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Episode 55

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J & Z talk abut dropping babies off, and Michelle Obama lmao
this is around the launch table episode
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well z
how you [ __ ] doing today it’s been a
good week i’m good and for those
watching this is not a [ __ ] mug of
orange juice this
is don’t give me [ __ ] which is probably
eight percent orange juice so [ __ ] you
with the finest selection of champagne
for 4.99 at qfcc 9.99 that’s four bucks
9.99 at a 7-eleven at qfc 99.
no no no no no you’re not gonna look up
the price i know what the price is
something tells me it’s not five because
i want it it’s five bucks it’s five
bucks it’s five bucks
i’m telling you i’m pretty sure
at 7-eleven it’s expensive but that’s
17.99 it’s not the same one that was
we’re talking about cooks the cheapest
champagne [ __ ] possible
this one says 14 this one says 6.89
i’m assuming all stores just
yeah they all [ __ ] up um z so
we’re [ __ ] here it’s episode 55 one
thing we never did that we did last year
we didn’t make new year’s resolutions
like we were supposed to
so uh let’s each make one each boom go
i don’t even have any okay i’ll make one
i want
10k downloads oh for the podcast okay
for you i want to eat better i want to
go to the gym five times a week dude
january i want our marriage to get
better yeah dude i remember when i did
work out listen if your new year’s
resolution is like something with your
marriage like just give up
give up give up god give up half of
marriages and a divorce you made it that
far just let it go
i mean but yeah that’s just let it go
that’s why you shouldn’t have kids to
make it work because it’s like once
there’s kids involved yeah
it’s like a baby you know the next thing
you know you’re in court and the
lawyer’s like hey his mom’s a coke
addict and then my mom’s always like hey
the dad beats him and then they don’t
know where to go he says they don’t know
where to go and they don’t know where to
go just take the baby to the baby drop
box at the [ __ ] firehouse
just call it why did they do that i
don’t think hey listen i don’t think
there’s a drop box i think it’s just
it’s universally known there’s not one
of those levers you pull in you stuff
the baby in and close it yeah we have
eight babies staying lost and found no
i am gonna say though i’m saying yeah
that’s not that is like the most safe
place you could drop one it’s a
firehouse yeah it’s the fire not an
everyone loves firemen but they hate
it’s because the cops ain’t gonna
[ __ ] plant coke on you it’s because
the firemen don’t enforce it oh no sorry
i’m saying the firemen won’t play
everyone forces it’s like that’s like
the authority figure is always the bad
guy at the workshop same thing
cops are [ __ ]
who likes cops shout out christopher
oh yeah i do like
but okay i actually know a cop that’s in
my family and sometimes he’s telling
stories that he thinks are funny
when he’s drunk he’s like oh yeah and
then we did this and i’m like
he’s like yeah and then we did this and
i’m like dude that’s
that’s not okay
like i don’t know the thing about cops
is like thing is i’ve watched a lot of
cops the show and ninety percent of it
is like they were jaywalking so we
pulled them over i don’t say nine okay
i watched a lot of cops jaywalking is
not ninety percent dude or it’s running
a stop sign most of it’s domestic abuse
domestic disturbance
start oh my god i can’t talk don’t mess
with disturbance like suspicious
or like theft or something okay i’m
saying i’ll i would think in my mind
from what i’ve seen a lot of it is like
i i’m saying when it’s like car to car
you know they’re in a vehicle it’s like
they ran a stop sign yeah no but like
they [ __ ] themselves up yeah because
then they run or something yeah it’s
like you okay if you didn’t run the stop
sign right in front of them you would
have been fine you would have been home
by now smoking your meth you would have
been good or even if you ran the stop
sign and just pulled over and acted cool
yeah put your emergency lights off oh i
have a flat tire yeah exactly
i don’t know i mean it’s it’s one of
those things where it’s like
everyone hates cops i know that there’s
some good ones out there but it’s just
like what makes you want to be a cop
like you know you’re gonna be hated
i i feel like most people don’t
actually nowadays they probably hate
them i mean i don’t like
hate them
per se i’m just saying i just i the
keepers of the law should make me feel
safe not uncomfortable like for example
like i could be
completely fine coming home from work
and i’m not doing anything wrong i’m
