J & Z have a very special guest… Big country…. the man the myth the legend. Big country talks about ground food, wearing watermelon shoes, and more. 
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you today we have the man the myth the legend connor aka
big country connor how you doing i’m doing good god it’s uh it’s great it’s great to finally be on we’ve been it is
we’ve been talking about this since uh fourth of july fourth of july last fourth of july
hell of a trip made the made the journey over the mountains yes i’m here i’m here exactly
we’re glad to have you here manchester united you haven’t seen was that the last time we saw you was fourth of july well i think we thought we went to the bar in tacoma the last time i saw you uh
it was bailey’s it was it was a disaster for me oh that was the night okay still greek
yeah yeah because that was what happened that wasn’t there wait you weren’t i wasn’t there i could have swore you were
there i thought he was there maybe i was there physically not mentally i don’t know i
don’t know but that was a fun night but yeah why did i say fourth or late we definitely saw you then but um i think before that was fourth of july which was
a great [ __ ] trip that was a trip on oh yeah yeah oh yeah no that wasn’t that it was gonna bring up something
it’s always it’s always a good time it’s always a good time yeah okay so uh big country first question i
have to ask you all right so uh tell tell uh tell them what you do first because yeah of course yeah what you do
for your job what do you do day to day uh i uh i’m an emt i work on an ambulance it’s a good job i’ve been
doing it for about three years now okay can’t complain it’s uh people helping
people oh yeah exactly it’s it’s good work so like uh if you’re like doing the emergency [ __ ] if you’ve seen anything
nuts oh yeah oh yeah it’s uh you know after a while you uh
it’s just you don’t get surprised anymore yeah you just don’t get surprised after a while but it’s been good it’s been a
uh it’s been a good experience continues to be a good experience um yeah you know i love it it’s like a warrior a like a
war vet in vietnam you know you killed one you killed them all you know not quite not quite
not quite so uh like so you deal with like [ __ ] druggies or you got in his [ __ ] store like yeah tell us tell us
tell us some stuff well you know i mean it’s it’s it’s part of the job
it’s part of it but it’s uh you wake up you wake up in the morning and put your pants on too you know yeah and it’s uh
deal with a a wide variety of people for sure yeah um you know but yeah we uh
get to deal with uh i’m not gonna call them druggies you know yeah but uh yeah we uh partiers
just parties what do you call them in the er like uh a patient well yeah yeah that’s just
a patient you know just just a patient just just a patient so have you had any [ __ ] crazy ones or oh yeah
you know like one day we were uh i was talking to this one guy you know i saw him he was he was grubbing around in
the gravel rubbing he’s grubbing yeah he had his finger you know grubbing around the gravel
outside of my station and uh i was like hey man you know like what are you what are you doing
just curiosity you know yeah you know curiosity killed the cat but that’s what they say about it oh what are you doing
man he’s like oh well uh i’m looking for looking for ground food ground food and i was you know piqued my
interest and i was like you find anything good i was like ground floor like what’s what’s ground food
and he’s like uh you know ground food it’s like no i don’t know yeah i’m not a [ __ ]
bird i don’t look for worms and he’s like picks up this piece of gravel he goes yeah i like ground food
and he pops a pebble in his mouth and just downs it wait swallows it or actually tries to try
he just downs it like a pill what a pebble like just a pebble yeah just a normal pebble it was smooth you
know it wasn’t like a jagged but i mean like that which would probably go down i mean no no milk no
chaser just just straight gravel just a straight stone huh and i was just like
wow wow that’s so weird and that answered every question that i had
and i went you know what no further questions and i went about my day and uh well he was already to the at the er he
was already where you work so i mean if you need it yeah i was like hey you know if you need a hand i didn’t tell him that but you know he knows okay what’s
your number in case i find more ground food like he starts i just have to imagine that if you
get that out if you continue to do that like you know eventually eventually it’s going to come out the other end and it’s
