#77 The Rise of Yeast

Episode 77

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J & Z talk about a girl making bread from her yeast, top donuts, Riley Reid saying something questionable, and more.
it is live [ __ ] episode is this already forgot we
didn’t even do we didn’t do anything um
um this is number 77. it’s a good number that’s a good number
oh [ __ ] how’s your butt that’s not my buck it’s
not my buck it’s my it’s not my butt it’s my stomach dude what happened he literally swallowed you ate that
whole it was a small pizza we ate the whole personal size the small it wasn’t called personal but
i think it’s called a personal no i ordered it it was just small oh okay they don’t have personals oh okay but
you [ __ ] swallowed that dinosaur dragons was on and he literally
the guy was like here cumin salt pepper and then he finished the sauce and you’re already like halfway done with your [ __ ] pizza dude i’m a fast eater
man i just i don’t know why i think that i like to feel and not and you feel like
you like to not taste good food no i like to feel and taste a lot of food in my mouth at one time yeah
yeah i just like to just keep it going down the hatch you know it’s like uh it’s like those but you know i feel like i purposely eat
slowly sometimes to like savor it like enjoy like like a steak i will you know for at a nice restaurant no you won’t
yes i will well slower than i normally would i mean i’m saying i genuinely yeah because you have to cut each piece
that’s the only reason it’s slower it doesn’t that you eat you’re not a horseradish guy are you not really i mean that’s all i taste it’s just like
no it just adds a little bit of spice little pizzazz a little that’s what the peppers for i don’t know
yeah you know do you remember those moms are like obsessed with tinkerbell remember that [ __ ] no they have like
tattoos of tinkerbell on them i know a lot of moms oh my mom actually had a tinkerbell thing too she always had like
a tinkerbell like um keychain is tinkerbell she’s from harry no she’s from peter pan peter pan yeah yeah what
does she do she’s just a fairy or some [ __ ] do you think those are real no jack i don’t think [ __ ] fairies
are real you had to hear goddamn let’s start the episode like like our intro or whatever oh yeah
yeah um we want to thank our sponsors on starting the app welcome back oh
yeah god we are just out because we were going for a minute i kind of just forgot uh let me just remind welcome back to
objects it’s about launch table episode 77 episode 77 everybody damn we wanted to we wanted to thank our sponsors
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heard he just added a fuel surcharge because of inflation so his prices are going up do you see that thing on um
it was on twitter like the associated press tweeted it’s like gas prices plunge nationwide 19 cents
i’m like plunge plunge plunge does not plunge is like it went down three dollars that’s like a dip
yeah that’s not it’s a plunger i’m like it doesn’t like honestly i would i’ll pay the extra 19 cents to have this
so like if you were lost do you think you’d find the constellations and get home because there isn’t there’s we can
always see in the united states like little little dipper a big dipper right we’re not gonna see like a ryan’s belt or anything
that’s in like china right i don’t know but i’m saying i i think though you can use the moon and the sun
for direction as well i don’t think you have to use the constellations well the wise men use the north star
well i but a star is one star by itself that’s what i don’t i’m saying it always points north or something yeah but i’m
just saying which i don’t get that because the earth is spinning and then but in years you like you know
how far you’d have to walk but like also be looking at to realize it like is now over here you know what i mean it’s just a weird thing like isn’t it
weird that like the stars we see could already be dead because the light takes so long to get
here yeah that’s kind of crazy because they’re so far um interesting fact actually back this is like thousands of years ago
you give me this [ __ ] face like i’m just it pisses me off dude i love it i love it i love it i love it
no they had these literally um they were a type of sundial but it was like you’re already smiling
okay i’m interested and it was like literally like hand sized i can’t [ __ ] i’m listening and it was
literally hand sized but they could also tell the time within 15 minutes at night and what happened and they could also
tell it was like tell directions all the time within 15 minutes without telling the time that’s and that’s an estimated
no you can tell the time because depending on what phase the moon is in you the little string over the sundial
the light the shade from the string will tell you that’s really yeah it had the dude and this was all on uh it was all
in a little a little pocket size it flipped up and then it was like the first og iphone pretty much yeah okay i guess but for
that thousands of years ago and then the sun you would face it like true north and then whatever the shade is casting
on the strike because there’s like the little string in there it’ll be casting on what time it was and what direct it was crazy it was crazy okay so how do