just like [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] exactly
yeah exactly he was like [ __ ] that’s
exactly what i do too i’m like oh [ __ ]
i’m like looking around like why am i
freaking out i’m not doing anything
wrong yeah but then you know
next thing later they bust your tail
light they throws some coke in it and
then you’re [ __ ] behind
it happens it does
if uh
so let’s just say you’re running for
your life right and a cop you’re running
from the cops and i got drugs on me
yeah i guess but um and then they
released the dog and so you have to what
you have to do is the dog’s obviously
gonna get to you first yeah and you have
to [ __ ] either get away from the dog
hurt the dog whatever to get away what
are do you think that you could take a
dog and hurt it in a way that you can
escape this is what i’m doing if i’m
running say i got a little i think i’m
snapping its neck like in more for two
hold x yeah um i think that i am going
to uh first five for example if you get
caught you’re going to jail like 20
years so like your only choice is to
[ __ ] get away from this dog okay if i
have drugs on me the first thing i’m
doing i hating cops when they just like
slightly toss it to the right yes it’s
like i’m doing a hail mary pass over six
fences where they’re never gonna [ __ ]
see okay it’s light it’s grams it’s not
going to go very far but i’m gonna have
a name but they always run they go yeah
they throw it to the right it’s like no
i’m [ __ ] winding up like a [ __ ]
cartoon no i’m running jumping over a
fence and then like throwing it
somewhere they don’t see me throw it
yeah exactly uh like they always walk
eight feet like well there it is yeah
no i think uh
like if it’s like it’s [ __ ] hansel
incredible if all the bread comes and
you find it it’s like what are you doing
if it’s life or death i mean i’m taking
the dog okay a dog okay so the dog
attacks you my my question is what do
you what do you do as its snout comes to
bite i’m grabbing the inside of its jaw
i can snap in it dude i’m grabbing the
inside my hands are getting a little
punctured okay as i rip its jaw to the
right and it’s just hanging there like a
[ __ ] tongue yeah that dog’s not
[ __ ] with me anymore okay
you asked let me speak realistically you
are not doing that to a german shepherd
i will say dude life for you you’re not
doing that what are you do the dog comes
it’s attacking you it jumps it’s in the
dark it’s nighttime it bites you what
are you going to do to get off you like
i have night vision i know what i’m
doing okay tell me what you’re doing
then okay let’s just say i’m running i’m
sprinting i’m running a 4-7 but
unfortunately german shepherds are
running on more than two legs so they’re
running faster it catches me grabs me by
the ankle guys by the leg grab it by the
arm you know what i’m doing i’m turning
my thumbs and i’m pushing it into its
eye sockets
it runs off and then i escape make my
great escape but it got your ankle see
i’m not letting it bite me in the first
place it’s going to bite you it’s going
to fight you i’m getting your knock out
running a german shepherd no as i hear
it’s little
as i hear it’s [ __ ] coming
i’m [ __ ] getting on my back and as it
like this
you’re not going to do that i am going
to do it i’m you’re not going to watch
and you’re not going to do that
i’m going to take its jaw home and put
on the walls of the trophy please be
realistic because you’re making this
[ __ ] dumb no i’m saying i will
[ __ ] you’re doing your mortal combat
[ __ ] no it’s not i will keep that jaw so
any other dogs are trying to come to me
look what i did to your friend all right
well i try to ask a question to make
things funny and you made it duration
fantasy fight
fine i’m gonna give it a swift kick in
the face okay or i’m gonna find like an
item i’m gonna jump in someone’s
backyard let’s say i find a rake they
can’t jump offense yes they can yes they
[ __ ] can have you ever seen those
videos they jump fences oh they they
scare walls like [ __ ] spiderman
they do they they’re [ __ ] crackheads
have you ever seen them jump into a car
out the other end
they’re [ __ ] redheaded they’re like a
movie they’re rats but i’m saying or you
go to a yard you find it in a sorted
tool or branch or piece of wood and then
it jumps
back in the temple i don’t want to kill
a dog but if it’s push comes to shove
yeah it’s fight or flight it’s trying to
kill me it’s fight or flight yeah like
in the animal kingdom
the lion that breathes is the one who
where am i going that
is [ __ ] dumb what you just said the
lion who breathes is one who makes no
[ __ ] sorry sorry sorry i’m a little
drinky the lion who is the most macho
