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Episode 72

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J & Z talk about pastors with a lot of money, the closest mammal to a t-rex, and a top 5 worst movies.
[Music] oh wait a minute america
god doesn’t shed his grace on thee that’s beautiful you know you do yeah
you actually you’re recording yeah you do have a good singing voice i do want to say that like you know you sing you
prance around the house and sing your little jingles i love it you’ve never heard me sing i hear you sing every day you always say
that but it’s not like i’m sitting there having a [ __ ] concert like i’m yeah there’s no crowd but
i’ll answer it let’s see if you want to say something before the episode starts jacoby hello it’s great
hey we’re doing an episode right now you’re live you’re live oh here we go hello world
gosh what a good feeling um never mind then i’ll ask you later okay i’m picking it up i’ll call you back afterwards
i will do 10 for a bite that didn’t work as well as i thought it was no it wasn’t you know god don’t shed
his grace on thee the uh what is that from it’s uh no in the sand
lot the guy that’s singing their the fourth of july game game they’re playing or whatever he’s just so
extra now wait a minute you remember that i don’t know i remember the movie it’s like it’s like
the cave we get it you know what it was a little it was a little it wasn’t much oh yeah
you doing ad-libs in the [ __ ] no do you remember when steve goes to sing a national anthem oh
dude he’s got some bars he’s got throat shot b12 daddy’s gone daddy’s coming daddy’s gone was good oh
that was great [ __ ] isn’t it weird he’s voiced by middle-aged guy yeah i don’t know do you remember when
everyone was like justin bieber uses hormones to keep his voice [ __ ] low well a lot of people say about michael
jackson actually do you see that clip um and he’s like accepting an award and he’s like um um yeah i’m like what the
[ __ ] was that it sounds like a voice i mean you hang around little kids long enough you know you’re gonna die
i guess yo you are who you hang out with oh yeah it’s true uh welcome back slapdicks this is around the world table episode 72
72 72 72 uh first and foremost we want to get to our sponsors let’s get it out of the way we’re not getting out of the
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beautiful legal genocide illegal [ __ ] genocide and i do want to announce i’m wearing it right now summer collection
yep uh there’s still one more shirt coming out i mean i guess i’ll give you guys a little demo here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
so we we uh we also got a new camera so i don’t know how it’s yeah you’re gonna where it’s gonna get the sleeve you gotta get this yeah okay so
uh i’ll i’ll just i’ll just talk i’ll move back yeah there we go i turn around
welcome back slap dicks on the back huge play out of us for that product placement and then we got the uh and then the atlt
shorts swimming trunks for summer time of course with a matching shirt with a
matching shirt with matching shirt by the way so a matching set if you will
what set you throw it up dude dude that was actually remember do you remember the s’s dude remember when you draw the three oh
that was actually that was a culture man that was just a culture yeah that was the that was the gang um z [ __ ] this
week you know so far so [ __ ] good there was uh i gotta say i
i i read something online and i had to bring it i had to bring in a foot okay i had to bring it i had to bring it to the
table to the lunch table um so you know how jeff bezos is building
that yacht or whatever yeah he already built it didn’t or no yeah oh no sorry he wants to take down the bridge yeah i
thought he already i don’t think the bridge is down yet oh i thought it already happened he’s trying to because if he can’t because it’s it’s actually a
historical landmark or something yeah just park it on the other side well i think well they already built it on that side
that’s the only way it can go i think out of the [ __ ] oh well i thought he just wanted to like visit the
netherlands no like like they built it which i don’t know why they didn’t think of this earlier but where they built it that’s the you think this is too wide to
get through the door it’s the only way to get out and so the only way for him to get his mega yacht out of there would be to take the [ __ ] bridge down
holy [ __ ] so it’s like dude who was the designer they’re like can you imagine the guy who’s actually done and he’s like he’s
like yeah so after you’re done you can oh i didn’t even [ __ ] think if it would with a [ __ ] steering wheel
i i get that i’m just saying like it just seems like a lot it’s a big oh yeah but i mean same thing with cruise
ships i think they steer those oh there’s like a rudder right yeah do you think they have one of those big wheels and when like waves comes like
no or like if they have guys sitting um sitting at the bot what’s it called the poop deck no like
under the hole like at the very bottom you know where the engine room is in case the engine dies there’s like 80 guys down there with like a bunch of
wooden oars that go out like a viking boat they got a big ass troll with herbs
dude i’m not a big cruci i mean i would go on a cruise but i’m just i i don’t think i’ve had many desires to go on
