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Episode 52

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J&Z wish u a merry Christmas and talk about random stuff
welcome back slap dicks welcome back to
around the lunch table episode
2 52 first and foremost wanted to thank
our sponsor after oceans bringing ideas
and ads to life i have to burp
oh no um
i hope everyone had a wonderful
christmas it is the day after christmas
right now we’re drinking some rum and
cokes yes um you notice we’re on the
couches it’s a snow day it’s a lot of
snow outside it’s
blizzard-like conditions so we’re just
pent up in the house and decided to sit
in the couches today yeah you know the
the the bar stools can be comfy but we
were sitting here playing mario golf and
we’re like [ __ ] fun actually it was
fun yeah i kicked his ass negative three
to plus one but uh actually i won the
first game so thank you i guess it’s
best two out of three after this uh
the uh yeah we’re just like you know
what let’s get [ __ ] comfy and you
know what uh actually zoom this one’s on
me you better pay me later
the zoom h5 makes it very easy to just
move your podcasting equipment it’s
great it does what does he do what are
you doing yeah so it’s good uh yeah i
want to say a merry christmas to
everybody out there uh i know we didn’t
release content last week but who’s
who’s [ __ ] counting number two make
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how was your christmas it was good while
i was with you so
you were with me most of the time i was
yeah but there was a few hours you were
unaccounted for i wonder how i was
i was napping you [ __ ] saw me do you
do you jack off during during christmas
no i don’t
because i feel like that’s kind of like
you shouldn’t do that okay first of all
it’s not i’m not 14 anymore where i’m
just like i gotta find a bathroom now
yeah i mean that was a weird it’s not
the same it’s not the same as something
but no i don’t i it’s it’s it’s not very
frequent it’s like it keeps you sharp
between the ears you know it it does it
does it’s due diligence i definitely
don’t do it because i [ __ ] want to i
do because i [ __ ] have to exactly i
would say that i have done it on
christmas before
when i was younger you know when it’s
socially acceptable
i don’t know but uh you know what i’m
doing everywhere stop shaming me
but i don’t get you know how there’s
like oh yeah this guy got in trouble for
masturbating on on like a subway
it’s like what extra thrill do you get
out i know like i don’t watch i don’t
understand it’s
like yeah just [ __ ] absolutely
so get it i don’t understand it either
like i feel like those people just have
something wrong with them
well yeah like you know they hop on this
like what what are you thinking here
like oh my god i wonder what
[ __ ] people i could just [ __ ] jack
off in front of today’s [ __ ] weird
it’s too
porn ruins so much [ __ ] because
like okay imagine that in a porn
situation like i said they’re jacking
off on this hot ass girl just like oh my
god i kind of like that and then she
takes them home that’s probably that
would never happen exactly that would
never happen but that’s what they’re
well anyone who gets [ __ ] isn’t on the
subway jacking off that’s just a fact
sorry i mean probably not he’s out there
fishing he’s not going to catch anything
but he’s just fishing
but yeah you got to throw that [ __ ]
but the same time if he’s homeless like
he can’t go home and jerk it
so if you became homeless like where are
you going like what are you doing like
where’s your spot because i think i
would save up the 600 for a one-way
flight to hawaii and just live on those
beaches it’s hot all the time you don’t
have to have a [ __ ] box or a tarp
well it’s still rains and [ __ ] are you
[ __ ] high dude when i went to hawaii
there was people who just lived on the
beach yeah i’m sure there is but i’m
saying it’s not like it’s just [ __ ]
perfect weather all the time
it’s a blizzard out there yeah it is i’m
not gonna be homeless here oh no no no
no no i’m gonna go to somewhere warm
i’m yeah i imagine that yeah that’d be
probably your best bet so like say you
lose everything and you’re homeless
right now what are you doing
besides trying to find a job
well that’s another thing can you even
if you’re homeless you have a home
address can you even get a job i think
you can i think you’d have to like find
someone hey can i watch dishes get paid
under the table or something there’s a
lot of local businesses who want to help
homeless people
yeah do you know a lot of them yeah
they’re needham club the mint