they figure that [ __ ] out i don’t know yeah so say you’re you’re in a plane right you’re going to like i don’t know [ __ ] somewhere okay you’re going to
alaska okay ky okay okay okay you’re going to alaska plane
crashes okay playing crashes i’m going to be in a crash you’re going to be in a crash okay and then it
crashes like lost yeah okay okay how long before you start eating the other people
well first and foremost i think it depends where i’m crashing you’re in the alaskan forest
in the winter time yeah okay well then we’re [ __ ] anyways i mean there’s no so you’re not gonna eat
anybody i mean if they’re is it a sin to eat a person i don’t think it’s i think it’s frowned
upon yeah i think you’re not supposed to but okay here’s the thing though think about this look at diseases from it yes
yeah you can’t unless you cook it yeah medium rare baby oh yeah that’s disgusting
you asked okay honestly i would say no but if you’re in a survival situation and someone’s like dead they just what
if it was me would you eat me yeah good no i wouldn’t no i’d want my i’d be my
last favor to you be my it’d be my last hurrah like you know what use me baby thank you for your
good fico score [Laughter] thank you for your pc
would you cut around the dick i think i would put on like a necklace or something
like a balloon animal could that work because they do inflate i guess
dixon fleet is that the right proper knowledge but the but the thing is
the um so no they well we had we had to think about this no but if like because it’s
kind of like loose skin like if you took all everything out i i guess you could but i don’t think it
would expand like a [ __ ] balloon but no but i think it would be it would definitely look like lungs it would go yeah yeah
it would breathe you would breathe yeah breathe if you had it as a necklace would you
put a little pump on it so it could just like a little one of those the doctor things to check your blood pressure
that’s sick what are we what’s wrong with us i don’t know are you not eating anybody in a plane crash i feel like i’m not
i just wanted to know if you’d eat me to be honest no i probably wouldn’t i would want you to because here’s the thing me first if
i’m dead here’s the thing though i feel like you know my diet you know who i’ve been with i mean you know that you know
i’m probably not diseased i mean what if i had aids or something you hate me maybe you didn’t know
i would know if i had aids maybe not how do you not know doesn’t like [ __ ] your immune system and you’re always
sick and [ __ ] alex yeah but easy he didn’t know until later on when he was about dead
damn didn’t magic johnson play in the [ __ ] nba finals yeah he did with aids yeah that’s pretty crazy so i know that
that’s like a crazy thing but i what i don’t know i don’t know anything i’m not an expert in the field of aids
is it hard to play basketball with aids well you’re very very sick oh is that
why okay all right that’s what i didn’t know it was like i mean it’s like saying like oh he played in the basketball game with herpes i’m like well it doesn’t
affect you no that’s that’s not the same thing if you had herpes would you just [ __ ] yourself
i don’t think so i think if i had aids i would think about it for sure well aids is treatable now
treatable not terrible yeah but that’s something that like actually [ __ ] your health up did you know that there are girls out there and i actually
know what’s what’s a yeast infection is that like a [ __ ] when you eat too much bread no it’s not
it’s a it’s a [ __ ] infection no it’s a it’s a [ __ ] what is a yeast
infection well i think it’s all those people that are down river from a bread factory oh
that’s what it is okay yeah yeah uh no i’m pretty sure it is no don’t look at pictures i don’t want to no i know
that what are the causes and symptoms okay uh odor yeah because oh it smells oh the
second most common vaginal infection a yeast infection that’s interesting when there is an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina like
the [ __ ] that makes bread rise is it or wheat just [ __ ] wait whoa time out so like you could put it
in like dough and it would rise let’s look it up can you
[ __ ] yeast breath that’s so [ __ ] gross dude
ah it is not possible to bake sourdough bread using vaginal yeast you know what you know what is interesting is knowing
that people probably tried that oh wait i read it wrong what it’s not impossible that’s what it said it’s not impossible
to bake sourdough bread using vaginal yeast but you probably shouldn’t eat it dr ian roberts a yeast expert told
i’m an expert in cars collectible toys uh a yeast expert told buzzfeed news that in over 30 years of working with
yeast this is the first time he’s heard what are you doing for 30 years with yeast oh someone did it feminist hero of
course baked sourdough bread using her own vagina wait that’s weird caption steal her recipe
for an unforgettable thanksgiving feast wait it’s for sale no you can’t take a recipe though let’s see what it is oh
god there’s a [ __ ] recipe this is sick just go get east from waking up on a saturday with the
familiar itchy bernie fanny i giggled to myself maybe i can make bread with that zoe
writes on her blog okay this is just the stereotype of one thing her name’s zoe two her blog is
called another angry woman and she’s a feminist shocking and that ticked into well i’ve always
