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Episode 62

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J& Z talk about Amy Schumer, actors we don’t like, and some other bad stuff
no i can’t hear you you can’t no that can i don’t know but i did perform this bad
ass [ __ ] birthday stupid thing stupid thing 62 yeah 62.
i think so [ __ ] hit it oh [ __ ] let me replace myself too many chords
too many chords in the floorboards you using way too many napkins blapkins
danica patrick is recording yeah it’s [ __ ] wrong yeah
yeah uh [ __ ] me oh i wouldn’t
you have meat today i mean i had pizza ah yeah fettuccine oh that’s what i’m
smelling that’s good all right we’re not putting that in there that’s just weird welcome back slap dicks this is around
the launch table that was so loud dude in the [ __ ] turn you down jesus
wow that piece oh yeah it did yeah it did turn those down just a hair
a hair welcome back slap dicks it’s around the lungs table episode 62 this is 62 first i just want to thank our
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we’ll see we skipped last week because you know we’re just busy little bees and you know we’re just the busy bees in the highs but buzz bugs a lot going on a lot
going on a lot going parents [ __ ] family all coming into town
it’s uh it’s really just caused a ruckus but we’re back on it we’re good it has uh so well z let’s uh you know we gotta
we have a couple things to chat about that’s the first thing yes we do that we do uh
the first thing is uh so you and i you know so the question i have you ever played
sports with someone that acts like you know they talk a big game
and you know and then they suck yeah and then you play with them but then they add then they but you really think that they don’t think that they suck you know
what i’m talking about or it’s like it’s like the kid you pass the basketball to and he’s always shooting threes but he misses every time yeah i know so what is
your question i’m just saying have i ever met someone like that yes yeah i’ve met i don’t know my my question is do
you think that they know that they suck or they just like embarrass people i think it’s i think it’s an ego thing it’s like i’m [ __ ] good but is there
a sport that that that you suck at that you would say you’re just trashing because i’m horrible at basketball golf
probably well i’m trying to learn golf right now yeah i’m saying like like you’re good at baseball like are you good at football like i’ve never
really played you play football i’m pretty decent yeah yeah i can hold my own yeah qb though oh qb oh yeah okay he’s like
yeah i’m actually the tom brady in my generation we’re like those kids at races i’m playing qb i’m like dude you’re [ __ ] you have the worst arm in
this playground how are you that’s the people i’m talking about yeah i know what you’re talking about yeah yeah thank you because we would play
like football during recess and it was always i’ve qb i’m like dude you have the weakest arm in the whole school why
are you the [ __ ] qb or did you ever like kickball you’d always get that like easy out kid you know he’s got he’s a
little on the chubby side then he’d miss the ball yeah like he’d bumped there’s no punting how do you [ __ ]
kick ball no because it’d be like i’ve never understood that like you’re bunting in kickball just
[ __ ] kick it yeah the ball is bouncy it’s gonna go like what do you mean what are you scared of well he’s trying to
get a run in a second you know they’re like strategic dude you don’t sack bunt and kick
they have like [ __ ] science dude isn’t there like real kickball there is there is yeah i mean there’s
legion [ __ ] everything you know those like big glasses that are like all mirrored
you know they’re like super square like those burberry glasses maybe i feel like every kickball guy
owns a pair of those and a white backwards hat but then they have the jerseys with like their nicknames on the back it’s like
the roaster and then like you know he got called that one time you know if you had a name no
no uh i’m not making fun of just saying it’s it’s a person everyone has opinions if you were to name the worst sport that is
just like it what would what would you think that comes to mind i mean i i don’t want this to be my answer and
it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean that people will play that are pieces of [ __ ] it’s just nice i mean obviously curling is number one
not a sport cheerleading sport i mean there is gymnastics involved and there’s gymnastics so
technically yes it is a sport is this world but i’m saying in your opinion what is the stupidest one you’re just like i don’t understand how you get into that
i would say like it’s those it’s more of the adult versions of it you know it’d
be like oh i’m actually a part of like an an adult kickball team like that or like yeah when they’re not kids or young
yeah like 40. yeah and it’s like it’s like yeah i’m actually uh in the world champions for like cornhole or wall ball
i feel like honestly i beg to differ i feel like cornwall is electric really i feel like
you’ve never already [ __ ] fun did you watch the cornhole champions i watched some clips of it it’s kind of [ __ ] scary i love how it was sponsored by all