going to hurt like what i don’t understand is why is that like a habit a common habit i don’t know you know i don’t what do you think it
was on like meth or something probably yeah that would that would be my guess because i feel like if he’s actually hungry wouldn’t he just go like steal
something or look in garbage cans or something um you know i’ve i can’t speak from experience i’ve never
never uh never never never searched for ground never smoked the rock or uh
look for any ground food myself but i have heard
the rumor on the street is that you you lose your entire appetite so you just kind of so
if you’re not hungry you just go to rocks naturally well yeah you know i mean you think it’s good good fiber you’d think it fills the gap in your
stomach i feel like you get bloated pretty quick yeah you know it’s possible um but yeah i that can’t be good after a
handful those later on you’re just like oh well he just ate him one at a time right yeah i know he’s just like yeah ground food and i’m just like oh oh oh i
i see now you’re looking at co-workers oh ground food brown food and then he just popped it
and i was just like damn okay that answered every question that i had that’s impressive and i’m i’m not going
to say that i just went about my day never thought about it again because i’m still thinking about this guy though
i’m still thinking about this guy that was munching on rock well not munching swallowing rocks just like do you ever
when you walk on gravel now do you think about that guy yeah like like i’ll just feel like i would i’ll just walk across my driveway
barefoot and i was just like wow dude like that and then and then then you see that smooth rocker like that’s some good
ground yeah you know if i ever uh if i ever go [ __ ]
on my luck you know maybe maybe gravels on the map i’m gonna go and grapple and
think about that every time exactly and i assume you know maybe if you you know grab around enough maybe
occasionally you find a corn kernel or maybe assorted foliage a sesame seed i don’t
know maybe you get something good occasionally you know it’s just like but you know if the shit’s all dried up you
just take a pebble i assume you just roll the dice and occasionally you get a rock and sometimes you get something tasty i just
i i just don’t know have you ever had anyone like like out of their mind kind of thing like oh yeah oh yeah it’s that
it’s it’s pretty uh
no no so it’s the uh the older generation yeah yeah yeah but um yeah it’s uh
it’s it’s been a uh constant doing business it’s been uh it’s been good it’s been a ride but i i love it it’s good job and
uh you don’t can see myself continuing to do it in the future you’re helping the community you go you go to bed every
fourth night and you know one pebble at a time yeah you know and it uh a good skipping rock yeah a good
skipping rock but um no that’s awesome uh i did have a question for you yeah so uh we met you
through a a mutual friend of ours uh aiden and he’s always called you big country so is there a story to that name
oh yeah yeah i don’t know oh yeah come on give it to us oh
yeah well you know don’t worry no one in the medical field listens to this podcast so i wouldn’t be so sure about
that uh many many moons ago [ __ ] i don’t even [ __ ] remember it
was probably i was probably uh 16 years old okay
and aiden and uh aiden’s brother drake and drizzy and a bunch of other people
we went down to uh the cowlitz river for the fourth of july you know a big camping trip lots of fun
you can’t can’t go wrong with it and uh you know we were we uh we had a
good time uh for a lot for uh without saying anything more and there was this lady there who i
believe owned the property i believe you hope
i think i don’t actually know um her name was penny i believe penny for
your thoughts um and i on the first day you know i was
wearing you know i’m a i’m a i’m a i’m a big guy you know i’m uh i’m a chunky
dude and i was wearing this shirt that was american flag and i’m not talking like an american flag on the shirt the whole
shirt was oh i see him okay i mean it’s fourth of july that’s very appropriate yeah you know it was it was really cool
it was really patriotic and uh penny you know she looked at me pennywise and you know she goes
he’s big and he’s wearing a country so he’s big country and that [ __ ] stuck no that that that
simple huh uh six years later you know it’s just you know you put you put two things together that
are right in front of you big yeah and the legacy continues big and uh wearing a cup wearing a country yeah
that that works the united states we’re in a country so it’s a big country and that’s where it it’s i think you embody the best characteristics of the united
states i i i appreciate that and i would agree with you yeah i haven’t seen you with this hair man yeah