wanted to try making my own sourdough anyway and then a [ __ ] would that even work and then i got curious and the next
thing that happened was i was how do you extract oh no what happened oh you gotta tell me and
then i got curious and the next thing that happened was i was scraping white goop off a dildo oh okay no no
i’m gonna throw up zoe’s curiosity led not only to her creating her sourdough starter recipe but also to pissing off a
very disgusted group of people yeah that’s [ __ ] gross believe that it is unhygienic and unsanitary i i would say
believe it is that is so [ __ ] just dude however zoe contends what’s your
her side of the story what’s her out yeah
there’s no justification for that yeah zoe contends that really yeast is yeast and yeast from her vagina is no less
gross than any of the other usually it definitely is way more gross because it’s in okay i’m not even
that is so off-putting dude the problem is is they just take it to the extremes of
like dude that’s like okay i’m done with this i’m [ __ ] grossed out i’m not kidding you can i see the recipe she but
she’s like a little squeegee to go okay she wiped the white that’s what i meant like
dildo that’s dude that’s so i think should just like grab it and just end up on the top okay yeah that’s good for me
that’s good but did it actually work did it rise yeah did it rise even though she didn’t
intend for experiment to be any sort of feminist statement yeah zoe also believes that the online outrage she
received about her recipe is a blatant form of misogyny it probably doesn’t matter that my
sourdough may or may not contain any vaginal yeast the very idea of it seems to horrify people more than enough
i suppose it’s a similar socially constructed disgust leaves a whole bunch
repulsed by the idea of licking a [ __ ] no one’s repulsed by the idea of licking a [ __ ] no one is unless you have a
[ __ ] used infection yeah what the [ __ ] oh my god that’s so bad i did not know you can make bread out of it that’s
pretty cool i don’t think in a survival situation but what you have to have dough and [ __ ] so that’s
what i mean say a survival situation i have a baker’s dish and i have dough i have a casserole
dish that’s just stupid um i did want to bring up something speaking of dildos yeah um
how how are i feel like only fans is a very popular
thing now i mean actually i feel like it’s kind of it’s not as poppy as it was i feel like it’s kind of slowly leveling out i feel like people are still doing
something but how how is and because they’ll put on like their twitter and [ __ ] like you know like
because when it was the craze the craze like every girl like like you know what screw it only fans i’m gonna have all my
boyfriends beat off to this but like and it’d be like top three percent they’re all they’re all
i’m like first of all you can’t you that’s not how statistics work so are they handing those out like
yeah like free free candy what i didn’t get about only fans is let’s be honest what is every guy doing with the only
fans he’s beaten off right yeah yeah that’s what’s funny you know what’s funny is like the guy the people
who made that probably made that for like the initial music right well the initial i’m saying the initial
making of he they probably thought oh you know like you know this is a cool way if there’s like a guy who’s like um
a vocal coach and then people could be like okay well i can’t actually go to this guy but i can per episode and i can
just learn and i can pay you soon it’s money next thing you know there’s just [ __ ] people doubles
and there’s just gangbangs and bukkakes happening there’s like well we’ll make money like my kind of site yeah
are you a fan of the bukkakee no man i’ve never been into it you know
who had i feel like i i don’t know who why would you one how do you get that
many volunt i guess i guess it’s not hard for a girl too but at the same time i i just know i could never imagine
like you know when they’re like not that i’ve watched them i haven’t i haven’t
but i believe that you have it it was funny the way you said it yeah it made you incriminated but yeah but you know like not that i’ve that was like that
was like the couch jumping thing and you’re like and you’re like off everybody’s talking about the weirdest things you just humped him like i haven’t helped anything weird yeah i
haven’t either no i didn’t mean it like that but like you know like say you’re like pirating a movie and you’ll see an ad on the side
and it’s a [ __ ] [ __ ] or something right and there’s always just the dude pirate bay it was always always dude oh
my god pipe shop pirate bay baby yeah that [ __ ] got me through a lot of years that it did yeah there was just always just weird porn and it was also in in in
the in the height of like pirate band part pirating things it was before a time
you know where technology wasn’t as far you couldn’t stream [ __ ] and it was like and then like you know back then though
you’re like your internet provider wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to like email you back hey we detected you pirated
something because when it’s seeds they’re able to see yeah and it’s like back but back then it’s like do you click click click
god [ __ ] you talk baby got it [ __ ] god those are the good old days or silk road
yeah there for those who don’t know what that is so well it went from silk road the biggest one was called alphabay market i’ve