barbecue related foods yeah yeah like it was like it was like johnsonville
jack links and [ __ ] i’m like is this all meat no no it’s just all [ __ ] you would do it like a barbecue i mean that is the crowd you’re
yeah it’s more of a barbecue type sport you know i mean yeah a lot of middle-aged people mildly racist yeah
probably i i would say the thing with cornhole is that i feel like i’m not saying that that would be a sport i’m
saying like i’ve watched my this is kind of [ __ ] this goes hard i mean it’s just crazy because there’s like some 16
year old kid paired with like a 45 year old adult and they’re just sitting there like tapping the bags you know yeah it’s like [ __ ] walt and jesse from
breaking bad no there’s like three of them in the hole and he somehow like curves it right yeah and it’s like dude
do you think they have like [ __ ] strats and [ __ ] they probably do they they probably do any professional anything has straps for something i know
it’s just okay so like you know when an esport player puts professional athlete in
their bio do you agree with that i i do because of the fact that if nascar
isn’t you sit in a seat yeah i still take skill but so i’m saying i i still understand why there’s
x games for you getting medals yeah i like i’m a big esport i mean [ __ ] we watch it all the [ __ ] time valerian
vct yo shout out shaz um [ __ ] um
like i i am a big fan i feel like when their bio just says like professional athlete it’s just that’s
i mean i guess if you break it down to a technical term if you’re a professional and it’s kind of i mean does this athlete have a professional game sports
professional game not physical but you are an athlete i mean athlete is physical is it not that’s what an
athlete is it’s physical prowess prowess prowess or uh i swear sometimes you talk out your
eyes and i can never sometimes you get fat i’m not it is a word it’s just why is that the word you choose it’s just it’s
like it’s a physical like exertion can you make any good animal sounds
animal sounds yeah there was this kid named tommy that i grew up with who could literally make like a cow a
chicken a goat you know what i’m talking about oliver what’s he doing hi puppy
the cat is just all over me right now all right just want to lay down right there just just sit there you go
uh for those watching our cats in the middle of the framework um no okay i feel like you got a good animal [ __ ] impression i don’t okay
often i can do a good [ __ ] chicken has that in their reputation i can do a good chicken do a chicken [Laughter]
you and every other person okay fine then what is yours like a [ __ ] i don’t know i’ve never thought of it in
practice in my room you couldn’t remember practicing animals there’s one i don’t know what a bobcat i
don’t know what it was i’m just saying that was just a typical oh i i just figured you with all your impressions
would have a good oh probably a chimp oh do it [Laughter]
do you know dolphins are the only mammals that rape each other yeah you’ve said that very humbly many times not on
the podcast probably actually no uh dolphins are the only ones that steal things from each other and they steal
they don’t have backpacks and shits what if they steal they got like the [ __ ] army bag
you know like he stole this dolphin’s bape sweater what did he steal he saw this all dolphins vape what is okay i’m serious
whoever made that article do you think dolphins would vape if they could probably they’re the type to do that they aren’t like what i’m saying they’re
the second smartest man right they’re very smart but i’m saying how what do they steal like what are they smart at
algebra like i don’t get what they’re smart at well it’s i think it’s more intelligence it’s just not like you’re smart like you know what you know how to
do math you’re smart it’s just intelligence so like they know how to like
briskly go through i can ex no like i can explain it to you but you have to be smart for then explain it to
me have you ever seen the videos of them hunting it’s actually kind of crazy yeah that’s called an instinct i’ve seen it i’ve seen a chipmunk hunt down a [ __ ]
acorn more impressive than that [ __ ] like it’s that was so [ __ ] dumb no it’s not i’m saying like chipmunk hunt in acorn do
you have to stalk an acorn do you have to [ __ ] you have to sneak up on it oh we can’t head we gotta hit it tomorrow that
thing’s gonna there’s too many of them what are we gonna do like you’re [ __ ] scoping out a house waiting for the people to leave on
vacation it’s a universally known thing that dolphins are smart i’m saying why i was
about to give an example for you really interrupting me with chipmunks and acorns okay okay for example on planet earth great show amazing show show
they’re like there’s a school fish and all of them went around bang their t because their child water on the dirt bin
[Music] their tails so they basically brought up all the dust and sand so kind of like a sand
cloud around them and the fish wouldn’t swim through it so they stayed in the middle and they caught them in this thing it’s crazy and they just wouldn’t pick them all up what’s weird is i