you know he’s the one who gets the
chicks right so this dog is trying to
prove things like he’s trying to show
his masculinity so he’s not going to
he’s also trained but by a branch i’m
ripping the jaw off and it’s done
it doesn’t take let’s go to the next
thing because you’re no okay can i see
something here get your hand off me i am
terrified of spiders right but they’re
but they are a centimeter wide well some
are bigger
an inch wide
somewhere bigger than that two [ __ ] you
know what i’m saying i know i’m saying
that we’re a lot larger than them and we
sometimes underestimate our strength
compared to a animal that is literally a
eighth of our size
okay a german shepherd is
pretty [ __ ] big and they can weigh
like only 20 pounds less than us so i
mean they’re pretty [ __ ] he’s not 150
i’m saying some of them are like 130 140
they’re big dogs why do you think they
use german shepherds
because the cops are [ __ ] [ __ ]
man because they’re [ __ ] freaks
that’s why god i don’t know uh so i want
to talk about something else okay
because we’re talking about king kong
ripping jaws it’s just i’m saying that’s
getting to a point where someone’s gonna
wanna listen i’m saying that’s what i
wanted to do that’s what i would think
the question wasn’t what you wanted to
do was what you would do it’s what i
would try to do if i was in that
situation i would try i’d get on my back
and either way i’m popping the jaw out
of its socket what’s going
and it’s going back to its [ __ ] owner
let’s see i’m at least a scenario
this is a [ __ ] up scenario okay it’s
bad give it to me let’s just say okay
you’re at the grand canyon and on the
edge of the cliff there’s a box of
puppies okay a whole litter
in a box a litter a little like a milk
crate or licorice and you were going to
go to jail for 10 years
and actually no not 10 that’s so easy a
year you’re gonna go to jail for a whole
and you have to kick this whole actually
that’s too easy
let’s just say okay
50 grand
50 grand 50 grand you have to kick this
box of puppies off the cliff there’s
like eight of them the whole litter and
you gotta kick them and they all fall
those deaths are you doing it okay so
here’s the thing
you’re like here’s the thing they can’t
spend that money
will anyone see
this is the problem playing this game
with you let’s okay no that’s my only
question that’s it that’s it that’s it
will anyone know it
it’s a real life circumstance there
could be someone there there could be
not you don’t know until i’m doing a
double team no you don’t know it’s the
day of it could be night time there
could be no one there but you don’t know
there could be there could be not you
don’t know
it’s a real life scenario
i know what i’m gonna do
you’re gonna kick them off i’m gonna
walk past pretend i trip
so if there is someone looking oh no the
puppies oh no
that’s [ __ ]
i mean that’s so [ __ ] up i’m just
gonna say this
if you’re a puppy in a crate on the edge
of the grand canyon
you don’t have a good quality of life oh
god i know that’s why i’m justifying it
if you’re in a if you’re a puppy in a
crate on the edge of the grand canyon
you’re going to die from heat exhaust
you’re going to die from heat exhaustion
in the first day i’m kicking you off
suck at this [ __ ] game you’re making
i’m not making excuses i’m just telling
you why i’m just you’re not making
excuses you’re making it technical if
you’re a puppy and you’re at the grand
canyon who’s heat exhaustion [ __ ] you
dude i’m done i’m going to your next
what what the [ __ ] are you doing i’m
kicking them off yeah thank you
give me that 50 g’s anyways you go next
point um so you know i’m scrolling
you know like how you’re still on the
point you never got to but because you
interrupted me with the puppy story
um okay
like the interview with that guy he’s
okay so i’m scrolling through the old
interwebs you know the google machine
you’re the only one who probably laughed
at that
so real dolls came up okay i saw that
they’re sex dolls okay what is the point
you’re yeah so i
i saw cody koh about it
so these things are getting [ __ ] real
man like yeah they’re like ones with
facial expressions and [ __ ]
i did not know that no there is there is
just like happy or sad yes yes why would
you want a sad one
no it’s not wanting a sad one like
[ __ ] you or winnie the pooh the point
is it has expressions oh so like humans
so it’s very unsettling so if you don’t
make it come they get sad no
i’m just saying it has the ability to
give expressions like shocked
oh it’s shocked like surprise like a
blow up doll the surprise look on its
face yes but anyways continue before you
don’t get to the end of it
that’s not necessary um
no like they uh
so like they have these [ __ ] dolls
