J & Z  talk about horrible child movies, people who do stuff with couches and assorted cushion, and a top 5 side dishes.
and i don’t want the world to see me cause i don’t think that they’d
understand [Music]
welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another edition of around the lunch table episode 66 okay that’s the second time i’ve done
that the second time you’ve looked at me stupid well no it’s it’s just another edition it’s professional it just catches me off guard but our motto is
professional banter from unprofessional guys i i it’s an intro i know i like it i didn’t
say i didn’t like it you know like eventually at some point if things go really well i’m not gonna want to drop a
dick right the second word i say you know what i mean well you know i mean sky’s the limit we can just see what
happens you know we got to stay true to our roots yeah welcome back folks welcome back welcome back first and foremost um i wanted to start with our
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make sure you got no moles no no no it’s such a it’s such a such a niche field is it niche or niche i believe it’s niche i
feel like i’ve i’ve also i’m not kidding you i’ve said niche for a long time i’ve said it did you ever been like take it
for granted you know like every morning and say that i’ve never said that but i’ve heard i’ve heard people i’ve heard
people say take it for granted not great yeah i’ve heard that but uh take it for granted so i don’t like saying niche i
like saying niche i think is better but i don’t even know but i don’t know it’s one of those like
there’s a lot of words that can make you sound smarter than you are and i don’t want to like come across as like you
know if you if you were an animal what would you what would you be that was an animal i mean not not what you in your
mind dude i’d be a [ __ ] lion i was just gonna say that no i’m kidding of course i was a joke like you in
like again is like a spirit animal thing but like you an animal for well how about this i have an idea okay let’s
tell each others what you because that’s an that’s an unbiased if it’s yourself yeah i’m still gonna think of some kind
of badass okay okay so me as an animal like the best representation of what i
think i’m not gonna like this but the best representation of you i would say like uh you know like a toucan
who can no that’s not the one that talks the the [ __ ] parrot yeah okay i could see being a parrot you know just
chilling on someone’s shoulder and just [ __ ] squawking at everyone because you do squawk a lot yeah that’s fair
that’s that’s fair i mean you kind of put me on the spot i i did i did i did do that i’m guessing you’ve had one in your pocket no i was just i randomly
thought of that but i’ve already thought of this before you would be like a lemur or like an orangutan or something i
thought you were gonna say meerkat so i was close yeah like a maybe a lemur or maybe an orangutan because you kind of
you’re gangly and you kind of walk like you have no bones sometimes it’s weird scoliosis yeah he wasn’t uh king julien
he was the king of the lemur from madagascar yeah
and then there was morty that was a little one then there was marcus marcus was the assistant yeah his assistant oh my god i
think they were all slaves i thought i mean yeah i don’t know king julien you didn’t see anything they actually had a
tv show for that it was yeah i mean the first two movies were good though for sure yeah what’s a [ __ ] kids movie that’s just
the kids movie that that just sucked the most like as a kid or like
one of me worst kids movies i think we’re going to say at the same time i think you have the same one as me i don’t we didn’t discuss it we didn’t discuss it i i
wasn’t thinking about this you already were so maybe you just said i’m guessing you have the same one i
i’m thinking of some like a few bad ones so i’m not really sure mine top [ __ ] tear
where the wild things are dude the [ __ ] it’s it i remember me and
tanner watched that when we were little young kids and we were crying live the entire time
figuring out what the [ __ ] was going on the one thing i remember with that movie is just like the bird that one thing got mad and ripped his [ __ ] arm off and
then they put a stick in his arm so yeah i just what the [ __ ] was that i want to know what this guy was on because he he
made these for the kid on acid i i don’t know but so this kid you know these big ol like
like if the muppets were cavemen and they had to like draw out what their gods would be you know that’s these [ __ ] guys
these big old [ __ ] snowmen looking i don’t know it’s just [ __ ] happening i remember even
like as a little kid i’m like what the hell is this how is it this looks [ __ ] stupid how is it a kid’s movie
this thing’s [ __ ] terrifying dude i don’t even know like two rows of teeth and they’re just like i don’t think they start dating
right i’ve never really understood it even when i was like i mean first of all i never i think i watched a quarter of it and i was like what even as a little
kid i’m like dude this is the most stupid thing i’ve ever seen well it was it was also like um
cause in the beginning wasn’t the kid like thought he was an animal and was like biting people and [ __ ] yeah because he wore the little giraffe he was the
same kid from august rush remember great movie he was underrated he underrated him he slapped the guitar