remember watching planet earth and half of it is just them [ __ ] the one that i really remember is i would not say that i remember just watching eel’s mate
and they were just doing like this okay you know those barber shops it’s educational yeah you know those barbershop signs
that’s what the eels were doing i remember i was like really young so my mom’s like look away i’m like what am i gonna say i know it’s educational that
doesn’t matter yeah it’s like my i remember my mom being like jack like look away because it’s like it’s like one of those things like when i was
younger that i never understood is like when we’re watching first of all i’m young i didn’t choose the [ __ ] movie but like a sex scene comes on yeah and
my parents cover my eyes but then they’re just like yeah like it’s even more disturbing you’re watching it with me in here and then they you know both
go to the bathroom in their master bedroom at the same time come back out six minutes later just red in the face you just i did not encounter that
specific scenario i did not either then why did you say it it was just an example
i’m just figuring this out somewhere somewhere you love to paint pictures with an unfiltered brush just
i’ve actually used it twice not three but it’s true it is so true and i don’t it’s more just you’re you’re also you’re
also this is it i love you i love you i love you i love you but i love you but your piece of [ __ ] no i love you but you
are you also are a king of twisting words and and for comedic purposes yes
what you’re a king of twisting words and narratives to fit your little so works you’re you’re like a pretzel
barbie yeah and then the world is just shocked the world wasn’t shocked i think more she was shocked at her fans well no
they said they had creative differences they probably just asked her to lose a couple pounds honestly not even that first of all if you’re thinking of
barbie doesn’t margo robbie fit that perfectly marco robbie is barbara she is a barbie but then you know what’s gonna
happen people are gonna write to us and be like well what so amy schumer isn’t barb i know that they probably have like
no and she’s not and by the way amy schumer’s not funny she’s stupid she sucks and she just steals people’s she’s
terrible i don’t like her i’ve never liked peter is she your number one probably hated female celebrity amy schumer
i know she i know you’ve she’s been on your shitless 100 amy schumer i have never found i think she appeals to one
moms that are like you know take their morning percocet who are just so [ __ ] out of it that anything that’s good that’s what i think because there are a
lot of moms you know xanax ambien you know they’re just on their [ __ ] [ __ ] because you know their husbands work all day and they’re stuck at home doing
nothing i feel like she’s though that’s the crowd of people where they’ll find anything funny they’re like oh this lady
kind of looks like she’s never been funny she’s never not one [ __ ] time she’s not and i’m not saying female
comedians and everything can’t be funny she’s just not one of them she’s not one of them at all i [ __ ] hate her but
you know who i’ve held on so
so when you’re creating a movie right you cast people so there’s a lot of people that come up and try to read the
script and do the things so you’re telling me you’re having a barbie movie now let’s be honest we’re not fat shaming whatever the [ __ ] we all know
what barbie she’s not even that fat now she’s just not i wouldn’t say she’s just not an attractive woman even if she wasn’t like if she was just [ __ ]
she’s just it’s her personality just makes her ugly and so like she
she shows up to the casting room and they’re like but we don’t know i think maybe it was something of that was sheep
kind of planned but she said she left due to creative differences that was probably a nice way
of saying why i can’t compete with margot robbie yeah what which i don’t know why she was the first
choice she’s not funny she has no personality and she’s not unattractive so who who
would you want to party for a night with i would do you think it’d just be [ __ ] nuts it’d be really fun james
franco just because he’s rapey now you know i’m kidding
no uh i just feel like i feel like i’d see a lot of [ __ ] you know i just feel like he’s one of those
guys you wind him up and just watch james franco yeah i mean this isn’t a guy that i i
feel like would be in my top choices to hang out with it was the first one but for some reason you could kind of
yeah like charlie sheen in the olden days because he’s getting a little oldie probably even now he
probably still is a [ __ ] degenerate but well he’s not a coke head anymore i want to see cocaine do you know him do you hang out with him
this weekend no i believe he’s probably still i believe he went to i mean for publicity probably yeah he probably didn’t get his voice is
always weird what is he tuned half men yeah i know that but before that what
was he famous for acting i know but like i can’t name a specific movie we’ve seen a handful of
actually good movies i’ve never seen any of them though they’re all like 80s movies i know i haven’t seen all those
