J & Z talk about the Trix cereal conspiracy, a top 5 sports movies, if we were conjoined twins, and more.
and we’re recording what’s going on why can’t it just it bothers me i can’t pull the whole thing
over but it’s okay it’s slightly sticky on the bottom but if we well the first time i heard that
oh you’re just you’re just so young and wow remember when that was the song of the decade dude oh wow didn’t freeze and
then everyone be like dude yolo i’m like oh wait i thought yolo was from
wasn’t it it was the same time i wasn’t it was about that song with drake in london yeah well it was a [ __ ] man yeah i’ll get it do you take money
everybody everyone love the wayne’s part though sound for one time i’mma call them
out like the umpire seven grams in a blunt oh almost drowned in [ __ ]
ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another edition of around the lunch table
episode 68 68 what was the 69. oh oh that one we got to do something just
filthy yeah what are we gonna [ __ ] who’s gonna [ __ ] on the podcast
it’s just like 45 seconds so just what i think
okay i think i could last there’d have to be some some people 69
you know on the table that’s it for 20 seconds and then that’s just the episode they’re just doing it and we’re just having our normal coaches
anyways um let’s get to our sponsors before we get to hyped up here um first and foremost want to shout out our sponsor apatro which is bringing ideas
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that’s walking like oh oh that’s good okay okay
you doing it it was more of a gallop i think that wasn’t a god
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um we both have a lot of things yeah no no i was i wasn’t going to say i was just
going to say let’s start off here how was your day for one and did you see anything today you liked you disliked maybe something you want to throw out
there today that you kind of there’s an inconvenience or maybe you did something who knows an inconvenience um could be any of those things truckers
do you have a bad experience driving today no i just i did to go to the port of seattle twice today and both times
there was a truck trying to turn but he needed like all eight lanes you know
because it was you know their pivot points a little off there and i get that but then to honk at me because i was
already there and make me back up yeah i understand that whenever i see a truck though like a charger if it’s like i
always get it because i’ve driven i’m like i understand and also it’s like dude i completely understand that you were
also stressed out in this situation you don’t want to be in this situation so i i i’ve never really got mad at them really i know sometimes it’s annoying
but also when i see a reason to honk when i see them back into a weird thing and they’re like taking forever i’m like dude i couldn’t do any better so i’m not gonna sit here and act like it’s
i do want to plug something real quick so i can take this off um atlt we just got denim jean jackets yes we did and
actually i want one after i saw yours yeah so i actually didn’t know i was into this particular uh style of jacket
but his girlfriend had one wore it out one night on a [ __ ] st patty she has an atlt one no just a normal jean jacket
so i was like huh that’d be cool if we could get eight tlt ones oh and uh yeah so then we got an atl-t one that’s the
we’ve worn jean jackets before i’ve never owned one really yeah i’ve seen you wear one no that was the first time
i’ve ever worn them oh you probably stole it from somebody
no i’ve never [ __ ] oh i don’t i’m not singing um i’m saying i’ve never seen you warm well i’ve seen you wear one
when i i know i don’t know i’ve definitely seen it um i did i did have a question we were talking about 69 um
is that where we left off yeah do girls actually scissor or is that just a porn thing yeah you know when they’re just
okay here’s the thing here’s the thing here’s the thing let me stop you there okay yes they do that’s called biscuit
bumping but we didn’t even get through we were talking about oh oh yeah my [ __ ] datejust and you just went to six years
ago sorry i had the god my my mind is just all over the place uh but yeah denim jean jackets check it out
atltstore.com uh actually i think it’s certified denim whatever the [ __ ] that means certified denim but
you know now that you do say your mind’s all over the place this is this is what i wanted to share today okay sure something must have been in the air
today i was so off i was just so out of my element today i don’t know why i for example like i used to
like walk the office up and [ __ ] even at my old job for years you know because a lot of after hours work etc etc
i’ve never i forgot to lock the door i forgot to set the alarm i forgot my
paperwork at my last call didn’t have it just out of it today i i i
misplaced a tool while on the job couldn’t find it i don’t know what the [ __ ] happened today i i felt like i i
was the aftermath of a stroke the entire day i don’t know what it was my brain wasn’t working today and i don’t know why i
think there is something in the air because you’re not the first person i’ve been kind of out of my element this past [ __ ] week which is weird because like
but a lot of people have been saying years i’ve it’s just i’ve never i’ve never i’ve had to lock the office up
even my old job many many many many many many times over the years i have never forgot to lock the door i understand