[ __ ] uh i know that the guy who owns
he owns the rainier as well
both yeah that’s pretty cool i like the
rainier rain is the sick bar yeah the
rain the mint what are the options what
are the odds we [ __ ]
what are the odds we [ __ ] take our
[ __ ] talents and walk over to the
rainier dude
right now [ __ ] it that’d be [ __ ] sick
yeah i’d be down except we got the
actually that walk is probably a little
far yeah we got the people coming but
hey aaron won’t go but that’s fine
it was just a thought
i don’t [ __ ] me but wait what are they
when are they coming over
they’re really coming
coming they’re really coming in this
it’s uh snowstorm outside what is the
blizzard nothing i want to talk about i
saw this morning that there’s a town
that gets overrun by crabs once a year
but the crabs take over
now i’m gonna just say
if you cannot defend yourself i thought
you meant crabs like the pubic lice
isn’t that what isn’t what crabs is it’s
just it’s lice on your pubes why do they
call it crab i thought okay to be honest
when i picture it i think of little tiny
crabs i’m i’m assuming under my
microscope maybe they look that way
that’s why maybe they resemble a crab
yeah but here’s the thing here’s what
i’m always thinking because like facial
hair is the same
why can’t you just keep crabs in the
blue i’m saying but can you can you
i guess if you itched and then like
brought a couple of them up yeah but
like would they stay there would they
make their homes and would they make
like but i feel like the face
would there be a crab community you know
on your crab community i’m gonna just
say if your town gets overrun by a
species because isn’t that what it’s
literally just pubic lice basically but
i’m talking about
real crabs oh okay yeah i know that now
yeah i’m saying if a town can get taken
by a species that can only move sideways
you have a [ __ ] problem well because
there’s also huge migrations of them of
what they’re birds they might no i mean
like because they the crabs put the
babies and then they walk to the ocean
there’s like thousands of them [ __ ] how
do you know this what the [ __ ] i watch a
lot of natural geographic okay explain
the birthing process of the crowd i
don’t know the birthing process but i’m
saying there’s videos of literally
thousands and thousands and thousands of
them just walking to the because they’re
they put them over here and they’re born
then they walk through the water and
then so they
okay sorry they lay the eggs to the left
and they go to the right well they lay
them on land and then they walk to the
[ __ ] ocean it’s like you know if
you’re seeing those
on tv when there’s just all these
[ __ ] crabs like covering the beach
and they’re going to the water because
there’s so many no no they’re like baby
crabs but that’s why there’s a lot of
them so the parents
they’re [ __ ] big-ass crabs too they
can also swim up did you see that video
no i [ __ ] didn’t see the video of
crabs swimming it went viral on twitter
sick dude no the uh the thing about the
ocean that scares me is that ocean’s
[ __ ] terrifying like what is it 70
percent of the world or our world
is and i don’t get planets it’s a ball
but everything
sticks to it
gravity that’s why it sticks gravity
yeah something we can’t explain like it
just it just doesn’t make sense
do you think there’s extra test real
i think there’s something out there i
don’t know if it’s there i don’t know
i don’t know if there’s green guys with
the big heads but i’m saying i think
there’s something cause like technically
even like bacteria is little bugs and
[ __ ] yeah there’s gotta be that so
they’ve they know they think there’s a
lot of bacteria in other places so like
say like a flat earther comes on our
like do you think they’re being real
they don’t actually think that it’s flat
i mean i’m sure they do
but you can see a picture
yeah but
they think are you a flat earther no no
oh i’m not either
no i’m not
i’m not i thought you were about to
defend you i mean at this point all the
[ __ ] [ __ ] that’s going on in the
world i mean what what’s what is really
crazy to think anyways
[ __ ] do you remember when like it was
like mid covered
and then uh
the cia was just randomly like yeah
there’s ufos and then no one’s talking
about it because oh people that talk
about it
we were talking about it people were
talking about saying it wasn’t like
mainstream news it was it was on twitter
it was like trending twitter’s
mainstream news it was trending trending
is mainstream news
coven’s been trending for two weeks two
two years no it doesn’t there’s just a