it’s just funny it’s like if you ask someone if they read and then they’re like oh yeah i’ve read a handful of books can you name five well you know
i’m stuck between them but i didn’t say i seen that i know i know so that’s see it twisted around we got one more time
that’s how ronald reagan became president wasn’t he just an actor before yeah like i have no idea yeah i remember
like uh mr hillis and if i said i thought i knew you’d think i know everything remember mr hill is showing us like a video of him just in there oh
maybe maybe maybe like how did arnold become governor of california
i’m sorry baby [Laughter] yeah i don’t know never give up never surrender
yeah i don’t know honestly but i i feel like once you get enough clout
didn’t caitlyn jenner try to become a i don’t know wouldn’t [ __ ] surprise me california
just [ __ ] us like we don’t even have politicians anymore we just have people how are we gonna yeah the most instagram followers get to run
the [ __ ] exactly i mean i don’t really know how all the intricacies work exactly if we did we wouldn’t be here
that’s probably true i mean it’s all about who you know you know that’s not what you know until you know that’s actually that’s a very true statement
you know oh yeah 100 i just think that um oh did you see caitlyn jenner call out the uh the freaking transgender uh
swimmer yeah which was weird hearing it from her because she is one well it’s because she or and or bruce i’m saying
before bruce was a olympian athlete i’m saying he’s probably like he’s probably like what or she excuse me sorry don’t
cancel me she’s probably like what the [ __ ] that’s so unfair yeah because regardless i’m if she says that then
obviously you know it’s like hello okay this is not outside the bounds of logic here it’s completely unfucking fair it’s stupid
i’m sorry it’s not transphobic to say you shouldn’t be there yeah i don’t think it’s a bad thing like like if you want to be trans cool
but you should just compete with it’s not fair like should lebron james [ __ ] go just be a woman and score 800
points in wnba like what are we gonna do it’s that’s a dangerous precedent for support it’s it’s a dangerous president
for sports the uh and for those who don’t know what happened there was a male swimmer he was ranked like 400
something 460 seconds uh they transitioned um and then they just won like
the [ __ ] gold and some [ __ ] he won the division one like title or something yeah and broke several records and it’s
it’s more it’s more of like for the girls who worked their whole career and it’s like and there’s nothing they can do about
that imagine the girl being second yeah that’s why it’s like you see the picture and they’re like celebrating on their own because like and they didn’t
even take pictures with the well yeah because and then and then this whole thing came out and they’re like oh it’s because
she’s trans i’m like no it’s because it’s unfair it’s literally cheating like would they want to take a picture of someone who did steroids no exactly and
it’s like i mean i remember we just watched that podcast with joe rogan i mean it’s even talking about the shape of the woman’s hips reaction times and
stuff there’s there’s just a difference that we separate men from women in sports that’s all it is yeah i mean it’s
not transphobic if you want to be trans we don’t give a [ __ ] yeah it’s it’s kind of ridiculous but i mean i would love to
[ __ ] you know i don’t even think there is a woman’s football league but well there’s lingerie football
dennis rodman actually has a team really he does i remember in middle school there was a girl across me i was tight
end and uh because i had a tight end um [Music] um but you know you like block like this
oh i was so excited too i was like i permission to just squeeze your tatas no just you know i’m
just like how old were you i was like 12 and you were squeezing titties no i mean they were under the pads oh i’m just
saying you know you were just like you know i was like yeah i could get to touch a girl yeah i mean
you know that was the first time you know i was in love yeah yeah it was good no i’m kidding um i was actually scared
shitless over but yeah i didn’t know what to do because it’s like honestly like i never knew what to do i
hated like when i would play and then i would have to like guard a girl or something yeah but i was actually kidding about that i didn’t actually do
that i didn’t do anything i don’t believe i just [ __ ] yeah yeah it was just it’s just awkward you know but like
and then i remember like i would have i think it was like we were playing
flag football and pe and it was like we were like you we’re like fourth or fifth grade or something like that i think or maybe sixth grade i remember we were
young young young kids and it was obviously everyone was involved in [ __ ] and then this obviously
naturally you’re like i don’t want to guard the girls because i have to like i have to play weird i don’t want to be i don’t know and then this girl like ran
into me when i wasn’t looking blindsided me and i’m like i like fell over and everyone laughed at me and i’m like okay i’m not going to stand for this yeah of
course so i [ __ ] up and so i barreled over the next next plan barreled over yeah