this is a lot this is the longest i’ve ever grown it out i always have a uh you know buzz cut so yeah are you gonna dread it
or like do anything fun i’ve thought about it you know i heard the other day
i don’t know if this is true i’ve never had dreads i don’t know anybody who’s ever had dreads actually
ain’t had dreads yeah a long time ago somehow maybe this is factual maybe this is not but i’ve heard
that dreads actually what holds them together is fungus like that naturally grows in your
hair that keeps them together no [ __ ] and like the dirt and the grime yeah kind of yeah basically does i don’t know if it’s actually i never knew it was
actually fungus i’ve i thought it was like wax or maybe like i thought you had to sculpt it i did too i did too i don’t
know but just don’t wash your hair i do know i know i do know like the dirt and like the grime like the natural grease that comes with your hair like actually
help with that so i don’t know if that’s true or not but somebody was telling me that it’s fungus i was just like wow
well how does it get into the long tubes you know like the lots of [ __ ] fungus i guess
well i think it just happens over time once it’s rolled together kind of and then that’s what kind of makes it stick oh yeah interesting i don’t know
interesting so there’s a there’s another thing i want to ask you about there they’re big i always want to like like abbreviate
your names just say like what’s up big [ __ ] you know but then that doesn’t really work i almost said i heard i almost said bc but i guess i think the
same black [ __ ] or something um so big country you uh you have a
reputation around here yeah of jumping on tables wearing watermelon shoes uh watermelon watermelon
watermelon hats actually can you explain the watermelon thing to us well you know it just uh and how and how long have you
been in arts and crafts well you know it all started that
watershed of 2017. he’s got it down there or 18. looks like this is when it all went bad i was
uh yeah i think i was still in high school i don’t remember the first watershed i
ever attended which i mean that [ __ ] place where the [ __ ] do you get the watermelons i don’t know
people bring them i i don’t know i honestly don’t hey guys you’re bringing watermelon there’s a watermelon vendor
there i honestly don’t know where the watermelon came from but you know it was it was getting towards the end of the night especially a whole one usually
it was getting towards the end of the night from uh you know what has been told to me i don’t remember
and [ __ ] drake just pulls a watermelon out i don’t know where he got it we didn’t bring a watermelon because
usually nobody on a trip you’re bringing like the cubes of melanoma and you know i was you know you know i had
consumed my fair share and uh he just [ __ ] breaks a watermelon out and just goes oh you know what to do
and you’re like yeah and let me tell you i [ __ ] knew what to do i just you know cranium through the watermelon
i smashed that [ __ ] and ever since then it’s been a popular request oh i’m going to bring a watermelon so you’re wearing
this like a hat or like shoes you could also use coke hands you could i i think the first watermelon that ever got
smashed i think it got eaten you know with bare hands
yeah just digging in you know just like like a cupped hand i don’t know see i i
suppose i’ve heard of the watermelon shoes i’ve just always wanted to see you walk in like so do you like hollow them out
and then you put your feet in them and you can
yeah you cut the bottom out so your bare feet are still on the ground but the watermelon’s still covering the
top so it looks like you’re well yeah i mean and it’s it’s actually really practical you
know it keeps you from a sunburn and but yeah you know the juice is kind of good for your skin moisturizing the
watermelon it’s perfect because you cut it in half that’s two shoes so one watermelon you don’t need do you
need birkenstocks or crocs you’ve seen a watermelon well yeah yeah and but you’re still walking barefoot but you have the tops covered from sunburns of course
yeah yeah yeah that’s so there’s another that’s where the practicality comes in is the sunburn you don’t want to get your feet exactly so do you do any other
melons or just have not branched out to other melons yeah like a pumpkin or a
pumpkin a pumpkin is possible it’s definitely possible washer hard though yeah the thing about a watermelon is you
know once you get past the first like quarter inch like the rest is easy yeah yeah and it’s like what 90 water or
something so yeah yeah i still think watermelon hulk hands has got to be up next yeah