tab for it that doesn’t count as
trending it was number one the cia thing
was trending
i’d say that’s amazing
[ __ ] no one talks about it
what do you mean
let’s talk about it there’s unidentified
flying objects just in this yeah and
people know that people were like
freaking out
they’re unidentified are they team time
travelers honestly do you believe in
time travelers
no because they would have came back and
told us so much [ __ ] by now
okay imagine time travel’s invented
today i’m going back to 1600 with an m60
with ten thousand thousand that would
probably i’m ending world war two in
five seconds or two that would okay
sorry the civil war they haven’t had bad
machine guns too yeah okay i’m taking an
apache helicopter seriously down m-60
and i’m ending the civil war in six
seconds that would be
i’m not kidding you one of the things i
would do on a bucket list of like the
time travel i would like go back to like
when the 300 stood against the persian
army like the movie three before and i
would [ __ ] side with them and i would
all that would take
is just like three dudes with machine
guns and just a [ __ ] ton of ammo they’re
all [ __ ] done for oh yeah done
that’d be so [ __ ] sick just a moment
i mean i’d like to bring a nuke but i
don’t think i could get my hands under
nuke but i think i get my hands on the
chopper if i really try it isn’t it
weird you can actually [ __ ] buy
yeah that’s [ __ ] weird it’s so funny
because you could buy your you can look
at you could buy
active uranium you can buy it why would
anyone why would that need to be for
sale it’s not illegal because they know
no one has smart enough to [ __ ]
figure it out i guess but still this
entire country is trying to figure it
out they can’t and how did we figure it
out oh that’s called project paperclip
look it up everybody it’s where we took
when we when we went as a little side
thing when we defeated the not the nazis
in world war ii project paperclip was
taking all of those scientists and we
split them with russia so we got half
and they got half and those guys are the
ones who figured out the because german
scientists are like we’re a lot better
they’re [ __ ] cracked dude they’re
trying to figure out the occultic [ __ ]
yeah they’re literally crazy [ __ ] dude
they were trying to make super soldiers
they were already giving them meth yeah
they were all they were giving soldiers
meth was it perviton i don’t know what’s
called that so it’s called perverton i
by the way this is this isn’t this isn’t
our conspiracy of this episode this
isn’t conspiracy [ __ ] they [ __ ] they
were dabbling with [ __ ] loads of dmt
trying to like talk to the machine elves
for [ __ ] answers on [ __ ]
it’s like god you guys are really
digging for straws here the machine
elves you know i you haven’t done dmt
no i haven’t either the machine
that’s what they call it i know it’s
just because the thing about dmt is
everyone sees the same thing yeah i’ve
heard that ever which is weird because
when i was on shrooms and euron’s rooms
we saw very different things i had a
great time you did not
i had a horrible time but dmt it’s like
everyone sees the same thing
which is interesting
but i’m just saying like the the nazis
they went through and were trying to
talk to basically get information and
knowledge from the other side
so like do you believe in the upper
dimension of like demons and angels and
[ __ ] yeah yeah yeah the problem is we
see a lot more evidence of demons and
angels the thing is if one exists the
other has to yeah if there’s an evil
there’s a good there’s a scary we saw a
666 van today that was interesting yeah
that was [ __ ] sick so like
that was that was low key liddy so say
you like
so actually this is it’s more of a
deeper question but interesting question
so say you’re like getting along with a
buddy great you know you and him just
and he’s like i’m a satanist you have to
respect that right because that’s his
religion right
i guess i mean that would cause some
with a lot of other people but
what i don’t get is it’s like okay so
like if we have a buddy over here and
he’s like i believe in islam that’s fine
i believe in buddhism that’s fine
but if it’s satanism
is different this is kind of a different
animal there it’s just so
like yeah
unorthodox yeah and i know we’re not
going to get cancer-cultured by the
church of satan so we can say whatever
the [ __ ] we want well they also the
church of satan also sub tweets people
so i think they’re cool enough to
understand it
they do the churches they sub tweet
people all the time the church the
church of satan is like the donald trump