heard of it i never used it dude it was like i’ve heard from a friend i didn’t go on it
but it was limitations yeah it was uh dude this guy basically it was all through like cryptocurrency and [ __ ] and
it was on the tour browser yeah but it was like an the alphabay one so i’ve heard yeah be careful in the tor browser
yeah oh you gotta be very careful on the tour browser i’ll tell you i remember clicking links and there was a marketplace of like [ __ ] made with human
skin and i exited out so fast dude that’s it’s such a dude that’s such a scary
thing because it’s like there’s nothing like there’s nothing they can do about it there’s literally nothing they can do about it it’s [ __ ] nuts like it’s
never gonna end it’s like it’s weird when you realize that like the world wide web as we know it it’s actually that’s like a
it’s the tip of the iceberg it’s tip of the iceberg dude remember that for those [ __ ] movies we watch for like the oh the the red rooms
that has got to be the scariest [ __ ] on the [ __ ] planet i agree for those
who don’t know what a red room is it’s basically when you know someone goes missing or whatever not every time but sometimes
when someone gets kidnapped and a girl or a guy goes missing they bring him into the red room and then people join the like live feed
and then they pay the person and then they request them to do things yeah it’s [ __ ] it’s usually not even sexual
they’re just like chopping off oh [ __ ] god it’s [ __ ] wait did you what did you stay for a whole red room
i’ve never been in one oh i thought you meant you went to one of my i know what it i know i’ve heard stories i have no i thought let’s make that clear i don’t
even know how to get someone no it’s free it’s very hard to get in one i’ve read a lot of things about it okay
i’ve tried to get into one they wouldn’t let me in i could pass there’s a lot of people the stories that they do and they didn’t know what it was i mean i get it
there was an interview process for isis it’s like how do you not get into that like it’s like taliban’s my next option but
do you have like you could just go on a site it’s like please send in your resume
how many bombs have you made i don’t know the uh i guess like i mean
i i i it just seems like a college application thing it’s like why do you have to apply to be into like a terrorist group i think that maybe it
was like a fake page maybe i feel like no it was like all over the news and [ __ ] they found like the applications for isis and it’s like applications like
all right no benefits um paying you minimum wage we do have pet insurance though
you got to take care of the fluffy ones dude no 401k no retirement can you imagine you like walk into the like isis
as an office i don’t know you want to the office of isis and there’s just an hr guy hey we gotta take care of some of the paperwork here
before you get to strap that thing on we gotta you know use the old ball and pin them right so
sign here yeah sign here and sign here initial date and place taking place and uh nancy can we get a
notary in here yeah dude that actually sounds kind of an isis office building
would that even be that just had to be [ __ ] there’s just chickens running everywhere i don’t know i don’t know what i would
expect i i think of like for some reason when i think of the middle east i think of just like chickens in the street right
when they went by and then yeah the chickens run off yeah yeah that and there and then there’s like a low pan of the camera and a jeep goes by and then
the chicken runs out and then there’s like a silverado with the top chopped off in a 50 yeah yeah i mean god where did they even get
those guns like a 50 cal the united states oh yeah stark industries they probably do
[ __ ] i mean that’s where they get them or the black market and whether it’s black market no alpha alpha bay but yeah anyways
where i was going with that dude it was like amazon people reviewed like the sellers and the drugs and [ __ ] so yeah
so i heard from a friend and they would be like you know it’s like oh here’s like 100 grams of pure mdma click on it
and then it’s like reviews yeah this should actually run on the other side you buy uranium dude
oh yeah like plutonium yeah you could buy like the crazy [ __ ] i never saw that [ __ ] you can’t yeah you can most of it
was [ __ ] up [ __ ] to be honest it’s okay it’s okay no it’s not okay god i did not
mean that i meant like it’s okay i meant like the black market’s okay besides that like i agree with
i believe in fair trade not in [ __ ] up [ __ ] but drugs you know drugs or drugs it’s fine drugs or drugs
um we do have top five we do have a topic today our top five is going to be
top five donuts um donut flavors not places the top five donut flavor oh my god
flavors um um i’ll leave this off because you went first last time okay um some top five
doughnuts um the thing is i had a little hard time with this one because i always i always eat the same ones but i was able to
easily come up yeah same is there that many different kinds of donuts i mean but there’s are there are multiple of
the popular ones you know what i mean so i mean do you remember donut country donut country is the [ __ ] oh my god the
best donuts in the [ __ ] world [ __ ] krispy kreme nothing on none of that krispy kreme is just i