cruise i think one it is a the mo the whitest middle class thing
yeah for a vacation jared evans goes on uh cruises as i said white middle class
no i’m kidding um oh i mean i would go on one it’s just it’s not something that i would be itching to do like i want to
go on a [ __ ] cruise because first of all i’ve seen way too many [ __ ] movies like imagine that thing gets flipped by [ __ ] wrong way
we’re not sailing anywhere where there’s a [ __ ] iceberg you think the titanic thought that it happened look where they were [ __ ]
sailing it was the middle winner oh okay so you’re only going on a cruise in the summer you that’s what’s the time when
people go on christmas but i would say um i i just i feel like it’d be fun and i’d be down and go but it isn’t
something that i’m like dude i want to go on a [ __ ] cruise see i would be down i think it would be fun though i
would be down for one of those cruises where it’s like hey we’re going to stop in mykonos then we’re going to stop in athens you have a day or two but when
it’s just you’re on the boat the whole time it’s like wow i’m on a floating piece of land i mean that’d be kind of cool still but it’s like
the whole like carnival thing it’s just like my my thing about that is due in an emergency situation this is a mess an
absolute mess with nowhere to go women and children get the lifeboats no i’ll fight you for it
you know men and women have equal rights in the workplace you know they ignore us now they have a lawsuit in their hands
that is true you know maybe that’s why we get paid that one dollar and twenty you know what how would the kids stay
because if we’re stranded out in the ocean who’s gonna help you more grown man exactly and that’s when i never got so so okay hypothetical okay the ship
goes or going down slowly yes you know people are you can start seeing the bubbles coming out of the hole you know like in
the titanic a band comes out and starts playing the vinyl and they start you know yeah so they
so say every guy on board’s a gentleman you know there’s only you know there’s only a certain amount of life in chaos
there’s only a certain number of gentlemen exactly true that’s actually a good quote um so
we you let the women and the children go right okay cool but what next that’s what i’m saying so then you go down with
the ship okay so now there’s just a bunch of moms and their kids sailing to and
sailing to an island i give them a week before they start eating each other they will eat the kids i yeah but i
think though in this day and age i feel like a plane would go over and probably see them at some point yeah i mean now
we got gps you know you’re probably going to probably still have them the ocean’s massive though they still get lost yeah i mean but it’s like okay so
you’re all in the lifeboats obviously the guys don’t have to go down with the ship they’d be swimming whatever but like it’s like what
we’re just plugging no i mean like you just you’d just be in the water yeah like you know what i think i just hold on to the side of the boat that would be
my worst f that’s my worst [ __ ] fear being stuck in the ocean because sharks dude oh yeah i i can’t stand those you
know sharks aren’t actually targeting people they’re animals if they’re hungry enough they’ll take a bite and they’ll find out yeah it’s like dude i don’t
give a [ __ ] what do you have the problem is are you cool with sharks i just hate for it to see my little feet you know
what’s happening there and then i would freak the [ __ ] out because it’s not something i can run away from i’m just [ __ ] you have to sit there aren’t
chickens a descendant of no they’re descendant of dinosaurs i believe the chicken is the closest to the t-rex did
you know that i thought the closest thing was like crocodiles and alligators no those are two uh like um probably an
amphibious dinosaur but no i’m saying the chicken is the closest how is a chicken the closest to a [ __ ]
chicken a chicken is the closest to a t-rex yeah
i believe so that’s how they walk look it up yeah but they’ve they’re birds
is a chicken close
to a t-rex okay google anything the closest living relatives of tyrannosaurus rex are birds such as
chickens and ostriches ostriches i could see yeah or like an emu you know yeah
yeah i just a chicken is not what i how is that even possible like their dna huh interesting so chickens are closer to
dinosaurs than alligators are what analysis of dna was done to the fossil of the dinosaur
i don’t know i i don’t know about that i feel like alligators i mean it was a mastodon fossil so
crocodiles are literally dinosaurs no i believe the platypus is actually considered no i’m being serious i’m
saying i’m pretty sure like they are they’ve been around for millions of years oh has the earth been around for millions
of years billions billions oh well i mean i if you believe in the bible then no but well carbon dating
yeah you know yeah you know i mean you know i thought that thing with carbon dating it was like oh look how far it is in the
dirt and they’re like okay how far do you know and like well because it was here in this part of the dirt that means the caveman probably saw it if it was
this far in the dirt it was just like how the [ __ ] do you know how do you know this yeah how like i like how we just
