J&Z talk about porn names, top 5 veggies, and some stuff with jo jo’s. 
foreign [Music]
uh oh wow this is wobbly wobbly wobbly wait who’s that
it’s a different rapper in the drink hell yeah I didn’t suck
when I was going to yelling because I can only do the Eminem loud
all right talk again wait who’s that
let me just talk like this all right it wouldn’t be it was louder because of that I was doing that okay it’s like now I’m I feel like I’m pretty low no it’s
actually perfect right okay because everything was out of whack I had to redo it again you know what I’m saying yeah the wink I had a wreck it’s Jack
on a trick where your brain’s at I got a mosquito bite on my leg and it’s just
it’s just doing dishes it’s kind of hot in here are you a queer
are you recording I am recording it’s recording is it recording both ways both ways just like she do it did you ever
be kind of fun to be like a I feel like that’s a long hair I don’t
care it’ll be kind of fun especially like you were on the segments with like your friends or something or like the other guys like like a meteorologist or
just like a normal anchor and then it’s like it’s always a kid there’s like a depressed like someone gets murdered and then the next guy’s like all right for
the next three days we have some nice weather on the way or it’s like uh thanks thanks for the
report late thanks for the report Larry yesterday at Mayhew Apartments police heard several
shots Witnesses say multiple dead victims back to you Bob he’s just like hey we have a nice sunny day on the way
yeah and then uh and then [ __ ] and then it goes to some like local high school sports
and and the north Siskiyou Bobcats ended up doing it this weekend like [ __ ]
who I was when did we start naming storms like it’s naming storms like you know there’s
hurricanes right now oh yeah Iowa watch out winter storm Wanda is on her way
hurricane flows oh you start naming storms dude I guess to
like I guess identify him with other ones I feel like it needs to be I feel like we could just number them let’s be honest but also maybe it makes them not
I feel like they need to be more menacing names like Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest catastrophes
yeah hurricane Hitler yeah I guess that would have made sense yeah
that would have been good I mean I I I guess it would make sense to name them though because there’s probably lots of
tropical storms happening at the same time yeah with all that [ __ ] like blows up on the beat like did you ever go like
treasure hunting as a kid I don’t think oh I I did have a metal detector yeah I feel like when I’m in
like my 70s or 80s I’m gonna get back into that yeah I think that’s something you pick up later on yeah I mean I mean but there’s that that is one of the few
kid things that you do as an adult actually I guess you do a lot of things but God you’re not a good childhood you
actually had a metal detector yeah I did I remember I just had like a stick and go you know you had a stick how about a
stick go BBB it was in the middle I was making the sounds it was pretend
yeah did you find anything good or just some found some Nails yeah I found like
um I felt like a bracelet it wasn’t like nice or anything like that but it was like some silver
silver yeah it was something I’d summon it how much does it need to be worth until it’s considered treasure
I mean I think it’s worth it technically worth anything more than the time you
spent looking for it no I’d save well you could spend years and then find that one thing you know there’s a lot of
people make a lot of money like they get like the really nice metal detectors like they’re crazy those guys have headphones and they I was like oh
someone’s wedding ring well depending how expensive it is it goes deeper in the ground the more the the
more it’s worth the deeper it is really okay I don’t think it’s a mystery for
example the more expensive your speakers are the better they sound the more expensive the metal detector the nicer the equipment the nicer oh I’m sorry I
thought you meant the more expensive the treasure is that then it goes deeper and I’m like how the [ __ ] I mean that obviously makes sense too though the
more expensive the more deep that would make sense there’s not gonna be [ __ ] treasure five inches above
well I’m saying if I just dropped a gold ring I mean it’s Gonna Take Years that’s more time than unless it was purposely
put there ah let’s start with the patreon uh
uh welcome back slapsticks welcome back to around the lunch table episodes welcome
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uh make sure you check him out and he’ll make sure you’ve got no moles no no oh my God speaking of exterminators bring