thought it was it was average it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t like they only make one donut right crispy i think they make
i don’t know i think they make different ones um so so when i come into my five hole i have
an old-fashioned i think the old-fashioned donuts are pretty well fashioned like you know they’re like the wrinkly ones are kind of like in
remember those friends old-fashioned that’s old-fashioned old-fashioned glazed
okay i have an old fashioned those are good those are those are good i don’t eat them a lot but old-fashioned
doughnuts are you saying the ones without like anything on them because there was ones that were just like bread
yeah but usually if they’re just bread it’s they’re usually glazed but no there was glaze they like they have maple ones
and stuff or there was just the doughnut nothing on it that’s what i thought you meant by old-fashioned well they they’re they’re glazed
no there’s some that aren’t glazed okay the ones i’m talking about are glazed okay i thought the old-fashioned okay it was just there was nothing on it it’s
just dough any other problems no okay number four i have an apple fritter
apple fritters are good because when you get when you get them nice and warm it’s just it almost tastes like it’s like a
little apple pie kind of it’s hard to finish something yeah and they’re really yeah after like yeah they’re really rich but they’re very good i don’t get them a
lot but i i will dabble once in a while um so number four apple clitter
number three i have the sprinkle donut with the white frosting the little one
you know with like the white frosting or i guess sometimes they’re pink frosting but i think those are actually yeah yeah those are very good i don’t know why
yeah yeah those are very good donuts um they’re fun they’re colorful and i think they’re just they’re also the perfect
size yeah and they just bring in the morning in a really unique way um so and coming at number two it could be a
discrepancy when not my number five but i because they’re different i i’m still counting it number two i have the
classic glaze doughnut just the classic glazed donut or just the circle
probably the circle okay i love the twist so too oh yeah but i’m not going to put glaze slash twist um so the gla the classic glaze donut um i
think that’s a donut for everyone i think that’s something everyone can enjoy and when they’re soft and especially from donut country in the
morning they’re soft and no one i i’ve never met anyone that hates ugly a good place you know what i mean it’s for
everybody it hits the spot it does it really well in the morning when you’re on the way to work or you have a cup of coffee in it it just hits all the time i
love that and at my number one i have to go with a maple bar i i absolutely the maple i love maple bars
i don’t think maple bars and glazed donuts are like my two i eat the most really yeah um the
maple bar is is is so good and of course everyone knows like the maple syrup taste is it’s it’s it’s affiliated with
breakfast it gives you a good feeling it’s a good start in the day and i love how like it’s a little more
sizable than a glazed doughnut there’s just a lot there’s a lot of room to work with there and i just feel like it always hits the
spot because it just because it has that mapley flavor it it gives you the breakfast feels got that canada feel
yeah and i and i really love it i i’ve never had one i’ve hated even the ones even the ones that aren’t that like aren’t a gas station i’ll still have
maple yeah sometimes you know what i mean it’s it’s still good um you know if someone’s getting a dozen donuts there’s got to be maple bars in
there oh that’s 100 i don’t even need them but they’re always in there yeah and they’re always good because everyone likes them so that’s going to be my
maple syrup do they really just put a little spout in the tree and it just comes out you ever see that [ __ ] yeah they i think they do yeah how many trees
you gotta tap for that [ __ ] how many trees gotta [ __ ] thinking how many trees you gotta [ __ ]
foreign bend over there’s tree too i gotta hump to get some syrup on my pancakes
okay number five number five i’m going with a chocolate donut hole
okay now the reason i like them i like glazed holes but one it’s a little pop in the mouth they’re very it’s
bite-sized right and i’m weird about getting my hands dirty so it’s like yeah you won’t even touch a
dirty shirt on the ground without that’s not freaking out i get my hands dirty i’m just saying like if i’m dry i don’t what do you mean
what’d you get your hands i did today oh okay you’re one of those guys you’re one of those guys that gets dirty one time in the last three months you’re like
dude i get dirty dude no i’m saying like like we’ll work outside clean the gutters my hands are dirty i’m just
saying like if i’m in work mode they can be dirty but if i’m in comfy mode with a nice shirt on or something i don’t want
my hands i like i like the way you um you’re like over the top sometimes and
how you think something like was sitting in a dumpster for eight years the way you pick certain things up
like i i’m not kidding i remember this oh my god you literally this was actually only a few months ago
literally and it wasn’t like a work shirt it wasn’t it was literally just a t-shirt that was one of my t-shirts that