i still think you you haul those houses to your fists and start the watermelon’s like 80 percent water and my head’s like
90 hollow so yeah so the math works i mean yeah the math is [ __ ] you know y
equals mx plus b exactly but yeah um the table you know that was
uh i i saw you do that one every everybody was a great buffalo bills fan
everybody was you know jacking me up about the table they’re just like oh yeah you gotta jump on the table you know we’re not gonna but we you need to
it’s water it’s watershed like we’re not leaving until you jump on the table and aiden
my friend aiden ever my my uh my good friend aiden breaks a table out and goes yeah dude smash this one
i was like are you sure he’s like yeah dude no this one and you know lots of uh
lots of lots of beers and whiskey later i just [ __ ] jump on this table jump off a car uh i don’t remember i think it
was a cooler i don’t know i don’t have to get very high you know clocking in at 320 pounds i don’t have
to get very high to to put the hurting on the table put the put the put the one two three
put the beat down on a barbecue table or uh you know like an outside table yeah so i just jump on this table come to
find out the next day um after i’d woken up and was not drunk
that it was aidan’s parents table and they did not want that table smashed
they were not very nice one uh well probably just one they used a lot yeah
it was very practical you know it fit just right in the van in that certain spot yeah maybe they wanted it for that
so i kind of feel like i was set up for failure but so yeah um well aydah knew better he set
you up for failure on that one yeah well no he he had you smashed another one of their tables at his yeah he did he did
just once you did he smashed his parents [ __ ] he’s like it’s not mine yeah at his house you did another one too you
don’t he jumped off the cinder blocks was that his at his birthday yeah yeah yeah we were all drinking margaritas and [ __ ] yeah and you jumped on his parents
table yeah you did it’s probably still behind their freaking house it probably yeah it probably is there’s a graveyard for all the time we’re gonna fix it one
of these just just a table graveyard like the table’s in half and it’s like a tombstone
here lies i don’t i don’t recall that one but uh oh i were i think
it definitely happened there’s a video somewhere circulating around there is yeah so like when you do um it kind of
reminded me the uh so when you’re when you do the watermelon [ __ ] like obviously you don’t eat it afterwards
like a [ __ ] cannibal i don’t eat it but it gets eaten it gets eaten by somebody wow not by me though wow that’s a girl
you take home to mom right there i agree a total disregard just you know what all i see here is a watermelon yup
all i see is big countries [ __ ] does and the watermelon and i’m going to town well the watermelon is eaten once the
shoes are created it has to be it has to be hollowed out yeah yeah
yeah yeah are you a big foot guy no no i actually
i actually i actually really dislike i do to be honest
a weird fact that i’ve always found extremely extremely strange jack hates feet which a lot of people don’t like
feet but yeah he prefers feet barefoot whether he hates him with socks on more than the
feet more than the barefoot because the socks like are like a sweat container and i don’t like that even you don’t know even if they’re like brand new
socks out there i didn’t say brand new okay i just never know you never okay you never know so okay here’s the thing
if you don’t like feet i would much rather a sock be on my arm than a bare foot yeah well this is the opposite
which is a weird it’s a weird thing to think about but i don’t have like a foot fetish let’s go into analysis of this no i’m saying like i know there’s people
who are like into like [ __ ] you know get getting their tongue but between the toes we’re not even talking about fetishes we’re talking about
the feeling of socks on bare on my uh someone else’s socks on my face rather someone’s grumpy bare feet be on you you
know that is i could not i couldn’t put somebody else’s sweaty socks on my feet like the thought of that makes me want
to [ __ ] gag yeah that would be oh yeah of course um you know this is this is actually another another thing i learned at
watershed you know that one time at band camp yeah at watershed so i you know i grew up my entire life i made it
many many years without wearing someone else’s songs never knowing that like a foot fetish was a
thing oh really i didn’t even know i like i just thought that you know you either think feet or whatever or you
think they’re gross yeah like i didn’t think there’s people out there that like want to get there’s just so many