something [ __ ] up I heard it’s it’s not funny but kind of is just the idea of it because it’s like so this
exterminator guy this pest control guy was talking about like oh he’s like yeah why catch raccoons like well how do you
like what do you he’s like oh the cages he’s like oh what do you do with him afterwards like he’s like well there’s a couple ways to do it he’s like some people just like put a bag over the cage
and then put it to their exhaust and then [ __ ] gas it
I feel like this I feel like that’s that’s a crime you might as well just shoot it
I feel like that just takes too long dude I know it that’s like menacing like it’s like you want to sit there and watch
a bag and then ties into the [ __ ] exhaust imagine if you’re like a kid and you’re and the mom’s like Oh dad’s in
the garage don’t go in there and he’s just got some raccoons in a cage and some [ __ ] Glad bags [ __ ] just lighting off his
[Music] why are you killing this raccoon like it’s a [ __ ] little insurance salesman
thing is if he was smart he’d just release him at like a couple houses down and then
I don’t know that’s just worse I feel like I feel like it’s like I want to look in the eyes and watch it squirm and just [ __ ] it but no I think that’s like
the most painless way to go that’s why some people do that I mean you just take some deep breaths and it’s just like oh
[ __ ] then you’re out something tells in a little plastic bag though well I mean I don’t know he doesn’t want
to kill himself I mean I know I just meant it’s a small area like when people do it maybe it’s like in their garage or
something why don’t you just tie the bag and then he doesn’t have any Oxygen boom that’s even I know that’s just bad I
don’t know I mean how would you do it how would I do it I mean I think the most meaning is pop yeah but it’s loud
if you can’t I think I’d make a guillotine outside a little raccoon
no you have this big long ties little wrists on the thing okay that’s actually really cool and then just no okay okay
can you imagine okay if you’re the uh is it the Executioner yeah there were the mask had the big axes yeah can you
imagine the little records and then it just goes
they’re cute they have little Bandit masks yeah and they and as little little ones are super cute who cares okay
anyways raccoons yeah they have the little Bandit mask we know a girl who has raccoons she feeds them and they’re
actually who the [ __ ] is this a person we know remember she was always on her snap story remember she was
feeding the coons I mean the raccoons we’re talking about raccoons here holy
[ __ ] I know um no I don’t remember oh well I will not say her name on air but yeah
what’s her first name Emma oh God okay no it was all over her it
wasn’t a it wasn’t like she was a pet I didn’t think it was a pet I just said she had a ton of raccoons and she fed them oh okay it made it sound like you
she had them I’m like oh that’s cool remember when you and I fed a deer in
Santa Cruz yeah that was cool yeah it was one of those little biscuits called not biscuits that’s a cracker with the
peanut butter in their circles well those are the Ritz the Reds it’s kind of like it’s peanut butter crackers they’re
not they weren’t by Ritz so they were by uh who’s the old elf with the big chin that’s not no those are square those
Circle ones are Ritz oh Ritz interesting what’s your favorite cracker is that racist too favorite no favorite
cracker huh wow well I think it depends what we’re doing just the cracker by itself
yeah it’s actually because like we’re thinking about what we’re thinking about oyster crackers those go those are goes with ham and some soup oh yeah we’re
thinking about by themselves because I mean people eat crackers with like things on them so I mean I’d have to go
oh you know what’s really underrated is the rectangle Club
that’s oh those are good it’s like slightly buttered those yeah those are [ __ ] good you know what uh
you’re a chicken in a Biscuit those are [ __ ] amazing those are those ones yeah those are actually chickens in the biscuit it’s more like it’s more like um
I feel like it was Top Ramen seasoning on top of it yeah it’s kind of like that it’s like maybe like chicken stock season or something all right I had
something to bring up on the podcast so I talked to a friend today um and we we were talking about
this sounds weird but in context it’s fine we were talking about porn right
um just in a totally off-topic thing but um do you think that you know when like
a porn star has their porn name yeah and he was saying that the produce like on