yeah yeah yeah and then like he was homeless right was august rush based off a real person i don’t know but i think he was
like in a gang of like pickpocket thieves you know like they do in like england you know they all have the [ __ ] golf hats and they like like
peaky binders yeah and they [ __ ] shake people down have you ever seen piggy blinders i have seen some of it there’s just a lot um
a lot of episodes out now and it would take a lot of manpower to go through them i have watched uh many clips of it
and [ __ ] though but i made it through like the first season i’ve just seen so many pictures of it with like a caption
you know it’s always oh my god it’s so on the instagram it’s always like some motivational thing to him like what is this honey he’s got like a pocket watch
what the [ __ ] does this have to do with like motivating you to do anything how rich you gotta be before you straight up
rock a pocket watch in a [ __ ] vest because i do it right now
yeah but like okay you’re going out with your buddies maybe if even if i was rich i’m not doing that if i’m going out my buddies
everyone’s dressed in the times and i look like i’m a pilgrim like that’s like asking me are you wearing a blinking hat now
yeah but it depends where you’re going but it’s it’s it’s we’ve seen dudes at howie’s in suits
i think they were coming from a wedding or something i don’t think it’s the same thing i mean when people go up it depends
where you’re going though if you’re going like a michelin star place maybe you’re going to the kentucky derby maybe it it varies you know what i mean i get
that what’s the uh like you’re not gonna walk in you’re not gonna walk into the [ __ ] nightclub look like mr [ __ ] peanut
like a monocle yeah why would you wear glasses with one normal lens
right because the monocle is for it’s like a prescription lens i don’t think anyone wears monocles anymore but it was
for yeah i mean mr p maybe back then people like actually maybe it’s still thing now it’s for people like couldn’t
see good out of one eye that’s why i said just a normal lens in the other and then it [ __ ] matches instead of and i never got how it’s stuck because you
just have to hold your eye closed like like a little bit of pressure like the whole time like
every time you look at somebody or maybe it’s just for one of those like you know when a guy needs his readers maybe they put like a stick up do they
put like a stick on it and then they go i think it’s like it’s like it was the first wallet chain you know did you ever have a wallet no no i did never i never
did no i’m surprised i never did because honestly i’m not because that’s just no and if you did
probably sorry man yeah it was always those the [ __ ] cargo shorts the baggy
jeans the world industry shoes which their mascot was like a little ball well you’re well you were a big super guy i
had one pair you had the super high top [ __ ] purple supra
like i had a pro pair of shoes too but they weren’t like that they were like yeah you had the purple adidas purple adidas yeah
well justin bieber warm i want to be in the times you know a little wayne warm too yeah he did [ __ ] yeah wheezy warm
so yeah so jack spence can wear them dude [ __ ] wheezy and jack spence wear these
you also wear white jeans no i bought a pair one time i think you wore them
i never had him at cascade no i had a pair like in eugene or something that i never wore
that’s never worse i know it’s [ __ ] horrible oh it is what it is
no the uh how much what uh what would it take for you to we the next time we go
out somewhere you wear the white jeans i mean obviously it’s a joke not because you think they look good yeah i mean [ __ ]
100 beans i’ll do it [ __ ] it 100 beans really i’m gonna embarrass myself for 20
bucks like i don’t know 100 bucks i’ll give you 100 bucks to wear them out all right cool i mean aaron that that just means aaron won’t be coming with us
which means it’ll be a great night no we should know but we’re going to go to like a nice place oh a nice place with the white that’s the only that’s why
dude i remember i had a pair of jeans i had like two guitars on the on the like the back pocket you
know some [ __ ] no it was just like two just embroidered guitars
and some girl roasted me and banned class for it well i mean you were in band class at least at least you were kind of on topic with what you were
wearing exactly yeah it was like you know it’s a it’s a musical instrument this guy walks in with like a [ __ ] vest with like a treble clef knitted on
the chest dude there was actually one of the worst parts about band class was there was
this song called something jack the name jack was in it and miss jack jingle heimer schmidt no that’s john jacob
jingle oh his name is my name too oh yeah whatever what does that mean
how is his name your name john jacob jingle hammerschmidt that’s like three very common names
john jacob not jingle jingleheimer what i’m saying what is the
have you ever wondered what the like what his name is my name too whenever we go out the people always shout they say john jingle maybe he was a celebrity
maybe he was a bad [ __ ] he’s probably in like the egyptian times you know he’s the i’m curious i’m gonna look it up i’m gonna look it up because he’s
like he’s like you know the [ __ ] cat people it’s the sphinx maybe he was like the head of this what does he have to do
with a [ __ ] we’re talking about the olden days like maybe he was like you know famous like that maybe um