it has like a wig and [ __ ] and all this
crap but it was talking about like the
revolutions per minute
and it’s got
like this motor
and so it goes in like a basically it’ll
suck your [ __ ] right okay i would
imagine if it’s a sex doll it’s what
it’ll do yeah it’s what it’ll do it’s
what it will do um but dude robot sexy
[ __ ] that’s what it do it’s what it is
oh what you got a robot so you don’t say
hi no more
and the robots did not come from putin
the robots are friends not fo you know
we we took the tigers to the white house
we fed them wendy’s at mcdonald’s i paid
and you know big tigers big eaters they
love the hamburgers you can’t tell me
his whole presence he wasn’t a [ __ ]
dude donald trump’s presidency a troll
he literally just had nothing else to do
in his life he’s on his last leg he’s
about to die like yeah he’s like might
as well
you ever see that [ __ ] video of him
there’s like a [ __ ] adderall beat
that shoots out of his nose that dude
was geeked given that speech he was
absolutely he probably he probably wrote
25 pages
and he didn’t even need to
it was probably a two minute speech he’s
like i got 38 minutes here yeah i like
how melania lasagna doesn’t even like
i did i remember seeing this video it
was like obama holding michelle and
they’re like oh happy and then trump
tries to grab melania’s hand and she’s
like smacks it away
have you heard the conspiracies that uh
michelle obama’s a man you’ve seen that
[ __ ] she’s got like an adam’s apple and
some other [ __ ] i have not i don’t
believe it i don’t believe it either
because i’m just saying it is
you think she’s kind of bad
early i don’t know she’s not ugly though
early michelle she’s not she’s not ugly
though early into the presentation she’s
not ugly though i’m sorry the thing
about rock be getting that dude dude
why don’t we say
why don’t you see
um no it sounds like it sounds like
brock but barack yeah
why did we call him barack dude do you
remember when like uh
dude barack
dude barack was a g because he was he
straight up said remember when he got
asked if he’s ever done jordan he’s like
yeah i did a little coke when i was in
college what did he say
no he’s straight up studying no he
didn’t that’s [ __ ] amazing yeah you
have my vote yeah thank you barack um
no but like uh
where was i going the the michelle okay
what i was saying is like barack
michelle’s thick
michelle could get it no when barack was
in office when he was out of office it
went from black to gray hair dude yeah
because michelle looks the same because
he has to do all the stress and [ __ ]
didn’t she go on a book tour she did
what’s her book about
i know i it’s not writing the coattails
of your husband no it’s not i’m not sure
i’m sure it’s about something unrelated
but i’m saying she just did a book and
obviously she’s the first lady so
everyone got it and you know
i mean honestly okay who’s buying that
if i’m thinking about this like i’m a
little drunker now but if i’m thinking
about this completely logically and
completely in a right mindset
it’s kind of inspirational because he is
the first black president she’s the
first black woman yeah that is cool you
know first lady i understand that
yeah that’s good i uh what i don’t get
is what the book’s about
well let’s look it up no i don’t want to
look okay look let’s put let’s put a bet
on what’s what’s your guess of what the
what’s that i’m gonna guess it’s gonna
be i’m gonna mess up about empower women
empowerment yeah woman empowerment being
a black lady in a white world kind of
thing yeah okay here we go here we go
what’s happening guys book
summary she’s probably she’s probably
got like 12 books out we got to figure
it out i’m assuming they’re all new york
times bestseller by the way how is every
book a new york times bestseller can you
just sell kids can you just put together
a [ __ ] five-page notepad with a
staple in the middle it’s a new york
times bestseller apparently every single
book is
that’s like that’s like the same thing
as every coffee shop america’s number
one best coffee how do you know yeah
have you tried them all who came here
and told you that they’re besides the
owner yeah that’s [ __ ] stupid also
like uh
like remember oprah’s book of the month
or the book of the week god that [ __ ]
would sell out faster than [ __ ]
god dude
dude oprah like had the world by her
fingers for a while she still does she’s
[ __ ] oprah yeah but people don’t
watch it as much as they used to watch
it because she has a lot of books
exactly i was telling you who knows
which one it was
i’m saying i think okay i’m assuming
it’s the
i think it’s a money grab i’m assuming
oh she’s
how okay there is one about the being