their first show The Producers choose the name for them I thought you chose your own I think you chose your own like
a stripper does do strippers choose their own I mean yeah they have one so then they don’t want to use a real name I’m Rose or
something I’m Mercedes I hate that Mercedes I don’t know anyone named I know wait there’s one girl that was I
met some people named Mercedes if you had a name name a kid after a car what are you doing evidently a Subaru
apparently obviously apparently that’s actually Royce Bentley bam Royce Bentley Leslie Baby Dude I think Bentley’s a
cute name for a girl Bentley [ __ ] the color bent but I don’t know about
that bent over I think Royce is a decent name too Royce to five nine Royce dude
yeah yeah well Bryce and Bentley Bentley’s a cute name no it’s not cute it’s kind of hot like it’s like high-end Bentley I’ll put
that in my back pocket Bentley I like that actually yeah you know it’s good it could be a guy Bentley I feel like he’ll get a lot of
[ __ ] though or a middle name Bradley Bentley but Bradley Brantley
Bradley Brantley Bradley Bentleys Bradley Bentley Spence I don’t know if I
might have a brad though I I feel like hey this is this is just me I I feel like names are best it flows the best if
the first letter of the first name matches the first letter of the last name I just I I [ __ ] love that I
think it’s really it’s like Sam Spence sure yeah I’m just saying that’s what
you just said I’m asking did that flow yes it’s flows better than it Larry loves me okay that’s good Lucas Lucas
last name yeah I like Larry Larry I could see you as a Larry you know whoever’s name’s Larry was probably born in the 60s and 70s there’s no way
if you ever met a newer like a younger person with a really old name like Meredith or something that shit’s
[ __ ] weird it’s like you want to feel like they’d eventually cut it to match a little bit like Mary that’s still kind
of old Mary’s old 100 I’m not denying it there was a girl in our grade named Mary
and she was a big Marion married and she was a big horse girl but I feel like I
could see that well anyways but so like back to names
here so so I’m gonna give you a scenario here okay your whole life goes to [ __ ]
okay you know God you’re just in the gutter you just don’t know what to do but you know what you’ve been living on
the street kind of got this prison bot going right I feel like I’d be a very resourceful homeless person I think so
too but you know you kind of have a drug problem that just makes you a little lazy okay we’re just gonna say that I feel like if I’m there I don’t think that would be my number one priority
okay this is just remember when you said I’m bad with these I didn’t even finish the scenario I haven’t finished it you’re I said yeah
you’re bad at when I give you a question okay so anyways this happens all right this guy comes up in a Bentley nice suit
says Hey kid you got a good looking body come down and strip for us freaking thousand bucks a night okay boom
what’s your name what are you picking that’s like your stripper name
dude remember those like name things like just a first name is one or like I’m like a full stage name I don’t know
a girl comes up and says Melly that’s what it’d be Melly I like that my gamertag baby yeah like like I’m saying
like a [ __ ] girl is like hey [ __ ] brown boy come over here and give me a dance you know like you’re saying yo
she’s like what’s your name you’re like I’m Melly
me you’re Clayton you’re Rocklin mine would be Cosmic
Humphrey yeah you’re so dumb that was so stupid that was just a [ __ ] I know
you just you had such pride in it it was just you just it just happened you were just such an arrogant little kid it’s
just God [ __ ] you’re arrogant now but it was just like so bad God I’m not a robot okay do you remember those things you
would do as kids it would be like your birthday your yeah the like the names okay what’s your stripper name okay what
is the first letter your first name okay yours is Isaiah so yours is Lola Lola Sizzle I like that that’s cute mine
would be Kitty Kitty whip that sounds like a crime Kitty whip have
you ever been whipped no in like a sexual way no I haven’t I don’t think that’s something I I would ever want I
know but how do you get into that like I know like people have the swings and then there’s like you know it’s always weird when you go to like someone’s
parents house and then they’re like giving you the tour and then there’s like a mirror on the ceiling or there’s like two eye hooks when have you ever
seen that I have seen mirrors I have okay that’s not so you said hooks