how do we all know that song yeah that’s a that’s a good um let’s see
um origin there we go um
while the origins of the song are obscure what um
place its roots in vaudeville and theater acts of the late 19th century and also actually wasn’t hello and early
20th century popular in immigrant communities you’re telling me immigrants are singing
i don’t i don’t know maybe so they wouldn’t get caught for the identification they would all say it’s their name they’re like passport please
john jacob um okay
john jacob jingle hammer schmidt shares many characteristics with the song my name is jan janssen
what song is that dude there’s a lot to read i’m not gonna read it do you think it went platinum [ __ ] you might have i’m pretty sure
they actually have it on vinyl because that’s where i heard it my mom had an old record player and it was like old tunes you could walk into a bar dude
this is my main man john jacob jingle hammersmith put that [ __ ] on touch tunes oh god um
no the uh um so there was something i wanted to bring up um i saw a story
and i don’t think i brought this up last time i did write it down a while ago uh there was a dog okay in north carolina
did i do we were to talk about this no i don’t think so uh he was the owners ended up thinking he was gay
so they uh took him to like a forest and dropped him off they killed him well i mean took him to
the puppy farm upstairs oh okay you should took him to the forest i thought yeah and jungle like you’re free now yeah like you’re you’re free what i mean
because he was gay but i think they help everything yeah i mean they they don’t they
they don’t [ __ ] for dominance they hump for dominance too like other male 1 well humping is [ __ ] right i mean it’s
like well you can you can no you can hump a pillow and it’s not [ __ ] the pillow it’s humping the pill you know i mean if you hump the couch cushion you
know you’re not [ __ ] the couch but you kind of own the couch at that point you know what i mean that’s it it’s it’s it’s it’s the same it’s the same thing
potentially have you ever humped the kids i have not and something tells me you have i have not look me
you’re smiling you always make me feel you’re looking why would i bring that up knowing you’re going to ask me back if i had done no because you have this little
this little this little little sparkle you have no i have not [ __ ] my couch
no i’m not saying the couch now i mean i know if you did now that’d be a little disturbing i think off air i don’t want
to we should be talking about the weirdest things we’ve pumped i haven’t humped anything i know i haven’t either
[ __ ] dude you’re preposterous you wouldn’t i haven’t
you did you hear what you just said you talked about the worst thing you jump i haven’t humped anything weird yeah me either
no i haven’t dude what the [ __ ] you you you definitely have humped a cushion or something i haven’t humped
the cushion though dude you have here’s the thing i actually don’t now asking for i’m not talking about now no
i know that asking for a friend what do you hump just the top of the cushion or
like people i i feel like that’s more of just like a saying oh yeah he’s humping the people actually people don’t actually do
that do they i don’t know i actually haven’t done it so i’m saying like we take a survey
me put it on instagram instagram how many people have [ __ ] a couch well i mean
i mean you can rub humping is like in the pants yeah so yeah i guess you could just say anything
you know i mean dry humping the couch well i guess guys you’re not actually [ __ ] yeah yeah i
mean you know [Laughter] let’s talk about offer that we’re seeing
i haven’t helped anything weird yeah either no like um dude
i always thought like when i’ve heard that saying they’re like [ __ ] in between the couch cushions but that’s just gotta cause some [ __ ]
that’s right it wouldn’t even work that’s what i’m saying no it’s not it’s not lubricated
if i sit on a wet couch i’m gonna know it i don’t think that would work either just because it’s the positioning in the
way and i don’t think it would really work well i feel like you know you do like an angled push-up you know
you can get that guy or you get like two couch cushions take them to your room and put them together like two butt cheeks and you can you can kind of make
yourself something probably but uh kids can [ __ ] some weird things man like remember chris and family guy made that
dummy out of the vacuum yeah yeah yeah with the mop for the hair yeah or
whatever and then uh uh tom hanks had wilson yeah yeah yeah
you can’t tell me he didn’t cut a mouth hole in it okay i’ve never said you can’t just do that it just works that’s how that’s how it goes right i’ll put a
handprint of blood in a volleyball and think it’s a fight i meant like as a as a pocket [ __ ] you can’t just make anything into it he probably spits on it
or something okay this is getting absolutely i don’t i don’t know either i i really don’t let’s call and ask him i
think it’s hey tom hey did you ever [ __ ] wilson tom hanks what what a discography that
guy has huh he’s racist right i don’t know what everyone is now or something i mean he’s older but i don’t
think he’s right what’d you say no it’s uh it’s a different tom a different tom famous tom
uncle tom uncle no um the [ __ ] guy that does the [ __ ] braveheart
that’s mel gibson mel gibson yeah mel gibson has been accused of being racist yes yes yeah i was thinking oh it’s not