that’s the problem is you know there’s like what you get obviously there’s equal rights but it’s like you know you come at me it means i
gotta come at you i mean okay when it’s little kids it’s just like you know also girls develop faster than little boys do
it’s a fact yeah isn’t it like girls drink a lot of milk they get like
i don’t even [ __ ] know what you’re saying right now no they get like uh you know if they drink
if they drink a lot of milk as a kid they uh develop i think they just
naturally develop a little faster than guy no i’m saying but just within girls that correct me if i’m wrong you i’m
gonna say stay out on a limb you’re probably [ __ ] okay i’m saying girls who drink a lot of milk they would like develop breasts faster breasts
i’m trying to be like you know appropriate because i know but it’s just like what do you i don’t i don’t know if
that’s the case i mean is it two percent scam you know i don’t know i’m gonna say you’re wrong on
that one but i’m not really sure i mean the problem is with the internet you can look up anything and there’s somehow
you’re pointing through it or they scroll far down yeah they’re like they’re like well harvard scientists say
a small fraction of yeah yeah who drank google the sky is probably like actually a small group of scientists in
switzerland believe it is purple and we just can’t see blue okay it’ll be something like the redness in your eyes doesn’t cover them and then
and then like when you’re trying to prove it some of you you’ll read the part that yeah okay here here’s where i’m right and they’ll be
like let me see it no no i already took it out yeah i already i already got rid of it oh i already closed the tab i don’t want to type it back in again
yeah that’s uh i mean i don’t know i mean i think that
with everything said tonight one um get a few things in line we’re not transphobic we are against amy schumer
100 yeah this podcast stands stands against amy schumer
just don’t like you that’s it you know you don’t have to like us that’s fine well you also went off on
jim carrey so i think we’re fine i think jim carrey is the number one man i don’t like amy schumer’s number one woman i don’t like who’s the number one guy you
don’t like [ __ ] that celebrity because you said i know amy schumer’s up there is that your number one woman you don’t like i mean
honestly at the top of my head probably um guy
i mean there’s definitely ones i dislike but i definitely feel like there is one up there i just have to think well just
what is one of them that would be uh it doesn’t have to be the top steven seagal i don’t even know who that is really
really who was that what is he in remember the guy with um the ponytail does karate lot
steven’s goal really i’m surprised okay anyways um
how am i supposed to because he’s like one of the he’s just a random white dude with the straight ponies always had that and he just
always does karate in all the [ __ ] movies he’s a white guy was he in the doctor strange movie
i don’t think so because there’s a white guy with a pony table who pony table pony now you’re
gonna say any guys with pointy till is that steven seagal never mind if you don’t know then you don’t know okay i guarantee you most people know
[Music] i don’t [ __ ] hold on give me a second
give me a second here um i never liked
honestly i can’t come up with one right now really there’s plenty i don’t like there’s plenty i don’t like i’m saying but like if i’m thinking that’s strong enough to
where i’d get [ __ ] pissed if i just see him i can’t really think of one i wouldn’t even get pissed if i saw jim carrey i just don’t like it i feel like
you would no it’s still mr kerry mr carey [ __ ] you
no i don’t even know why you don’t like him i understand what you were saying when you explained it but i’m saying i i don’t like people because it’s like
acting sucks or he’s that’s that’s jim carrey i don’t like his app but you can not like i’ve never met him as a person
all i know is his acting and i just don’t like it you know what’s funny after you after like a week ago i saw
like a trailer like the sonic thing and yeah i’m like get the [ __ ] off
and i didn’t know you were talking about me mentioning this i’m like that is terrible it’s the same guy every [ __ ] time man
dude you know what was funny my sister i don’t know if were you in the room no it was nate it was my brother-in-law he was
like he meant it as a compliment but he obviously just listened to the podcast he was like you know what z reminds me a
little bit of jim carrey essen aaron just looks at me and alex looks at me and i don’t think you were home yet what i do not that’s what he said that’s soap
cake but he meant that i think he likes it he likes him too but that so like i you
think i have tourette’s that’s some curious i don’t know
he’s a tesla no he doesn’t but like he just acts very cracked out all the time and it’s kind
of disturbing but yeah all the the it’s the big ass smile he’s got two rows of teeth i know he looks like a [ __ ]
donkey when he makes a big smile yeah it’s kind of creepy i don’t i
just won’t not yeah like his really enunciates his words all right like just screaming it’s
just over the top it’s like i love you know what to give jim carrey if you want to prove to me your range and acting