I’m saying as like an example like you have two eye hooks in the ceiling and it’s like okay like obviously there’s some swinging going on here not swinging
but like a sex swing yeah what are you [ __ ] talking you’re obviously mounting something from the scene I know but like if you’ve seen
this I didn’t see the eye hooks where did you go you saw me I’m not saying that on the podcast
I’ll tell you I feel like that’s something you would have told me because in Vegas that’s actually popular thing in a lot of places love mirrors on the
ceiling and I get the point but I don’t because if I’m On Top
I’m saying like say you’re like on top like what am I supposed to be like oh that’s what my ass looks no but when
you’re not then there you go yeah most of the time the girls you know yeah it’s like I’m gonna stay here
I want to see no no I mean it’s basically just so she can see your butt
right and vice versa right you can’t see it as well I just feel like if I was on bottom or
like and I’m just staring myself in the eyes like you son of a [ __ ] it’s a piece of [ __ ]
I don’t know like I don’t want to see my open or like or like you’re clapping for my
never mind it’s like is this like what a drone would look like looking down at me this is definitely don’t Jordan get this
I’m a bad man you know you know those are called Vinegar Strokes wait
vinegar what the [ __ ] does that mean imagine the first thing I think when I say vinegar vinegar smells yeah okay imagine wait
hold on imagine imagine you put a little bit of vinegar
in a spoon and you ate it but but what face you’re gonna make
that’s your come face when you’re like oh like I don’t come like I’m having a stroke oh it’s a [ __ ] joke
Jesus I’m just saying does that sound logical you’ve never heard the term o face no
you’re or not okay you know what they don’t people call it [ __ ] face okay come
face oh face Vinegar Strokes I’ve never heard that in my [ __ ] life
okay are you saying that you told me you’re completely expression unless you’re just like no but I’m not like
like I’m about to sneeze or die like I I don’t I don’t know okay sorry I think it’s more like a
you’re smiling I like that I know I’m smiling because I know you’re looking at me I wouldn’t be like
can you imagine what’s yours the gritty your teeth
what is yours I mean I put vinegar
if I put vinegar on my tongue I have to think I’d be like yeah exactly is that how you no I don’t no you might just
like ah that’s about it no or a few grunts yeah you’re you seem like a
gruntable I mean I’ve I’ve heard in the other room yeah I’m just saying
you yeah you have tended to switch on me oh or no and then I’m like
I’m dying being a grunter no I’m saying and then she says I’m like I hear you all the
time too I just don’t say anything exactly and that’s the thing it’s like you know it’s just common that we we both know
what it you know what’s going on we just respect each other’s privacy simple as that it’s good I don’t know if
respecting privacy is something we do we really don’t I mean not like a rude way I’m just
saying yeah we don’t watch another [ __ ] no you’re like wait you don’t no I’m saying
it’s just like you’re just looking through the door no it’s not like we’re tentative to go in the other’s room you
know what I mean it’s just like it’s like hey if I can go in there if I see something or whatever it’s part of the game it’s important
the party in here come here oh [ __ ] I wish if I could have an accent
like I think a good new yorker’s accent like there’s something about it Brooklyn or something I you know like Queens
Janice from friends like Boston yeah okay do we have accents or not no what’s
other people who aren’t from like from the US probably they all say you know what’s weird is like you know we we can
try to do another accent what did they try to do when they sound like us because this is just they just try to do
what we sound versus theirs huh I think I think Australian I I can’t
like if I had to choose Australian or British like I feel like Australian’s more funny
it’s just funny it’s funny as [ __ ] if anything I feel
like British people don’t have like well there’s also annoying British ones too you know what I mean like oh come on
brov it’s just like bro can I get a bottle of water
the British people have a ton of seizures no the uh that’s what it made it sound like you
were doing all right they said I thought you were trying to say something British it was down the sickness oh wow yeah
um no I mean you wonder what is weird is people don’t sing in accents I didn’t think that’s weird yeah like
but think about this though when you’re talking you’re not putting as much until when you’re singing you’re holding a
