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Episode 67

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J& Z talk about jewish weddings, alvin and the chipmunk bangers, vin diesel as groot, and a top 5 bbq.
we’re lying i was thinking i was hoping you’d have i was going to make fun of you i was really praying and it wasn’t there that
the ipad was still over here also and you’re like looking like you really needed both
i was really hoping you did because it would seem something like something you do the more apple products you have on hand the better you feel most of the time um
ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of our own lunch table episode why do
you make a face when i change it up that’s the third time now episode 67
episode 67 folks um first and foremost of course as usual um we have to shout
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whoa what do they use [ __ ] bombs i believe it’s a trade secret
straight secret tube isn’t chemicals that kills them like put poison no that’s chemical free they dig them up and just grab them really yeah i think
so i i really don’t know i meant like i meant like i know they’re still poisonous i’m a magician no a magician never reveals oh really yeah that’s
pretty interesting i know i know he said a couple different things other things there are no chemicals oxyacetylene
oh that’s what his dad did yeah yeah yeah so he definitely learned um but no yeah so uh he’ll make sure you got no
moles no mo so yeah episode 67 z how are you hi i’m doing very well i’m doing very well
um long couple days but we’re good yeah same here it has been uh it’s been an interesting week but that is okay
because we’re here we’re back we’re live yeah we’re better than ever in the damn thing so um current events [ __ ] what
do we got going on elon musk bought [ __ ] twitter yeah he did he someone said it was the hardest flex on
twitter [ __ ] ever i mean 100 i mean it was uh
i mean 44 billion dollars but you could just download the app for free you saw a million i don’t understand what everyone’s so pissed about is exciting
hold up keep going i didn’t plug in the phone everyone’s okay well he’s plugging that everyone’s [ __ ] pissed off about
okay well so what does he do he doesn’t cure world hunger he buys twitter it’s like dude even if he did everyone’s
still gonna go hungry after like i don’t think that’s going to feed everyone infinitely so you feed everyone once i
don’t know the logistics of it but everyone gets a bird first first off first of all that’s logistically a nightmare i don’t think you can ever
cure world hunger to be quite honest i think you can have like a okay well it costs this much to get this amount of food for this amount of population of
people how do you get it to them how do they keep getting you know what i mean it’s just yeah they can’t keep getting it yeah i don’t understand i can’t even
get a [ __ ] to be quite honest there’s supply chain issues everywhere we can yeah how do you i don’t know i don’t know how that would really i want to
find the project manager for that one you know there’s probably some guy out there who’s like oh you can do this but
you know people they eat their entire lives they make new people who need to eat like it’s just never it’s a
never-ending thing yeah shout out to all the farmers you know they’re really doing it right do you think you’d ever be a farmer a farmer um
i think it would depend depends on what i mean first of all it would depend
where i lived first first and foremost i mean there’s farms everywhere there’s farms everywhere i would rather be in a
farm somewhere else in washington or yeah when i think of like a farmer i always think of like a pitchfork a hat little [ __ ] hay
kind of strong horse and you’re thinking the big red barn i mean honestly first of all i’m not a
morning person so first of all i would die out there oh yeah definitely um but
at the same time i think it’d be kind of fun don’t jewish farmers only farm cabbage or something like that i don’t
know no i thought that’s like their biggest thing because they use it for a jewish festival so there’s like farmers jewish farmers only well no there are no
not just there are jewish farmers that like only do fields and fields of cabbage i don’t know if it’s for coleslaw
i don’t [ __ ] know where you read most of the [ __ ] you say but i have no idea i’m just going off of what i think i mean if people want facts or not oh
listen to us i mean you don’t even know you didn’t even see it anywhere you just pulled that no i’m saying i think i have seen
