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J & Z have a very special guest. A rapper from portland OR who also lived in our hometown Medford, ladies and gentlmen. We present to you JMACPDX. We chatted about his time at Coachella, his picture with Jamie Chung, and how senior citizens should have the drivers license suspended. Oh also a top 5 on chips.
gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen are we live and active uh welcome back slapdicks this around
lunchtable episode 70 episode 70. and ladies and gentlemen today we have a
very very special episode from our first digital episode by the way
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very special guest we have this is uh this is jmac pdx is his stage name j
mack is a rapper from portland oregon currently sitting in la his new ep
portland to englewood is now is out now on all platforms produced by dj wreck-it
q he’s got some of the hottest music on the way you’ve got to hear it check it out the newest hottest upcoming rapper j
mac how you doing applause very blessed very blessed thank you oh my god a [ __ ] a very great
intro i really appreciate that how lucky are you dude honestly i’m just down to kick it around the lunch table boys like
thank you guys we just had this guy hightailing it to a gas station for headphones turns out
they suck and he didn’t even use them so [ __ ] no headphones we got it done
so what happened you just [ __ ] came home just but buddy stole him or what the
[ __ ] happened you know what honestly [ __ ] him i’m gonna go back to this i’m about to
go back to this no this mobile gas station i’m like yeah i want that refund can can
you return i feel like you can’t return things to gas stations obviously you’ll probably say no and i’ll probably
i’ll probably i might give them a mean look but i won’t say anything mean yeah i mean yeah i mean you know if you snorted
something with the receipt already i don’t know if they still take it if it was like target which i should have done
but i was just being lazy yeah no i don’t know what the uh what the return policy is at an am pm but you
know exactly nothing yeah exactly
i don’t think you can i really don’t think you can uh they doubt they probably they’re probably like you probably didn’t even
buy this anyway no i mean first of all you probably stole it you probably stole this and
trying to get money back yeah like it’s a [ __ ] uh pawn shop or something well you found
the receipt in the parking lot so you grab the item to [ __ ] return it yeah um for those for those of you
someone stole my gas cap the other night on my car
parker is right yeah someone when he lived in l.a he came out one night and someone just stole his hood
stole his boat because he had he had a charger at one
point and they he comes out and the hood’s gone i mean if you got a dent on the hood i
mean i guess i’m guessing this is the same model same color i mean he must have been like la la la
but the thing is like his car was parked right outside i’m like dude you ran into one of the greats i think at that point
i mean that’s not your fault in his crap you gotta take that l
what the [ __ ] do you pop the hood without yeah do you i’ve never oh i’ve never actually seen it
that’s a that’s a question not for me man just knows the whole thing
like dude i could still i could steal a tire but like popping a hood damn yeah i don’t know about that you gotta
be technical man um to get us started i wanted to go over just a quick
little topic um starting with jmek so if you were to say
who is your most hated celebrity who would you say dude i hate sounding like a hater oh i
love it if i hate the person you know what i mean yeah i get that i have one would you like to hear mine first
i’d like to hear yours first yeah amy schumer oh that’s a good one oh that is
a good one i can’t stand that it’s not funny she she’s
she’s never been funny does anyone actually find no she’s not funny i feel like she’s really she’s not that funny
the consensus all over social media is like i’ve never heard someone be like hey do you see that amy schumer show is
actually pretty good no one’s ever said that no so how does she sell like tickets how
does she sell even 10 tickets i i i’m not kidding you i’m not kidding you
i when i see somebody i’m very i try i try very hard not to be a hater i really do
but she has never been funny she’s not funny and if you look on youtube you could
there’s literally a 30 minute compilation of her stealing people’s jokes she’s not and and she steals funny
jokes and they’re still not funny because they come from her delivery that’s how that’s how most comedians are
like they have writers like straight up and her writers highlighters
dog [ __ ] dude even both of them even if she hasn’t find me fire writers it’s over with even
if amy schumer had dave chappelle to write her jokes she still wouldn’t be funny oh yeah she’d [ __ ] she still wouldn’t be funny [ __ ] it up so speaking
of yeah what about you bro um well everyone knows in the podcast already i don’t know if you’ve listened
to it before but i have a deep inner hatred for jim carrey um but wow the
thing is the thing is it’s like it’s not like he’s a piece of [ __ ] it’s not it’s not it’s the right guy
i i mean i’ve never met him i don’t know how he is in person he hates him for his acting i think okay now just bear with
me on this okay it’s really beautiful if you see jim carrey in a movie what’s the one thing he’s doing just
like [ __ ] just weird [ __ ] with his mouth [ __ ] yeah it’s the weird thing it’s the same
thing every time and it’s like i don’t respect him as an actor i feel you it’s not that
my opinion even matters but i’m just saying like i feel like the same guy in the grinch was the same guy when he did
a little cameo in [ __ ] anchorman 2 same in [ __ ] sonic i never saw it but
i saw the trailer and that’s all i needed to see the thing i’ve never understood about him hating jim carrey is like i hate amy schubert because