there’s just so other great picks amongst and that’s the thing you pick i don’t know yeah so
go to adult shop and they just have like foot [Laughter] looks like a serial killer’s shed
you’ve seen a foot yeah i see like i’ve seen a like i’ve seen a torso like a rubber fist that’s just
like this i haven’t seen a foot though i don’t know quite know what you do with that
but anyways like i was saying at watershed imagination at watershed i just remember this this is like
you know i remember walking down like the rows of like the tents and [ __ ] you know i was i was i was young and
naive i knew nothing about people actually had foot fetishes i think i might have even been with
aiden i don’t remember but i just like look over and i just see this dude going
to [ __ ] town on this chick’s feet just licking on it i’m just like like i was but i like looked at it and
it registered my brain and i [ __ ] thought about it for the rest of the night it was disgusting they’re like i don’t know why i’m hard
right okay also you’re also it’s summertime you’re it’s yeah i like it it’s not an environment in which it’s
like this is a suitable act i and i just like thought about it like a lot like it disturbed you it was a really it was a
pivotal moment and i like we got back to like our tent and i was like telling people about it they’re like oh yeah like that’s a thing
i was like what the [ __ ] [ __ ] are you kidding i know when you like get older and you
get into things but that’s not one i don’t know how you find out you’re into that it’s just like god that foot
looks i wanna just like that like like that like that’s the thing that kind of does it for you like i don’t know all
the other things out of all the body parts yeah that’s the one that does it for you yeah i don’t know i mean i will
say back on the on the foot that you can buy um
i ended up seeing one on instagram i’m intrigued and it’s like it’s like a foot but like you know where the ankle would
be it was like a pocket [ __ ]
so it’s like it’s like uh it’s like it’s like the guy on tick tock that’s like [ __ ] how does it go he’s like uh
what’s tick-tock you watching no no the guy the guy that just saw the cover the guy that’s just posted like nut tick
tocks that were nothing but these like themed pocket [ __ ] that oh okay like like the [ __ ] please tell me i’m
not [ __ ] crazy i’ve seen the theme when it was like a steve harvey one and had his mother yes
and he’s like uh i’ve seen that yeah i know what you’re talking about what is he he says something that’s like
i’ve heard a lot he’s like uh be my guest and i’m gonna welcome this one to the runway and he’s just got
like like a shrek themed pocket [ __ ] with like the [ __ ] like the ogre ears and like the eyes and
everything i was just like holy [ __ ] oh my god he’s like yeah this is a really exclusive one for my collection i was
just like dude who the [ __ ] dude there are people that there is somebody
out there that collects just about everything yeah there is he’s got the [ __ ] warmers for him i mean i do think there’s better things to collect
than that but like what like what other one just like the whole point of that like like a pinocchio that’s what i was
doing what do you show like i’m saying that’s okay let’s say you’re something you collect you’re an avid collector and something you want to share something like that is that somebody like hey guys
do you want to see my pocket [ __ ] and this one’s fiona before she turns like what’s the point of having a
collection if you’re the only one who’s you know what i’m saying people collect things like to show it off yeah exactly like you having like a
you know in like you’re at like your hutch in your living room and you just like you walk into a guy’s house like imagine like imagine
being a girl and like going over to a guy’s house and you walk in the front door and it’s just [ __ ] a hutch full
of disney themed pocket [ __ ] and this one is snow white i would feel
like he’s gonna kill me and stuff me and put him on his wall i’m pretty sure a lot of them were like disney themed and oh it seems like even even serial
killers like to show off their work they can’t help it but that’s why they get caught because they just can’t help it yeah exactly
the thing is there’s something about disney people you know the people who really like like they’re in like their 30s and 40s
and they’re still wearing the mickey ears and [ __ ] yeah i’m not something about it weirds me out
like like i i like it dude i do agree it’s a crap yeah yeah but to go as far as disney’s
themed pocket [ __ ] i mean if you’re going to get i mean i don’t want you better you’d better get the dwarves i don’t remember if any of them were