take it all i know we do because the scientist says like oh that’s crazy interesting but if you think about it it’s got md like before
this guy years and years ago there was another and who made the idea up to say you know
what this is to be true then they all believe that can we just call these estimates like no i don’t it’s like you know when they’re like oh because of
this so that’s what i don’t get is that it can’t be fact because unless we have something we know is 10 billion years
old how could you be like well you know it looks like the oldest thing we have is what like the dead sea scrolls i believe so yeah it’s like the oldest
i’ve actually seen those in person where uh my they were in seattle for a little bit when i was like 12. they were in
seattle were they going on a tour yeah they did to different dead sea scrolls world tour like michael jackson’s this
is it yeah they went on several different uh like of the the the biggest museum and then the declaration independence was opening
for them [Laughter]
it’s the it’s a document festival yeah all the different document festival you just see all the bill of rights comes
out yeah yeah and you know he’s always got a good [ __ ] opener man’s basic proclamation
on deck which one’s the one that freed the slaves what which one’s the one that freed the slaves was that the emancipation proclamation no was uh wasn’t that
gettysburg address what was that it was the man’s space problem yeah yes it was yes glad that happened that that was
good yeah yeah i am so i just can’t believe we had to write a letter that was like yeah but did we
did he really was it just him you know what i mean did he not have some of his own abraham lincoln yeah oh yes i mean
it’s kind of like would that be would that be like an old old school scandal i would say but like back then it’s like no one knows yeah what are you gonna do
read it in the paparas in the morning yeah like you know no it’s all it’s all hearsay i mean i feel like you know it’s like the old baptist preacher you know
yeah he says he’s using the tequila for mouthwash but you know who uses tequila for mouths no we had we actually had a
pastor that you know because he said you couldn’t drink and then one day we’re all over there fellowshipping in the top shelf a bottle
of tequila we’re like oh we’ll use this for he’s like oh when i have a sore throat i gargle it but i don’t drink it but the thing with that is it’s like
dude you’re 40 years old he could have just not said anything about it and drank it not it would have been a problem no someone noticed it and
asked him no i know i’m saying but he could have just not been so about it telling people that no one would care about it’s like dude you preach this and
then you’re gonna you gotta practice what you preach yeah do you think you could be a pastor no i think it’s okay
i’m gonna get a lot of scrutiny here don’t if you say you know what i could definitely no no i’m not saying that i’m saying you
work two days a week sounds pretty cool if even if you have [ __ ] on wednesday nights like you only have to work one day a week
sometimes yeah that is true i never thought of this like what are you doing at the same time it’s like you need some money you’re not gonna get
into there unless you’re like the pastor like a mega church yeah but it’s like i mean they’re gonna pay you at least
minimum wage to work one day a week like that’s no [ __ ] i’m just saying if you if your eyes aren’t set very high
i mean i know that there’s pastors that do a lot of [ __ ] i’m just saying like you work one day a week you got all you got to do is study one book
yeah forever on the same on the same token i also feel it’s very off-putting like when you see the pastor those mega
churches to see like a pastor pull up in like a mclaren it’s very off-putting it is i don’t know why you know what it
just it just seems dirty yeah it’s just like if you were a normal guy like oh good for this guy look at that i want to
see it i want a duct tape bumper i wanted to suffer
all i’m saying i’m just saying it it seems right i don’t know why like a man of god to be in a mansion something like
[ __ ] what’s his name uh joelstein i i think that just looks weird
i i can’t put my finger on why because you have this guy telling you all things of the world this is like you have a
mansion and you have like five cars like it’s like oh i don’t understand how that correlates with each other hey pastor
you remember that sermon on pride yeah you know it
[Laughter] i mean
i’m not trying to say that but i i don’t think i’m the only one who thinks that when you see like a pastor
like you know jesus watched other people’s feet this guy’s not watching feet yeah yeah
i don’t know i think it’s just weird when you when you see a guy who you know who’s a pastor who made a god and wants
to you know tell these people what they should do blah blah blah blah yeah and he’s kicking it in balenciagas all the time or something i think that’s weird
to me it would rub me the it would grind my gears because like if i saw a guy come up to me he’s
worth a million dollars he’s a pastor i feel like i want to make what he says i wouldn’t take what he’s saying to her
okay he’s got some scheme working i’m saying a lot of times everyone must tithe yeah