was just sitting on the ground on yours yes just a t-shirt that i was wearing to bed the previous night i don’t know
and he goes to pick up the shirt and he goes like he’s like hey z i think when your
shirts are over here i’m like why are you holding he’s not doing why don’t you stop i’m like why are you holding it like it’s been marinating in
a dumpster for 10 years no it’s because i didn’t know what if it’s the one that you worked in then it’s completely sweaty and gross and i get that because
you’re a hard worker and you work outside you work long days but it wasn’t dirty i didn’t know that i didn’t smell
it first i didn’t go but like okay for example if you were out whatever playing football or whatever
and you were and you like brought like and you had dirty clothes i picked up my hand too i’m not gonna what
yes it is that’s not what i do yes you do i’m one of these days you’re gonna walk over your feet
no i’m not you’re such a girl when it comes to dirty things you are a little bit it’s not bad how
did you get that from chocolate doughnut holes i don’t know i oh you said you’re like like there are you like chocolate
dolls because it just get your hands dirty are you out of your [ __ ] mind i was talking about the bite size
yes but you you let’s clip it you literally said i like them because it doesn’t get my hands dirty it’s a donut
because if i’m eating donut holes it’s in the car i don’t want to get it if you eat pizza do you wear plastic gloves so your hands are green but then when i’m
eating pizza i’m usually buy a sink but if i’m eating don’t eat pizza buy a sink no i’m probably in a house somewhere
where this is but if you’re at pizza place you’re going to pick hey can i use your sink really quick no i cannot use your restroom yeah i guess that makes
sense but still i think but anyways i just wanted to point out i just wanted to point out you did just you did just say
i know i was just talking donut gate i wasn’t talking about
the donut per se i was talking about how convenient the bite size yeah but you did say because it doesn’t get my hands
dirty you’re anyways keep going keep going number four is the bear claw
that’s an apple fritter number four is the bear claw which i don’t know why it’s called that
i think it kind of looks like a bear paw but it what the bear claw looks like a bear
pong no i i don’t think it does at all it has a horrendous disease like it has
what do you think they brought him out for him apparently they don’t show them on display what do you think they [ __ ] like they look like like
i don’t know but like just a well he had a limp right well he had a lot of issues i think i mean he had but like it
probably because like i’m saying when you hunch like your bones actually curve and [ __ ] it probably looks like a like a when you pull out you know when
you open a bag of ramen and everything’s twisted together and just like oh yeah that’s probably what it looked like or like when you put i when you put iphone
headphones in your pocket you pull them out yeah that’s what it looks like it’s just all tied up yeah no i i’ve had like a really horrible
life i i assume yeah i just i just yeah just like when bradley cooper was on jimmy
fallon he was talking he couldn’t stop laughing about it dude it was funny it’s [ __ ] up and it’s funny
they weren’t laughing at him they definitely were they definitely are they definitely because at one point
bradley cooper was like he was like we’re not laughing at him he’s like he was like he was like no seriously he was hilariously deformed
they started dying laughing i didn’t even pick up things like yeah it was [ __ ] but apparently he did that for
his thesis or something yeah he did yeah that’s pretty cool we we should watch that
we should watch that tonight the elephant man the play with bradley cooper apparently it was a [ __ ]
killer performance i mean i i think that if i’m gonna like vote on what to watch i don’t think the
elephant man play starring bradley cooper is in my repertoire but i’ll keep that in my back guys show
tunes i actually kind of like show tunes i mean no not really no actually okay i take that back i’m not a fan of show
tunes i don’t i’ve never watched no show tunes no dirt no but the only thing i would say is that
when family guy did the show tunes and seth mcfarlane was doing it it was kind of catchy you know when like yeah yeah
like ryan was one with frank sinatra junior and they’re doing yeah i mean but i feel like it’s i only like enjoy them
in that comedy setting yeah like it’s did you know seth macfarlane dropped his own album of show tunes like a month ago
i didn’t know that yeah i listen to that i listened to the first two didn’t catch me like it didn’t pull me
in but i deleted the album but it wasn’t bad dude the other day when i was um sam was
taking me home um sam was like she was like could you play some bob
jacket please i’m like bob sagan like i’m like who are you [ __ ] talk about it’s like wait
it’s not like i’m like that’s the do dad from full house what she’s like machine oh i know i meant bob ross like that’s
not what you think once but then so as a joke i’m like i wanna yeah i saw youtube like bob saget music
and there’s a comedy skit where he’s playing on the guitar he’s playing a song and then the country song and he named it
