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Episode 59

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J & Z talk about pointless lying, a basket that’s made to carry papaya’s but is now our coffee table? Idk enjoy
what is going on you east australian
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burton holland actually what
what do you think of when you think of
holland flowers i think of like you know
like the girls from like uh that were
like the long dresses and they like
frolic in the flowers you know
like a
little house on the prairie that’s what
i’m thinking of you know that’s why i
think of holland
like the women out there it wasn’t there
it’s the flower that’s
no makeup just buns i was gonna
don’t know i don’t know if that is the
first thing i mean a picture here when i
think of i understand that yeah when i
think of like little house in the
prairie i think like the great plains ah
yes that’s what i think i think of like
like a house that looks like a church
but it’s a house and then it has it has
the um
it has it has the oh it has it has the
[ __ ] well with the with the metal
oh yeah
i always wonder how the [ __ ] those works
like where’s this one i mean i guess
it’s a well
d do you understand pretty pretty
amazing engineering
if you think about it
do you understand how wells work because
i don’t you dig a hole and it just fills
with water the thing i would think is
well because there’s a lot of there
don’t laugh don’t [ __ ] laugh there’s
actually a lot more ground under
i almost said a lot more ground on the
ground no i was about to say more ground
underwater more water underground than
there is on the surface okay and i’m
assuming if you dig deep enough there’s
gonna be water so i’m saying but how
does it like get into the well think
about this how does it not like go out
you know well because if a well is
basically a tube once it goes down and
it penetrates where water is blow it’ll
just all the pressure
oop the pressure will just rise up
really it kind of makes sense and then
when it rains and [ __ ] i mean yeah i
mean i feel like when it rains you want
a really big hole you know or like a
wide mouth like yeah i don’t know but
i’m not i don’t know that much about the
field yeah but i i assume that’s what
it’s like did you know that i just
imagine the bucket with the [ __ ]
police system yeah yeah
yeah whoever invented the pulley system
dr stephen pulley he was uh is that
it’s like there’s true way you know that
off the top of your head no yeah i know
the adventure of the pulley um
have you ever noticed like there’s like
really yeah yeah i wonder how they built
the pyramids wasn’t it slaves or no it
was uh aliens it was uh [ __ ] nephilim
the [ __ ] giants with the five five
fingers with the six fingers
anyways what you’re gonna say um you
know it’s illegal to collect rain water
i find that strange
i mean no way yeah it is illegal to
collect rain water for full consumption
wait look in a way i i do know that it’s
you shouldn’t because
because acidity levels in the rain
okay i’ve heard i’ve
ever heard of acid rain i’m saying it
sometimes i could not i’ve heard a
purple ring
is it real
also another wacky law uh it’s illegal
to look at like a moose from an airplane
in alaska okay hold on there’s a lot of
things coming at me right now
generally collecting water in rain
barrels for outside use is legal and
encouraged in most
for consumption
places in washington yeah using a rain
catchment system
with a tarp
oh there’s requirements though ah yes i
have to get a rain permit
i have to get a water bath
how are they gonna know if i can water
police freeze
they have squirt guns
no and they have the
they put it in the barrel
super soakers yeah
oh my god dude those were like when you
were a kid man
that was like the like peak of summer
toys you know yeah the [ __ ] supers
because then there was the little ones
you can get like the dollar store but
then there was the name brand super
soaker yeah that’s the big [ __ ]
bazooka and the girl that you had
you could just give you ever see those
things we had one of these and it was
it came in a box and it was like it
looked it’s it’s like crunched together
kind of
but it looks like like an accordion yes
it’s basically like a little accordion
like the fabric is like
from the fabric no
you’d fill it up it would get six feet
and then you would
like hit the top of it and the water
would sprout so like me and my brother
like extended bazooka we’d carry and run
around like both of us because it’s so
long oh [ __ ] oh i thought you were like