funny at all it’s so weird he has definitely been accused of being racist yeah accused
never i mean i don’t know isn’t racism in some countries like illegal
no that’s not true because we’re definitely the most progressive country i i think wait
i thought you could get like fine i’m pretty sure like racial discrimination is illegal
everywhere no i know that i meant like if you said a racist comment you get fined and possibly oh i i’m i’m not sure
and regulations of articles yeah but um a knight in the slammer possibly
so in the south i feel like if anywhere that would not be okay i’ll be encouraged since the south so yeah this
house isn’t well not nowadays but it’s a lot of the older older generation they’re just you know yeah i mean i
think we’re weeding those out but weeding those out i mean yeah i mean they’re dying
anyways we got off that whole tangent so the dog oh yeah yeah yeah so he [ __ ] kicked him
i don’t understand that how do we go from a dog to [ __ ] couch cushion i don’t know we just really went off and then turning pillows and pillows in the
butt cheeks that’s fine yeah i feel like you know once a
a young man’s growing up they’re going to do weird [ __ ] like that but like at a point like if they start making dummies and [ __ ]
you know what i really gotta dip that in the butter you know what i never did i never did the krusty sock never did nah no that’s i think that’s a
myth more or less no i know someone that we both know who in middle school and high school did
the krusty sock yeah i’ve never understood that that doesn’t make sense to me because it’s like i gotta put my foot in here after this well no no you
will you wash it obviously yeah i’m not saying just friends
oh god this is disgusting bro no i’m not saying like right after but i’m saying you know it dries it gets
crusty yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you better pull that thing inside out for you but i’ve never understood that either i mean no but um i think one of
what i don’t get is the people who like want to be caught type of thing what are you talking about there are
girls who like to do it in like public places and [ __ ] because i don’t think it’s so they get caught i think it’s
like the it’s the fear of getting caught oh okay you you made it girls would like to get caught they leave the door unlocked i
hope someone comes in one spread eagle how do we get here i don’t know this is
bad bread eagle um i actually have a funny uh so i’m
i’m part of this thing called the wilkes and eagles or whatever and anyways [ __ ] club wyatt was like uh
like some beef was going on or something he’s like let’s start one across the street called the wilkes and beagles [Laughter]
the wilks and beasts what’s that bar um the bar crossed the way that we went that one pick and shovel yeah i remember
i said i’m going to start a bar with the shovel and pick yeah isn’t that like uh like the russians use
that symbol no it’s um that’s the hammer and sickle hammer and sequel yes what’s a sickle used for is that for cutting
brush hey i think hey hey but couldn’t you just use like a normal blade for that why does it feel like it
grabs it also well the curvature of it is yeah so like i believe that was an egyptian thing because the egyptians the
sun got raw he was the god
well i mean if you think about it you get less certain it’s not it’s not shaped like a song i mean it’s high circle if i slice you
with it i mean you get less surface area well actually because it’s better i think it’s called a kopesh
i just dying light that cur i think that’s like the egyptian thing it was like this and then it was curved because it goes didn’t use an actual
just normal sickle because the circle’s like the handle and then it’s just yeah the egyptians had like the long they’re
like long though they’re like straight and then they because we’re both just nolan dying light i i used to cope okay
to kill zombies it’s funny how much [ __ ] you get from video games it is true it is true like you know same
thing with gunshot oh yeah that’s five five six i played a lot of pub g and they said the ammo every day for years and an ak
takes seven six six two yep seven six two easy peasy no i uh i don’t know i’ve learned a lot
from them over the years i would say um like the best campaign i ever played
black ops one with with the numbers well the war was also it was the most interesting it was like wow this is i
mean also i mean let’s talk about a culture shock the halo campaigns because it was literally a movie oh side note the halo show it’s actually pretty
actually pretty good first episode was first episode was create i was talking to alex’s brother about it at home
because he’s watching it and he’s like yeah i don’t watch the first episode i’m like and wasn’t it what not he’s like dude it was crazy
i remember us chicks running away gets her leg blown enough like it’s saving private ryan you and i went into it thinking like
kind of like it was gonna be kitty like very childish no the [ __ ] girl ones are there yeah and they’re just getting their legs
remember when he charged with the plasma’s pistol yeah that was oh my god dude yeah and cortana’s kind of bad dude
she’s animated bro well okay fine the doctor hall’s yeah yeah yeah i guess yeah she she’s got that like mom like
you’d cook me dinner but also like you know tell me to stay in my place
she’s like the school nurse she’ll put a band-aid on me and then suck me what the hell are you talking about