maybe try to set the alarm and kind of forget it but i’ve never locked the [ __ ] door i literally didn’t do any of those things i was like dude i was
driving home like what the [ __ ] is wrong with me something happened there was a there was one time uh i don’t know i started a
this big ass prevo motor coach to just i was doing something with it while i walked away
all night i drive in the morning it’s just [ __ ] idling all night
oh my god i mean it doesn’t hurt it was just i mean is that good for it i don’t know i mean they run you know 10 12 hour
runs at a time it was fine but it was more like well that was more intense yeah i drive in and there’s the lights around i’m just like
well who can i blame this one well it’s warmed up i believe it’s up to operating time yeah
yeah no that’s uh i i do believe that there is something in in the air going on i i’m not kidding you i have felt off
especially this week and i am and i don’t know what the [ __ ] it is yeah and it’s just started which is great that’s even [ __ ] better um
i was gonna ask you something but i don’t know if you wanted to say no oh here’s um
do you think do you think that tricks the cereal
should stop discriminating and make it for everybody it is just for kids right isn’t that a weird thing have you ever thought about
it tricks are for and i found this amazing article i wanted to share about okay please sure because tricks are for kids it’s like where did
that come from i guess that’s their like primary demographic i would assume i mean i guess but
no other c like lucky charms is all about the kids but don’t say it’s just for kids i don’t know i feel like it’s a weird marketing technique i also think
that trixx is not a good cereal i don’t know because i like the colors to be
different flavors and you know what they’re all the same [ __ ] flavor i’ve just never you know just the way they are and the
consistency within the milk i mean they’re they’re okay but they i don’t think i don’t think there’s anyone i know that
they’re their top chop no like you’ve ever had oops all berries like that
no it’s captain crunch but without the [ __ ] the the little hay bales the little [ __ ]
what the [ __ ] you call those the the [ __ ] gold nuggets it’s hay bales sorry i just was looking at what
they looked like um or like the the little leather satchels you know
the [ __ ] it’s captain crunch without those it’s just the berries interesting so captain crunch was like oops all berries and that’s very weird um yeah so
so this article okay anyways there’s just a lot of interesting things about tricks that i found once i kind of was contemplating why is it just for kids so
i decided to look it up look up some interesting facts about it um the original trix mascot was a stick figure flamingo
and first debuted 1955 wow um wow and
in nearly 60 years trix has been around the trixx rabbit has only gotten his paws on the cereal twice
oh because in the commercials he’s chasing yes and he’s actually he’s he has gotten it in the commercials now this is where this is where it gets very
very [ __ ] right this is where it gets very very interesting i know who who gets paid to write an arc like this okay there’s okay so the silly rabbit tricks
are for kids goes the slogan we all know the commercial first shown in the 1960s shows the devious nature of our favorite
breakfast crusader what breakfast crusader escaping the
clutches of children won’t give him tricks whispering and sometimes for tricky rabbits that’s apparently the
second half the slogan that they never added afterwards i don’t know why and not for tricky rabbits sometimes and
sometimes for tricky rabbits oh um i didn’t think he was right but here’s the thing
and in the article the person’s like am i the only one who never remembers hearing this
i never remember i remember hearing rabbits and sometimes it for tricky family well you know how he kind of has like a weird voice like that we just
really talk he doesn’t growl well no i’m saying like yeah yeah so maybe he’s just like
rabbits like no one can really understand what he’s saying yeah i i’m not really sure um
but yeah that’s all i got i just thought it was very interesting no that is interesting i it has definitely piqued my interest um
yeah to say the least um one the cereal game
i would not want to try to tap into that market now there’s just so many there’s so many and there’s so many solidified
ogs oh yeah i mean it isn’t like name names name some amazing og serials that you fantasize first one top [ __ ] notch
wait wait is it the top your number one yeah okay let’s say the same time one fruity three pebbles fruity
one two three and you go on one oh jesus anyways fruity pebbles is [ __ ] amazing oh it’s top-notch and actually
um the maltomeal bag fruity dinobites those those are also well they’re just they’re just as good oh yeah no it’s
[ __ ] it’s [ __ ] amazing i would say that one cap’n crunch
i mean those are just staples but yeah but we do have a top five for later yes we do but before i before i
go off the tricks thing i actually did as we know reddit is very dependable source
and i was looking at some trick stuff there was this discussion about so
that’s why i looked it up like there’s no way that’s true and it wasn’t i don’t think but um that
commercial why it’s like oh why is it for kids not everyone it’s not for everyone because this thing i read was saying what was
actually like a racial thing what that like it’s tell me for white people
that i was reading this that’s why i looked i’m like this can’t be [ __ ] real so tricks were only for no no i