note yeah but I think all notes are Universal so interesting
but I’ve always thought that interesting someone sings I’m like oh right thank you for coming out like they like sing
like an angel Crystal Clear then I want to thank this beautiful crowd for coming out I’m like whoa the [ __ ] did that come
from but it is it is very interesting though but I think it’s because you’re not screaming but like you’re almost you
know you’re very I mean it’s I mean singing is so much different talking I mean you know yeah no [ __ ] I think so
unless you’re [ __ ] Barney and you’re just you know just [ __ ] what the guy looks like that was in the
suit that’s gotta be a lot man even if the money’s good man like I just don’t feel like dude Barney was stacking some
serious breath I’m looking it up how much did Barney make in his p
dude Barney was in his bag I guarantee he was getting paid Rags Barney makes a 1.1 million dollars a year what the [ __ ]
oh my God here’s how much Barney made on How I Met Your Mother [ __ ] [ __ ] Barney the the dinosaur oh boy you
picked the wrong one no it was just the first Barney made a billion dollars
I mean that’s not possible but Barney’s a billionaire Barney made a billion
dollars in one year Presley set on Nightline in January if the corporation for PBS had gotten 30 of that it would have had a lot of more than what well
obviously he didn’t get that but it made for video okay all the actors who played Barney ranked by their net worth
who makes these lists okay so number eight Daniel he was obviously the worst what is he worth uh he’s worth 700 000
is the bottom of the list you love me [Applause] you know when he sings that song it
sounds like he’s doing like that he’s like
[Music] what
oh my God okay okay we’re on number six Dean went
1.5 million David Joyner Joyner Lucas 2 million Duncan Brennan 5 million Josh
Martin seven million Carrie Stinson 11 million oh my number one is Tim
Denver he served as the voice actor I’m sure that was the OG for three years 99-02 he also did Barney and Friends you
can be anything Barney Let’s go to the beach in Barney and let’s go to the zoo in Barney and he is worth
25 million so close 20 million dude okay PBS it’s free though it’s just over the
air what is making this the same way the other people like on National tablets like the ESPN talk show the same way
because it brings a lot of viewers [ __ ] like Barney’s for like but you got
to think about this though you got to think about this too infants aren’t going out how many times how many kids had Barney blankets and toys I’m saying
it’s royalties probably oh okay it’s the merch it’s the burning man I’m sure do you see Barney’s merch nude
everyone had a Barney everyone had Barney something why did it get canceled I mean I imagine because
after so long I mean I don’t know what they just ran out of nursery rhymes did you ever seen what the first Barney
outfit looked like it was [ __ ] did Bernie go to jail probably hanging out with kids for too
long yeah what happened wait what um
um the first Barney suit I think was like the first one that looked [ __ ]
terrifying the numerous lawsuits
right at this top right the dark truth about why Barney and Friends was canceled here we go oh my God okay I
love it okay the Barney franchise was hugely successful and it went through a number of different series forms such as
Barney in the Backyard Gang Partners in concert Barney’s Great Adventure okay we remember those
unlike its prehistoric relatives in Jurassic Park or Jurassic world this big purple guy has always been interested in
educating us on themes like friendship family and personal well-being and having fun then turning us into happy
meals with legs what wait what okay um
okay why the fall okay okay originally Barney was a snuggly
teddy bear but my son Patrick was fascinated with Dinosaurs so Barney became a dinosaur okay that’s who made it just tell us who touched who
Barney goes net Barney goes National he’s got glasses on and everything endless lawsuits
okay Barney blown up what these range from a video called Barney
blown up to dustyfeet.com what
what were the lawsuits wait the actor who played Barney is now a tantric sex specialist
who charges 350 a session and advises against condoms and he only accepts female clients
so the actors that were doing it were just sex freaks okay I was hoping for something one more juicy but wait whoa
whoa well I just saw I just found something super [ __ ] interesting wait
dude sorry a little further from the mic huh dude I
knew it McDonald’s I [ __ ] knew it this hey this came out in March of 2022.