when my dog licks my balls i listen to it it wasn’t bad really
recipe’s bob saget you know kim kardashian came out with a song that just everyone forgot i swear they paid people to like never advertise it
because probably because i can’t see that being good i don’t remember what it was i think it was just like we party all night dude riley reed did a rap song
too no [ __ ] and she said i don’t know who that is she said the n-word in it
what you’ve never seen it no okay wait wait wait wait what time about time it’s so and she got away with it some [ __ ]
how she literally says i mean you [ __ ] that many people i guess you get a pass i don’t i
don’t know you have to see it it’s [ __ ] i don’t know who this is but i’m excited just
i’m kidding people know who this is she’s all over like podcasting all the time okay there literally
what [Music]
[Applause] like what the [ __ ] that was a year ago wasn’t that long ago why didn’t anyone give her [ __ ] i don’t know
i mean you’re right enough black [ __ ] i guess you got a free pass i don’t know but anyways we were off your donut list
so wow yeah we’ve got a okay uh number three is the glaze twist
[Laughter] we play that
we play that imagine the people listening they’re not watching it’s like we play that all right i’m gonna go with
the glazed [Laughter] twists my god oh my [ __ ] okay
so her and logic got to hook up i love a good glaze twist
um i like it because
it’s like trying to explain like a story problem i like it because it’s great
i like it because it’s sweet and it’s chewy
until my sugar falls off of my lap like when the sugar sticks to my fingers
[Laughter] what the [ __ ] is what are we doing
what are we doing i don’t know what we’re doing
all right number two our kids are gonna see this no they’re not no no they’re not
number two is the strawberry circle with sprinkles
this straight what strawberry circle yeah the doughnut’s a circle yeah i know i don’t there’s a circle i’m
saying like the frosting the pink yeah when it’s the pink with the spring it sounds like that strawberry it definitely is i feel like it’s all
the same flavor like the frosting coloring yeah no because the white doesn’t taste the same as the pink i feel like i’ve had them though and the
pink ones taste similar unless they’re actually labeled you did an a to b test side by side i’ve eaten both many times i mean i’d
say white milk and pink milk one’s gonna be strawberry yeah but once or that’s a really sick yeah
frosting is just food coloring oh all right we’ll find not the strawberries the sprinkles the sprinkles look at the
frosted fridge sprinkle donut yeah what i like because they’re a lot of fun what is the traditional donut is it the
circle or the bar i think the circle is traditional i would think so they were actually i think they’re if i’m not wrong in greece actually it was the
first time it was the first really donut did you ever hear the history of the potato chip did you know this uh the potato chip
apparently ireland right because i don’t know the place i just know about the chef oh okay um so this guy was asking
he’s cooked him too long and he’s like oh i have a chip no he was asking for like french fries or something
and then he asked for him thinner and thinner or he was asking for something with a potato and then he just cut him like
circular no and then to be a dick he just made him he cut the potato as thin as he possibly could fried it and gave
it to the guy and that’s the way the potato chip was born no [ __ ] that’s interesting yeah
well that’s like um um dumplings versus pot stickers like the guy
it was up way [ __ ] long ago but like this emperor guy asked for um
dumplings and the guy left him in the [ __ ] cooker too long and gave it to me he’s like oh what the [ __ ] and that’s how no [ __ ]
yeah did you know that there was one time a president was gonna get uh when people thought tomatoes were poisonous
maybe it wasn’t a president maybe it was an emperor i don’t know um
i told me she can’t [ __ ] me like i’m a king no more she gotta make love to me
like i’m an emperor
you’re missing a donut bro oh uh donut where’d it go i like this bar
because it’s sweet and it’s fun
let’s make a movie where the friends and then the not friends and then the friends again
that’s actually kind of true it is what it was yeah uh my name’s jack
and it’s a chocolate bar oh okay it’s crazy i wha i like chocolate but i’ve actually
like if i ever get i’m not that big of a sweets guy to be honest like what
yeah yeah you’ve eaten literally two gallon bags of sour patch that was the one thing i don’t eat sour patch anymore i
know but i’m saying you eat sweets don’t say that i don’t eat sweets i don’t eat sweets i’m a savory kind of guy yeah
taquitos for dinner is not savory i don’t think that was the last time i taquitos for dinner not a lot i don’t know but i haven’t bothered i don’t know
but it’s an example i haven’t even been eating dinner i don’t even eat anymore yeah well that’s why you’re becoming
frail that’s right while you’re losing your strength every day you grow weaker and everything
no every day i grow stronger and you right that’s actually true but you know what i’m confident though yeah you’re gonna look like a [ __ ]
pretty soon if you don’t start eating you’re gonna look like a one of those um those prisoner of wars do guys that come