she’s actually not funny and she’s just stupid yeah jim carrey i feel like he’s a very likable person no he is i think
he’s always yeah no definitely he’s a noise jack so just annoys me so jimmy do you have any off the top of your head
that you just can’t stand if you think about it dude honestly like
i don’t know like honestly like i don’t want to sound too bad but like billy eilish
really really that’s a backlash like i really like her voice is like
her engineer is doing everything bro like she has a really soft voice like you i couldn’t even hear that [ __ ] at
coachella oh speaking of which for those who don’t know our very own jmac was actually security
at coachella and met if you guys have seen the hangover 2 and took a picture with jamie chung um
how did you end up doing security like give us yes honestly like got referred from a
friend said i was going to make good money i was literally in between apartments so i had a month
i had like 18 days talking to move into this apartment i’m in right now so i went to the desert for 18 days
and grinded every single day for like 12 to 16 hours were you sleeping a hammock hey bro i got promoted to a supervisor
in 16 days how many two days i got promoted i got two days i got promoted to a supervisor
wait we gotta dissect this we got this like this here yes yes wait
technically i supervise myself wait how does it work
and then so i held it down right so basically as a supervisor you have a post right yeah you have either like multiple
people with you or one person with you so it was me and my buddy thomas my buddy is thomas is a gangster bro a
super cool ass dude like somebody i was vibing with we were literally just talking to chicks the whole time like
literally so we worked absolutely which is like an absolute tent where i met jamie chung
and it’s like a knife she posted you she posted you too
i know we were having
right so i ended up i ended up being her personal escort for the for like for
like a couple hours how did she look absolutely stunning i’d imagine dude oh
she’s beautiful and she’s so nice she was the one who asked for the
picture she was so genuine oh that’s awesome so yeah like she was super cool but then like dude the two
the sickest part about it like bro like we would it closed what we were working at absolute land like the
nightclub it closed at 11 right so like the headliner goes on like 11
30. dude the last of night and i mean weekend one and weekend two i got to see swedish house mafia and the weekend
awesome that’s awesome so to go back a little bit i just had a couple of questions
um 18 days in the desert how’d you do that bear grylls dude i [ __ ] thugged it
out bro you know what hey i’m gonna keep it so real with you please do after the
first week i went i went got a pedicure in the desert
from here in coachella i went to a shopping mall and i went and got a pedicure
what was it shopping in the desert dude i was on my i was on my feet for like 12 to 16 hours bro
oh well no i’m saying like if you’re in the desert where did you find it 18 days where did you it’s it’s in the city of
coachella but there’s indio right next to it which is okay i thought okay yeah i’ve never been a
coach i mean like i’ve i’ve just never been there um yeah obviously i’ve known about it forever but
you said 18 days in the desert i thought you like you went out there before no i [ __ ] camped out there bro
he’s making [ __ ] like little cabins out of tumbleweeds and [ __ ] no dude there they put us up in tents it was ac
it was all right oh [ __ ] so you were okay but once i got once i got promoted and
it was weekend two of coachella dude i had pulled like i could do what i
wanted like was there any crazy things with fans you had to like tackle someone or anything i was i was taking like a hundred dollar
bills and sneaking people in the back door like thugging it like like you really like doing not doing my [ __ ]
but like yeah i had to break up a couple fights i got a drink thought on me
oh no [ __ ] oh dude other than that like everyone like you know what i mean they were just got a little sloppy and other
than that it was pretty it was pretty peaceful yeah that’s cool though that’s cool yeah yeah that was good advice but dude hey the best part about that
weekend to the weekend too of coachella so swedish house mafia in the weekend
right so we closed right at 11. they were like hey you’re our personal security for the night come around back
so we gotta go around back and we were right in front of the main stage dude
go that’s actually pretty [ __ ] cool on the clock maybe making 50 an hour yeah
that’s pretty cool that is cool [ __ ] it’s the best experience ever bro like it’s pretty cool
don’t get me wrong i slept for like a week straight when i got back because i was so tired but like dude it was it was worth it and
it was a good a good experience too oh that’s awesome so when you uh so you’ve been i mean [ __ ] you’ve been
making music as long as i’ve ever even known who you are like uh yeah for
those who don’t know he actually also lived in medford that’s where i met jm back in high school yeah
you’ve been making music for a long time what is the you i’ve seen on your stories you got some like stage moments like what what
what has been the obvious you’re not at your peak yet but what has been your peak experience so
far of like being on stage or rapping in front of people or dude you know it was super tight
probably it was probably my so it was 2016. like this was the dopest moment for me
it was at sw right okay that sou and it was travis porter
the the group right i know what that is um mayday which is a rock band made a
parade and then paul wall i remember the paul wall thing i remember that that was the opener
oh that’s sick yeah that is sick oh like dude we were chilling on backstage and i’m just getting started like i had