[ __ ] sh i want to see him in like a love story or something no you try to woo the children i want to see him in
like an iwo jima movie or something like a world war ii movie he’s laying on normandy i want to see jim carrey in
that he’s actually the most [ __ ] up character just chopping people’s heads
off and [ __ ] honestly that’s what i would picture it’s a psychopath no i i want to see him
in like the notebook instead of ryan gosling jim carrey it would never be that would never be i’m saying that is
the range if you’re acting you got to have range you know yeah i guess that is true i mean vin diesel was groot that’s range
oh you know what i’ve never been a big vin diesel fan really family isn’t everything to you
no he’s not everybody dude those memes were probably one i don’t i don’t i don’t hate him i just
for over the years i just was like what else is he in besides fast and furious the first movie i ever saw with him it
was the the pacifier like what babies that was with the yeah it was with the um it was with a baby
that’s the thing that they tossed they suck on right yeah and he was like uh ex-military guy or something like that and then he was like nannying or
something like that i don’t [ __ ] know it was something weird that was the plot of it i remember it was a long time ago i think only robin williams could pull
off the whole like i’m a man but i’m playing as a woman well just because he did miss doubtfire yeah but i don’t think vince great movie by the way he
didn’t get enough love for that movie mrs doubtfire well if they dropped it these days they would have been like oh you needed to hire a trans person for
that yeah no but it was so good it was a great movie yeah no it’s like underrated
underrated bill burr had a great thing he said uh it was like you know when uh who’s the guy from breaking bad the main
which one brian hansen yeah but the boy did the paraplegic when they did the purple is like you should have had a real paraplegic it’s like what did you
want to have a real murderer yeah it’s called [ __ ] action it wouldn’t be they would have a job if it’s like okay let’s just hire
actual people for these specific parts bill said what did you do to prepare for
the roll well i fell down on flight no no he’s like he’s like no i dove in the shallow end of a pool
it’s like let’s go [ __ ] acting vibrant i didn’t read about that people got pissed because it’s like they didn’t hire a real person they got pissed
because he was like it’s called [ __ ] acting he was [Music]
he was playing the role of a paraplegic okay this is i’m not gonna get flack for this because of the fact that obviously
this is not my doing this is just did you ever you know cuba gooding jr is right no the guy from
american gangster cuba gooding jr okay i’ll show you a picture really quick you have to you just have to okay yeah i’ll probably if i know you’ve never seen american
gangster denzel washington yeah i’ve seen that okay remember the guys my man oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s it that’s him that’s
and um do you ever see the movie he was in he it was called radio very sad
okay who does he play like he plays like this hand man like handicapped like
dicaprio did it’s literally like that but and if there’s anything that’s kind of going
to hell for a role it’s [ __ ] cute you’ve never seen radio no we have to watch it tonight oh also
[ __ ] sad movie though very [ __ ] very [ __ ] sad jesus i remember i mean
good acting but i remember when leonardo dicaprio was a kid and he played the man what’s great yeah he played the
handicapped kid didn’t he close a bug in the mailbox and chop it up he’s like he i swear
in a movie he was yeah no in the movie leo
leo yeah like me and leo yeah like he’s my friend yeah leo yeah
like he’s my [ __ ] friend no he grabbed a bug and then he closed the mailbox and
chopped it in half or something i’m like that’s serial killer behavior handicapped or not well
i think handicaps get a pass do they if they do that [ __ ] because you know i
guess they don’t okay they don’t know any better sometimes yeah but it’s like okay i don’t know i still think i don’t know because i feel like
if you it’s one of those things there’s also a wide variety of things like if i were physical and then mentally if i
were to be caught masturbating in like a bathroom that would be frowned upon but if it’s someone who’s like you know and this is a totally serious comment
because i i actually know so this is from this is real experience no this is i’m being serious the [ __ ]
analogies you come up with no because this is okay tell me i’m excited for this one if
you catch someone with special needs who does that you just know that they just don’t know any better and that’s fine no i i understand agree but i was just
saying there’s someone pushing a bug in the middle i was saying but there’s also mental and like physical it’s like you completely are conscientious of your
surroundings you’re just physically moving isn’t that like a parkinson’s or something what does [ __ ] uh michael j fox have yeah the one where he’s shaking
all the time i think it’s part that one you’re gonna have to cut that no i just