squeezed it together you squirt just hit
the handle at the front wow that’s some
next level engineering yeah it’s pretty
cool wow
yeah i think like the height of toys
back then the thing is they were just
made better dude oh yeah it’s like you
know like a [ __ ]
like a microwave back then last like 80
years actually ours is still going i
don’t know how because we’ve had that
for yeah it’s like 23 bucks but
yeah do you want to talk about
appliances for this episode
we’re talking about wealth systems
current event that i wanted to talk
about is um california apparently
um this area of california it was
actually trending on twitter if you
didn’t see it shout out fresno
it was trending um there’s a bear that’s
like 500 pounds they call it hank the
and it’s been terrorizing the
neighborhood and like breaking into
houses that’s like a black leotard on
getting like dangling from clotheslines
and [ __ ]
no but i saw a tweet i remember i sent
you that’s why i was laughing it says
the authorities are now on the lookout
prank like they have them like a most
wanted list
every tree wanted dead or alive dead or
alive hank can you imagine like you’re
just sitting there eating dinner and you
see the silhouette of like a bear
what was that show yogi and boo-boo
didn’t they like steal picnic baskets
and [ __ ] i think so what was the other
one we just talked about with the blue
uh blue moose the blue moose and the
they’re both from clean alum i remember
do you remember that blue moose there’s
a blue moose in it dude i remember that
was like that is a that is a
that is a show for serial killers who
makes that imagine animating like yeah
let’s have this [ __ ]
[ __ ] let’s have this moose break this
squirrel’s teeth and wear them
like [ __ ] possum comes in and just
starts like falling like all of every
episode is just how they die in crazy
ways and how they get their guts
splattered and [ __ ] you know how i feel
like it was if you guys don’t know what
we’re talking about go on youtube it’s
time it’s still there
i bet you it is it’s called happy tree
friends dude i’m not kidding
they’re not happy and they’re not
friends it’s it’s [ __ ] up it’s like an
animated show for serial killers i’m not
even kidding you hmm
oh my god
is it on there still yep it is oh my god
oh yeah
nine years yeah because i’m saying when
we were like a while back like this was
the beginning
that was [ __ ] good animation for the
time yeah but it’s [ __ ] crazy i just
couldn’t imagine like animating that
frame by frame like the
oh like the ones i don’t get is the uh
you know like the
this will make you come in six seconds
you know and that’s just some like who
the [ __ ] animates that i don’t know who
has the time because obviously you’re
obviously you’re freelancing
there’s there
that’s not like a career there’s no porn
company being made and they’re just like
we need this guy
like we play video games they draw
[ __ ] weird animations yeah but it’s
god it’s like an ogre [ __ ] a
or whatever the [ __ ] they do i don’t
know i’ve never watched it so i’ve never
clicked on it okay i mean different
strokes different folks yeah you know i
click on it and then i’m like okay i
choose my character and then it’s like
entering your credit card you’re like oh
like oh wait i have my own
like hey dad yeah did you ever like put
something weird on your parents like
credit card and try to get away with it
no because i knew yeah i mean even at a
young age i knew i’m like i would every
time something would pop it would say it
i wouldn’t [ __ ] put it in because i’m
like okay they’re gonna see this the
thing is is i feel like nowadays it’d be
so much easier to get away with because
we don’t get like real statements in the
mail like i don’t ever look at my
statement no but it’s there though you
know what i mean but i’m saying like a
little four dollar purchase you know
it’s like well i remember i act okay
i actually did it but it wasn’t anything
weird i
my dad i think he bought me like
a bat or something online and this card
was there and i was looking at airsoft
and it was like
it was like 180 bucks or something like
that it was like a sniper i’m like dude
that the [ __ ] looks sick
and then i was just looking and then i
happened to see it says like the card
like had the card on file i’m like
maybe i’m like might as long maybe you
just won’t notice and then [ __ ] he
didn’t notice the only reason he noticed
is because it showed up at the door i
was trying to stay at home and see if i
can catch it at the time this guy comes
in i grab it bam no one [ __ ] knows