give do you get most of this you know is this a tip for you yeah do we know where it’s going no it’s a church it must be
going to somewhere good is that true and and my wife is the head of the treasury yeah um but no like i would say
that when i see that a lot of times you know when money is
involved and you start getting you know you go from well off to you know there’s well off there’s rich and there’s
wealthy right when you start transitioning between those phases sometimes you got to do some dirty
things you know i mean it’s not always going to be above the table you can’t get to the top of that pushing some people under
well [ __ ] said true exactly and so who are those people he’s pushing under the choir the people
i was never a big choir guy yeah i mean i found and then you had those like extra tryhards that would just
[ __ ] go out oh my god dude it was like the remember in eighth grade when we had those plays at grace yeah i do
and there was the girl that she just gave it her heart i was a spotlight
i was a man in red shirt number two you’re like an extra like a martin scorsese
i had one line it was hill hill hill the like the guy’s last name was hill we were in like a little train
station you’d be like hill yeah so he was the music man okay and so then all the people would be like oh hill and
he’s like hill hill and then everyone just say help that was it and my parents came down there for two hours i was just
spot like i couldn’t even do that right because i grinded my hand in the fan because it was like this 1969 spotlight i’m not kidding it was
donated it was the size of a [ __ ] bazooka it was huge it was on wheels and the wheels were all crookedy it was on
this one skinny pole with this big cannon on top completely off balance and then remember grace the back of the
school it’s like it’s angled yeah and so i’m pushing this thing up it’s falling and so me and tristan sanders
our [ __ ] spotlight guys and we’re leaning it over like we’re holding it from falling over this pew because it’s
a skinny little stand with this big [ __ ] huge thing on the end and there’s this fan like right here like
this big on the side so we’re like you know and then tristan’s saying we always throw pillows on the [ __ ] around because we’re spotlight guys
and we were doing like the mat it was during i think it was during the matinee or right before the mad now remember but and i’m [ __ ] sitting there and he’s
so i look away and i take my hands off of it and because it’s at an angle it’s so heavy it’s i’m not telling you this thing is huge no i remember what it
looks like literally the size of this half of the table that’s how long was it was this thick it looked like the [ __ ] hubble telescope it looked like
a cannon yeah it looked like a [ __ ] like the wooden wheels that’s all it was
that’s all it was [ __ ] missing and just a repurposed cannon there’s still a fuse coming off the side
you have the torture so cheap that’s right so i’m not kidding you it looked like
from the 60s anyways and so it just threw a 200 watt light bulb in it a magnifying glass well because you had to
and you’d hit the switch and then it would put like a a red but it was like this big sheet
twisted it’s like a big bifocal i might as well have felt like a red piece of things just held it in front i mean it
was like those glasses there yeah national treasure yeah that’s exactly what it was like yeah okay and so it
starts falling over and for some reason this fan on the side it was like obviously
there’s always a fan going all the time if it’s on it’s like this big but there’s no protection thing here there’s no it’s just a fan and it starts falling
so i go to catch it yeah
and then the spotlight falls sanders grabs it i grab it my hands just gushing blood and everyone looks over i’m just
like because the light went down and there’s no one can see anything
and then he pulls it back up that i walk up to was it mr reimer i’m for an intermission yeah about mr rhymer or
something my hand is just dripping [ __ ] blood sliced my [ __ ] whole finger open and he was such a dick it was i don’t
think it was mr rymer what’s got the glasses older guys mr johnson no no no no no no no i forgot
um old guy with the glasses i forgot his name mr tederood it might have been
maybe mr ford you’re just throwing out randomness mr johnson mr james no it was uh i think
anyways hey nope and i’m like dude okay i go to the bathroom please he’s like are you cut right there i’m like as i’m
gushing [ __ ] i was about to shove my face shove my [ __ ] fingers in his glasses it was anyways it was a [ __ ] mess dude to
them they’re like this is the biggest night of our lives you cannot ruin this i know like i mean props for trying to
try and for some kids but just relax dude you’re acting like this is [ __ ] i remember one time it was the time my
sister was in the play and mr johnson our superintendent oh uh the goat
yeah yeah he did look like anyone why did he why did he uh
wasn’t it something weird he i know you know i do know but i already said his name that’s why i don’t wanna
oh okay well i don’t think anyone said no we didn’t even say our school so i did i said grace
yeah but he’s not there it’s in middle school it’s fine okay anyways was it something weird was it something very yeah but actually he retired before he