maybe done one or two shows before this and there was like 300 likes like 400 people in the crowd right was that what
you posted on instagram or a little bit ago today what’s that was that you posted on instagram today yeah that’s
what i’m talking about yeah so basically basically like today like from like me but like
they showed me so much love like because like i felt like a natural like i got on stage and i was just like
i think this is my calling like i really want to start doing this you know what i mean hey speaking and then i’m and then i’m
literally walking on melrose and i guess what i run into those guys travis porter i opened up for
no [ __ ] yeah bro and i was like hey bro you remember me and they were like where from i’m like oregon man i showed them
the picture and they were like oh my god bro like what’s good i got their phone numbers i got their phone numbers and everything we’ll
probably connect dude i remember that picture you posted you and paul wall man that was that was
yeah yeah yeah yeah that was years ago that was oh [ __ ] dude but i was like honestly that was like 2017 bro like
yeah i was a while back i kind of ducked off for a while you know what i mean yeah i do remember when uh people after
the podcast dude jmc fell off [ __ ] i would hate to hear that no i’m
just kidding no one’s gonna say that i would have to be i would have to be on first to fall off you know
i mean but i mean first of all this is not a joke actually i think
when you uh had cali come out me and me and jack actually basically really filled your videos
though hey play that song i just say it’s called venice it sounds like cali you’ll like it all right let’s [ __ ]
do it dude callie we we we jammed we banged that [ __ ] for a long time you’ll like this song too then all
right venice here we go let’s see the only thing is if we play it we probably won’t be able to hear our voices so we’ll just play yeah all right
so we’re gonna uh everyone that’s listening this is venice featuring fly guys well you know you know the song
should we forward it further i don’t think i can afford it on this oh never mind all right we’re gonna play a snippet here all
right [Music]
damn it you want to grab a beer already [Music]
[Music] when i see you dancing baby girl it’s so beautiful either him or me baby
i think it’s only proper that that we we give what we
loved from you was cali i think we gotta we gotta show a little love to that song
i i think it’s underrated a great song it was great i i’m not kidding i loved it and it took me like like two three
years to finally put it on like streaming platforms yeah so what happened there did why did it take so long did you not clear the sample or
something you know what’s crazy i stole the beat from youtube right recording the song
and put it on on soundcloud right but then i was like oh [ __ ] let’s get into some attraction
and dude guess what in quite a bit he delete because i i just youtubed the mp3d right um
he deleted the the youtube the youtube video
and his channel and everything so i couldn’t get any credit so how did you end up finding him yeah i ended up like
literally like googling a silver because it was a silver but like that’s like the most [ __ ] like generic thing ever
right and i finally find it and it’s like uh it’s like a week it’s like it’s like
his beat but like on another beat page oh i see and i found his instagram and i
hit him up and i was like yo 20 bucks for the beat and he’s like yeah down no [ __ ] oh no [ __ ] all right well
it took me like two years to find that no joke ladies and gentlemen this is
this is callie uh this is the first time i’ve ever heard of jmac pdx we’ve actually played this several times
excuse me i think it’s holy was making me cough what is this i think
it’s a i think it’s a [ __ ] i think it’s a [ __ ] banger here we go look at that
oh yeah yeah i’ve got it though
this song
volley i just be smoking that broccoli she keep on calling me papi she keep on calling me cocky i keep on saying it’s
nice she just be drinking that coffee all the mother got the copy and they do it so
sloppy she just sweet like a toffee i’m just hoping that she want me i’m just hoping that she want me i’m just knowing
that she want me i’m about to move out to cali [ __ ] i gotta go bally i’m popping up popping her popping her
popping her popping her popping
we got to share that experience yeah we just we we’re we’re a big fan of that song um but moving on i’m a big fan of you guys so thank you
oh i love that thank you we love that we love that um moving on to other business um i have a hot take here that i just
wanted to throw out into the atmosphere and see what i get back you know um
i just realized something today i i think and i believe this with my
whole heart that all senior citizens should have their driver’s licenses
revoked as of as of tomorrow i’m not kidding i’m not trying to be a
dick every single one if you need dude oh my single one
should be gone you can never get it back you’re done i don’t care what kind of car you have i don’t care you have a
nice collector’s car you drive on sundays you’re done you can’t drive so like 55. that’s crazy you know what’s
crazy i’m talking to my dad right and i want to buy my grandma’s old car
it’s an old lexus right you should buy it no license is going bye-bye
and i’m asking him i’m like is grandma still driving and he’s like yeah and i he came down here like like last weekend
and i’m like so how’s grandma she’s like he’s like ah she’s pretty fragile she can’t drive and i go yeah she was
wondering whether it’s speed bumps on the freeway like she’s just what do you mean like i
wouldn’t buy i might have to now and here’s the thing i’m not doing her a
favor i’m not being it’s a they’re a danger to themselves and others and i’m not kidding you i’m calling 65 and older
you’re done you’re done done you’re done stop it stop it i think so i think 65.