but like it came it was way late it
never ended up coming on time and then i
was at school because of the time it
and so obviously they unwrap it and see
an airsoft coming that’s okay my wife
didn’t order this so
my eight-year-old
i don’t know
i’m like i don’t know fedex guy just
brought it here with my name on it i
don’t know did you put your name or your
dad’s name on it
his it’s smart yeah i mean i guess
hackers took your account and ordered
you their shopkins to your address these
hackers are getting belligerent dad
they’re ordering you [ __ ] now
[ __ ] you don’t need
[ __ ] that’s funny no the uh i don’t
think we let me keep it so
then you have to put it back in the box
or it was like this [ __ ] long so
the paying for the return shipping was
half the [ __ ] price
um i don’t think i did anything like
that i remember uh um
i do remember like did you ever like
steal things as a kid then your parents
would see you have them you have to make
up a story i was never a thief really i
wasn’t either i only stole like a couple
things but one of them was an ipod
and then
i remember i had to like convince my
parents oh my buddy andrew his cousin
had an extra one and he gave it to me
you know they’re like oh that’s nice
yeah that’s cool oh it’s the newest one
just came out and he just gave it to you
it has it’s still a factory setting yeah
yeah andrew likes to reset him before he
gives him away
it’s like who’s that background i’m like
oh wow just a random one oh this kid
from summer cam a funny story i mean
andrew and him were together and then
the story just gets crazy
and then you start making up this little
part about a fake story yeah and then
you start making a fake story about the
detail you just told you’re just so far
in the world
and then they ask you something like did
i say
i’ve done that when you’re like that
yeah you never just lied about just the
dumbest [ __ ] you’re like why did i just
do it especially as a little kid because
you don’t think of when you go off all
those avenues how to justify the
questions about the big avenues so
you’re just going down and like oh
what’s this last name i’m like oh my
made-up character i don’t know
i have no idea
no no
they’re all like they’re like oh how’s
andrew doing who
the guy you said
yeah the uh no like another thing
is like have you uh you basically tell
the story and hope they don’t ask
detailed questions
have you uh
ever just lied about something that had
no reason to be lied about but then
you’re like i guess i said it like
yeah yeah i have
you you could be like oh i saw a few
pigeons today oh my god how many there
was two you’re like four yeah you’re
like why did i
like no there’s so many times i’ve lied
for no [ __ ] reason i remember i was
at home one time
my mom was like hey did you these are
socks might know and they were my socks
i’m like why did i just lie
like why did i just lie
i’ve caught myself a few times doing
and then um
i’m just like i just stopped myself i’m
like actually no and i don’t know why i
just lied about that because it’s like
there’s no re you just don’t even know
why you’re [ __ ] lying it’s just
[ __ ] instinct i can’t think of anyone
recently but i’ve definitely lied about
just for like there’s no negative thing
about it when we either answer i just
chose to lie for no [ __ ] reason
hey did you take some
did did you put some cheese on the pizza
yes i was like no i didn’t i think i’ve
done alex before like we were driving or
something like that i was i was saying
oh really i’m like no i have no idea why
i just know
oh it’s funny i mean you know we all
have a sinful nature and you know it’s
going to get to the rubric of that evil
that’s what it is um
no i think
what what is like the worst lie you’ve
been caught in like when you’re just
like [ __ ] and you gotta like [ __ ]
like you dug yourself in that whole yeah
and then like once because once you’re
there it’s like you went so far yeah
admitting it is out of the question
and ah when i was younger i’ve dug
myself into some pretty fat [ __ ]
holes dude
i did
because it’s like
especially when you’re younger it’s like
all you know is tell all you know is
admitting is not an option oh no
especially your parents you’re not gonna
admit so you’re just and you think
they’re stupid i think that
i maybe told you this story
maybe one time one time you probably
don’t remember you’re gonna be like dude
you never told me that but
yeah so i
wasn’t so
the girl the first girl i ever dated
like i said names i don’t want to do
you don’t want a safety vibe
i think i was 17 or 16.