don’t think that’s a fact i just think it’s like there is the caption someone is cereal is only for white people no i’m
escaped general mills i’m sorry this is not a fact this is not a fact i’m just saying
i read that and i’m like whoa whoa that’s the only reason i wouldn’t go look further into that unless it was something like that that’s why i started
kind of doing my research like an investigative journalist because i figured i need to you know get it right well there were a lot of of racial
mascots back in the day remember the [ __ ] racial advertisements and everything but we’re not gonna get into that yeah remember the [ __ ] chicken
yes i do yeah yeah i’m not gonna repeat that that was a little yeah it wasn’t good um
so there was one thing that i saw that i just figured i needed to bring up um
so if you so you know what conjoined twins
i do know that means they’re stuck together like yeah yeah so say oh i want to put us into a hypothetical okay you
and i you and i are conjoined twin okay so okay yeah so you know our heads are
heads or like i guess it branches off right if i had to join like imagine like trying
to like run somewhere there’s two people just that’s [ __ ] up because people actually
like they do a lot of jogging but i don’t well actually i don’t think i think if that’s the case there’s no
way to actually surgically remove because if you’re sharing one brain how would that happen or i’m talking about join twins when they have the two
heads one body that’s what i’m talking about oh i thought you meant two like when they’re when they’re two separate but they’re stuck with a limb whether
it’s an arm or a waist like that they’re stuck together and they’re two separate people then they can be surgically removed sometimes
so i’m saying so like you know you and i are so who we are now so you know we’re we’re spitting
game at the club even though we’re conjoined twins yeah and we end up bringing one home right so who
i mean at that point it’s it’s always a three centimeter or you drug your partner your buddy you just i mean would
you just look away or i mean i feel like i mean at that okay i mean it’s my body but i’m watching
because if i heard that you also couldn’t not watch because you couldn’t turn your head away
so i’m saying if you if i knew that she was going home with you and not me you’re like oh i’m still
going home with her okay this is the ultimate wingman it would be but in this hypothetical hey have you
ever met this guy i think in this hypothetical you’re missing a very important variable is
at this time if this was this long we were conjoined we would already have a plan we were oh yeah we already have our
set things that maybe this is how it worked maybe put a little blindfold on maybe not or we wouldn’t who the [ __ ] no
reading the newspaper no yeah i don’t know oh that’s a very
interesting topic though yeah um holy [ __ ] yeah so what made you [ __ ]
think of that um you know like snapchat when you swipe to the right and you
randomly see something yeah it’s like oh conjoined twins like huh what if i was a conjoined twin with z how would that work yeah just one of those things that
that makes you think but uh we do have the new uh and current events we got the new star wars coming out very excited yeah
that’s gonna be yeah that’s gonna be good they better not [ __ ] it up yeah i always thought maybe instead of e1 mcgregor we had conor mcgregor yeah that
would be [ __ ] up he comes in with a [ __ ] jedi hood on no won’t be
are you going to the dark side no one be that would be funny no i don’t know i
think that uh your wife is nbt ames [Laughter] no i think now i never actually knew
that he was on like shows but you showed me a clip of where he was on like no that’s the the ufc um
has always for a long time had like the show of their own that has like a lot of like he was a coach
on um on that particular season and [ __ ] like that i just remember like a briefcase he’s like my money in a briefcase just how i look okay yeah
because there yeah because dana white runs the show it’s they’ve had it for it’s a great show i mean i like is it cold
ufc island everything’s on a [ __ ] island now i don’t know but i’m saying oh okay well
because it really wasn’t an island i think on the other side yet but would you ever go on one of those like the temptation island no why the [ __ ] would
i do that i mean say you say you were single and like you know i mean i i don’t know what i
don’t get is when people go in as couples and then it’s like you’re on temptation island so now we’re going to
put you both with some let us put some [ __ ] in your face and see what you do
you do the whole premise put a stake in front of a line what’s he gonna do he’s gonna [ __ ] eat it
and then you know damn well in your mind all right so they just put a bunch of throbbing [ __ ] around my girl like yeah
exactly that’s that i’ve never understood those shows but um i mean i feel like i i mean if i was
getting my money in a briefcase the only way i like my money i only accept money in briefcases
yeah the uh you want to know what they should bring back that has nothing to do with this trial
by combat do you remember that when people would fight for to the death for something yeah that was actually
kind of nuts because you could like [ __ ] rob a bank or do something and then you’d be like i choose trial by combat
and you just gotta take their best guy out like oh you’re just free of all your life or like in colonial days they would