that somewhere i just don’t know if it’s a [ __ ] fact it’s probably like making up things on twitter i don’t know oh i see we’re
saying yeah like [ __ ] it was like there are farmers like jewish farmers because there’s like uh do they have dreidels when even when they’re farming
i mean i i i would hope so the thing is about the jewish community that i love is when they put you in the chair at the
wedding you know and then they go muzzle oh sorry mom’s tough yeah and he’s like you know step on the glass who do you
think is like one of the cool like if you were to ra like just throw out a gun rank all the races no no i mean i’m
brought a couple just jewish guys that are just probably the most well-known seth rogen
oh yeah he is yeah jerry seinfeld oh he was a jew did a lot for the jewish community nice yes um that’s like oh
paul rudd he’s jewish as well i think he is natalie portman gal gadot gadot i don’t
know what that is now the apartment’s jewish i know they’re both from israel that means you’re jewish right i i
think i don’t i honestly don’t know the logistics of it i thought it was like your mom had to be jewish for you’d be
like an orthodox jew that makes sense i mean is it is that fact-checked no but i i think that is
true but i do know that there’s like an easter and then it wouldn’t make you an unorthodox jew
yeah there’s an easter then there’s an orthodox easter like two weeks later because for the actual real deal
the real deal jews yeah the [ __ ] real because they got the juice yeah oh the juice got the juice no i think juice i
think that they uh i’ve always wanted to step on the glass say mazel tov yeah that’d be fun that’d be pretty i’m not
gonna you know inherit all of their you know catholicisms and [ __ ] but you know i
just think that’d be cool to be part of the little hats throw people up on some chairs yeah i mean the weddings look fun
oh yeah the wedding’s too why don’t we crash the jewish we don’t know any jews do we i mean you’re jewish i am not jewish
i’m norwegian actually i know but you sometimes you look jewish i think my other family is like dutch when your
hair gets longer you look a little jewish i i got a haircut i said i noticed it’s not it’s more sharp not
puffy yeah i did a little fade on the side you know you did no i asked for it oh yeah yeah oh yeah you’re one of those
guys yeah i did a fade no okay yeah it’s like
it’s like building a new house like yeah i actually got a i got that counter build so i i kind of built that and made
it made it my own okay that’s not the same i was meaning like i chose a fade up
leave a little more on top you know what i’m saying put a little product a little a little elbow grease and just keep going
uh it’s that big sexy hair brand you know oh the ones yeah how’s it how’s it working for you
no it’s good i’ve been using we put it on when you got home because they have it because i bought it from them that’s
the one that they use that brand yeah but i don’t like it when they put it in because then she doesn’t know how i like to you know i like to stroke the hair
yeah yeah some people like it a certain way so when i got home you know you always swoop left
no actually really that was new it was it was always right when it was shorter when it got longer the curls kind of
looked like i haven’t had my hair spiked in so long so i don’t really you think you’re going to cut it i mean at some point yeah i mean i think
you look like uh hmm like the man bun thing never thought i’d see you in that i’m not saying it’s bad
but i don’t even wear it in public like this that much i swear at home like this because it’s everywhere yeah the uh
i mean what do you look like you look like i don’t know what i look like you know you already said his name but like you know when jerry seinfeld kind
of had the long hair you know like going back down you know [ __ ] does that look like jerry how do i
look like jerry seinfeld no just just the hair i don’t even know if jerry seinfeld ever had a ponytail no we’re
not a ponytail [Laughter] no i’m saying when you just have it long like i think it looks
decent you know oh yeah thanks no i’m not that that came out wrong yeah i think it looks stupid i think it looks
decent no i meant like okay we’re done let’s let’s move on let’s move on let’s [ __ ] move on um
so i had a couple things to talk about here i saw a tweet today that was like 10 year old me would listen to a song and then like
let’s listen to this chipmunk style do you remember that [ __ ] oh i did that they had oh my god i forgot about that
and they had alvin and the chipmunks like remix versions of all the [ __ ] popular it wasn’t