yeah so um
i wasn’t i think it was i forgot why i
think i was in trouble or something and
i wasn’t allowed to go hang out with her
or we were hanging out too much or
something i don’t [ __ ] remember but
or i think
yeah i was like out past curfew a couple
yeah so i don’t know so i wasn’t allowed
to [ __ ] see her but i was like hey
i’m gonna go
to the store
and get things like snap like they’re
like oh mama’s like oh can you get this
mic okay perfect this is nice there’s no
suspicion she’s asking me to do
something so good yeah i went to the
safeway bam credit highway bam and um
like by where the chase used to be yeah
in that parking lot whatever so
obviously i text my [ __ ] i’m like yo
and so she pulls up and bam she pulls up
on a foreign
and we just hung up like 34 then once
that once like you just hung out
once uh i’ll let your imagination run
with you on that one yeah so once um
so obviously i’ve keeping on the clock
my guy it’s been a while to text him hey
sorry i couldn’t find the
[ __ ] and obviously when i got there i
spent sprinting there grabbed it first
so i already had it yeah of course yeah
gotta be smart and so
basically long story short um
she so we’re like on each side of the
parking spots right here and
so there was like the curb was here it’s
hard to explain but anyways so i go
around this because i gotta ah this is
hard to explain anyways well i’m not
gonna explain the layout of the [ __ ]
parking lot but i drive by
she looks like she’s on her phone so i’m
like i’m like i’m going to squeeze by
her there’s like a little gap i’m going
to squeeze by her i squeeze by
and then she as i’m going by she gets up
and goes forward and clips the side of
my that dent that’s on my car oh no [ __ ]
yeah yeah on the car on the side yeah
so that’s a [ __ ] run i swear no
so and it’s this [ __ ] massive dent or
it wasn’t it wasn’t that massive but it
was like pretty fun i mean as a child
you just hit the car and you’re freaking
out it was very [ __ ] noticeable
obviously so i’m like
oh my [ __ ] god i’m like okay what i’m
like obviously i can’t tell him yeah i
was with her so i’m somewhere in person
yeah so i’m like
i’m like all right well okay i’m going
somewhere i’m like when i get home my
dad’s obviously going to see this i’m
like i’m just going there back hey dad i
[ __ ] bumped in so i’m bumped into a
tree whatever the [ __ ]
obviously i get home i get scared i’m
like okay maybe i’ll just okay i’ll park
it’s on the right side i’ll park right
here so they can’t see it
i just buy my time as much as i can of
course so you can collect your thoughts
yeah so i’m playing so i’m just sitting
in my room
and then it’s no time not to just forget
about it i knew it was happening but i
kind of was like you know it’s nice not
having to deal with this right yeah yeah
and so yeah i was like i was like 16.
so all of a sudden i’m in my room after
dinner i walk in there and
it’s getting dark out and i hear the
front door close i look at my window
because it’s right by the front door man
that’s walking by and he’s going to the
other side of the garage so like on the
right side of the car i’m like he’s in a
[ __ ] it and i didn’t i’m like i
should have just told him i came [ __ ]
like now he’s gonna be more mad and i
see him open the little door he walks by
my car i’m like maybe you won’t notice
he goes
any dad’s not gonna miss that because
he’s like looking at the tires yeah
he’s like he’s like he’s putting his
finger in the tray yeah he does what he
needs to do he’s just like hmm
he’s just like examining [ __ ] like by
himself for no [ __ ] reason
i see him go
i’m like oh
he sees it i’m like okay okay
he’s like what the hell happened to your
car i’m like oh yeah that yeah i didn’t
even notice it um
like i was driving and um
because i was then i was thinking like
oh [ __ ] i can’t tell him i hit elise’s
car but like her her car wasn’t [ __ ]
up at all it was just the england which
might have just said anybody
i know but i was freaking out a little
bit i mean it dented hers but it wasn’t
anything really noticeable honestly and
then so he’s like oh what the [ __ ] what
did you do i’m like
well i was driving in you know i kind of
just was i was trying to pick i was
trying to figure out what the [ __ ] i was
gonna say and i think i ended up telling
him that
um because by
where we were
there were like
at the bank there were like these pylon
things where they were doing some
construction on the side like these
cement ones you couldn’t drive past
and so i was like getting there right
behind us i’m like maybe i could just
say like i like i bash in the side of it
as i pull out or something like that and