just actually for a long time they would duel i’m pretty sure at one point one of the secretaries of treasury’s killed someone
i think was alexander hamilton i think no [ __ ] i think was he secretary of treasury he was secretary of something i thought he was some type of alexander
hamilton he never he never got i know he’s not on a dollar bill he never no he never got he never was president but he
was up there and he did get a duel and he killed someone i think oh is he the big signature no that’s a happening like imagine if there was a
[ __ ] politic like a politics a politician right now it’s like yeah he’s killed someone he would not even be in the [ __ ] building he [ __ ] killed
somebody and goes to work the next day hey guys to be honest i mean instead of having you know [ __ ] 18 year olds
fighting your wars how about biden and putin just duel it out yeah i mean we’d be [ __ ] or like zilinski and putin put
him in a [ __ ] ring yeah see what happens or fight to the death who knows i mean i
would say that the rocky movies kind of made me fear the russians a little
more all know they’re kind of [ __ ] cracked is it all of them
i mean first of all you have to understand this they live in a frozen wasteland they’re why you can just get on a plane and go over they’re
a little more durable than the normal pete person i think like did you know like in world war ii actually this is the fact that nazis did like
their [ __ ] up experiments on everybody including russian troops and they would put them in like
these frozen ice baths and see how long they can stay and they would and they survived longer than everyone else well
yeah i mean when you live like that and then don’t they just live i’m saying they were trying to see how they were like a little more tough and [ __ ] like
how or how tough they were i guess it’s [ __ ] crazy dude the russians man i wouldn’t i wouldn’t [ __ ] with one like i
did now here’s the thing the rocky movie against the russian it was cool how they
did like the side by side no it was the side-by-side comparison he’s using modern technology and rocky’s chasing a
chicken you know and he’s [ __ ] lifting a log yeah yeah i mean it’s the same thing i mean i mean i it is cool
but i think rocky should have gotten his ass kicked the guy was on roids okay the whole thing it wouldn’t be rocky if he [ __ ]
lost he does lose one of them doesn’t he he lost the second one did he i thought so there’s so many
dude oh he beat apollo the only thing i remember about the rocky movies remember the like the fifth one he’s like it doesn’t matter how hard you get it how
hard you can get it keep moving forward yeah we had like a mode of motivational he’s always been one of the [ __ ]
motivational things yeah we had a motivational speaker come to our school one time in high school and he played that video and we’re all like yeah and
then um he was like i listen to this every morning i’m like you’re 40. there’s no way
you just listen to rocky talk he’s like
dude his face is flopping and fell over to the left
what what ethnicity is italian the italian style yeah [ __ ] that was a stupid question that was a stupid ass
question he go in the first rocky he’s throwing a ball in his hands goes to oh boy he’s gotta he’s hitting [ __ ] meat
carcasses of course he’s [ __ ] italian holy [ __ ] what ethnicity is he i don’t
know maybe the italian stallion is french i don’t know i i i guess as we’re just talking about is about that is that
he’s like the white bill cosby and the trousers and the flowers and the boxing gloves
i stayed in the ring yeah that guy went out bad
didn’t age well yeah no he didn’t but he got out of jail he’s he’s a free man he was in jail
yeah wait we talking about rock everything
an italian named sylvester yeah wasn’t that wasn’t that the little cat the cat looney tunes oh i was thinking of a
yeah he was kind of a little [ __ ] sucker and [ __ ] didn’t it is if you think about it
because daffy duck talks like that too do you think they ripped off and made like just another character of the type of they made no cats they were both
black i mean no like not like that i’m saying like the characters are
similar but yeah i’m saying but they’re different animals they both spit and they go [Music]
you mentioned how many [ __ ] of these foam filters they went through for that voiceover just [ __ ] spitting on it
big ol loogie oh yeah that’s that that is that person’s student it’s like yeah i’m gonna get a
different one yeah i’m gonna get a different mic hat yeah now the uh i mean who is who’s your
favorite cartoon character like wow great question that is a great
question um old i mean the thing is we can’t really i’m not gonna say new because we we could just buy oh stan smith peter griffin
let’s do the like the old looney tunes with old cartoons who’s your favorite character you think i mean i don’t want to say bugs just
because i don’t want to say bugs like you know him bugs bunny is that his first name yeah my boy bugs
he is he’s timely yeah no no i’m not going to say him but you do remember when like they showed his dick you know
what i’m talking about yeah you showed me that yeah i don’t know if it was actually his dick it kind of it was just his tail but on the front i know it did
but it was interesting that they animated that because his towel dropped and you go frame by frame yeah only freaks do that you’re just
like you need to know the answer so bad right now frame by frame to see bugs bunnies [ __ ] no it was just a youtube