the first lady i am there you go the
flotus effect
what kind of job is that that’s like the
button dude it’s like it’s like in her
you got a book tour [ __ ] travis scott
comes out the butterfly effect
the floating neck
okay this one’s called her first year’s
first lady yeah this one is
is that even a job this one is called
the worst present history the legacy of
barack obama
okay that can’t be her
man no that’s not her that’s not her
yeah it’s not it’s not it’s not herself
i was like yo she’s just passionate
that’s why mike chamberlain so whoops
dude [ __ ] being the first lady you
just stand there and smile during his
speeches like and here’s the thing
like like bill burr said that thing and
it’s not like it’s not being like rude
or sexist it’s like okay someday there
is going to be a woman first president
that’s going to happen
and when that happens when that guy is
the first man or whatever the [ __ ] you
want to call it the first male first
lady first yeah when he’s the first male
first lady of the united states every
single person will tell him to shut the
[ __ ] up the second he talks exactly i’m
just saying but because what are they
going to say well he’s [ __ ] president
and you’re not yeah dude no bill burr
also made a great point he made a good
doomer remember what he said i don’t
know what the book’s about i can’t find
it i know it’s fine it’s fine okay do
you remember
what he said okay because nowadays when
first ladies are all mouthy and they act
like they know [ __ ] or whatever the [ __ ]
but the thing is it’s like and they very
well might but that’s not their
personality yes if i hire a plumber
remember billboards are this if i hire a
plumber and he comes in and says yeah i
think the leak’s from up there and then
his wife comes in and says i think the
leak’s from down there i’m going to
listen to the dude that’s a plumber yeah
that’s a fact exactly and that can that
is not sexist anyway
i’m all eight if there’s gonna be a
woman present all [ __ ] power just not
hillary clinton all power to you not
yeah yeah not her
all like i like how even the i’m not
even one or the other or maybe sarah
palin because john mccain’s maverick
recipes john mccain sorry i’m not
talking [ __ ] yeah he’s a maverick
he is the maverick we are a bunch of
mavericks what is a maverick
jake paul is that logan paul
the mav the maverick oh at the map
maverick is like going against orthodox
policies et cetera
you’re like he was a war hero right yeah
he was
what constitutes a war hero you just
survive okay
i would say you were in a war and you
survived or did some heroic okay yeah
yeah so that’s interesting yeah as
you’re about to talk trash about no i
wasn’t gonna i just asked what ned
constitutes a warrior i’m just kidding i
don’t give a [ __ ] if you do or not i was
just trying to put you on the spot yeah
i appreciate that no dear when because
she has uh now this is touchy subject
i’m not making fun she has a special
needs kid right
no it’s no no it’s it’s it’s all funny
guys hey listen guys guys it’s not funny
it’s not funny you’re lying to me
it’s not funny at all it’s just such a
it’s a curveball i didn’t know you were
going to say that
say it again
it’s not funny at all is not it’s not
it’s not funny at all
sarah palin
has a special name what’s good what does
he have
i don’t remember but all i do remember
is a family guy do you know what i’m
talking about no so there’s an episode
by the way i’m not laughing yeah yeah
yeah i’m laughing because like yeah
because of this of this scenario so we
gotta we gotta walk on eggshells here
yeah so by the way if you think we’re
[ __ ] up go look up jennifer aniston
roasts make a wish foundation kid this
he literally no and they aired this they
aired on the super bowl like this guy
this guy this kid was like obviously
he’s on chemo except it’s a sad
situation and he’s like you know my mom
he says i’m the most handsomest kid in
the world and then jennifer aniston
looks at him in the eye and said i love
your confidence and looks at the camera
and then names the sponsors and the kids
sitting there like [ __ ] did you just
roast me yeah anyways
so the only way i knew that sarah palin
had a special needs child was because
family guy
that’s family guy [ __ ] they roast
everybody so chris almost said family
guy [ __ ] everything
chris and family guy chris griffin uh
he had he was trying to take a girl to
prom and she was special needs and then
like at the end of the episode he’s like
oh so like where are you from she’s like
oh and my mom is the former governor of
i’m like
they really know no boundaries they know
no boundaries but then they try to make
up for it with the 16th season you know