so i’m like yeah that’ll work he’s you
know what’s he gonna do it’s not another
person’s car i’m like yeah so i told him
that he’s like
grab his keys like let’s go like
i’m like [ __ ] he’s like he’s like they
have cameras there mike he’s like what
if you damage some of their property and
they’re gonna know he’s like i have to
make sure i know what’s going on i’m
like oh i’m like oh [ __ ] and let me
guess you let him take you there yeah
yeah yeah so we go there you just stick
to it i stuck to it the whole [ __ ]
and then we get there
and i’m like oh [ __ ] and he’s like he’s
like where’d it happen like
swear to [ __ ] god
it wasn’t even though i didn’t even
point to a journal he just obviously was
like okay he’s obviously bullshitting
on one of them there was like black a
black smear i don’t know if it was paint
i don’t even know what it was
but it
it didn’t i looked at him like
oh my god
and so like because obviously he’s
walking over like he’s about to catch me
and i’m just like and i walk over i’m
like i’m so [ __ ] i’m like i was about
to be like all right and then i’m like
oh he turns around i’m like
yeah yeah he’s like oh is it right yeah
all right you’re fine speaking more
careful like
let’s go
yeah crazy [ __ ] oh that is funny dude
holy [ __ ] the thing is i guess that was
one i just got away with yeah but um
yeah how many lives you got away with
let’s roll out the scrolls that was a
crazy one in which i had no idea i just
really just cause i dug myself in such a
far hall yeah because obviously i got
home late i already told them that i
wasn’t [ __ ] you know
and so it was just a whole like i could
have wrote for the new york times i was
just oh yeah made this huge [ __ ]
story yeah one of them that i got out of
me and my friend noah let me remember
from church yeah yeah yeah so we would
we would we had like my dad had like
this projector or some [ __ ] so we would
remember where my grandma’s house was
like down the road
yeah yeah and so we’d like hang out in
her garage and we put the projector on
the white wall in like game right so my
dis we’re like hey we actually want to
crash there tonight we’re like 16 or
something you know it’s right down the
street you know so we can play on the
projector he’s like okay cool like you
know this will be a good test for jack
yeah yeah make sure i can you can trust
this guy yeah yeah yeah so of course you
know the second we see that truck pull
out we get on our bikes we got these two
girls waiting down the freaking road oh
yeah you told me and it’s like
it’s got to be a few miles like it was
like 20 minutes away so i don’t have a
phone at this time just remember that
okay so we end up you know
we’re on our [ __ ] huffy bikes [ __ ]
going kind of kind of kind of
it’s kind of nice not having a phone and
scenario like that because it kind of
takes the pressure off because if
something happened then you don’t really
know it’s something up here you’re
looking up here oh no i’m going on no no
what was good is that uh it’s because
i’m like you’re like yeah and uh
basically uh
there could be a bird in my head and you
wouldn’t tell me you’d be like oh you’re
good dude this is
so funny it’s just a [ __ ] toucan
there has been times in which you’ve
like looked at things i’m like oh isn’t
wrong and you say no and then i look
myself it’s like one of those things
that we just talked about it’s like no
it’s like yeah i’m saying there’s been
times like for i think we were at was is
that jacob’s what no it wasn’t jacob’s
wedding it was another wedding and i’m
like what i’m like oh it’s my hair or
something like no it looks good dude
you’re staring at it and i look in like
the silver plate and my hair is straight
in the air i’m like why are you lying to
me i’m like what the [ __ ] and then
you’re just like i don’t see anything
wrong with it i’m like you’re [ __ ]
[ __ ]
when i spilled [ __ ] errands they’re
gonna rush
so my [ __ ] girlfriend tells me uh
tells me tells me more than you she got
a uh she got a rug she got a white rug
and she got this [ __ ] basket is like
a coffee it’s not a coffee table it’s
like a it’s a basket that like someone
in like africa would put papayas in
kind of like that but she turns it
upside down and it’s edgy
what is a papaya i think it’s a fruit no
i know it’s a fruit
what where is it from is it from africa
a papaya probably like what does it look
like probably like what does a papaya
look like or like one of the islander
nations yeah well like what does a
papaya look like what is it i think it’s
orange on the inside green on the
is it like a
it’s not a citrus
what the [ __ ] no i mean like it’s like a