thing and it was like bugs bunny’s dick i’m like it’s like gotta see that you know it’s
like the grand canyon you know you gotta see it no uh i mean top [ __ ] cartoon character i’m gonna go with like old
ones not like adult cartoons um you know like looney tunes i mean i liked the [ __ ] uh
you know the guy that was like uh you know oh these trousers and he’s got the guns and the 70s
yeah he was always cracked out shooting the [ __ ] ground and [ __ ] just [ __ ] yeah he was like messed up i just feel
like he’s not your favorite character i liked him i just feel like he had a lot of duis probably probably took the train to work
the train dude if there’s you know how they like remake
experiences i would love to rob a train on horseback dude you know yeah that’d be pretty [ __ ] [ __ ] going up then you grab onto the ladder and go in there
and all the girls around well like imagine back then dude being being a criminal must have been a just a cake
job that’s why there’s so many i know i’m saying you walk into a bank it’s like behind this door that is
locked with a key with no cameras there is ten thousand dollars in cash and you can
walk in here and point pistol i mean i’ll give it to you yeah and the key just has like two little straps yeah it’s just like yeah oh they rode away
with the cash all right we’re [ __ ] we don’t know where it is because we don’t know what they look like let’s get a sketch artist now we have this guy who’s
going to attempt to draw someone he’s never seen yeah so what he looked like uh
a nose he had a beard he was tall a little dirty wore a hat
like what are you gonna [ __ ] do with that kind of hat i wonder what the success rate was with the police back then
dude what i don’t get is when you go to like uh you know like someone’s been mugged like and then they bring you into
the room with a sketch artist i could not describe someone enough for them
i how can they have that much to work off of with talking that must be a very
talented person because but i feel like at that point the person’s using most their imagination yeah because you’re
just like okay he had black hair okay and then it’s like yeah it’s like yeah oh he had black he was short
he’s like oh he uh had glasses and you’re just imagining what this person looks like it’s like okay she so you
drew danny devito like he’s a short little fat guy right yeah
he’s great yeah i know he he’s great yeah me and danny hang on i mean he’s great i don’t know why he’s just danny
davido yeah danny yeah great guy great good great guy what is he famous for i mean a lot of movies and comedies and
i think he did stand up at in the beginning of certainly there’s something about stand up you’re either good or you’re
just dog [ __ ] yeah like there’s that guy who takes his shirt off all the time and i feel like it’s humor for
i don’t know i think aiden liked him and uh oh bret uh
kaisner kushner something something like that yeah and it’s like i feel like it was comedy for
like people in their 40s with younger kids i didn’t i don’t think he’s not funny
but i don’t think he’s that funny at all i just felt like the jokes were just out of style you know he just didn’t i felt
like his he just didn’t hit it for you that happened yeah yeah it’s fine i just felt like his personality was just having a beer gut
and it’s like that’s not a personality trait yeah yeah it’s like how you know moms you know when they have kids it’s
just like now you’re a mom it’s like no you’re still all these other things you don’t [ __ ] forget about those because
you’re gonna lose yourself yeah yeah lose yourself in the music in the moment
we own it you better never let it go one shot well to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid
i think that was my first instagram post no that was like 14 yeah no it was not
no i think it was no one looks back on their life and thinks about the nights that they got plenty of sleep
you bro those [ __ ] games oh my gosh it was the time yeah and you had like an obey shirt with
a diamond supply i wasn’t allowed to wear obey why because apparently they stood for
communism or something and my mom’s like you’re not wearing that yeah you not buying a shirt is gonna contribute to
them not making millions of dollars that year yeah i don’t know uh we have a top five right uh yes we do have a very
exciting top five i’m excited for this one top five sports movies of all time watch jack be
like oh forrest gump obviously
are you [ __ ] serious that’s the first one let me i don’t want to okay
read your list i i’m starting we might have to abolish no the list thing because you are an
absolute idiot i’m serious those who weren’t here last week we had
top five barbecue foods and this dumbass comes out and says well number
one honorable mention good tunes no honorable mention that’s not how that went down
how did it go there’s a video of it we have receipts you said good tunes and then you said
and then of course a brewski i’m like that’s a [ __ ] drink and then you said that was a you had a joke in there oh an
overly touchy uncle you had i had other things in there the good tunes was not on the list it just said
that you said yeah what about an honorable mention i’m like oh good tuning you know the dimension is still on topic it just doesn’t make okay well
i guess that we will agree to disagree and it’s that simple i just think that you’re okay fine i’m gonna go through my [ __ ] list okay let’s go okay go
through movies five to one and analyze why you like blah blah blah okay first