you have you have kids you have grandkids public transportation system just use that yeah you know what most
grandmas have my grandma has a minivan
literally my sister drives her my mom drives her my hand drives her like she’s taken care of that’s how it should be i
mean they got [ __ ] uber now and you know they’re only going to the [ __ ] walmart or they’re going to go their
hometown buffet it has to be that or i’m not kidding you i they have to like retake their
driver’s license test every year after 70 or something oh my grandma my grandma
just did there’s literally nothing to pass
no my [ __ ] yeah my my [Applause] my mom’s mom did
there’s there’s 95 year old ladies out there driving in [ __ ] freeway traffic who can’t even see out of both eyes
probably and they’re always like right up to the [ __ ] wheel like right in the [ __ ] here like it’s like yo can
you like they got bifocals on it’s like can you even see but you know it used to be the ultimate
finesse taking the hand taking the handicapped parking spot and like [ __ ] putting it
putting your air in your rear view window and then you do a fake limp when you get out of them yeah in this park
hella close to the store do you think they even check those like i’m saying
my grandma used to be like here take it and i would literally put it in my put it in my in my dash and literally
[ __ ] get out sometimes sometimes i would even just ride riding the wheelchair in the store just for fun
yeah i mean i do do they really i feel like it’s a walk by okay there’s something objective they don’t check at
all you can have you can have a disability for so many different reasons well like people will have like cluster headaches and they’re like i get a
[ __ ] thing yeah i get the clock i get to park closer to the qfc because i got a headache yeah but also like i don’t
know the little motorized car it’s like if you need it yeah but then you also see just like just like a soccer mom that she’s just
like i’m tired how do you get your ass off the [ __ ] electric j mac have you have you spent a lot of not
a lot of time but have you had your fair share of flights in airports in your lifetime yes definitely in
this is a big debate here at around the lunch table and we would love to hear your take what in your opinion
is the worst airline uh
huh dallas fort worth sucks because it’s not the airport
the airline airline oh allegiance sucks allegiance i’ve never flown online i
don’t think i’ve ever flown allegiance a legion is terrible but it’s the most affordable is it bad
yeah it’s the cheapest oh really allegiant really allegiant yeah in europe have you
seen okay so over here i’ve never flown a legion so i can’t really say in my opinion it’s not terrible like
don’t get me wrong but like you’re spending like 50 bucks less than you would spend with like spirit or delta
i i get that i did a spirit flight one time so we flew delta to vegas and then spirit back
and we literally working anytime any time you’re looking for a cheap flight allegiant like
well now that you say that i don’t want to do it because and our our thing is always i’m [ __ ] like i’m [ __ ] like 40 for
40. like i’m 100 man yeah and how’s that treating you here’s half a biscoff cookie and a baby tooth
in your seat no but our thing here is what we hate
[ __ ] southwest south west the only middle island
arizona or texas or something i don’t know southwest but it’s like west i remember i remember one time i remember
one time they gave me a great deal right i was going from portland because they’re oversold by a thousand
no but like they [ __ ] added the extra stuff i was going to portland l.a right you think i go to like portland to san
fran to la right they take me to dallas fort worth texas
and [ __ ] like literally a four hour like a four hour difference and then like a six
another six hour flight i mean i guess once you’re in there what the [ __ ] are you gonna do i was about to say why didn’t you turn around i don’t know i
thought like i said the dallas airport is [ __ ] huge bro like you have to hop on
a train and you have to be moving like straight up i want nothing to do with that it’s terrible don’t ever do it see
seatac isn’t that big but i’ve been to the la one that one’s pretty [ __ ] big yeah it’s it’s honestly
the cheat code is john wayne airport airport it’s an or it’s in orange county
all right there’s like a little smaller one john wayne smaller one but you’re out there
a [ __ ] of traffic but like i don’t know bro like the other place is definitely like you know way more
low-key are you a fan of the biscoff cookie
um honestly overrated oh thank you it’s overrated it’s never been that good
no not at all it’s never been that good i i prefer pretzels or something simple the thing is i feel like you just expect
it on an airline so it’s a nice little like snack because you’ve been drinking all morning right now what’s the universal snack why was the biscoff
cookie the chocolate because no one buys them because they sell them at the store i’ve never met someone who buys biscoff cookies i’ve never seen i think they’re
a plain thing i don’t even think somebody’s business who’s their target market is it like what is the [ __ ] is
it flights yeah i guess it is it’s i’ve never seen anything like people people who are attacking
market work because if i’m not wrong a biscoff cookie is actually probably they probably just give it to them like it’s like a little medicine for the people on
the way back from vegas right here alcohol here you go buddy there you go that’s their whole that’s
their whole business plan right there yeah i guess it is i just don’t get how it’s a business plan they’re free
like they’re getting paid by somebody but it
ain’t me i never buy it i’ve never come they’re buying them because miles go through is the business the [ __ ]
all the credit card miles go to biscoff cookies because i think it’s a uk thing because bisc like the biscoff cookie i think
they dip it in like coffee or tea i forgot what it was shortbread right i think so shortbread what is shortbread