a chip it wasn’t having the chatbox no they would just put like their background in the youtube video but all they did was just speed the vocals up
and then put them over the song oh yeah so it sounded like chipmunk yeah so it was okay it was the idea is alvin the chipmunks remix
dude remember the witch doctor song dude slow key hard they pop out of the cake and they just
they’re just shaking it was like dude was thick
the door was throwing that [ __ ] ass dude
no they came out of this big like cauldron like in the oh the lid opened and this is the cake
[Laughter] they come out of the [ __ ] game dude
it’s like the [ __ ] oven the chipmunks you know if they just they go downhill so now they’re just performing at a little kid’s birthday but i mean hey
that song was [ __ ] hard dude they had bad [ __ ] up there and then yeah cause then theodore [ __ ] hops on
hops on something and then the black [ __ ] comes over and she’s [ __ ] yeah he’s just doing it back i’m like
theodore’s diving in that dude he was throwing it back man dude they were [ __ ] they killed that
yeah i don’t even know what that means to be honest i bring the witch doctor he tell me what
but dude remember that spread they had afterwards oh there was like a fondue fountain [ __ ] chocolates but then
they weren’t allowed to eat any of the sweets right i think so because their manager you
know it was actually it was it was dave and then they went and lived with the [ __ ] label exactly yeah
i think that alvin and the chipmunks was really painting a bigger picture for the uh for the rough
contract do they get paid in real money like payment acorns
like okay so like say they get like a million dollar contract or something what’s a chipmunk
like you can’t buy a car you can’t drive i mean you can do that thing that like the raccoons do where ones on the pedal
ones on the wheels yeah well actually um this is interesting alvin and chipmunk’s the original animated once upon a time way back version they did have um alvin
the chipmunks driving car simon and theodore worked the gas and the brake calvin drove yeah the only thing i’m
actually kind of pissed they took away though is alvin used to have that hat he wore forwards in the old shows oh really yeah did he put it backwards in the new
one no he didn’t have any hat oh really no worries okay do you remember like the [ __ ] poster they’re like yeah he’s
got his [ __ ] hood on or something and he’s like dude he’s posing i know it was kind of hard it kind of reminded me like
a slim shady kind of vibe yeah they were definitely spitting some [ __ ] yeah alvin alvin and then they started making like
a [ __ ] i’m like okay well there was like alvin and the chipmunks number four i don’t know
probably the most surprising thing was jesse mccartney actually voiced theodore really very interesting i don’t get that
with movies when it’s like you know how like vin diesel did groot yeah and he got paid like 30 million dollars it’s
like you could get anyone to do this but he was like he okay i think this is a little overkill i get method acting
where you i know but he didn’t have to get [ __ ] lines yeah so just growling and but no he got on stilts and [ __ ]
no i’m kidding i’m not kidding wait no i’m serious vin diesel got on like these big stilts to make him look
like groot no way yeah is there a video of this he’s a method actor oh my god
the fast and furious guy’s a methodology okay can you imagine vivid diesel comes into the booth he’s like yeah we’re gonna need one that’s like 18 feet tall
we’re gonna need a mic stand that goes all the way why i don’t understand they have enough advanced cgi to make
that i like how uh but it was just for the voice that was it so he was on still but
i guess i know so he’s doing the whole thing it’s like dude i just hope that he fell one time because you know the audio
you know the [ __ ] audio people were like ugh i know that was like jesus christ like did we help him up no
oh my god i need to find a [ __ ] video dude i hope there is a behind the scenes didn’t he just get diagnosed with
something um like he’s gonna forget everything not alzheimer’s no that’s bruce willis oh you’re thinking of another popular
bald guy yeah that’s actually [ __ ] sad though i forgot what it’s called but um wow i
had bruce willis’s face in mind the entire time i was talking about that weird you
what what you thought vin diesels were supposed no i was just i was thinking of him for some reason and i i know it’s not
him yeah he’s he’s retiring acting because it’s like he’s not going to be able to it’s kind of sad yeah that is sad so one of the greats die hard great