this is not okay what the [ __ ] I thought I saw this on Twitter I thought it was jokes I looked
it up this is [ __ ] real and they’re being sued for 900 million dollars in Damages okay if you’ve ever tried to order McFlurry
from your local McDonald’s only to discover that the Fast Food Outlet soft serve machine is conveniently broken while you’re not alone right now close
to 10 of all McDonald’s soft serum makers globally are out of service according to the mcbroke
they’re calling it the big broken real-time machine maker and Alameda based startup named Kitsch created a
device aiming to get that percentage to zero and ambushing the McDonald’s crushed so then they wouldn’t have to
pay the money now catch is following a suit against the fast food giant the startup filed a legal complaint on Tuesday with the U.S District Court the
District of Delaware seeking 90 million damages the complaint alleges that McDonald’s interfield with contracts with kitchen customers and accuse the
restaurant chain of false advertising and purposely putting machines out of order
oh my gosh whoa whoa whoa this is the biggest conspiracy since the moon landing man
what McDonald’s however didn’t like wait in its complaint Kitsch alleged that
companies sent emails to every franchise in November of 2020 in which McDonald’s advised that they stopped using kitch’s
devices immediately the emails which Kitsch claims were detrimental to the startup sales allegedly said the device
is violated The Machine’s warranties could cause serious human injury and give Kitsch access to confidential information kids argues in the complaint
that these safety warnings were inaccurate aiming to discredit the startup and give more business to Taylor one of their competitors
that is they don’t want their machines to work why what maybe there’s something like the like how fast maybe that’s like
a long thing to make or something and it’s just going down production oh my God that is nuts [ __ ] rats I
knew I knew I knew it could didn’t Pusha T make the theme song he was part of writing and [ __ ] so
apparently I’m loving it he was part of eight ways but guess whoever everyone knows it I
mean he he’s like yeah I was the fifth duh what is what what’s what’s the worst the most most the most annoying like
theme song for a commercial I think it’s probably 877 cash no I like that one you
like it yeah it tells me a lot about your taste it sucked me in I don’t know it was interesting I mean it was it was
captivating but I wouldn’t say it was good one eight seven seven cars for kids ever heard that one one eight seven
seven cars or or go to the general one second time there’s a penguin don’t know why yes so I’d say say 1877 cars for
kids that one’s just annoying which by the way I’m not giving my car to your kid dude did you ever watch that show
when you’re a kid out of the box straight out the box no then why’d you sing anyways it was a
black guy with the dreads and the Asian lady and at the end he would always go there you do his legs so long farewell it was
a banger no [ __ ] that dude was sick and then they make forts out of boxes but then like when you look whenever I got
older I always thought it was weird because now it’s like a lot of these show it’s like dude this is just like an adult hanging out with six-year-olds yeah that would make me uncomfortable uh
words I get 30 and we have a top five oh we do have a top five um ladies and gentlemen for today’s top five it is gonna be top five vegetables now
James hates vegetables but he’s still you just said you still order them I
don’t hate you you don’t like them and that’s fine I’m just saying you don’t like you I don’t like them not like are way different I had a really hard time
on my list because I feel like there’s a lot of the reason why I had the hardest time with it was because it’s like okay this
specific vegetable I don’t eat but it goes well and it makes dishes yeah anyways so I went first last time you’re
gonna go top five vegetables with an auto mention and why
with an honorable mention actually [ __ ] that I don’t understand just do five okay so uh number five I’m gonna go with
the avocado oh that’s a good one that is now I don’t just eat them straight out out the freaking out the sack or the
skin it looks like a sack a little bit yeah yeah uh straight out the sack not my thing but like guac making the guac I
am not a guac guy I mean I’ll eat it what I like literally what no let me finish
I like them sliced just straight out the sack you know obviously remove the pit