can get shamed no no i think there’s a deeper thing here so he ended up building the schools or whatever right
or kind of okay he ended up getting a job offer he lives in south korea now by the way oh yeah
okay he’s making bank can you grab him so he doesn’t tip over the camera or something or be do something stupid um
so yeah so he went to south korea right after for a job just out the country but it wasn’t that bad but what i’m
saying is like in a christian world it was bad yeah yeah especially when you’re the superintendent of a christian school
yeah so i believe he just said like i’ve fallen into a sin
told everyone what the sin was so i need to resign to work on myself packs up all his [ __ ] and goes to south korea and
starts just making bank i mean that’s a good move get me out of here you know i mean his wife was probably like i’ll take humiliation for a month for some
[ __ ] new balencias i mean yeah yeah especially i’m pretty sure if you go to south korea and you have a bank full of
us dollars i’m pretty sure you’re already rich oh yeah yeah the uh so yeah what i was saying was it was the year of
my sister’s play and you know they always chose like you know something [ __ ] dumb it was like
pirates of penzance it could have been something cool yeah i had wrangler ranch my sixth grade regular ranch ring ranch
kitty yup giddy up i remember that was when i kicked sam off the stairs and broke his remember that story
yeah the uh but anyways he wrote his own play and then had the kids play it and
to me i’m not gonna say narcissism that is but i’m just like oh these little kids are
gonna and dude you know that like he’s going through like a midlife christ or something so he has this vision and you
know one of them messes something up and he’s just throwing the papers and [ __ ] like because you know it’s his baby do you think if you were like a youth group
teacher do you think you’d be like cool will you be a good one i think so i think i could see as youth group yeah i mean i don’t know how to
play the guitar yet and sit on a bucket that’s exactly or like
lightly strike it as you’re praying
what is that [ __ ] twilight zone sounded better in my head
in the car dear god thank you come we come to you today
humbled and they’re always smiling as they’re talking please keep your heads down yeah i’m
sorry when i’m when i’m praying i’m begging for [ __ ] usually or asking for forgiveness i know oh my
god i’m a piece of [ __ ] please get me out of this i swear i’ll never do it again if you save me i’ll never do anything
wrong again and then you instantly [ __ ] it up or i’m drunk but yeah i will never drink again if you get me home oh yeah
it’s just like at some point it’s gonna run out you know what i mean grabbing the wheel i’m kidding i don’t drink and drive but yeah
um but youth youth group teacher yeah i i just think i feel like a lot of them are the same way you know what i mean i
feel like there’s a mold you have to fit you know it’s like you have to be really good with kids but not but not
too good with kids you have to be depressed but don’t show it yeah exactly yeah and then you have
to go back into your 98 hyundai elantra go back to your mobile home because you’re sacrificing i mean i did like i
did like there was youth groups i liked growing up but yeah rogue valley fellowship was fun because he played dodgeball and i would just
[ __ ] [ __ ] on kids yeah i would say i didn’t get to experience a lot of that
as you know my parents were conservative baptists but i can honestly say i hated it dude
you remember when we were um oh my god this is a funny story i don’t know our talking so much to church
and stuff but whatever um we were at liberty we were it was like a wednesday night i think and you know when they break up into prayer groups or
whatever yeah and me and like they our parents were like praying or whatever because we were we were young we were like really little yeah but you had that
little [ __ ] money chronicle you had the little bionicle launcher with the disc on it yeah and then we were
was it norm was it was norm and we’re sitting right it’s just deeper everyone’s praying and we
are just like like [ __ ] around the whole time in the pew in front and so and they’re praying and you launch it at
him and it hits him in his glasses and it bounces off you’re like he has eye protection
when we were like i was like i just turned 18 you were 19. it was when it was such that one too the ravenous
wolves oh my god you were in tears your parents are getting so dude you’re dead that was only like seven years ago yeah
your dad did one of these then he was just like your parents both did because we couldn’t stop laughing dude i i have
never tried to not laugh because i’ve tried everything in my [ __ ] bones yeah i was in tears and i couldn’t stop he was like and the ravenous wolves and
he kept it was a message but we had to stand no
we were just sitting there no we had to stand later on we were standing i think but i’m saying he’s he just kept saying it like i don’t [ __ ] know and the
ravenous walls it was [ __ ] ridiculous that was good well we’re at 25 you want to hit the top five
yeah damn [ __ ] time flew by all right ladies and gentlemen we have an interesting top five today i am [ __ ]
sweating yeah it’s hot it’s [ __ ] here dude honey do you have the heat on
can you turn it down to 80.