school we didn’t even have a school yeah we mean i see i i feel like school nurse wasn’t really thinking it would just
happen behind those clues i i feel like it’s also this it’s like oh yeah go see the school nurse it’s like a volunteer
mom who only would only would show up when she’s bored on it every other thursday she’s a she’s had a box of band-aids she’s in the office doesn’t do
anything she’s a self-diagnosed mom because that’s the thing i don’t think it was actually like it was just like someone of staff that put band-aids on
kids it’s not enough oh really okay like like a nurse practitioner now yeah same yeah the same thing it was
like it all it was always like an office lady wasn’t actually a nurse it was just like a random lady who just was a secretary yeah it was just something so
how do you feel when you’re getting your hair cut and so you have a larger woman and they’re working around you and you feel their your their bosoms on your
head i mean what am i gonna do head butt i’m like i’m just gonna
give him a raspberry no i don’t think it happens often but i
mean i mean like i want them to do a good job so i’m just going to be like i’ll just yeah just sit here i think it’s when my chair do you
think there’s ever unnecessary authority of the bosoms yes depending on the size i feel like yeah
it’s like a really hefty lady and it happens a lot because they’re uh a lot of all of a sudden they’re telling a
joke oh where are you from shake them on the back of your head
just [ __ ] just [ __ ] on the back of your [ __ ] neck dude
i mean i’ve definitely had something like a [ __ ] like like you know when the people put the towels in between their [ __ ] legs yeah but i understand
they gotta get in you gotta you gotta know what you’re doing you gotta get close yeah so it’s like it’s fine not a big deal but i mean i haven’t had a lot
of experience chairs too low you know and it’s just a gut have you ever had him like pumping up
like you remember the old school barber chair yeah with the foot you ever had him and it just felt like it never ended up roller coasters
he’s like he’s like yeah how’s your day going yeah good he’s like yeah and then like that little comment and this your head’s about to go through the false
ceiling i’m like it’s a [ __ ] jack [ __ ]
eat my butt from up there oh yeah that’d be a crime yeah unless it was concerned yeah anyways unnecessary authority of the
bosoms do you do side note do you think that hefty women with big bosoms big breasts
tend to be very flamboyant about them yes they have that little spark to them you
know i would say um
they walking on eggshells here yeah yeah no but i would say that you know society
has this picture of what a you know a woman’s supposed to look like which is not okay you know all bodies are perfect
were you coached you’re a coach to that part all bodies are no um
but i feel like when you are and this goes in any area of life um when you’re lacking in some areas you
make up for in other words that’s true very true yeah do you think the bigger the buzz the bigger the attitude i think i think feisty yeah that’s a
good one yeah snappy yeah snappy yeah yeah have you ever met someone that is just like
so awful of a human being and then you’re like i wonder if they have a ring on you look down they have a wedding ring and i’m like oh i feel bad yes that
happens or like just a lady’s just a [ __ ] oh yeah and i’m like oh my god well like or you just overhear people
and you just like walk back i’m like a lady’s just being rude to people for no reason i’m just like yeah
rest in peace your husband like holy [ __ ] so like i understand people have a bad day but yeah you know
speaking of you know the easiest way to gauge whether someone’s a piece of [ __ ] whether they put the shopping cart back
i’ve seen that that’s why i saw that post and it’s true because it’s not necessary you don’t it’s not necessary
there’s no punishment for not doing it but i so now ever since like for years i’ve just it’s i don’t i’ve always every
time i don’t care if it’s across the [ __ ] parking lot back i watch i always watch people when i get groceries and they just don’t put
them like yeah that person’s a piece of [ __ ] they’re a piece of [ __ ] 100 and honestly i i feel like it’s a pretty
accurate test because it’s it is something there’s no consequence for it you don’t have to only will do it out of the
kindness of yours yes yeah yeah yeah because there are you know courtesy clerks will come out and grab there’s never been a time where i’ve not done it
since that post that i when i saw that years ago i have done it well even was a little kid i do because i like riding them back to the little thing yeah um i
i’ve never i used to just leave them outside my car i never did yeah absolutely i was that guy i saw that post like oh and i didn’t realize that i
didn’t do it because i just did it because i’ve always done it so you were a piece of [ __ ] you’re saying it brought me awareness that i didn’t know
so like if it wasn’t for seeing someone else’s post about it you would actually still be a piece of [ __ ] because i
didn’t think about it it was just you know not you know i mean you know if i would have saw that when i first met you i would have stopped hanging i used to
get the carts as a safeway courtesy cleaning yeah and they were never in the thing and it didn’t bother me i got to waste more time picking them up
throughout the [ __ ] well yeah i know anyways yeah i don’t know it’s one of those