[ __ ] movie isn’t it technically a christmas movie i would i mean it is set in christmas i mean i don’t know if
it’s i feel like i don’t know if it’s the holiday spirit exactly but i because i have i have heard people who rank that
as a christmas movie but here’s the thing did it come out in christmas time but even if it did it’s technically it’s an action adventure it’s not yeah the
whole thing around it isn’t christmas exactly so i mean i think it’s a hybrid i think it’d be a hype wasn’t it like on
christmas like when the [ __ ] was going on yeah like yeah it was during yeah the whole thing was it was on christmas yeah
i mean so i don’t i don’t know i feel like a christmas movie yeah what happened on christmas would
pearl harbor be a christmas movie yeah it’s a good point good point pearl harbor is not a christmas one
regardless it would not be no but actually yeah no it was um you ever uh
like uh i saw this thing on instagram and it was like someone you know how there’s flat earthers oh my god yeah yeah you know
they put the map down and you can see the flat earth map so it’s like you’re telling me that when japan invaded pearl harbor because
japan’s here in hawaii is here opposite ends you went all the way across the
[ __ ] world yeah yeah across the planet also a land and amphibious vehicle to go all the way
[ __ ] across dude you know like [ __ ] well they probably used islands closer to launch off of but
i’m saying either way japan was over but japan’s right here on the edge couldn’t they just be like huh yes
there it is like oh like it’s right there like i feel like there’s got to be
someone with enough money to be like all right let’s get a boat and go see go see it go see
the sea the sea the ocean’s a lot more vast than you think you know yeah are you a big fan of sea shanties
sea shanties yes that’s actually the favorite music are those the things that play the music and
in the in the old stories and the guys would crash on the rocks like play their music i believe those were sirens oh
you know like the [ __ ] mermaids that would end up eating you those were sirens and they they would woo you with
their beautiful voices and tits oh yeah they always had uh there was no small chested siren i don’t
think well i mean i first of course that’s like great mythology but i mean i actually know someone who like i
remember somehow we were talking about religion i’m not gonna name their name but they’re like yeah i actually believe in the nordic stuff like thor the god of
thunder like they believe that shit’s real so they see marvel oh that’s my god yeah i don’t know about that oh i did
see that uh they were apparently uh
peter quill whatever the [ __ ] his name is in guardians of the galaxy marvel’s writing him as bisexual and so
there was a picture of him and chris hemsworth and someone tweeted like i’m all for like including this and it’s
like but i’m i would rather eat my own foot than watch chris pratt kiss chris hemsworth like that just sounds like
i i don’t there’s not i have nothing against it it’s like dude there’s it’s not phobic to not have that yeah you
know what i mean it’s not i don’t know i don’t get it but i mean i mean teach their own but i mean
it’s just it’s it’s something very interesting so would you like somehow my mind went to this like so i we were
looking at a map today of vegas who’s we just at work we we were like a compass
the little sticks no on google maps oh we were looking at vegas trying to figure out where this place was we were delivering something too yeah and so
lane was like oh this is a place here and right here is a nude
uh pool for nudity okay is that something that you would indulge in like with you and your woman
no oh because a lot of apparently it’s [ __ ] packed i’m sure it is it’s vegas everyone goes there to go get get
[ __ ] crazy yeah but like so like say you’re you’re down there with your girl you guys just gonna get nude and [ __ ] laid out no i don’t think so
i want to know what the reason is i i i it’s for tanning the penis right but i don’t think that i think it’s no it’s i
think it’s more but you could you could tan you can go to a tanning place and naked if you want to
yeah maybe it’s just to like stretch your stuff i think it’s more of that thing it’s more of like i think it’s more of a place like swingers or some
[ __ ] that’s what i’m that’s what i mean it’s kind of smart because i mean you can already see what they’re working with
exactly from a girl’s perspective you already can see what they’re working for the most part when they’re wearing bikinis