okay so top five today ladies and gentlemen we have top five worst movies okay okay and
obviously it could be ones you’ve seen it could be you know you’re in your mind your worst rate obviously there’s a lot of [ __ ] terrible movies oh yeah um
but james let’s start with you and let’s get an in depth analysis of course so
the first one i actually don’t think this is a bad list okay okay i think you might have a problem with my first one but i’m gonna explain why it is okay
okay first one i usually have a problem with your list yeah yeah yeah exactly i don’t think you’re going to okay okay i think
i’m very confident and i think now number five i have to explain it okay
so number five i am choosing the disney motion picture frozen
the reason why a lot of people are gonna be like oh my god oh my god exactly [Laughter]
it’s what it did to the culture okay that’s what i’m saying this [ __ ] album went like five times
diamond just the soundtrack okay it was not that good it wasn’t that good it
wasn’t the disney soundtrack is way better yes exactly the problem with frozen
is you know they gave a girl a little hard time you know oh she’s got this power
and it’s ice and
i just thought uh one so you thought the movie was bad or the soundtrack was bad a little um
i’m saying what it did to the culture is that you have these two rich freaking girls living in a [ __ ] castle and
they’re still complaining about [ __ ] that’s the problem that i have like shut up put your little black
gloves on and just don’t touch [ __ ] but wasn’t she in frozen wasn’t she in she wasn’t in a
castle she got taken didn’t she i i don’t i just never saw the whole movie to be honest
because her real parents were in like actual castle she was stolen when she was younger oh is that it
i don’t remember i’m just saying you just went at herself i’m just saying the the the old like the
old disney movies they were oh gee yeah they were like mulan lion king we’re
talking i’m saying those were movies that could bring you to tears frozen no
the ice in these veins don’t i think it was terrible but i i couldn’t understand that i’m saying
it was just bad for society i think it’s i think it’s very overrated okay go thank you yeah
and the soundtrack the fact that that beats a [ __ ] oh
the fact that pusha t can’t outsell frozen two soundtrack just pisses me off okay
number four uh transformers number four five six seven eight everything after number three yeah
i watched the fourth one and i horrendous i believe it was like a volvo semi truck when he pulled out a samurai
sword i shut it off uh i didn’t know who the actors were you
can’t remember that’s what happens when they it’s just it’s stupid it’s not it’s not [ __ ] shia it’s not [ __ ] megan
like you know them it’s not shy or meg um
to be honest the reason i said that i don’t know how to say his last name la buff that’s what i thought it was but some people see [Music]
yeah um i think that us as a
as a community and as a whole in the united states of america we are losing our creativity now
i i i attribute that to two things one is that technology is slowly making us dumber because we don’t have to learn as
much [ __ ] or use our brains as much two it’s the fact that these movies all we’re doing is [ __ ] reboots yeah i’m
tired of it reboots reboots are good if it’s if it makes sense if there’s enough money behind yeah yeah they’re just
grabbing too many reboots it’s like after transformers six fast and furious 12 like shut it down
[ __ ] shut up the fast and furious is a great like that that’s a great example of know when to let something die or to let
something be like the office is a best example of doing it the right way even though it was like one of the best
selling shows that did amazing and everyone loved so long they ended it they had it and they’re like you know what we’re done we’re gonna leave it here we’re gonna leave it in a good spot
didn’t they try to do like the space thing it was i don’t think it was the same thing though but it had steve carell
doesn’t mean it was an office reboot but i thought they were like going along the same vibe but anyways um
so that would be my number two too many reboots like as an honorable mention i want to say
every dc movie besides movies that was your number two no that was my number three okay oh four okay okay okay
number three i believe it was in 2000 or 2002 uh they tried to do a life like reboot of the flintstones
i didn’t actually see that it was terrible it was bad wasn’t it with that fat guy
from the hangover yep yep yeah yeah okay i never saw it because i knew it was gonna be stupid someone at warner
brothers walks up to the conference table and says guys guys i [ __ ] got it [Laughter]
you know the flintstones where they have cars made out of cement and [ __ ] guys we’re doing it in real life yeah and some exact was like here’s 20 million
yeah that’s like you know what let’s get let’s get the people let’s put them in [ __ ] you know lamb skins and just let
it i just don’t understand how that could sell you know i i yeah okay
number two is a night at the museum number two i was gonna say not in the museum woman i thought was good actually
right the museum one was good and then what did they try to do yeah another money grab that’s the problem so
hollywood they got [ __ ] greedy their child they did and they [ __ ] ruined it yeah
it’s just uh i’m not gonna go into that one because number one i’m have a lot to say about this one and i’m pretty sure
it’s on your list okay please be the same as mine
number one on my list of the this is jack spence’s worst movie of all time
suicide squad mine’s not that’s not mine but that’s a good one okay so let’s get one of the
hottest women in the world right okay margot coming off a huge willpower
performance huge [ __ ] i said one of the the most beautiful women in the world are obviously our girlfriends
aaron and alex um so coming in at number three margot robbie um
okay wait coming at number three i was saying okay anyways okay okay so super strong women in the world i never i it was just