just normal bread but they call it shortbread i think it’s just like it doesn’t rise as much so it’s shorter how do you know i don’t know know don’t act
like you know what you’re talking about i’m not gonna i know you’ve always got plaid on the box because don’t they in short break though they come in like
canisters yeah it’s like a tin can which you can’t expect something to be that fresh if it’s coming in tin
i mean well it’s kind of nicer than like plastic wrap you know yeah but it’s not sealed at the whole point well yeah it
can be sealed it’s got a rope it’s called a [ __ ] lid well no it doesn’t have a rubber gasket okay you’re just ready you know
what i’m saying you’re just ridiculous okay there’s those [ __ ] crackers that come in tin and they’re [ __ ] you know what you know what [ __ ] it j j mac
excuse the first thing you got to know about this podcast yeah if you didn’t listen to the last episode one of my points of his toxic traits he loves to
give the appearance of intelligence he has no idea what he’s talking about most of the time and he likes to make it sound like it so having said it is what
it is i would like to move on um moving on to other business jmac unless you have anything to add uh uh agree to disagree i guess on both
parts um so we have a top five this evening yeah and what we do so this is j-mac’s
first time on the podcast so we’re gonna do the top five not the last but yeah hopefully not the last um
the top five tonight is top five bags of chips now
i would obvi it’s specific flavors not just the brands and yeah each person’s gonna go
each person’s list is up for scrutiny so we will do a round and say okay do you
have any problems with this list or whatever because obviously it’s personal preference but it’s up for scrutiny and it’s five to one um five to one
top five bags of chips so uh i think james will go first or let’s
what order do we want to do here uh well i think our guest you know guess first [ __ ] hit it no i think jack should go
first because he sucks at top fives and i want to hear his okay yeah he if you haven’t listened apparently my top five
is always you know why j-mac if you don’t know we have done multiple top five lists for example i told him
top five sports movies of all time of course i come in with sandlot remember the titans
classics and he says his number one sports movie is forrest gump it was a joke obviously
he said forrest gump is his number one sport and he’s like well he ran he’s a runner
but [ __ ] it whatever it’s not a sports movie but anyways moving on to the business james your top five and you
have to give an in-depth analysis of why you think that james top five bags of
chips go all right top five bags of chips so um first thing here i only got four so i
could go
okay fine i’ll just okay okay number five throw something in there all right
number five uh i’m just i don’t like that many [ __ ] chips okay how about this do your four and then we go around
think of your five okay okay here we go so number four this is at the bottom of my list but it is no five is the bottom
yeah i don’t have a fifth so number four coming in hot here now this is a staple i believe in any
uh dinner as an appetizer um i think we all know and love it i
think it’s a little plain so i don’t think it’s gonna be on your guys list i gotta go with the tortilla chip okay now the reason i did it was because
one it is up to the it is the number one dipping chip okay there is no flavors
that counteract that you can dip it in beans you can dip it in salsa you can even get a little bit of some you know
gooey rice put it on like a thicker one yeah it’s fair it’s fair yeah
that is why it’s on the bottom but i think that the tortilla chip needs to have its place on the list it just
does like tostitos it’s or juanita’s juanitas but if you’re going for like if you’re
going for a thicker like uh a thicker dip you got to get those ones that like
a thicker chip because juanitos will break they’re a little bit thinner but the juanita chip by itself i mean because it’s bags of chips not bags of
chips and salsa i know i understand that i just thought that the tortilla chips deserve the place that’s a fair pick i
wanted to pay my respects because if i actually thought about the most chip i’ve probably eaten in my life don’t say
a tortilla chip oh i see j mac do we have any discrepancies with that with that pick no i have no problem with that
as long as that’s it okay move on james number three okay uh number three
it is one it’s definitely a summertime trip um what it’s definitely a summertime chip a lay’s barbecue
okay i like the baked barbecue lay’s bbq i don’t know about being at three pretty
high but keep going thank you lei’s bbq is one of those chips where it’s a nice
sunny afternoon you know maybe you’re not in the mood for a dorito you know you bring out the family size bag a
lay’s barbecue you you know you pull that baby right open the essence comes out of the bag you got
the hot dogs the hamburgers right there it pairs well with any any malt beverage
it’s just i just think it’s a classic chip that needs to be on the list all right fair okay okay i mean i
i know i already know i would agree z i would say the baked the baked uh i would say the baked i
don’t know if i’ve had the baked to be honest well it’s way better but i also say i i feel like the original lay’s barbecue
i don’t know about number three out of all the chips very high
let’s see the rest of the list before i screw it okay number two i think you guys are going to give me a shift for but this is an honest just i love this
chip okay pringles salt and vinegar okay now i like the kettle salt and vinegar
i’m the biggest salt and vinegar [ __ ] for number two but i actually do like pringles salt and vinegar i’m not even a
big pringles fan because when you get halfway down you can’t fit your hand in the [ __ ] tube
so you gotta like slowly pour it out but then the crumbs come with it it’s just a [ __ ] as far as the design of the
packaging i believe it’s aesthetically pleasing but the actual um usefulness of the tube