disney themed i’m just kind of like spitballing on because of shrek yeah um but it’s possible you know i mean yeah
if he has that you can imagine the other array of things and these are the ones he shows you he’s definitely he’s got like a shoulder blade you
definitely know he has like a secret chest he had a lot of them too he had like 40 of them and i’m like going through this
tick tock i’m like i mean i wonder if it has like a certain day for each one and i’m like 20 minutes deep in like all of
these tick tocks like and i finally like broke myself from my trance i was like holy [ __ ] i’m trying to find a link yeah
let’s change it i got i was like i’d watch like 30 of these videos and finally like broke my trance i was like holy [ __ ] why am i
looking i got to get out of here i’m in i’m
just in the break room at work just casually scrolling through pocket [ __ ] tick tocks yeah and then it takes one person to walk by it’s like dude it
looks like i was i was actually into th this how do you explain it’s not what it looks like what is it what does have you
ever had to explain like something that like shows up on your social media to sound like an older like co-worker or something yeah i was one of the unlike
like you always see this happening to other people where people get like their facebook or like their instagram hacked
like for me it was facebook where i got my original facebook tag i was like 12 [ __ ] years old
and i get like this spam bot posting like these making these posts to these like
scam links and like the thumbnail on these posts is just like some girl just
getting [ __ ] and i was like 12 years old and i get a call from my aunt
she’s like maybe it wasn’t my aunt maybe it was somebody else i don’t know but i get a call from a family member
and they’re like hey like what are you posting on facebook i was like i have no idea what you’re
talking about and i like go look and it’s just like 15 posts from con from me
of just like of just all of these close-ups
all of these porn thumbnails that like you know some person would click on it and then you know before you know it before you
know it your bank account says negative forty thousand dollars you’re just and your uh sex doll shows up in a box at
your house yeah i’m gonna guess that these thumbnails aren’t you know two couples making well that’s some no it’s
some really off colored [ __ ] yeah from what i remember this was like this was many years ago it’s a very
custom video and then like since then i’ve seen like other people get hacked yeah i was just
like and they’re posting like the and but theirs are like the 80 off rebound classes oh yeah
it’s the same kind of thing it’s the same it’s the same kind of thing it’s [ __ ] falls for this [ __ ] though like especially actually
i definitely fell for the people i definitely fell for the ray-bans when i was like 14. i was like holy [ __ ] like 10 bucks for ray-bans oh [ __ ] yeah yeah
mom give me your credit card and then i’m just like oh [ __ ] i gave my whole [ __ ] home computer a virus
got all the spam [ __ ] yeah i was not i was naive he just or like the weight loss videos of like
oh i lost 70 pounds in three weeks eating this slim fast cake
eat whatever you want [Laughter] this pill yes do you remember the [ __ ] what was that girl that was on
like every weight loss video uh she was like shredded she was on the biggest loser jillian michaels
i want to know what happened to like a lot like when we were younger like all of those shows like howie mandel what the [ __ ]
happened to howie mandel like come on does he i think he still does uh the voices shows or some [ __ ]
but uh like uh deal or no deal oh what happened though i think that was howie mundell howie mon mandel yeah or
like uh is ryan seacrest on [ __ ] yeah they actually rebooted american idol and ryan secret’s back no [ __ ] rebooted
america yeah just just this year dude have you ever watched the compilations of the worst ones like sometimes i’m
like you can’t be serious dude the olden days of american idol were so good though dude i just loved how mean they were i loved it
simon randy jackson’s no for me dawg that’s a no for me dawg this is the biggest horse [ __ ] i’ve ever heard
[ __ ] simon yeah dude i actually uh we had someone from our church who went and tried out
obviously was not the american idol but yeah i honestly i actually really liked america’s got talent too america’s got
talent was good it was a good one yeah with uh oh [ __ ] piers morgan yeah yeah
and then freaking uh ozzy osbourne’s wife yeah
sharon sharon i i saw a video of ozzy osbourne
from like recently and that guy’s he’s he’s he’s he just has done so much [ __ ] in his