anyway so first okay let’s talk about the soundtrack okay because i felt in the theater that
i was feeling more bass than any it was like you had a [ __ ] edc concert it was like a concert with like a music
video in the background yeah and then you got logi oh let’s grab logic jared leto as the joker after heath ledger
because yeah you know well he has a private island and rapes people so you know he can be the joker he might be yeah yeah so let’s get logic and let’s
put him in like a i’m hardly freaking through it just a cluster
just a [ __ ] of [ __ ] yeah it was like so much happened don’t know what’s going on the music is
like 10 decibels higher than it should be you can’t hear like you couldn’t even hear the gunshots it’s like was that was at
the base was that the did he shoot i don’t know and then you know i’m a sucker for pain [ __ ]
ty dallas i went hard on that so so did wayne but then you’ve got logic you’re a [ __ ] vest and he’s like acting like he can act [ __ ] you logic you can’t do
[ __ ] he hates logic by the way that might be your most hated rappers yeah he said the n word and we let it happen
how on a track with eminem if you guys say if you guys don’t know i’m not kidding there’s a song what’s it called
it’s the one with eminem there’s a song with logic eminem he actually because a while back he came out and said okay actually i’m
black his dad was never around so he’s assuming yeah it’s like okay even if you but you still look but anyways homicide
features and he says it like it holds real he says it and holds
it forever i’ve never understood that we let him get away with it what blew my mind is that this guy said
my life goal would be to have a song with slim shady with [ __ ] eminem and
the first 10 seconds of the song he drops the n word as a eminem never even
did that yeah and he said everything eminem’s probably the blackest white guy ever yeah and eminem said everything he
talked about killing his mom he talked about killing his daughters he talked about [ __ ] the worst [ __ ] in the world never said the n word yeah nope
not one time but you know the diss track about his mom dude yeah [ __ ] hard too dude the mariah carey dis too
yeah it was it was all good for i mean what an untouchable three album series
anyways okay we’re getting back back to suicide and we let him we did let him yeah um a suicide squad
yeah jared little i want to talk about that i feel like he went too creepy in it there was a scene there there was a shot where he’s like laying and there’s
circles of stuff all the way around them there was like little baby socks and [ __ ]
upstairs i noticed baby socks you know what babies have like in their lips yeah i know we wear pink socks yeah like the
monsters inc the little yeah yeah yeah we got a 42 19. yeah the uh is that one of us i don’t know um
but no so like the camera is like panning back you know spinning and he’s like you know doing his thing i feel like he
tried to bite so much from heath ledgers i’m saying he almost went like too creepy because it’s like okay the joker
wasn’t yeah yes they’re so [ __ ] weird like and
there’s a [ __ ] um yeah but i remember there was just like a spiral of like random
things clothes it’s like [ __ ] robot chicken dude it was just like all this [ __ ] thrown into what i’m saying in this
scene there’s like a spiral of like his personal belongings i guess i guess he put him in like a little
fibonacci sequence thing there and [ __ ] yeah there was like some like baby clothes and like some little baby socks
i’m like that’s why would the joker have that he’s about [ __ ] killing the rich not about
babies yeah that is [ __ ] true yeah so suicide squad’s my number one there you go could you give us a rundown really quick all of them in a row okay yeah of
course uh so i had uh number five was frozen in
parentheses because of what it did to the culture uh transformers four i think because i
don’t remember all of them after that yeah all of them after the third one uh the lifelike redo of the flintstones uh
night at the museum number two and uh suicide squad there you go there’s my list thank you atlt people
for listening to it okay um my top five consists of movies that really just made me [ __ ] angry one of these i’m pretty
sure no one’s going to know what it is but i i’m still going to throw it on there because i had a couple of ones
no um so speaking of not letting movies die in the right place when they did good
independence day resurgence when they brought back and did another independent they did another one they did one
there’s a reason you don’t know because it was that [ __ ] bad and it had i don’t think wait will smith wasn’t it
but jeff goldblum i remember i remember will smith the original president who played the president and the original independence day was great oh yeah great
movie super good [ __ ] movie and they read it it was [ __ ] terrible it bombed at the box office it was just
[ __ ] terrible the dad from national treasure that was the president right no no no no no no it wasn’t enough he’s
been up he’s been a president in something no he the the dad from nashville he was uh in pearl harbor he
was the ah president um anyways terrible [ __ ] movie and honestly independence day was like a
great [ __ ] oh it was it was amazing in the box office it was actually voted a very very high in voting
of a list of movies and of course and they [ __ ] ruined it when they came out of that because no one saw it exactly it absolutely bombed and it was
just a [ __ ] waste so i want to just insert one thing on that comment because it almost made my list so i’ll have an
honorable mention real quick because it goes right off of that did you know they came out with another fantastic four in like 2016. i heard that yeah and i know
it was probably funny no one i didn’t even know because think about this the original fantastic four with chris evans
and jessica alba oh yeah it was actually pretty [ __ ] it was a hit super surfer he was kind of cool yeah it was that was those are sick movies and then they dude