is not very appealing you can use it as a paper towel roll after yeah it’s not very appealing you can also store stuff
with it yeah okay fair enough okay um and then number one i know what it is i
hope it’s on everyone’s list because it is i’m getting close to the camera here it is an american [ __ ] classic there
is not a single person who hasn’t had this chip and [ __ ] not liked it okay it is one of the top that’s weird i can
see you and my thing i’m sitting here getting awkward yeah you look like a [ __ ] crackhead for my camera view it is it is a staple in american society
embedded in american culture and i guarantee you ninety-five percent of the population just came over the mayflower
with [ __ ] this bag they know this chip it is i mean when the people think of america they think of apple pie
baseball and doritos nacho cheese [ __ ] chips man that’s a good pick that’s a great pick
that is number one i feel like that’s going to be there on anyone’s list here today
yeah when i used to smoke man i swear to god give me a party size
[ __ ] bag of doritos nacho cheese chips until glass crumb is poured in my mouth
let me tell you there’s my list all right not not too many discrepancies with that um j-mac you want to be you want to be on deck here with the top
five i’ll go i’ll go i’ll go number one through five okay because i’m gonna go ahead and
start off with the chili cheese fritos really really over doritos dude that’s
my number one i’m not even a lie i have a funny fact about that chip
how no because i was looking up i was like i can’t remember all the chips so i just typed in top chips in the united
states literally labeled i and i do like this chip but labeled as the worst chip
in the united states was chili cheese fritos which i did not agree with because i think it’s a good show
i’ve never had it they they are [ __ ] what’s the bag look like um
orange and brown yeah okay so that’s your number one what do you got next uh i’m gonna go uh
gordetto’s originals i’ve never had it either gordetto’s original recipe
okay we’ll describe the chicken with just like the little brown circles
okay why why number two that’s
okay oh we just lost you that’s my number two
okay uh number three i’m gonna have to go with uh
she should have written it down huh number three
probably uh damn
cheez-its is cheese in a chip it’s a cracker
okay it’s a cracker that’s okay that’s a cracker he says all right i’ll go uh
i remember before the show i’m like hey do you have your top five chips like all right here baby off the top there we go
i just thought i just thought i was ready to go um how about a ruffle ruffle sour cream and
onion that’s fair that’s a great chip a great chip undertone underrated they
also i think that they have the most surface area per chip of any bag those are [ __ ] 100
100 and it’s a real bang for your buck it does the job every time it really does
and though and the ridges and the ruffles help pick up the dip so it does like because if you’re doing like a liquidy dip like a very messy salsa or
something it’ll [ __ ] get in the in the grill it’s kind of like when you get a tuxedo scoops it helps you get the dip
in there and it really does the job of creating creating like a little safe place for the dip it’s kind of like a
mother kangaroo in her pouch just crazy not cradling that sauce and
just getting it all in your mouth oh please continue j mac what am i on for uh four
oh i just had it um i have a girlfriend she goes a different school
i’m gonna i’m gonna probably go uh doritos cool ranch great oh that is a pick great pick i
didn’t even think it was cool ranch yeah um and then uh probably for the
worst one it’s uh the tostitos with a hint and with a hint of guacamole
i’ve only had the hint of lime i bet they’re really good i haven’t actually had those are they the guacamole ones
are really good actually haven’t had the i would definitely try that like those are like my those are like
what would you would you still dip the tostilles guacamole and salsa oh of course and guacamole
just double glock dude i’m [ __ ] triple you know what i’m saying i mean it is a super food so you know
solid solid five yeah so don’t worry james do we have any any problems with that list um
the only problem i would no um i actually what’s funny i am very
shocked it his number one because it almost yeah i actually was going to put it as my five but then after reading
what i read on the internet i had the subconscious thing of maybe that’s not that good like maybe i never tried it so
i can’t say that my mom used to love him she liked that oh my god was my five again no i’m talking about your number
one i know i’m talking about number one but i’m also cool rants could honestly probably go
first the top is a top three chip it’s a top tier chip yeah what was the most remember what was
number two i don’t know you didn’t write it down i feel like you should know this gordettos it was gorgeous original i’ve never had
gourd yeah i don’t know what that is gordo’s original recipe they usually come in like a chex mix but you can get
them with the only the brown ones isn’t that a rye chip yeah but you [ __ ] rat
dude i’m a [ __ ] hipster dude you don’t even know look at me bro my name’s chad oh my god
all i do is snowboard bro a hot take here i don’t like that
you you went off menu chef ramsay okay well okay i said cheez-its you guys
were like oh that’s a cracker it’s a cracker and the other one’s rye
original that’s like chex mix yeah we’ll we’ll we’ll take it next mix is not chips it’s not it’s not it’s a mixture of like
you guys are so weird oh my god you guys are so weak um
oh my god i don’t even know like i felt like that was a solid five i had it ready i do agree they’re good i i’m not
doubting i’m not we’re gonna disney we’re gonna agree to this to disagree on what uh what chips are and
i’m going by five okay well he was saying rye so what is a normal cheap it’s it’s technically it
i mean like it is a chip i guess it is a chip technically are you talking about the little brown circles
and chex mix it’s not a chip is it a chip can we get can we get okay i might be right is it actually a chip