one because ballet’s a movie i tonya with emma stone i’m kidding i was [ __ ] with you okay
uh first one that i liked uh we actually just recently watched it just it was kind of
hard to figure out i went it was just the ones that came to mind goon i thought that was a good one that’s a good movie yeah it was about uh the goon
in hockey is the guy who just gets into fights and it was a very the guy broke his ankle and still kicked his ass like
it was it was freaking badass um number two i know this is on the comedy route but
it’s still a sports movie blades of glory oh i guess it’s about ice skating it’s a
funny movie i thought i was gonna get a lot of [ __ ] no that barely makes the cut but okay it
works okay um number three
i went five four three and i’m number three rocky okay of course okay yeah that’s good rocky iii originally the one
with the russian that was a very inspirational movie that was the russian one i thought rocket was i thought it was like four oh maybe it’s four
whatever i don’t [ __ ] know there’s like nine of them but i think they might have
tried to squeeze as much out of those movies as possible which kind of sucked because like five six and seven it was just like
i think at that point they should yeah then he’s training some other dude but it’s not once apollo died i was like wow man because apollo was a badass
character yeah but then like remember he’s training this other kid but his but rocky’s kid’s kind of a [ __ ] and then
he finds him freaking smoking a cigarette with a cross earring and i was like damn he’s got tattoos and piercings
yeah yeah exactly [ __ ] yeah it just kind of like it’s like we don’t give a [ __ ] about rocky’s family we just want to see
him fight we just want to see him knock someone’s block off yeah we we want to see him stick in the ring and we want him to punching a cow carcass
chasing a [ __ ] chicken yeah exactly um isn’t that like a term for something chasing the chicken i
don’t know choking your chicken choking your chicken that’s jacking off that is masturbating
for a man yes yes what is a thing for a woman rubbing your rose i don’t know flicking
the bean it’s looking the whoa i thought the butthole thing i don’t think you flick it i don’t think
actually you don’t actually choke your [ __ ] do you i mean
but you’re also you’re not you’re not like you know you’re not actually strangling it you’re
no you’re just kind of like you’re holding it in place kind of like a i don’t know like a like a mother
kangaroo would hold her her joey in her pouch yeah yeah no i mean i’m not gonna say there’s a
death grip but you know you want some friction well that’s choking what that is i mean no but i will say if you ever
found me hanging from the ceiling with a belt with my [ __ ] out just let let me die i will keep that in mind
if i get to i don’t know how you get to that point to be honest where it’s like you know what i don’t either i get
people like to be choked during sex and that can be somewhat arousing i guess not really my thing
but um that’s just yeah anyways we’re gonna continue from there [Laughter]
number two was moneyball great great great movie brad
now here’s the thing do i have a discrepancy at moneyball being two no because i love it but yes
because i don’t know there’s a lot of great ones out there but keep going keep going to be honest i think it’s a great movie but
i just don’t think i would have put on my number two because actually if i it is one of my top favorite sports movies
of course but there’s just so many good old ones i’m so to be honest with you i’m not a big sports movie guy so i know
i know this list was a little difficult to render up but it worked good thank you uh but yeah i would just
oh yes conjuring good movies as well um and number two is
that is true no this is i don’t know i shouldn’t even say it i don’t actually it’s it’s in good shape i
must say the passion of the christ the passion of the christ that’d be awful um
number one was was forrest gump like i said is that okay he’s a runner running is a is it really
in any part of the movie dude there’s i don’t know
i don’t think it’s actually a sports movie dude i’m not a big surprise i know but i
did my best with what you gave me that’s the second time in a row you [ __ ] threw dirt i brought your
flowers back okay fine we’ll take it but i don’t know how forrest gump is your number one sports movie maybe you should before’s coming at five or something
because i guess i guess none of these were in order i didn’t really have an order i don’t i don’t know forrest gump i would say is a [ __ ] sports movie
but i will say this and actually don’t say this is your thing because you agreed to it i asked you and you said yeah i was down it was a good thing i
just after i had accepted the challenge i knew that i was unarmed as much as you
were my quiver wasn’t as full let’s just see yeah okay that’s good um okay for my
top five um i’m starting out with my five-hole room great movie i don’t think you’ve ever
seen it no i haven’t yeah i haven’t seen well any baseball fans it’s a great [ __ ] movie it’s it’s it’s so good it’s funny
it’s love the story love the whole nine does it does the job yeah so bull durham at number five number four um coach
carter with samuel jackson as the coach oh my god i haven’t seen him coach carter is so
good i love the story i love the character development i just the whole nine yards it really does it for me just
overall great [ __ ] movie and who doesn’t like samuel jackson oh great course dude in pulp fiction oh yeah yeah