i meant like from a girl’s perspective like how big oh yeah the dude is you know that’s true if size actually does
matter which i’ve heard it does and i heard it doesn’t i mean i think it’s i think it’s a mixed thing because technique is very important yeah and
stamina also yes very important yeah no the uh i think
i don’t think i would indulge but what i do think is that
it is you know maybe in my older years you know we want to just go down there and just
let it breathe i mean yeah that’s that’s one thing but it’s like the what is the what is the purpose that’s what
does that do any relationship i don’t understand i mean maybe i think it’s just for lookers i
mean i mean obviously yeah i mean but imagine if you’re with your woman you just got to be like look at her in the eyes the whole [ __ ]
time but then it’s like i don’t i don’t want to see other dicks and [ __ ] i don’t want to see i just i just want to chill i just you know i’m going to
vegas to have fun it’s just like i’m not gonna yeah you sit there wondering if she’s talking to [ __ ] maximus with a
20-inch [ __ ] at the bottom can you imagine someone’s like oh hey how you doing you’re just like just like hey let’s just [ __ ] hang in there
no i believe there are there is actually some gay bars in uh florida i listened to a podcast that talked about this
where like the bartender’s just nude yeah they have a lot of other things in florida where they actually have i watch
this on vice news they actually have a [ __ ] um literally it’s a
type it looks like it’s like a resort but it is a swinger resort for orgies et cetera et cetera oh [ __ ] and that’s leo
i guess it’s completely they’ve they’ve been trying to like shut they’ve been people that’s all consensual no one’s being but it’s like it’s yeah it’s it’s
completely legal like people go in there and they just walk up like hey and then they just have orgies and [ __ ] they have like rooms and like the lady who runs
it’s like yeah we’ve actually had some huge orgies in here i’m like what the [ __ ] and to your left yeah and
the guy’s like oh he’s like i’m not going to touch anything yeah [ __ ] that don’t tell me it’s saying like the only thing was is like so you’re getting so
you go up for a drink and then you know the dude just [ __ ] us out right but i mean a bar is pretty
even with like you know their shelf is like pretty even with their waist like that cannot pass like fda
i i really like like osha i don’t understand you know what i’m saying like how was i a health violation i don’t know why i’m
mixing my drink in front of your open way yeah i really don’t know how that really i feel like it’s more like a gray
area because it’s like technically they probably are legally supposed to but it’s like they just don’t
oh you know what i mean break the rules that’s something i mean i mean the amount of confidence you have
to have to just start you know just like just serving [ __ ] yeah
when you’re shaking [Music] yeah i’m not really sure about that you’re going to run to like the customer
and it’s just flopping imagine imagine if it’s cold in there oh that’s game over at that point it’s like
you never saw it from the right angle yeah that’s yeah if it’s cold that’s just that’s rough i guess that’s why it’s in florida you know
yeah very true uh i think you had a uh a top something for us i did um oh where’s
my phone so i did have a list for us something um top three not a top five let’s just do a
top three um a backyard barbecue foods now these could be sides these could be oh
actually i do have wait you have five i did four and one of them is a joke
so you don’t you don’t even have three barely you said at the end top three because i know i know but i’m saying but like why why do you need a joke in there
because it was just gonna we’re doing a list i know and i thought one of them that’s why i just added it on there well i didn’t do top five barbecue foods in
joke okay it’s fine we’ll do that one too you know okay we’re doing top three then top
three then i’m revising mine real quick because i actually had another idea got my [ __ ] foot’s cramping okay here we go here we go you’re fine you’re fine
breathe breathe can you kiss it um okay can you rub it for me okay here we
go dude oh my god all right so dude are you are you good i thought i’ve
been drinking coconut water lately which is big in potassium so i thought this wouldn’t happen that doesn’t mean it will never happen if your foot’s in a
weird position i’ll eventually cramp okay so i will start us off top three bark
brick rock backyard bbq foods um coming into the three hole i