okay it’s a rye chip it’s the same thing as a [ __ ] chip but i didn’t know that was actually
a bag of chips just though okay okay here we go original recipe cordetto’s okay he is j-mac is right i’m on it it’s
a bag of chips gordetto’s roasted garlic rye chips
your favorite well no it’s all for me it’s it’s it’s a rye chip it says an
irresistible snack with a big bold taste
to be fair to be fair you you did say chex mix confirmed you did say chickens
i remember that in checkmate that’s the one that’s the one themselves but by themselves yeah you did say checks mix
miscommunication there that’s my number two though we’ll accept that we’ll accept that okay
so my top five uh um you know i i fought and clawed over it because there’s a lot of good
chips out there let’s be honest here and especially ones from my childhood that i really hooked on to so coming at number five
i mean this might get some backlash but i think it’s a classic chip and it it it never fails it always does the job you
bang for your buck i gotta go ruffles original at my number five ruffles original i love it shut up
gordon oh i thought i thought i love it i love it i love ruffle it’s good like imagine getting out of the
pool on a sunday like tailgate yeah and it’s everyone likes it not no
one dislikes it everyone will have to get wrong you can get like sour cream and onion dip with it like yeah exactly
it’s so good and it’s amazing really just i think it’s a great ship i’m surprised that i i don’t even think
you’re wrong i’m just surprised for you that that’s top five that’s what i’m gonna say i i love ruffles original um
i i think i’ve lived with you for six plus years now i don’t think i’ve ever seen a bag of ruffles here it’s one of
those chips you eat one and you’re like okay i’m just eating this and the next thing you know you ate 50 because you’re like i just you know it’s so consistent
wasn’t that a motto for a chip i bet you can’t eat just one was that lace i have no idea what it was
um at number four i have lay’s barbecue baked okay
so good and here’s the thing that’s when james said the lay’s barbecue i just once you
have the barbecue baked differently you can’t go back it’s baked but it’s it’s flat and very thick
50 less fat no one cares about that it’s chips it’s when it’s flat
it’s that’s all it is yeah i agree but it’s super it’s super flat and the concealer it’s harder
no but i’m just saying the the way it’s made is just wait i overall i think it’s way better that’s just my opinion i
think delays baked is very underrated so what are the other chips in there they have lace baked original but i think
that’s no i’m saying between baked and original what’s the difference one is baked how do they how do they cook your favorite your favorite was the lay’s
barbecue right original yeah yeah i’m serious absolutely the original chips cooked it’s it’s the
same uh it’s just the same yeah but
okay if you if you get the bags and you pull the chip out you can see the obvious difference between the two and
it’s it’s it’s a completely different process i’m not sure of the i’m not sure if the fact that it’s to make people feel
better about themselves but exactly but i think it tastes a little better it’s got less sodium all right keep going
so coming off at number three i uh also have okay one of james’s it’s pringles
salt and vinegar i do have pringles number three i thought i was going to get shipped no no no no i do i love it i
love pringles i just wake up every day to a [ __ ] a whole whole [ __ ] can on my bed
this is railing the line of i the only problem i have with salt and
vinegar is after so many your tongue you’re like but i i don’t care i don’t you guys like do you guys like lemon pepper wings
fire bro i was when i was working at coachella they would give us meal tickets and we would literally go get
lemon pepper wings and fries oh my gosh did you get one employee or the supervisor yeah
well i i had pulled so i like i would walk up like hey can i get some food and they’d be
like yeah and they’d hook me up with like whatever i wanted i’m starting to get more of an idea of how you survived in the desert so when you say survived
in the desert then you tell me the tents got ac food tickets
yeah 18 days but i was also working mo every like almost every one of those days wait
wait wait but i’m veering off the the topic here how did you get
how did you get promoted the 80 days if the events only you know what i mean like i got promoted day two
yeah i remember it was like okay okay my my first my first day i did a 20-hour day
oh okay and they were like oh okay this guy’s serious so like i got promoted to a supervisor and then boom i was just
running the show after that and then you’re like the commander you got a walkie-talkie
like there’s like supervisors and basically i have like people i i have control of like their
post well i had no i i had my own post so basically i was literally the to the main stage was to
the left of me into the absolute like day club nightclub was to the right of me
with like pins on it you were sending battalions to certain like parts of it pretty much dude it was [ __ ] crazy
all right keep going okay number two um on deck for me right now was cool
ranch doritos and i don’t know about you guys but for some reason all i can remember when i
think of cool ranch doritos talk about a chip that’s been so embedded in american culture
i i remember getting out of the pool on a sunday during the summer having a sandwich with cool ranch doritos on the
side cool ranch doritos for some reason with a sandwich just it it’s so good
it’s so good and you can never go wrong with them bring me my number one of course has to be nacho cheese doritos of
course you can’t go wrong with them doritos probably is an american favorite there’s not many
people out there that don’t like them you’re number one they’re on you see them you’re gonna eat them and they’re
so good exactly and you can’t really go wrong with them did you ever get a chip that had like of like they obviously [ __ ] up with