don’t you have a uh oh yeah um this is i think it’s about time we get into our top five or a top five
um so i think we did a top three last time or something yeah um for this time we’re
going to be doing um top five sides okay so let’s [ __ ] hear it yeah so no
you’re gonna go first one first last time okay i’m gonna go for top three so you’re gonna basically do an analysis and wait top
three or top five top five top five starting starting from number five to one number five to one number five i’m
gonna have to go with the [ __ ] classic it’s an it’s something that’s ingrained i believe in a minute if you
say something stupid like caviar i’m not okay these
anyways my number five is something that’s just ingrained in american culture from the get-go um it’s
something that brings me back to as a child um that my aunt would make for me um and i gotta go with the classic tater
tot nice okay you know it’s one of those it’s now i usually go with fries but
sometimes a nice crispy top with a little bit of jam underrated yeah and the thing is i
actually i’m a big ranch guy big ranch guys tots and ketchup way better than fries and ketchup i
believe it’s like a little mini hash brown yeah it is it is it’s like a mini hash brown i mean that that’s going to
be my number five um just for you know right no problem with that let’s go okay okay uh
number four i’m gonna go with uh because i do get it quite often i’m gonna go with a classic
side caesar salad oh that’s good yeah you know this salad’s always good and then you pay the extra two bucks for the
chicken which i don’t think you should have to do no i know i’m not a big salmon on the on the salad guy though
because you know how it’s like yeah two dollars yeah i mean chicken caesar is more just traditional like it’s just everyone wants no one i feel like a
caesar salad is always just bomb it’s always cool yeah whether it’s low quality or high it’s just always good it’s always great it’s always good yeah
it’s always good it’s it’s i don’t know it always hits the right side i’m waiting for you to just disagree with one of these no i’m sorry about it okay
it’s 5’4 i mean i might not have any problems with your list okay uh number four
i think this counts wait number four oh no sorry number three okay number three uh i think this counts clam chowder
that is a i mean it is a city with like a if you order a steak chowder
i don’t know about that one no no okay if you if it’s your it’s your list i don’t i i i i
i think that’s a weird choice i don’t know but i i was just i’m not saying i know a lot of people love clam chowder
but it’s gonna make the top five of all time pretty high on the list number three i’m playing the challenger guy number three i love it [ __ ] really
okay okay let’s see the rest here let’s let’s see the rest of your list before what clams look like are they the ones in the shells with the pearls yeah yeah
i think so okay or is that mussels i think that’s clams i don’t remember i went to a japanese [ __ ] buffalo i
thought clams are the pearls yeah i i went to a japanese not the clam is the prom and the pearls and the clams
i went to a japanese buffet one time yeah and i remember it thought they were clams but it said muscles and you like
crack them open yeah i don’t they have a little tongue i know you’re talking about yeah yeah i get those confused uh
the number two the it’s a [ __ ] staple it’s the classic chips and salsa okay great yeah that’s
on my list yeah you can’t go wrong chips and salsa is just good yeah um and oh yeah by the way uh anyone who
wants some amazing salsa salsa uh hit up jordan obaya you guys know where to find him his dad apparently makes the best salsa to the side of mississippi so um
number one had to just had to french fries [ __ ] yeah i mean that’s
that that’s an easy go-to and the thing is i like it it’s it’s comfort food for sure i like him soggy and i like them
crispy i’ll eat them i mean i don’t like them soggy but i’ll still eat them you know what i mean
sometimes i want a sauce you know what i like is when you get a batch of fries and there’s like the crispy ones and they randomly get a soft one there’s another crispy one yeah it’s like wow
okay we have diversity here it’s nice i like that yeah that’s good i have no problems with this other than the clam chowder right i don’t i don’t know if
that makes all time sizes it is a side but all time size well that that’s i [ __ ] love okay that’s fine
i just don’t know it’s a pretty high number for clam chowder pretty hard
you’re not a seafood guy no no no you don’t like the no but i i have a lot of people who love seafood as well but i
mean i don’t know if so if you’re stranded on an island you’re gonna eat it though right yeah okay what i’d eat you if i was straight on an
island i’m just kidding well if you were dead then yeah i would yeah um okay where would you start on my body
i’m okay first of all i’m not gonna eat you but i’m saying okay okay this is the thing you have no people are stranded if there’s a dead body it’s like either let
it rot or you die yeah um i mean after deliberation do i have seasonings
i’m starting i’m probably starting honestly um like legs like the calf like just
easy i’m not looking at your face i don’t have to do any any really dirty work hack it off cook it up a little bit use that calf meat season it maybe let
it marinate i don’t know smoke it smoke it i think i would try to take you out of the equation i just chop your head