where it’s all political i hate that
shout out to that guy though on american
dad you know the security guard at the
end i told you this remember yeah um
seth macfarlane like you know if
anyone’s seen american dad there’s that
guy i have a beautiful time yeah he was
so he was like an immigrant from south
america somewhere i forgot what country
but he seth macfarlane one day was
walking down out of the building out of
the offices and the guy would always say
that to him
and then he asked him he’s like hey can
i get like a video of you and he put it
on every episode to give him look and he
and he gets 500
so all the episodes they’ve done do the
[ __ ] math it’s over six it’s six
figures holy [ __ ] he gets five hundred
dollars every episode no [ __ ] yeah i
think it was venezuelan or something but
that’s cool and he said that to him so
he’s like hey can i put you in this
episode i’ll pay you and obviously he’s
like oh yeah cool whatever and so like
if i did the math i think it’s over like
121 000 or something like that damn
that’s cool he didn’t give him the cash
up front and just gave him an advance
i don’t know if he gave him an advance i
think it’s kidding i’m saying it was
like oh you will get this money but
imagine a season came out yeah exactly
and he gets that check yeah that’s
pretty pretty [ __ ] sick yeah it’s
like seth it’s like when lil wayne puts
his daughter in the credits like she
didn’t write those lines no she just was
she wasn’t even there he just put her in
there to function
i just [ __ ] somebody
what no it’s the daughter no
you just [ __ ] someone and because she he
[ __ ] someone that’s the daughter i
think he was being a g towards his child
like yeah he is 100 percent every time
someone presses play on apple music she
gets a penny yeah it’s like king vaughn
everyone all his kids have is [ __ ]
right rest in peace can you president
police king vaughn i just got some top
from a stripper [ __ ] she’s from
kankakees he got a block with a buddha
clip boy don’t play with me [ __ ] at
shout out king bond bro yeah [ __ ] was
uh who else died this year
dude just shit’s just happening hey hey
bob saget this one’s for you bob yeah
america’s dad
america’s dead shout out bob also i like
how everyone’s like
you know when there was that conspiracy
about him like reaping the olsen twins
or whatever
no i don’t oh yeah that was a real thing
you know what i don’t think he did it
that’s bob saget he’s not no he didn’t
and you know what and the olsen twins
just went quiet and you know what when
he died they tweeted this great thing
towards him it’s like no rape victim
does that like he’s yeah he didn’t do
that bob saget okay listen here what’s
bob [ __ ] said bob saget who’s the was
it um
who’s the most recent guy who got like
[ __ ] for doing some creepy [ __ ]
um he was in a lot of movies and now
he’s just canceled
r kelly
wasn’t he like pissing on girls louis ck
no but i remember like the r kelly
[ __ ] when they were like reading the
translation oh um
james franco
oh yeah it wasn’t as bad as our kelly
jones seth rogan won’t work with him or
anything like that because of that okay
i mean i feel like james williams was
just saving his own career that was his
boy like i mean it was his boy but the
whole premise is is after he found out
seth organs like i’m not working with
him i’m not his friend which makes sense
yeah like what the [ __ ]
i feel like you would help him through
rehab or something you know still be
there for him i don’t think i would
really huh
if you were touching a little okay i
guess he wasn’t touching james if you
were if you were if you were he was
sexually actually assaulted people
i probably wouldn’t hang out with you
every day either i guess yeah that makes
sense i i i take back my comments yeah
i’m saying if i was like raping people
someone’s gonna cut the first four
seconds of what i said
small time podcaster james spence down
cnn in a nutshell right there or tmz
yeah they’re trying to cancel joe rogan
now ain’t gonna happen yeah ain’t gonna
happen he has more views than cbs and
cnn combined literally he does yeah and
all he did was just he didn’t even say
he didn’t even say that yeah he just
read [ __ ] about how the vaccine can be
bad and they’re like oh
and dude do you know how many petitions
that it got no
140 did you see like 300 different
doctors and scientists protested to
spotify to shut them down or ceramic
excuse me but dude the petition that’s
out there it’s like 140 signatures
that’s it no one’s going to cancel joe
okay listen joe rogan’s the goat and
listen as a business move spotify if
they that that’s so many [ __ ] viewers
anyways dude if they don’t [ __ ] atlt
we’ll sign him 27.