a [ __ ] yeah literally just do a lot
of [ __ ] like that
yeah the other thing about donald trump
we gotta talk about that guy for a
second so oh i saw this amazing
i did not support putin and i paid for
all the hamburgers louisiana state
national champs big tigers huge eaters
they came over to the white house and we
had hamburgers and they did not support
putin they did not support putin um i
saw this tweet and it was like
if like an if like a 70 or 80 year old
applies for a job he seemed like
mentally unfit you know
yeah but they could be president of the
[ __ ] united states
they can’t yeah a person of that age
can’t get a normal job
but you could [ __ ] run the [ __ ]
yeah i have always want to know does
okay a lot of those [ __ ] politics
high breaking politics like gray hairs a
lot of old people a lot of gray hairs so
i recently had a drug test on monday and
i thought
so i’m just a lowly bus salesman you
know just a
i’m in middle class you know working my
way to upper class hopefully one of
these days
these [ __ ] do you think the
president has to take a [ __ ] drink no
he should
i do
i do [ __ ] 15 of them what about the
what about the attorney general what
about all those guys yeah obviously
trump didn’t because he was adderall the
[ __ ] out but sleepy biden i’ll tell you
about taking addies i’ll tell you what
because they’re snorting coke and
[ __ ] kids probably doing some weird
[ __ ]
they’re probably doing weird [ __ ]
you wonder what’s weird is that we all
know this happens but nothing ever
happens about it we’re like oh yeah
they’re probably [ __ ] there’s nothing
we could do about it
i mean we could start a revolution great
growl grab our pick for pitchforks and
our torches and storm the castle
yeah that went so well for the people
the capitol building huh yeah that did
you see that girly got [ __ ] waxed
yeah okay and then everyone everywhere
everyone freaked out but there’s
actually videos of it this guy and he’s
like stopped he has a gun he’s like stop
first of all the fact that they made it
that far in is just absurd to me
they never even should have made it to
the front door but anyways i’m saying
there’s literally
numbers first of all there’s like all
these mob there’s this mob outside the
store there’s one guy he’s a pistol and
he’s like don’t he told her stop like 20
times and she kept crawling and he
no what i don’t get is that everyone’s
like she was innocent she just didn’t
deserve to die the dude told her all she
had to do was walk times like if you
crawl through that i’m going to shoot
you and she’s like no no i’m saying
all she had to do was not do that and
like walk out and she was like it wasn’t
even like random he was like if you
crawl through there i’m gonna kill you
and then he gets shot and everyone’s
like oh
never what did you think was gonna
happen and everyone’s like shocked that
she got shot
like if there’s a dude
if i’m trespassing on private property
for example and there’s a lot of guns
okay if you call my property i’m going
to shoot you i’m not going to kill you
i’m not going to walk i’m like okay okay
i’m walking away
the [ __ ] [ __ ] of that gun is man
when you like [ __ ] a shotgun that’s the
universal language of you’re about to
get [ __ ] because you don’t have to be
accurate aaron who’s the worst shot in
the world could just point that at
someone in their general direction and
[ __ ] hit them and just destroy them
destroy them make them suffer what is
that from what
make them suffer
i don’t know it’s very
general um star wars
make i don’t know also can we talk about
episode three of star wars where he just
goes in and waxes a [ __ ] load of kids
and just no one’s talking about it well
they they briefly spoke of it yeah he
[ __ ]
dude if i went into a building and you
started chopping down kids
it’s star wars dude but it’s one of the
top movies of all time and then
everyone’s excited to see this guy in
the new film that’s like dude you killed
like i don’t i like hayden christensen
no i love him but okay
dude okay we are gonna talk about this
we’re talking about this right now
i saw the new spider-man no spoilers
in general heroes do things
for one person right yeah this happened
in rick and morty this happened in
anything any movie you see they’re like
i love this person so i’m gonna go to
the ends of the earth for this person
because it’s right but they kill like 10
000 people in the process so is it
really heroic it’s not heroic and the
same thing with [ __ ] darth vader it’s
like in the avengers remember it’s like
oh they did this but they also decimated