got chips and dips you gotta have chips and dips okay barbecue it’s kind of it’s a staple it’s a it’s comfort food you
can’t really go wrong even if the dips are like from the store they’re still good they still do the job let alone if they’re homemade even what is your like
top dip i mean i just did chips and dip because you could do like you know you could do
the artichoke debbie the spinach dip you can do that what is your personal favorite [Music]
i’m a big i’m a big i actually like spinach dip salsa a dip i would click i almost yeah i said that
as well chips and salsa also i mean it just it’s it’s comfort it always just goes together i mean i’m just one of those guys so that is also one of them
so that is number three number two if we’re talking a backyard barbecue i’m throwing wings in there
i feel like wings just kind of fit the whole profile of having a group over you know their finger foods you can have a
few and it doesn’t fill you up and it’s still like wings i thought you know i i just think wings are more perfect than
maybe something else because there there’s a lot of them they’re tiny and you can fill up your plate with a couple and also indulge in them do you feel
uncomfortable eating wings in front of people because i feel like not really i mean are you the kind of guy that goes
like i was just talking about you know
there is definitely a correct way to eat a wing and there’s definitely an incorrect way like if you’re doing the flat right which i think is the best i
love the flats they’re because you can like break it you kind of spread the legs you know yeah and then you can get
the meat in the inside but i have seen people who’ll be like some [ __ ] comes out just a stick yeah
then i’m like why i hate that okay that’s that’s another thing i hate that so much like i’ll see
like a restaurant people eating wings and they just have they’re holding the the tip of the bone with their fingers
yeah they pull that was just like a tub it’s like what the [ __ ] was that i i don’t like that i i do think that there’s a correct
way to eat wings in an incorrect way and that is not something that i fancy okay here’s another question i have for you so like after you’re done eating wings
it’s okay to be like you know like on your fingers i don’t do that never been a finger licker guy i’m not
even there even when i’m eating like doritos i no i don’t do it then the only time i do it is wings because i have so much sauce on
the tips i i don’t do that i just i’ve never been a finger so you just load up on the napkins yeah i just load up on
the napkins just because when i was younger i think i used to do that just got it got to a point it’s like i don’t want to lick the
things off my thing i don’t even like i just yeah i don’t want to do that though so not a fan of that um number one i mean this is a backyard
barbecue staple it’s in it’s american cuisine you can’t really go wrong with it you can’t have a barbecue without
them i mean this is i’m putting one thing because this is like the most popular but i mean you could also
argue so i’m gonna go burgers of course burgers it could be slash hot dogs but that’s
group that’s grouping but yeah i’m not gonna do number one i mean you can’t get more classic than the burger at a barca bbq you know what else you can’t do it’s
impossible to have a barbecue and not have a beer in your hand it’s just it’s it’s it’s just it goes hand in hand
americans like like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you know it doesn’t have to be a lot of beers if you don’t want to if it’s maybe at a gathering that
you’re not trying to get too tuned up because you got to leave but you can’t you can’t not have a beer of course the sun’s out the grill’s going fellowship’s
happening a beer has got to be in there of course absolutely he’s got to get the job done that’s it for me so i i guess i’m adding
another one to this but it’s not food we could do an honorable mention yeah okay so my honorable mention
good tunes you gotta have it at the barbecue no no good tunes
okay if there’s no music i mean what the [ __ ] the list is back your barbecue foods i know that’s why i said honorable
mention that’s not on my list honorable mention is just not it didn’t make it but it’s up
honorable mention good tunes what
let me guess your number one pick is meats no oh okay okay i’m gonna start at number four jesus christ at number four
it was a brewski of course okay the brewski the beer dude you are the worst
at least i’m not it’s just beer is not food cause i would have to put beer because it’s it’s not your style