another one came out it had miles teller in it yeah they yeah and yeah and it [ __ ] that and the other one then michael jordan and it bumped oh yeah and
it absolutely bummed um so number four i feel like no one’s gonna know what this is i just happened to see this i think
when i was younger and i it was not my choice i’m not kidding you it is
it it is exactly what it sounds like super babies baby geniuses
it perhaps is the cringiest worst movie ever made one of them it’s basically about little toddlers that thwart this
guy’s plan and they’re literally like little babies running on a wall and [ __ ] they’re like wait is it animated or real no it’s real
it’s not anything we’re watching that tonight it was made like the early 2000s so it’s really bad it’s really [ __ ]
bad and i only saw i think i saw like how they get those babies to do that it’s all i don’t know it’s not cgi
i don’t know but it’s why two just happened it ain’t so [ __ ] bad and we might i i think we made it like 20
minutes when i was younger i was like i remember being like a little kid i’m like this might be the dumbest [ __ ] i’ve ever [ __ ] seen so that’s my number
four number three i have to go with ghost writer oh that’s
it it was [ __ ] terrible nicholas cage really just that’s where he started to go downhill it was just oh yeah
i forgot about that movie [ __ ] i mean national treasure was great oh personal treasure was a national
treasure it was amazing but yeah everyone knows nick cage has a history of terrible movies after a certain point
yeah um but yeah that was [ __ ] awful i mean what’s to say about it i i think it was all from start to finish it was
just so mediocre it looked like its peak was mediocre yeah it was it was just bad number two
um this is a movie you might not know what this is but it was made to be like a kid movie a disney
movie okay i just thought it was so [ __ ] is it is it by disney yeah okay
sky high it was is that the one it was the highest there’s like planes there was
like no there was a school but it was in the [ __ ] clouds it was for kids they hop on this magical bus and they threw
up to the sky it was called sky high because it’s up in the [ __ ] sky and it’s all these kids with like superpowers i’ve heard of this so
[ __ ] stupid it was terrible and even as a kid i remember just hating it so much in this kid he’s like oh i’m normal
i don’t have any powers and he goes to this [ __ ] school and then finds it and then the other rejects who have shitty powers they all get together and
save the planet at the end it’s just so [ __ ] stupid it’s terrible there was a moral team yeah there’s of course there’s a moral to it um and it was just
[ __ ] dumb it was horrendous sky high number two and there’s a lot of movies that didn’t make this list by the way
but regardless of every movie what is your number one if i ever there’s no [ __ ]
way this would not be at my number one and i think you can agree with this even though i never even [ __ ] watched it
cats oh how the [ __ ] did we like
how how is that something you buy in the ticket booth your own [ __ ] money i
would rather instead of see to go to the theater and watch cats i would rather let someone run over my [ __ ] foot
i would never [ __ ] go see that movie she’s so terrible gordon it’s so [ __ ] stupid by the way he’s not funny no he’s
not he’s not funny he has an accent that’s why americans like i think he’s a nice genuine guy oh yeah
he’s not funny though he’s not funny dude you give an american like someone with an accent they just love him instantly you give me an accent i’m
famous tomorrow okay maybe that’s a stretch but in a week
i could do it right anyways i mean i could do it but
and i think i had them on my i just randomly remember my honorable mention was the life of pi
the guy with the [ __ ] tiger i never saw it i i just thought it was [ __ ] stupid there’s a cat in a boy
in the ocean yeah why i don’t know [ __ ] point one four
uh i had two other honorable mentions i have probably come up way more than that uh one percy jackson in the olympians
oh i read the books i liked the books as a kid so bad yeah what about the angry birds movie
they did angry talk about going too far yeah you know what is even the plot
yellow bird’s board over here purple bird over here and then they all fly together and then they make they help the big bird lose weight i don’t [ __ ]
know i i don’t know and then g-force the one that i never watched it the one with the little hamsters oh you you
brought that up before i but i still yeah and the but they did have black-eyed peas as like their main soundtrack that was cool is there like
summer sultan through like the the ceo’s office of this evil company they’re playing boom boom pow like i i was heads
hop into that i think that was a tune we could all dance to it was good yeah what was the thing you said it was like and
that’s the tune we can all dance well i said it this morning when i wasn’t being stupid the first no you said it the first time you said it was a while back
people and you’re like and that’s the tune we can all dance too someone was talking about about a uh the
beat of their heart or something and i was like i was like yeah and that’s a tune we can all dance
that’s good [ __ ] my moments yeah you do we’re 43 oh yeah all right well everyone thank you for listening um don’t forget
summer collection yeah is it out now right available it is available it’s available as we speak we need to take
some pictures promote it a little more um if i don’t sweat through it right now yeah thank you guys for listening it was
a good episode yeah uh check out patreon patreon.com around the lunch table to get episodes early ish and uh exclusive
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instagrams at around the lunch table that’ll pretty much do it thank you so much for watching and see ya
let’s get rowdy up in here

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