too much seasoning yes and it’s like you grab that one when you thoroughly enjoy light on your tongue and you just feel
all of the flavors just freaking render with each other i agree i agree once in a while
the best thing in the world i agree well hey we are done with our top five here jmac it’s your first time on the
podcast we know you got your new thing coming out or no it’s already out portland to englewood um what the [ __ ] you gotta
tell the total to the listeners man dude so we got a couple new videos on the way we have a whole nother ep on the way
it’s called fair warning it’s produced by dj wrecking q that’s me and my boy um good good dude
man we’re just really like coming with some turnip vibes on this one like for like some bops over the summer you know
what i mean okay like like you know what i mean like you guys like the song cali right yeah we did like this one we got a
lot we got a lot of stuff like that but we also got some like you know like i had to get back to rapping a
little bit too you know gotcha so you kind of go you can expect you can expect like a lot of like versatility like on this next project
bro honestly it’ll probably it’ll probably what is it uh my birthday is june 8th so
i’m gonna probably drop it then oh this is june 17th and we’re going to vegas we’re going to vegas oh my boys
you got to [ __ ] turn it up out there oh we will yeah we are so you basically on this new one you’re going to have a
couple songs you know when the sun sets you got the top down kind of vibe but then you also got something the girls
could shake their ass too right that is exactly how you explain it we love we love that take give me a high five but
we also you know i’m saying i also got you a little personal you know what i mean i had a little flavor you know what i mean it’s a you know
yeah it’s a cool project man you guys will definitely dig it if you guys like the last one like just like just imagine
this next one like it’s even better okay i mean don’t let don’t let
a good review of your music get in the way of your gorditos number two pick dude honestly bro i did i’m not gonna
forget that i did more streams on that last project than i did on all my songs before no [ __ ]
dude life is going like like my dude i’m just living right like my life is like
blessed bro that’s good that’s good to hear you want to be like straight up like i can’t complain so how many projects have you
dropped now what are you on number four i got four albums i have two two eps but i still have to put up king
world i got taken off uh taking off uh off platforms because i got for i forgot
to renew it on my tunecore account oh oh i gotta re-upload that one but then
after that we’ll have three eps and four albums nice that’s awesome wow
we just shot a video for money talking um i sent that one to you you should play that right now
i don’t think do we have it i think so yeah let’s [ __ ] play it [ __ ] it um let’s see
money talking i have million ebt sushi in venice all right play a million
that’s cool all right that’s all that’s on that that’s on the uh that’s on the new ep
all right here we go [Music]
man i’m feeling like it’s my [Music]
baby girl what’s well ladies and gentlemen that is
[ __ ] jmac pdx that’s some unreleased [ __ ] you got a little bit of snippet of it
my boy z my boy jay i appreciate you guys having me man of course i’m unstable you guys got what you got going
on i [ __ ] love it shout out to my mom baby
dude i [ __ ] love you guys i appreciate you guys having me on man yeah of course man we love it we’ve had
a great time and hopefully this is not the last time we’ll see you hopefully the first of many
you guys got to come down here man get some air dude what what what uh what part of
washington you guys in uh we’re in enumclaw it’s like no one knows where that is but it’s like
35 40 minutes from seattle dude i’m going to be in seattle like around july 4th
oh that’s a big [ __ ] [ __ ] i will hit you guys up
we’ll do another podcast [ __ ] we could do an episode at the [ __ ] bar where we usually do them
perfect well that would be huge um so um j-mac do you want to plug your instagram really quick
uh yeah how do i do that just know just like say it just say it you [ __ ] tweet just listen it shows up
do us on sign language new streamer alert yeah jmac pdx jmacpdx
all my music is on all platforms i got music on youtube we got videos coming
soon we got an ep out right now portland inglewood and we got fair warning coming next and
that june 8th man and you heard about that hits and videos on the way so
support independent artists man support independent podcasters man like support
small artists man like because you never know like it might just be their turn and you would you
and you guys heard unreleased [ __ ] for the first time here on atlt thank you j-mac for letting us play yes
yes you did and um first and fore i wanted to hit first before the end of the episode is summer
collection is on its way folks um i know we had a little bit of a lag behind because our artist ended up moving but
um we are back on track the summer collection will be out by thursday james the final photo shoot is the final
photoshoot friday yeah by friday it’ll be out and um perfect timing for the summer time to
get all that thing of course and uh go get some merch
we will be sending some to jmac um go to atltstore.com to get any merch and
go get your merch and also just want to thank everybody we did
surpass what seven thousand something like that seven thousand um downloads for
everybody and to get a download you have to listen to at least five minutes of it so thank you for everybody for that
love that um james where can they find you
uh you can find me at jack underscore spence uh z where where can they find you they can find me
at isaiah’s isaiah lesney on underscore is it underscore
jack underscores oh yeah or both of our instagrams on the around the lunch table instagram page well guys thank you for
listening we will see you next week and you will not this is not the last time you will see our boy jmc and see ya
man i’m feeling like

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