oh god when he has when he’s like was like he was eating a cheeseburger or something yeah
lazy to cheeseburger it was just a great scene no great that is probably the best scene in pulp fiction and they gave him his own
colored lightsaber that’s just [ __ ] respect yeah and he wanted and they gave it to him he’s like yeah stanley gets whatever he wants oh [ __ ] yeah um number
three in my three hole the sandlot of course it’s going to be the same line yeah chokes on the childhood heart
strings um an absolute nostalgic movie i love the whole the whole scenes of the whole movie even when they’re sitting on
milk crates by the market they’re they’ve got hubba bubba and like it’s like it’s a oh just a great yeah great
overall movie and the characters amazing they they did it to a t you could not make a more classic movie than sandlot
two shouldn’t have happened well any any other they’d remake never should have [ __ ] happened just leave it as it is it’s it’s an absolute iconic movie in
america america’s past time we love that i agree um coming in my two-hole is going to be rudy
rudy is probably one of the most motivational and inspirational movies of all time i i
even when i was younger it’s my dad’s favorite movie it’s so good the story of how you know the acting’s you writing it
to the story of how he goes from nothing and puts in all the hard work to do it’s it’s absolutely amazing rudy is didn’t
force gump play football once and then you just kept running i don’t know but i’m not gonna agree with you that it’s a sports movie um so rudy and actually i
actually met um the real rudy rudy rudiger actually did me and my dad went to this really my dad has always
been a big fan he had he had him sign his movie poster no [ __ ] yeah so that’s a
fun fact um number one i had a lot of discrepancies with mine because i really didn’t the whole list
there’s a lot of ones that i couldn’t put in i want to put in so i missed a lot and everyone’s list is going to be different but i had to put remember the
titans and number one that is just an also a nostalgic movie
the one if it’s not your favorite it’s gonna be one of the best sports movies ever [ __ ] made it’s so damn good um i mean
it has a little bit of everything in there has your has your sadness it has your happiness has your funny as your adventure has [ __ ] everything oh yeah
it’s just overall so well done and that is my list i thought on your list you’d put the blind side personally
i like it i don’t i think i don’t think that’s gonna make it i just remember twitter blowing up it’s like oh of course the privileged white woman has to
get protected by the you know i’m like yeah yeah oh yeah you know yeah that’s how it goes but it’s sandra but it’s sandra
we love sandra no i okay apparently the movie i don’t understand it’s [ __ ] bird box dude it was good but that was not what i saw expected it to be i
remember she’s just like she’s got like a bandana on her eyes or something okay you’re not gonna watch it so i’m just gonna tell you okay okay spoiler alert
for movies seven years ago but it was the weird thing about it was i thought it was it was it wasn’t bad it was just
i was so confused right no no
the thing was i forgot i was concerned i only watched it once but they like look at something or outside or something like they look at
anyways they’re looking at something and then it would make them kill themselves or want to kill themselves and so she
has the thing around her eyes so then if they don’t look they can’t then it’s stupid
it’s [ __ ] it okay it’s like stick so she gets around i guess it’s strange dude the whole i mean i i guess they
were kind of on an island but no they’re in like a normal place and like this happened everywhere and everyone’s just killed like at the beginning of the movie everyone’s cars are crashing
people are on fire like people are just killing themselves and [ __ ] like they’re in this thing and they’re like oh my god
and then this the loved one just kills himself it was just this weird crazy [ __ ] of just craziness so it’s sandra bullock’s best like an iron
legend spin-off kind of legend is not about people getting well no i’m saying there’s something going around and they got to survive and
[ __ ] yeah but i mean i thought it was gonna be like a lot more action i thought she was blind because the [ __ ] main picture is just her like
you know [ __ ] without yeah with some [ __ ] over her eyes yeah but i’m saying that’s why so to be honest if i couldn’t
see i don’t know if i’d want to live i mean at that point it’s like dude just go somewhere far away and then open your
eyes so say you’re in um like you’re married okay
and something really [ __ ] up happens to you there’s actually a serious question are you gonna make that person stay with you and take care of you are
you gonna let them go it depends what it is like you’re a
you’re just a [ __ ] vegetable well if that’s why i won’t really think of that okay you’re you’re okay vegeta was not
the right word you’re paralyzed from the neck down we’ll say that all you are is a head
to be quite honest i think i am and i’m not this i’m trying to answer
carefully because i’m not saying people were pissed it’s actually a serious question people are paralyzed and have a life i’m saying but like at that point neck down like you literally can’t even
i’m having you wheel me out to a beach with the suit on in the cigar suit and cigar