just on a sandwich or toast yeah either one I like them just how they are I mean they’re not
crazy about that but it just gives you that little extra you put some you put some salt pepper or maybe some Sriracha
or something like that it gives that nice oh yeah it’s definitely that texture is nice and it’s also it’s a superfood so I mean it’s just it’s also
just extremely healthy for you I thought it barely has eight calories it’s not yeah it’s a super it’s very
good for you yeah okay number four I’m gonna go with onions nice
cold not warm you don’t like caramelized onions nope wait whoa so if you have
like a burger and you have the option to get raw onions or caramelized you would not
want caramelized right I feel like I prefer caramelized over cold dude raw dog for Life man yeah hell yeah okay
right but onions are I think they’re very key to so many dishes oh flavor oh and it they do a lot for all dishes it’s
something that can add crunch to something that’s not crunchy but also complemented in a very strategic way
that only an onion and in some things and in some dishes it gives that metally texture to it that tastes metally taste
medally taste you want your dishes metals like Steel keep going because you don’t know food
metally yeah that’s kind of what that taste has in some foods it kind of has that metally taste to it okay gotcha uh
number three I’m gonna go with carrots cold though carrots big carrot guys are good I actually sometimes just have a
bag of carrots at work and I’ll just have a carrot like [ __ ] Bugs Bunny or just munching on one walking no it’s just trying to sell people [ __ ] hey come
on buy this bus no it doesn’t matter how it gets in you it just matters you get it in you yeah that’s it yeah uh number two edamame
huge fan all right what why is that one weird I didn’t say it’s weird it’s like I was
like oh all right I didn’t expect that I expect it to be like a more generic I don’t know I love
that okay I love that I’m just saying I just felt a little bit of something from you I’m sorry okay okay go I’m sorry I
mean instead of just like oh interesting you’re just like okay like what next time I’ll if I can have a parade that
you like it do a cartwheel or something sorry okay uh number one
we all know and that should be everyone’s number one a [ __ ] potato yeah the [ __ ] potato you can use it
as chips as fries as chips mashed potatoes hello oh yeah mashed
taters baked potato loaded potato
like what I mean it’s just the opportunities are endless with that vegetable
it’s weird it’s it’s a root but yet I don’t know because like a tomato is very starchy it’s still I love potatoes yeah
and lots of carbs lots and lots of carbs yeah but it’s it’s a good it’s a good way like if you’re having a healthy
healthy meal-ish potatoes are usually in there because you do need some of those carbs and that’s a perfect amount yeah unless you’re on keto then you can’t
have a french fries yeah that’s true I mean potatoes are basically a carb root just a root strap that’s fair yeah
um my vegetables I I really fought hard over there my vegetables I really fought hard over this because I’m thinking okay
what I forgot corn honorable mention corn when you kind of took my thunder there
number five I got I got corn but I got like the white sweet corn that’s what I got not on the
cob they have white sweet corn on the cob too like the white corn the white corn that’s sweet naturally the yellow is good too but I like the white corn
it’s so you can put it in some butter yeah rotisserie yeah like a rotisserie and
it’s super [ __ ] good that’s oh my God I love to munch on that [ __ ] just so just salt and pepper yeah and number
four I got onions just because also just because onions onion rings like they’re Universal they go good on sandwiches
when the caramelized the flavors within that just really marinate with the rest of the flavors and the fact that it tastes like copper as well that’s good
you can go you don’t watch never mind you don’t know what you’re talking about you don’t like vegetables though okay so
next number three I have asparagus I love asparagus I’m sorry asparagus is so good you cook that asparagus put it with
some garlic you let that soak in the pan it gets nice and soft you put it with the steak and mashed potatoes dude get
the [ __ ] out of it you’re like the head or the base better you know what I’m talking about the little head that’s got I think they’re