27. yeah it feels like we’ve been doing
this a long time
it doesn’t [ __ ] matter it’s our
podcast yeah that’s true that’s true um
jack where can they find you i think
we’re finally at jack underscore spencer
can they find you isaiah underscore
lesney on instagram or both of our
instagrams on around the launch table
instagram page um first and foremost i
want to thank
all of our supporters
because we would not be here now
if it wasn’t for you
um so yeah we’re making hedgeway we we
completed every one of our new year’s
resolutions on downtown
et cetera et cetera well that was our
personal thing
no we didn’t number
the number of episodes recorded but we
did pass all the downloads and
everything that we wanted to do and um
yeah so 2022 is it’s going to be an
exciting year 2020 as time goes on if
you think we’ve been a little inactive
don’t you worry because the comeback is
greater than the setback and we’re
coming back large and in charge we’re
the kind of guys you can feed us to the
pack of wolves and we were
leading the pack okay thank you so much
for guys for this
i’m sorry that was bad i’m sorry i took
your thunder that’s okay hey at least
i’m able to recognize it i recognize it
and i apologize and storm clouds will
come again it’s okay
where the [ __ ] did you hear that nowhere
i just came over storm clouds will come
[ __ ] you dude um thank you guys for
listening um we’ll see you next week
we’re actually
we’re but let’s do we should we might do
another one tomorrow oh hey we have a
clt radio too uh a tlt radio yeah talk
about that yeah so uh
to be honest i was in mexico when i was
supposed to start it and i didn’t um
but uh atlt radio we’re gonna have live
things tuesdays and thursdays i have my
car set up we still gotta figure out z’s
how we’re gonna get his car wired up for
but um basically on my way back home
uh five o’clock pacific time you can
tune into live at acltradio.com
and uh if you missed the episode you can
get it on the patreon
uh the atlt radio broadcast and we’re
gonna try to do it live it’s just going
to be us ranting about random [ __ ] it’ll
be fun it’s on our drive home we mic’d
up the car so that uh you know we can
talk on our way home so it’ll be pretty
cool it’s going to be about you know 40
minutes 45 minutes a good good [ __ ]
time probably like 25 or 30. yeah it’s
to work it back so i mean i like to over
promise and under deliver so um
that’s a good policy
so take notes kids yeah take notes so
yeah atlt radio the website’s out you’ll
see us on there um
actually tomorrow’s tuesday i’m gonna
try to do it tomorrow actually no i’m
gonna do it tomorrow i’ll do it tomorrow
you might i’m gonna i’m gonna try to do
me tuesdays these thursdays but we
haven’t [ __ ] with this car yet to get
everything working because we had to add
some [ __ ] to my car to get it working
but we will get it going um so yeah
at five o’clock check out atltradio.com
we’re gonna be doing that listen to it
live for free or if you miss it you can
get the episode of patreon.com so
that’ll pretty much do it
and thank you very much for watching and
see you
let’s get rowdy up in here

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