cantaloupe kind of i think it’s like
i think it’s a melon
like a watermelon yeah i know it’s in
the millen family
is that a fan
can we get a chart of a milling
is there a melon are there melon
families or something obviously the
watermelon’s up top because it’s got
melon in its name
dude my [ __ ] grandma what’s going on
so my like great grandfather you know
they get to that age they’re kind of
losing it
so he swore why is that he almost choked
to death on cantaloupe okay okay so then
every time we’re having a family dinner
my grandma would be like he’s like is
this cantaloupe he’s like no it’s
cassava melon
what is that it’s a bird
so then we all had to call it can you
pass the cassava melon
and then yeah he’d eat it [ __ ] anyways
where were we at before we went to the
papaya thing before the meal oh yeah so
the basket the papaya basket yeah the
melon basket there we go
it’s a basket that’s been flipped over
into a table yeah so it has holes in it
it’s not a solid object right
and she and she was saying a lot dude
please do not and she mostly looked at
me because i spelled [ __ ] yeah and it
wasn’t so there was like uh she had one
of those like scentsy things on the
candles earlier i was a candle and like
a little pumpkin or some [ __ ] i don’t
know it was orange yeah it’s like a
pumpkin that’s a face because it was
during like uh halloween time was it
yeah yeah i would assume with the
pumpkin decor
also a melon no that’s a squash
i don’t like pumpkins i don’t like
i don’t like squash i [ __ ] hate it
dude i’m not really there’s so many
exotic fruits and i’m not like a dragon
i feel like i’ve never tried that
actually i tried they’re like 10 bucks a
piece they’re expensive oh really
imported though you know like i have
just the normal food groups or fruit
groups the fruit groups i just have like
grapes apples
oranges bananas
kind of that guy i’ve never ventured out
into the i mean i feel like because
that’s what’s great have you had like
pomegranate yeah pomegranates or d i
just never remember bailey made us like
a jar of pomegranate seeds yeah and i’ve
not i’ve just never wanted the thing is
i feel like that those are like our
accessible fruits but like someone in
like another country may be like their
main fruits
or like a jackfruit or some [ __ ] what’s
a jackfruit um it’s actually what vegans
use as a substitute for meat
so it’s not meat no it’s not it’s a
fruit but if you cook it a certain way
it has the consistency of pork
and so you can like flavor it like i saw
this i saw this twitter video and this
lady was trying to like so this um it
was called like a like a vegan salmon
skillet and she’s cutting it open it’s
mostly made of like wheat like this
plant and so this guy cuts he’s like so
it’s not salmon
so it’s not salmon yeah
yeah um yeah so anyways she’s got this
basket and so a good example of lying is
you know i tip it over the whole thing
goes there’s orange [ __ ] everywhere and
she’s like did you just knock that over
i’m like no
everyone saw you do it no
oh dude it happened [ __ ] yesterday
too this customer was [ __ ] bitching
at me she was like she’s like oh you you
can do this with the price no no no no
so i’m just sitting there i’m saying
like no no no
and i’m like no no i was like no
seriously that’s like the best price i
can do no no and then she was like can i
speak to your manager i’m like no
then she’s like well why not cause he’s
not here he’s right there
why are we lying
we don’t know uh where were we at oh
yeah so then building said no
basically on that story we ride the
bikes to the house
and i end up getting connected to her
wifi which is one of those 18 digit
[ __ ]
hash passwords or whatever the [ __ ]
so we’re sitting there and i’m holding
hands you know so this is a big deal i’m
like 14 15. i’m holding hands you know
we’re getting a little cuddly you know
i’m having a good time this is a big
moment yeah yeah it’s a big [ __ ]
moment and we’re like 20 30 minutes away
from the house so my dad of course he
used this as an excuse i get a text
where are you i picked you guys up ice
cream obviously you want an excuse to
check it out yeah
you know obviously dude we literally
don’t even say i’m like bye we just
[ __ ] throw the girls off let’s get on
our bikes and just [ __ ] going back
and i actually didn’t end up getting in
trouble i said something like oh we were
going to little pantries like well i
went there to get ice cream i was like
well we must have just passed each other
oh just missed you daddy oh dad sorry
yeah yeah that was wow that was it we
didn’t get caught in that one no that’s
what i was doing like
well we’re at about 30.