both equally good you know what I mean I don’t think they don’t taste any different I’ll take but the the head has a different texture it’s got those
little different textures I have a different taste I I didn’t ask you which one tastes better which one do you like better I usually bite the head off first
yeah you don’t like asparagus I think asparagus amazing like especially when you have like a steak dinner it just
goes so well it goes really well it’s not my favorite though so um number three number two you don’t eat this by
itself but like how do I not add this in it’s got to be garlic I thought garlic is just what we’re an Italian cuisine be
without the garlic where would it be no one would know where would most dishes be they would never know garlic is just
the best you can add a lot you can add a little it has an amazing taste I have made things with garlic I just don’t like how they have like so many little
jackets on you know and you got to get them out when you’re when you’re making it I mean it’s like we’re making it I’m
saying when you’re you when you’re gonna get you know great but you know what you need to get
turned onto I have a bag in there it’s peeled garlic already peeled really and they come in
little packets little two grand packs dude I love that there’s like a bunch of I love that you got to get them it’s
really nice okay number one has to be potatoes I’m sorry it’s just potatoes how the [ __ ] do you
live without potatoes we’re talking about potato wedges AKA JoJo’s who calls them JoJo’s I hate that I don’t like
them I’ll have the basket of JoJo’s I hate them they’re just called wedges I like potato wedges way better JoJo my
mom calls them Jojo I don’t like JoJo’s I don’t like Jojo I don’t like JoJo’s I don’t like JoJo’s JoJo call them that’s
the proper nomenclature I don’t I don’t like them I don’t like
do you think that you could go to a dojo and like I feel like I I feel like I
would actually like that black I feel like I’d be stuck making fun of myself and other people too much yeah yeah Dojo Biden yeah I started taking karate
classes online I’m a master class from [ __ ] put me
on a zoom meeting so right kick yeah yeah I hate when they do that [ __ ] yeah I feel like I wouldn’t scream I would
probably if I punch someone if I actually hit something I would
or like what little kids here yeah yeah yeah I don’t okay the the boards they
break they gotta be just the most fragile piece of just mush together wood okay I I saw somewhere I’m not saying
they all are but I’m saying like it’s like notice how like when they like that then they break there’s no splintered
pieces it’s just it’s like they stick together and then there’s magnets on the inside of the world and magnet but like
it’s just like they they just stick and then you stick them back together that because I was like how do they afford all these pieces of wood like
because wood is so funny you have to have like every session they’re breaking 20 of these you have to have a wood shed
outside now when I see some of those guys like breaking bricks I’m like okay I don’t know how you fake that to be honest yeah how do you not break your
hand though I guess it’s all that training you know they say that like remembering Kung Fu
Panda Tigris would punch the tree and then her arm her hands became like solid
because it was like one big scar tissue Kung Fu Panda is a great [ __ ] oh yeah I forgot that in my animated list that’s
yeah that’s got to be up there somewhere Kung Fu Panda the first Kung Fu Panda super good yeah and Over the Hedge we forgot that too
over there oh my God that was one of my favorites man dude over the hedges the soundtrack dude and a raccoon was in
there and Tarzan too all right well guys thanks for listening um uh
uh patreon exclusive episode we’ll do another one this weekend or something like that we’ll try our best um get another one out for you guys um
the summer merch is still available if you want it go get it go grab it slap it on your puss slap it on your beaver slap it on your balls whatever you like and
then uh send us a pic and we’re still waiting for [ __ ] what am I looking for
um when people send things in but like a not a request but like a submission I
guess submission for a top five uh we were taking submission for top five so anyways guys thanks listening we will see you next week and patreon exclusive
listeners you’ll probably see us before the next week start so anyways uh thanks guys for listening
Rowdy up in here

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