no it’s not a food that’s a drink it’s a dip a food yes it’s part of food
you keep it [ __ ] it whatever fine you know what beer beer could be you know i was gonna get crucified for my top five barbecue
list because you can’t stay on topic tunes it’s what you said i said
let’s do a tough list backyard barbecue food that’s just
when you said honorable mention i was like oh at first i thought that was the joke you inserted that joke that’s not
the joke no the joke was an overly touchy uncle
every barbecue needs one man you’re [ __ ] [ __ ] i mean
technically that could be a meal no way okay i can’t believe that okay i’m getting the food [ __ ] man oh my god
okay how outrageous okay go go
hey it made you laugh so good joke i even had the worst setup for the joke because you were already no it’s so
funny because of how steamrolled this has been down the hill because he started with good tunes then beer that’s
not even a food and then an overly touchy uncle that was the joke i know it’s just like
how did you get there oh my god you know
okay um so my i’m gonna start with my number one
because you already did it so number one was burgers and dogs of course yeah that’s amazing american staple you know
i’m not a fan of the cheese on them i do love the cheese but it does not agree well with uh my stomach but uh i don’t
i’m good i’m a big fan of the sesame seed bun yeah yeah yeah a good bun is is
very and i don’t like to grill them first you know some people like to throw them on the grill i mean i like that because
it kind of gives that flavor of the grill also on the bun and it kind of keeps crispy and protects that bun and keeps it crunchy in case you put like a
condiment on it so it doesn’t get soggy yeah yeah but i tend to inhale my food so you usually don’t have that problem that’s true but um actually a fun
you know like when you order like a club sandwich yeah and you know they toast the top bread and it just scratches the inside
of your mouth i mean i don’t know if it scratches because you bite down and i guess
how big a bite are you taking no so like there’s a restaurant we go to at work and there’s an amazing club sandwich
there amazing club sammy highly recommended uh for any of you who are ever in uh the jolly old federal way
check out timeout bar and grill time out that one’s on me um they have a big-ass club and it’s kind
of hard to get your mouth around it’s [ __ ] huge but the top and bottom pieces are toasted and so sometimes it
kind of likely so it it’s a little rough on the roof of your mouth you know now my co-worker had this genius idea
you know how they put the little sword in it yeah to keep all those layers together um he
takes the top piece and puts it upside down because there’s no condiments on the top piece
i mean that’s a good idea but i’ve never really i like when bread is toasted i’ve never really hadn’t i’m saying i remember a headache
at this restaurant the bread is overly tough okay that’s really crispy but what if what if
you flip it over and it’s kind of moist and the bread’s kind of soggy because it was made of sandwich they’re pretty generally good at getting it out of the
kitchen on time so it hasn’t been sitting that’s there’s nothing worse than that when the bread’s actually toasted and then it’s still soggy because it’s like yeah
oh well that kind of ruins the whole idea of toasting it doesn’t it yeah so um my number two was uh cookies and
milk no i’m kidding i’m sorry i just i was about to [ __ ] leave no i’m kidding oh my god okay
i just had to [ __ ] with you there okay um this one actually wasn’t on yours big fan of the pork ribs
now i’m not talking about normal [ __ ] ribs in a crock pot that you put on at eight o’clock you come back at six and
trust me i’ve tried they don’t work well i’m talking about in the slow smoker for 12 [ __ ] hours 225 you know what i
mean beautiful [ __ ] rack of ribs where you just [ __ ] tap that thing and the bone comes off like a sweaty
sock man sweaty socks don’t go off oh i meant like a dry sock
i was thinking of like a sock coming off a foot you know it’s just like yeah it’s just yeah it’s kind of like grabbing a bar
soap it just slips out you know yeah kind of like that you ever like um when you’re in bed like you ever use like
your big toe in your middle toe to take your sock off
i have done that many times i feel like you i feel like that’s the only way you take off i’m actually quite handy with picking objects up with my toes i’ve
noticed i’m sure you are use them a lot more than the average human being that’s why i also think you’re kind of these spirit emblems in an orangutan