you caught me off guard with the hand motions sorry sorry we’re not making fun of people no we’re not it’s just
and by the way the masturbation story is something that i have experienced and that’s where it came from was because i walked no yeah and that makes sense i’m
not saying that shouldn’t be i was just saying it was just an example of like i’m saying i’m saying if they start killing things yeah i’m saying
you asked me why is he killing a bug it’s like why is he jacking off in a bathroom at a family dinner like he just doesn’t know better
like you know yeah i guess we might need to tiptoe around the editing on this episode we’re not editing [ __ ] i don’t
have time for that yeah i know we’re just like [ __ ] send it out [ __ ] send it and then five years brown wash
table away when in 2022 kind of on [ __ ] tmz or
something yeah with [ __ ] ronnie from jersey shore ran ran isn’t that how michigan accents are they
say they’re o’s is a’s not necessarily i think it’s a northern michigan thing i have a customer from singapore and he
capacity he calls it kappa city and it just always makes me laugh that’s pretty interesting he’s like what is the kappa
city on that i’m like i’ve always liked heavy canadian accents it’s kind of cool dude you know alex got a canadian accent at dupes last night she kept saying
sorry like that that was pretty funny i don’t know sometimes she says the darnest thing sometimes you know i actually she
says pretty dumb [ __ ] sometimes i
i just always love canadian people like my i think my my roommates in like in my first year
college hey brandon summers shout out baby and he would call his underwear his um like
he’d be like oh you know your underwear your knickerbockers you call these knickerbockers knickerbockers you always say obviously
i don’t know what the [ __ ] you’re talking about it was funny the thing is i’ve heard that they’re not actually all as nice as because you know
i think it’s okay i think it’s a jet like it’s most of them i would say they get a majority because i heard like if you’re
stuck in the snow they’ll just like give you their snowmobile and then you can just run over okay i i don’t know if that’s an isolated case or all of them
will give their property to you i really don’t know i’ve heard they’re that nice i’ve heard that that they are very nice and it’s a very known and documented
thing i’m just saying like anything else it doesn’t apply to all well yeah i’m talking about the majority yeah so
it doesn’t mean you go to canada and you get caught this guy’s a pull up hey take this that’s how i think they are it’s more of
like hey we’ll help you out you know yeah we’ll do something not give you your ass give you our [ __ ] snowmobile
people helping people you know that’s all you can do what’s that scene from wedding crashers when she’s giving him like a hand job under the table he’s
like people helping people people helping people he’s like he’s like he’s joking
feels so good when he jokes [Laughter] i love that well we’re at 32.
[ __ ] you already know how to be big b’s thank you guys for listening um yeah we’ve been on a little bit of a slow
pace but we’re back on the horse we’re back it’s okay everyone calm down we’re back we’re we’re back and we’re ready all the messages the letters we got we
really appreciate it a lot of letters i don’t know how you guys found our address but thank you
what the letters we received from fans we got fan mail what yeah how do they get our
address not sure i [ __ ] i think it has to be like friends of friends or something no they looked up the llc cause it’s on the podcast oh no [ __ ]
we’re on the better business and then next next thing we have cease and desist you cannot legally have a business at
this end it’s a very common thing though it’s like a lot and a lot of like housing agreements and [ __ ] it’s like you cannot
because like remember the office that happened in the office yeah it’s like he’s like oh my first he’s like my first businessman that’s like you cannot
yeah i’m not we’re not actually it’s just us too don’t let them know that well actually it’s us two and jordan
and jake they’re not owners of the i know but they’re part of it we have hired them as outside
contractors but they’re not employed by us they don’t get a w-2 from us this is why i hate talking to you
because it’s like you ruin everything that was so far that was a little fuzzy
okay i just really went you’re yeah it’s okay it’s all good i’m sorry
[Laughter] all right we’re going to end the episode no stop stop
i don’t know you should say the most darnedest things yeah i do say the tardis things all right well uh anyways thank you guys for watching z where can
they find you um i think you can find me isaiah underscore lesbian instagram jack where
can i find you in the streets you can find me at jack underscore spencer both of our instagrams that are on the lunch table
and uh that’ll pretty much do it yeah and don’t forget atltystore.com new merch is dropping soon because it’s spring break and all that coming around the corner so be ready for that and
patreon.com on the lunch table that’ll be it and see you

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