life that his [ __ ] brain is he it just looks like a dried apricot didn’t he snort ants once i don’t know probably
i mean that’s probably the least lethal i heard that he used to bite off rat heads at his concert and spit him into the audience
yeah i’m sure he did a lot of outlandish [ __ ] but i mean what makes you want to do that i mean
possession or maybe it was bats it was bats and that’s how corona started well
they’re flying rodents so yeah it’s still the same thing but bite off bad
where where do you find bats to but it’s like hey make sure we have a doesn’t have like you have like the band manager hey can you go outside and catch some
bats maybe like is are bats like do people have them as pets like could you go like petco and get a bat no i don’t
think so and then you’re like at the local petco you see ozzy osbourne walking you’re just like oh jesus [ __ ] right on the shoulder not this
guy again he’s just biting the head off that whisper jesus
yeah no i uh no what was that movie that came out it was called like dirt who was that about yeah that was about uh motley
crue monthly crew yeah that was i was interested i [ __ ] love motley crue yeah the [ __ ] rock and roll man i
don’t know that [ __ ] went nuts yeah i would love to think that i could do it but it was uh that’s a little too hard
that’s a hell of a lifestyle dude at the very beginning where it’s like you’re 10 seconds in there’s some [ __ ] just water works remember that yeah yeah yeah and
there’s in the living room and it’s like yeah it was the time back then it was a crazy time back oh it was it was the times and
they all had bushes yeah you know yeah they don’t call it an 80s bush for nothing you know are you a bush guy but
uh no i don’t know anyone now after you’ve really experienced the
no bush it’s like why the [ __ ] was this a thing i mean i’ve i’ve gotten duped before and i’m just like holy [ __ ] bush
i’ve come this far like i don’t really i’m this far to come this far i i didn’t come this far to quit so you just kind
of just let it happen exactly let it happen that’s that’s a that’s a good one but you’re just like
oh [ __ ] i mean like a little or like like one one time was really bad i almost was
just like i almost i almost just threw the cargo shorts back on and headed on back to my
house didn’t want to go splunking that’s another thing you know i i you know same
with like the foot fetish something i didn’t know until i was like older is that people some people like
hating cargo shorts is a thing yeah it is 100 i like i remember okay early in high school cargo shorts with nike socks
with your lanyard out was the you’re the [ __ ] at that point you were that guy
and people would have yeah always the exact cargo shorts one of the nike socks and vans and the lanyard hanging out or the
the skyline socks the seattle skyline socks we didn’t grow up here i’m younger than you guys so
maybe that’s not but i remember it was that they’re they’re nike how old are you uh i’m 22. no [ __ ] i just turned 22 like
three days ago well happy birthday thank you sure yeah you some for some reason you seem older
than you are i think it’s your maturity possible but i don’t want to that’s possible already at 31 i mean
no i think it’s good yeah you happy you have anything else you want to say it’s about it for me i love it yeah
after this we’re probably gonna go find some ground food outside there’s pebs there’s plenty of it yeah
but um well i think that’s gonna [ __ ] do it folks um connor where can they find you on social media uh instagram
just uh actually conor underscore antipa keep it simple there you go instagram that’s it there
you go jack where can they find you jack underscore spence where can they find you isaiah underscore lesney you can find both of
our instagrams at around the ones table make sure you check out patreon.com around the lunch table for episodes early ish exclusive content
also shout out to all our sponsors z merch oh um make sure you stick around
merch is coming it is coming coming coming and it is coming hard and you better prepare yourselves yeah you
better open your mouth yourself we’ll make it announcement when it’s officially out we’re gonna come with some new things trying to get uh
jake if you’re listening trying to get jake too yeah but either way we’ll come up with some new things um it’ll be a new collection for spring
and summer combined because it’s kind of early spring already so yeah exactly um we’ll get ahead of that but yeah um connor thanks for coming it’s always an
honor and a pleasure uh for everyone else we will see you next week and see ya
let’s get rowdy up in here

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