off throw it in the cease and i don’t have to look at your face while i’m eating you that is way worse i feel like
the blood anyways i’m going into my top five because this is just [ __ ] we got [ __ ] couch cushions i would start
with i would start with the thighs because it’s a big piece of meat and you can have that kind of like grand meals
you know would you dip and ranch [Laughter] yeah all right um
number five i’m just gonna start with it’s just who doesn’t like this it comes in clutch at any point you can have it
with anything start of the dinner it comes on especially any nice dinner place you have they
always have it good i’m gonna go with bread oh [ __ ] yeah like the basket of bread it’s it’s you really can’t go
wrong with it especially what’s the toaster it would be like garlic like what would you i mean garlic bread is definitely up there that’s why i just said bread because there’s so many
little ones i mean then you have texas roadhouse rolls which are the best rolls on [ __ ] planet earth so a bread’s just a great starter i mean the only
the only con i have with bread is it’s so good you eat so much of it it fills you up yeah for the meal what happened have you ever had the red lobster cheesy
roll thing i have i have they’re pretty good we need to go to red lobster again i like how you can choose who you want to [ __ ] eat out of the tank
it seems very just it feels very like it’s legal murder a little bit a lot of power
in the i was listening to something and i thought that they stopped doing that there’s probably a black market place we
could find that part of the experience maybe i don’t know okay so bread at number five in my four hole i got french fries you can’t
go wrong with french fries they’re these are better than the next three
better be good well you don’t even like vegetables so you’re not gonna like this one um number three i have asparagus
asparagus top five all time yeah asparagus is up there um garlic
pickled or like sauteed not pickled i like them sauteed in a pan garlic butter especially on the side of a steak with
mashed potatoes the asparagus just fits right it tastes right it really goes with all the flavors so at number three asparagus at number two i’m gonna go off
one of your same thing is yours chips and salsa you can’t you can’t it’s never i’ve never even if it’s not
even that good of a salsa i’ve never had it and been like wow it’s just always good you’re always having like 50 of a
minimum it’s just it’s always good it’s just overall comfort food i think i know which number one is i’m not going to say it number one is something that
it’s it’s something very dear to my heart and i think it’s a lot of it’s something very dear to many hearts
around the world actually number one mashed potatoes yep mashed [ __ ] pasta
the cool thing about mashed potatoes is even if they’re like not that good of
mashed potatoes they’re still [ __ ] amazing i mean and then even and you can put a lot of butter and put a medium
amount of butter in it whatever you put garlic garlic mashed potatoes there’s just so many options and it’s so good
what would thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes you know what i mean it’s just it’s an overall staple in american cuisine and i think it’s just
so i’m gonna go out on a limb here i don’t know if i’m gonna offend you with this one i love mashed taters 100 percent i love mashed potatoes i think
gravy is a disgrace on them i think it depends where you’re getting them from because because there’s a lot
of like thanksgiving i don’t like that great that brown [ __ ] i don’t i
but i also it also depends how much butter sees et cetera is in the taters and what do they taste like and
what they taste like if they’re like just because some people some mashed potatoes
are made for the gravy so there’s not as much seasonings in it not as much okay to kind of let this cause the gravy very salty let the gravy take over and put
those extra flavors and let those go dancing in the system okay so you know there’s that as well but i mean if it’s a very well seasoned you know good
amount of butter depending if it’s garlic or not then yeah mashed potatoes by itself is also good but that’s the great thing about mashed potatoes it’s
good either [ __ ] way yeah i’m just i’m not a big fan of the gravy the uh like what what is the worst thanksgiving
dish to you i think it’s stuffing i’ve never liked stuff i don’t i don’t know i’ve never liked stuff i don’t know
what it is what is it dude you know it’s okay this is not a
joke you don’t know it’s not joking i don’t know what it is this okay this might be crazy some
people i actually i’m not kidding i don’t know i’ve never once eaten it it looks like little broccolis but they’re
brown but i think i think it’s like there’s bread crumbs and [ __ ] i don’t know but like all i know is it’s like when i see i’m like okay everything else
looks better and i’ve just i’ve stayed away from for so long that like even in my older age i’ve actually almost asked
people but i’m like they’re going to think i’m so stupid because this is i i don’t what
is it i don’t [ __ ] know i don’t know stuffing because that’s like the crown jewel of
thanksgiving what i don’t get is that it doesn’t even go in the turkey
it’s just a boat it’s just like i don’t know a bowl of stuffing that doesn’t remember when i was little i thought it was pulled out of the turkey yeah so i’m