just give me whatever give me a bunch of drugs or something yeah okay the night before let me just get just give me a bunch of drugs [ __ ] let me go crazy the
next day we wake up we go the most like a majestic place on the beach i have just on a nice plate for the higher
drift use everything use every penny of in my [ __ ] bank account get this butler to come out with or the chef to
cook some amazing steak on the beach or prime rib give it to me with amazing sides except you have a big feast and
then you just put one in the back of my hand that’s we means you’ve actually talked about this if we need to go like if something happens
yeah mine is very similar to that i want to be dressed to the nines all white suit and then let me have a good day i i
know what’s coming you know now i’m going to sit there i’m going to watch the waves go in and out and you’re just going to put a 9 mil right through my
dome yeah and i’ll see you on the other side brother yeah that or that that or maybe
what if i what if i have an open casket you know maybe maybe maybe like drink some poison or something like that that kind of just
i’m going to strangle you just like wait don’t do it i want you to feel the light oh but yeah
that that that would be yeah that would probably i guess i would love to od on some crazy drugs
but what happens if you don’t when you come out of it you’re just like [ __ ] like i’d love to take like
you know like a gallon of acid and just uh
i know if it just melts my brain so then i still look good but my brains just go
well actually i think at that point if that’s the case it’s like okay well actually i’d like to try dmt once yeah
i it’s on the list dude i i can’t bring myself to do it and let me just and let me tell you why
um i mean we don’t think we’ve ever been huge drug guys but i’m saying dmt is
something that it’s the tip it’s the tip of the it’s the very top of the i’m so [ __ ] up
phase it’s another [ __ ] it’s another dimension dude and here’s the thing why that’s so worrisome because
it’s like dude people afterwards have done a lot of things like people divorce their wife they change the job they you
know it’s a weird thing so i that’s that is like the main reason i’m kind of so scared to try something yeah i feel like
if i did it um i could see myself making something like drastic life because as people we tend
to suppress a lot of things and like yeah i i feel like honestly can i be honest i feel like you would do
something [ __ ] nuts like i wake up the next year i’ll move to europe i’m like what okay i’m gonna go build churches you’re gonna what
i yeah i could see myself doing yeah i’m serious or you’d have other people build you something you know yeah no i i
just no i just know you don’t look like the building type you look like the build me something type yeah i’m the guy
with the hard hat and the [ __ ] you’re the guy on the construction site in the suit with the heart out that’s walking
around like like you guys look like you’re working hard um oh i got dirt on my favorite shoes
um no i i guess that i think as human beings we do suppress a lot of things
like maybe even if we’re unhappy in a certain situation you know we turn it to the better i feel like when you do these things it’s just like
everything you can kind of ever suppress just comes out then you’re like i’m not happy but sometimes the point of view change is kind of is good because i feel
like that’s what those things do but yeah i mean i would say when we uh when we have experimented with certain things you know i definitely got good uh
perspective perspective on things yeah yeah yeah so i think there is a place in the world for them ow this earring is just [ __ ] my ear
up all right well we’re at 40 [ __ ] 40. wow all right well uh oh you wanna do the patreon first of all
yeah uh make sure you check on make sure you check out patreon.com around the lunch table for episodes
early-ish exclusive content i was thinking for our next exclusive episode we’re gonna have our girlfriends on here and they can talk [ __ ] about us so
that’d be kind of funny i don’t know well we’ll [ __ ] discuss it they said they were both down i think it’ll be the alex show
personally yeah we’ll be we will we we won’t be able to get any sentences out
she just walked by um but uh yeah so we were talking about that jordan is supposed to have mock-ups this week
for our merch he has some ideas nice nice nice so we’re very excited for the summer collection coming out atlt radio
is kind of just at a stagnant point because we did it or i did it a couple times and we’re just trying to figure it out um so i’m not sure if we’re gonna do
that anymore but uh yeah that’ll pretty much do it for that z where
where can i find you thank you find me at isaiah underscore lesney um james
where can they find you they can find me at jack underscore spence or both of our instagrams at
around the lunch table um yeah so thank you guys for listening um
merch coming soon remember to get that um jean jackets are available now and actually jack got one i’m gonna get one
too just because they’re [ __ ] sick and i know they’re a little spendy but it’s because it’s real you pay for
quality around here yeah you do uh but anyways so and as you can see i’m wearing atlet headband
spring is here summer’s around the corner so be sure to get those and some of the other summer stuff when the collection comes out um we’ll probably
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let’s get rowdy up in here

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