i thought it was no i said meerkat but a ring of tang works you’re really gangly and you you walk with like that’s how i
run but you walk you kind of move on like the movements of your body it’s kind of like you’re like when people do
the kind of when they dance but you kind of just it’s just all encompassing yeah it’s it’s an orangutan kind of do and
they kind of dip and they don’t really walk right and they kind of just that’s kind of how they always walk like they have like an injured hip you know well
yeah because they’re swinging around their arms all day and then if you flip them over they still have arms on their did you ever see the new jungle book
i think mowgli yeah i think that’s what it was called i saw parts of it i remember there was a
point where like he’s fighting the big ass gorilla or whatever the [ __ ] the one with the satellite face
i think so that’s like [Laughter] getting a lot of reception it’s like a
frying pan that’s just a [ __ ] head you know in cartoons when they smack them with a frying pan yeah yeah yeah tom like tom and jerry’s ping in his
whole face yeah um i remember there was a point where like you know they’re in battle
and then like he falls and so the human being is on all fours and the gorilla goes and this thing’s
like [ __ ] ten times the size of him with both of both of this isn’t he still a boy at this point he’s just like i’d
say he’s an adolescent teen yeah yeah and so he uh takes both of his fists that are the size of a [ __ ]
god i [ __ ] know laptop the size of a laptop and goes like this on the bat on his back and
then he’s just like it [ __ ] takes i’m like dude his spine would be [ __ ] just it would have
shattered scoliosis at least have you ever seen this was a they had this back and um it was a was a little kid i don’t
think they have these types of shows anymore but they actually had this video like on this game show thing and
they had these two sumo wrestlers too and they were like 600 somewhere they’re huge [ __ ] because obviously they’re [ __ ] massive
and two of them had a rope and on the other end on the like the wooden tower they had was a [ __ ] orangutan sitting there eating a [ __ ] peel or whatever
the [ __ ] he’s eating and they both had the peels do they or whatever they’re eating he’s eating something and they both had their own like tug of war
and this what who won the [ __ ] orangutan what just was holding it and these guys are [ __ ] pieces went and all both of them
fell in the water it was [ __ ] nuts oh [ __ ] yeah it was crazy damn you ever seen that video at the zoo i don’t know
what zoo they had at the this i don’t know what zoo they have this at but there’s like a rope that goes in into
the cage but there’s a divider and you can see and then the [ __ ] was that a lion or a tiger what there was a lion
held one at the end of the road there’s like five dudes pulling this thing and the lion’s just sitting there holding it
holding its [ __ ] ground no [ __ ] just [ __ ] pulling it back and these guys could not [ __ ] play it’s crazy well i mean mother nature is not something to
[ __ ] with yeah i don’t think so that’s for sure i don’t know how humans became like the on top i think it’s more of an
intel intellectual type thing yeah but you can’t even take care of a baby can’t take care of itself for [ __ ] like that’s why the intellectual comes in we
have houses we have this that the third you know we got boomsticks we can [ __ ] just shoot them
boomsticks well we’re at a 35 well i think that’s pretty good for us yeah that’s pretty
good uh well thank you for watching around the launch table uh make sure you check out our patreon patreon.com
lunchable for episodes earlyish exclusive content and uh
yeah we’re also going to be segwaying into some other new stuff that you can get on the paid stuff thank you for all the subscribers for support and we
appreciate it and z where can they find you um they can find me at um isaiah underscore
lesney um james where can they find you i didn’t find them that’s pretty good
they can find me at jack underscore spencer or both of our instagrams at around the lunch table and that’ll pretty much do it so yeah that’ll pretty
much do it um keep an eye out for the merch drops we’re still trying to get our pieces jordan’s working on it on friday nice okay well we’ll get our
ducks in a row and announce that because the second it drops we are also going to get a [ __ ] ton of us for ourselves for
summertime so we’re the jean jackets be on the lookout for that um as always we will see you next week
let’s get rowdy up in here

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