guys guys okay what we do is we get a we get a grizzly bear we we [ __ ] spray paint them red and then we
have them floss our [ __ ] you know what i mean i’m saying all these commercials what’s going on in
that bathroom how strong are you trying to hop out of a castle window trying to tie each end of the
toilet paper to have it catch your poop like a hammock or like what do you want to do trying to make a rope and get out of the prison i don’t know
or like i’m just saying people sit in boardrooms and come up with those and like people are sitting around there with their like with their pencils and
folders okay good idea okay okay i have it i have it i have it mark mark okay
there’s a guy this guy always has good ideas okay there’s a guy selling insurance okay he has a military outfit on
and a helmet and a helmet in the helmet and um okay he has a beard his eyes are always closed okay and
it’s the general insurance so we just call him the general kid okay he’s the general and the jingle is go to the general and save some time oh
wait but there’s also a penguin yeah there’s a penguin too and then guys guys this is the one we get [ __ ] shaq and
we put him in the car with the general do you know shaq and his mercedes he drives from the back seat yeah because
he’s [ __ ] seven feet tall yeah that’s kind of nuts he won’t be getting in too many different foreigns
no apparently it’s really hard for him because i mean like there’s a lot of horns you can’t drive obviously unless it’s custom yeah so he’s just driving a crow and
he’s like guys i wish i could but my understand is like when he goes in like car dealerships like what does i mean expects at this point in his life now
because he has to get custom shoes he can’t even shop normally well yeah he wears like a size [ __ ] 15 he looks like a size 30 so he has a shoe
the size of the stool [Laughter] no but i’m saying
you know when he bought like i’m especially i’m sure early on in his career goes in it’s like what do you expect yeah oh yeah
over here we have the mclarens for andre the giant we have our seven like
we are seven foot tall centers normal size people i feel like expensive like luxury cars are all small yeah so yeah
uh we’re already at 30 you want to do our top oh yeah oh yes top five okay we have a really good top five
in a top five that was very challenging because there’s so many good ones and at the same time there’s so many different
criteria because you could go the top five of the top five movie characters of all time what makes it hard is the
criteria is completely open it could be further acting alone it could be fun for how funny they are it could be how
genuinely good of an actor there there’s just there’s just so much going on an emotional catch so i i really just went
with my gut and kind of skimmed i i there was plenty i’m missing tons but i haven’t so i don’t know who went first
last time but um do you want to go first okay i’ll go first all right i will go first so i’m
gonna start with my honorable mentions i said mentions um so i’m gonna go
with and these are not in the top five but almost made the top five i’m gonna go with legolas for one legolas
legolas from one of the rings i mean how do you not like a character he doesn’t even say much he just he’s he’s so clean
with his kills he’s slide canceling over stairs and sniping orcs in the face he’s also he jumps on rocks up yeah and he
has so many cool scenes of him and you gotta love him you gotta love the bow everyone loves that character and everything so legolas and my other
arnold mentioned was spanky from little rascals um he’s just a classic i always loved him him and stymie both um anyways okay
so to my list okay number five we have maximus aurelius from gladiator
oh i you can’t deny what oh you can’t deny how great that movie was when it came out came out in
2000 so well done i mean the acting was amazing i mean the story the soundtrack
the soundtrack everything such a great everyone loved gladiator when it came out i mean you can’t you can’t dispute that so you got to go with maximus for
just the wrong amazing yeah badass acting he’s also a good master and commander um just badass
acting all around and just the whole movie i loved um number four i got to go with captain jack sparrow think of a
more iconic character i mean where would tv be without these list of people that i’m about to name you know you just can’t have it he’s hilarious but also
has so many great lines and one-liners um so number four jack sparrow number three tony montana from scarface we have to
have tony montana i mean who you know i think his reputation speaks for himself and it’s just an
absolute masterpiece of a movie and number two might surprise some people but i
i i just love this movie it’s one of my top five movies of all time i gotta go with tommy devito played by joe pesci in
goodfellas oh i have to do it probably one of my favorite characters
of any and anything one of your favorite movies you have it downloaded on your phone don’t you i do for i do for flights and i watch it on every single
flight um yeah i got you gotta go with joe pep joe pesci is so [ __ ] amazing and he plays that
role so [ __ ] well and it’s hilarious hearing him talk we’re back in the darcy caucus it’s just
it’s so [ __ ] good um and number one i’m going my criteria for the number one had to be just
overall just great acting and i had to go with heath ledger’s job that’s what was mine heath ledger’s joker i mean what’s to say i i think to this day
there has not been a better acting job performed than heath ledger’s joker and
if he lived to do another one i’m sure it would have been just as great but talk about someone getting completely indulging
character oh it was beautiful absolutely breathtaking so that is my top five james take it away okay so i’ll do my honorable mentions say like the wiggles
or some games no i don’t have any any okay i don’t know you said you tend to go off the rails and talk about i do okay so no so one of my honorable
mentions is uh clint eastwood and gret and gran torino i
it was just because he’s super racist in that that’s funny i mean joke i think he’s a great i love playing oh yeah yeah uh my other honorable mention was
samwise game g of course i i almost put him actually in my number five instead so number five was jack sparrow not
gonna go off on that now this one i was surprised you didn’t have hans landa and glorious bastards by christoph waltz
limits you la petite that was that’s great acting as well that was just a just uh oh my god he’s also great in
django too he’s just oh he’s unreal he’s probably one one of the best actors i’ve ever seen dude like playing that role
was just yeah i agree with you it’s just there’s so many don’t forget there’s just so many good ones you know
i was gonna overlook some but that’s a that’s a great pick great uh number three is red from shawshank redemption played by morgan freeman
yeah yeah freeman just and i love how he still rocks the earring you know i know he does i love that you actually know
why um so he rocks um he doesn’t wear a lot of expensive things but he always has on him like the
bracelets like pure gold earrings or real diamonds because when he dies if he
dies somewhere so it pays for like the funeral i didn’t which is [ __ ] actually kind of crazy only problem is my other two was legolas
lord of the rings number one was joker heath ledger so oh well those are that i have no for the first time in a long
time i have no problem with your top five really yeah wow okay we’re making progress here yeah
we are you’re learning you’re learning yeah you know after all these times well we’re at 35. well i think that’s uh
there’s a i think a bug just flew my nose um yeah i think that’s gonna do it for this
week guys um thanks for listening i mean it’s been a hell of a ride um and we are
going to attempt um to give a patreon exclusive again um we will not be doing
it out here because i’m [ __ ] cooking like a broiler it’s so bad um but um
james yeah where can they find you depends where
i’m hiding uh they can find me at jack underscore spence see
where where where can they find you they can
find me at isaiah underscore lesneypornhub.com instagram my turn um or you can find
both of our instagrams at the around the lunch table instagram page um summer collection’s still available you guys
and actually this just came to me recently unfortunately it’s it’s coming up on the end of summer so it might not
be the best timing but maybe i’m thinking maybe for spring when it rolls around ma htlt
matching sets i want to do that so that would be great to have so we’re but anyways obviously that’s a future thing
i just want to throw it out there but summer clutch is still available for you guys um and of course it is the end of summer um fall is coming up so expect
around fall time for that ever loving season of the mary mary season and thanksgiving
we’re gonna have that new winter collection out and a lot more options for the nice turtleneck sweater yeah and all that stuff but uh as always a lot of
weather is still warm right now so you can still get all the summer collection as needed you guys thank you so much for listening patrons you will see us sooner
than the rest of the peasants but for the rest of you thank you guys for listening we’ll see you next week
let’s get rowdy up in here

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