like oh is this like poo poo clumps or it’s just stuffing that doesn’t get stuffed yeah so i mean yeah i’ve never
been a stuffing guy i mean i was also gonna say oh my god i don’t even know if this is a
popular thanksgiving dish this is just like a family get-together dish i can’t stand is [ __ ] like deviled
eggs well you don’t like it and i [ __ ] can’t do it like the wow like
i actually like a deviled egg yeah you’re [ __ ] gross did you uh did your family ever do it was like mandarin
oranges and marshmallows mandarin oranges and marshmallows yeah my great
grandma did some [ __ ] i’ve never [ __ ] with okay that they’re they’re that that’s
like when you’re a little kid and you grab [ __ ] and mix it and you think it’s gonna they’re from missouri i mean you know mandarins
mandarin orange oh man but man i said mandarins isn’t that like that’s a language
mandarin yeah yeah [Laughter] anyways um oranges and marshmallows that
sounds [ __ ] awful oh it’s [ __ ] disgusting yeah i don’t know about that yeah so my my family’s never done oranges and marshmallows it was like
some [ __ ] have you had green meat i’ve never had green bean casserole i’ve had it i mean my aunt always makes it
every year and it smells good but a casserole is just a casserole are you are you a big oh sorry
a casserole is just called a casserole if it’s made in the casserole dish right
is there layers is that why it’s a casserole or is it a casserole because it’s just cooked in the oven in the casserole dish
so if it’s clumped together in a casserole dish it’s a casserole i think so because it’s like it’s in like a dish like a deep dish pizza you know it’s a
deeper dish yeah i guess okay yeah that makes sense okay yeah what are you a big um
are you a big ham guy or turkey guy because i was asked that question by alex i think was it alex i’m at her
house it’s a good question but it’s it’s it’s depending how it’s cooked and how good it is like i could be a turkey guy
but if the turkey’s like and put the ham super good i’m a ham guy but usually i do i get both usually i do both so i can
honestly say that a lot of times the turkey’s very dry but there was one year my
grandfather this guy i guess it was like the thing he did he would only make 20 of them a
year he would like smoke these things for like days and if you got on the list you could
have one for your thanksgiving right the be it was like fall off the bone turkey and it was like kind of pinkish and then
and it was juicy if you crushed the fork in it the juices would run down yes i don’t like the deep fried ones because
then it’s just it’s just yeah it’s this dry yeah [ __ ] i feel like i’m chewing on [ __ ] yeah the turkey gravy
though on the turkey also just inserts i’m not a gravy guy i like biscuits and gravy but i’m not like what
you don’t put any gravy on like the turkey gravy on the no no really i like the raw dog i mean i’ll i’ll eat
a raw dog as well but i mean the tur the gravy just gives it that extra little actual little kick so yeah yeah what are
we at right now uh 38 38. well [ __ ] time flies and you’re a piece of [ __ ] i don’t know jack where
can they find you oh they can find me at jack underscore spin z where can they find you they can find me
isaiah underscore lesney on instagram or both of our instagrams at the around the launch table instagram page and make
sure you check out the patreon patreon.com we have some ideas for some
things to keep adding we’re not gonna we’re gonna we we potentially are going to add another
segment slash mini show within but you can only get it if you subscribe and pay
for the patreon slash or the absolute apple podcast so yeah um we will let you know when that’s rolling out it’s not
it’s still in the works yet for our cast and who’s going to be on yeah it’s going to be basically a debate desk we’re just going to [ __ ] argue and cuss each
other out um yeah but it’s going to be more than more than me and jack so whenever that gets started we’ll let you guys know but that’s going to be the
next edition and the next yeah next direction of atlt at some point in the coming months so keep an eye out for
that hopefully this summer uh maybe some vlogging type [ __ ] yeah maybe some vlogging type [ __ ] yeah we’re going to it’s going to be yeah we’re going down
some different pathways here and um sometimes so there’s a fork in there so the merch the merch unfortunately um we
did lose our artist uh jake todd he got he moved away he’s got really busy with work and everything like that
and he’s done such a great job with all the merch and everything like that so we are kind of scrambling here too someone
wants to volunteer either either way um we are going to have another summer collection we’re going to do some small edits on some other things to still have
a new thing and maybe add some new items so keep an eye out for that and we will announce on the instagram page when it’s there but um anything else uh
we got new denim jackets i’ll have mine this week i’ll display it on the next uh [ __ ] what i didn’t know that like the
one i wear of alex’s yeah but it’s embroidered atl that’s actually sick as [ __ ] yeah so i’m gonna try that out i’ll
show it off to you guys do a little fashion show yeah all right um yeah that’s it so oh cool well thanks guys for tuning in um you listen here heard
it here folks forced forced hurry here first around the list table baby we’ll see you guys next week and see ya
let’s get rowdy up in here
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