well [ __ ] that was cool i don’t know why
we went about papayas for so long um but
[ __ ] yeah so episode 59 in the books
next to 60 60 giggles six the big old
six zero uh i do want to chat real quick
with everybody just remember to check
out hclc radio which is uh tuesdays at
five and thursdays at five pacific
standard time live radio and if you miss
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uh radio broadcasts
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make sure you check out uh if you only
listen to it because most people don’t
actually watch our [ __ ]
uh apple podcast has a subscription
program as well in which you will get
the episodes early-ish
the exclusive episodes which i believe
we’re going to do a conspiracy one by
ourselves because we’re what we’re going
to do
i think what’s in the works uh we got
this crazy documentary that’s banned in
every country
um so we’re going to watch that and then
you know talk about some conspiracy [ __ ]
or something yeah on like a saturday
just get [ __ ] day drunk and
you know david indeed [ __ ] david yeah
um so yeah make sure you check out those
uh thank you to all our supporters
already um shout out travis delahunt
shout out nicole rouge
always [ __ ] hitting us up sending a
[ __ ] brianna harrington yeah now i can’t
think of anyone else on top of my head
that’s always like interacting and [ __ ]
but we do have several subscribers thank
you so much the apple podcast
subscribers count just keeps going
through the roof um
yeah it does yeah so thank you
atlt store.com merch accessories
whole nine so uh there’s bags and
possibly beer coozies soon we’ve had
we’ve yeah we’re trying to do some beer
cozies too yeah but spring is around the
and the spring break collection will be
releasing soon and i think it will just
be under the same thing as a spring
break collection will be also the summer
collection with the summer we’ll have
some extra [ __ ] but there will be like a
spring break thing and then maybe
someone else yeah so our artist is
actually moving to portland shout out
jake so we’ll have to kind of talk
everything over the phone and [ __ ] but
we’re very excited for what he’s gonna
come up with for spring make sure you
guys check that out so yeah jack where
can they find you they can find me at
jack underscore spence z where you
didn’t say the full [ __ ] thing i said
jack underscore spence oh did you see
where where can they find you
isaiah underscore lesbian on instagram
or both of our instagrams at the around
the lunch table instagram page again
guys thank you guys for watching we’re
approaching 60. holy [ __ ] huge fee a lot
of fun yeah that’s a lot of episodes we
talked about and we’re gonna
i don’t know anything we’ve talked i
only know what we talked about today
besides papayas and [ __ ] bears a
little fun fact so the second we’re done
obviously this is unedited that’s the
that’s the point yeah we don’t have it
we don’t edit anything sometimes we say
[ __ ] i’m like i said that [ __ ] yeah so
we don’t edit [ __ ] but when we go to
like you know put the intro the outro
and [ __ ] and we have to type in like a
description we literally sit there for
10 minutes what the [ __ ] that we just
talked about like i know it’s time we
get it pretty quick
it takes a few days we’re like what did
we talk about this one liars and papayas
yeah that’s a good one liars and papaya
you will lie like you father you liar
bring me my papoya [ __ ]
oh what you from boston you want to
fight or something yeah
anyways oh what you don’t say hi to me
no more
we’re walking here
all right guys we’ll [ __ ] see you
next week see you [ __ ]
let’s get rowdy up in here

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