back and they’re just like scrawny has been sitting in cages for eight months yeah i’ve been doing that but getting poked with sticks
like animals like a [ __ ] backwards zoo dude aren’t aren’t now that i’m older like isn’t true like
zoos are like [ __ ] up [ __ ] up these are [ __ ] up remember bobo the gorilla
dude the dude knew when they came about to say boba fett no remember yeah
i think that’s i think he understood the concept of death he obviously understands he’s in a [ __ ] prison i’m
just saying i think the whole concept of zoos is it’s awful it’s awful it’s like like ever seen and then like
they have like the polar bears and like and then like they have the walls painted for like blue so look they’re like trying to claw
like dude that’s so [ __ ] sad the thing is is that you can’t even touch the animals anyways look at him on tv
yeah i agree you don’t [ __ ] need to yeah and then it’s like [ __ ] you know when when the orca from sea world
[ __ ] actually eats its owner then they just send it to did you see that did you see and was it i forgot was
norway or maybe it was i forgot where it was but um they actually found the most um preserved body of a mammoth
and it’s literally its skin is still on it like a woman it was yeah it was like it was it was a baby it was a baby but like it was
didn’t ray romano voice the mammoth yeah he did manny manny that was his name yeah yeah yeah
great movies they kind of lost that’s another example another example so far going too far with the first honestly
the first two were actually the the second one was there was ice age and there was ice the meltdown the meltdown that one
i like but after that it lost me it’s like three and four four i don’t know i didn’t watch it i didn’t watch
the other ones because it was like dude the first two were the first one was so [ __ ] good and the second one was very
good why did the kid look like a football yeah i don’t know yeah but the animation was really good it was awful the first
one i meant the details of it for that time it was early too it came on vhs
it did it’s not going to be [ __ ] perfect but look at toy story toy story was great yeah did you see buzz lightyear just flopped in theaters like
no one saw it yeah i don’t maybe they should just made another toy story because that wouldn’t flop they’ll play that yeah i also don’t know why they
didn’t have the original guy voice it [ __ ] he probably wasn’t i think he i think he’s dead no who was it no tom
hanks says woody he doesn’t um oh oh he’s still alive never mind the guy who voices buzz light or he’s still
alive yeah and he tweeted he’s like if i would have done the voice it probably would have not honestly no you can’t you can’t take an iconic character like that
and then have someone else voices what was the movie even about light year it was like here well no [ __ ] huh i i just think wow
well um we’re stalling you’re not you’re number one yeah that was chocolate bar we’re done oh yeah i was about i was about to say chocolate
bar i just i like chocolate but for some reason i’ve never i’ve always strayed away from the chocolate bar
there it is we’re at 40. anyways well yeah i think that’s gonna be it oliver’s passed out next to me um
james where can they find you they can find me at jack underscore spence and uh make sure you check her on
check out patreon.com around the lunch table for exclusive episodes episodes early-ish another [ __ ] that we’re going
to be doing we order a lapel mic today so i’m excited for that z where
where can they find you i’m not going to find me at isaiah underscore lesney on instagram or both of our instagrams on the around lunchtable um page
um you didn’t even do the patreon did you i just did it oh i didn’t even wow i wasn’t listening um we’re a little tired
today we do have um i know i think i did said last episode that this week as in like tomorrow this
episode will be dropping and a patreon exclusive we’re doing the patreon exclusive tomorrow i think we’re gonna try we’re gonna do this yeah so for the
patreon i might be stuck in portland but we could do it but anyways so this so within tomorrow i’ll bring my my [ __ ]
macbook in the hotel we can do it third time okay okay perfect um so there will be um an exclusive our first exclusive
episode coming um and only if you’re a patreon subscriber you get it it’ll just be like a short mini series um so again only the patreon
for that um if you know the patreon of course you’ll still get the normal episodes every week but um patreon subscribers will now get that along with
the original episode early also i’m not gonna say it or spoil anything we’re in the works with a special guest
yes very very very very very very top-notch podcaster uh special guest
also um when our if we can find a day where our girlfriends are both happy with us
at the same time then we’re gonna do uh yeah we’re gonna do like a couple’s debate or something a couple’s debate
yeah um it’ll mostly be alex talking so i’ll have the mute button ready to go
um yeah i’m just kidding uh but yeah that’ll do it so um yeah so thank you
guys um yeah we will see you next week thank you guys for listening don’t forget the summer collection patreons
we’ll see you guys and yeah and patrons we will see you tomorrow so thanks guys listening we’ll see you next week
let’s get rowdy up in here

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