this city and i’m glad they brought that
in because remember there was a the
sekovia accords
yeah because it was like they need to be
held accountable they killed a [ __ ] a
lot of people i’m glad they brought that
in but it was like not a spoiler of the
new spider-man but he did a lot of [ __ ]
because he wanted his girl to be okay
pretty much
but then there’s buildings being toppled
over yeah there’s [ __ ] just people
there’s thousands of people just getting
murked yeah for one girl and then
they’re they’re they’re called heroes
you’re not a hero
you killed whatever and it’s [ __ ]
ridiculous holy [ __ ] the phone’s not
plugged in hold on let me plug in the
before it dies
well the phone’s not [ __ ] plugged in
it’s still going okay we’re good then
we’re good we’re good we’re good
dude oliver just got some heat to him
every time he lays on my leg my legs
just get hot
yeah so you guys get to meet ollie in
like the full episode this time he’s our
he’s our ratty little [ __ ] cat
he’s a [ __ ] but anyways so uh another
thing so with christmas like what is
your what’s your favorite
what is your favorite thing and your
[ __ ] [ __ ] you hate about christmas
um my favorite thing about christmas
that presents
i don’t know probably the [ __ ]
probably the vibe like just it’s that
christmasy vibe you know what i mean
the decorations start to come up
everyone has to get along yeah it’s kind
of that’s probably my favorite part
about christmas is just the whole
of it and everything but the worst part
of it is probably
can the camera see my feet i don’t want
them to see my feet i don’t know what
the worst part of christmas is probably
probably hanging out with the
somewhat racist grandparents
or the hat like you know the older
relatives that are probably somewhat
racist yeah i mean just say ridiculous
[ __ ] or be like oh
like what are you doing now when they
have like question everything it’s like
we live in a different world okay yeah
or like i i like how like our parents
were like 19
married bought a house when houses were
forty thousand dollars if that
yeah and then they’re all like oh what
are you doing you’re 24 no kids no blah
blah blah it’s like dead
it’s a different time
[ __ ] half a million dollars for a
three-bedroom two-bath like
who the [ __ ] has that
it’s ridiculous and they pay their house
off in five years and they’re [ __ ]
just i mean like in line with inflation
[ __ ] it kind of was
you know what i mean i’m saying or like
back like i’m saying al capone had all
this money but the money now
like i’m saying would it what he would
be worth now is billions and billions
and billions yeah what he had i’m saying
because of inflation and
which is kind of crazy because you crazy
because you could be like
[ __ ]
it’s kind of weird because you could
store all that cash and just i do
however i do however i’m not kidding you
this is a fact
i honestly think it would be pretty
[ __ ] cool
to experience and like being christmas
like the 70s and 80s and like yeah
because you could kill someone and i’m
that’s not why christmas would be cooler
i’m saying it’s just you ever watch like
a christmas story and just like it just
looks so [ __ ] much fun yeah no one’s
on their phones yeah it’s just it all
looks different it looks like that the
christmas little more magical back then
yeah you’re you’re waiting for the house
phone to ring there’s no calling and
every single person was going out to buy
a tree
every single person was doing you know
it was just it was kind of like i don’t
know it was really cool yeah the uh
there was still the milk delivery men
and everything yeah that was [ __ ] the
wives dude if you were a milkman back in
the day you were clapping cheeks dude
what the [ __ ] no because the mom would
always sleep with the milkman dude
what do you [ __ ] talk i have a
co-worker i have a co-worker who will
remember my name milkman shows up in
off-white bro
rest in peace virgil
the uh no i have a co-worker or i guess
a guy that i know
excuse me that’s not proven milkman just
smashed monsters i’m telling you he
installed cable
and his body count is in the hundreds i
don’t give a [ __ ] if this random guy was
a milkman’s body it’s not [ __ ] it’s
not hard to base clap chicks it’s not
hard to bang twos
it’s not but what i’m saying is is that
the the men were out working the guy
would deliver milk and the wife’s a
little horny and she i feel like that is
not a common thing yes she’d be like hey
can you bring the milk into my fridge
and then they end up talking in the
kitchen and then she’s like oh my god my
husband’s never home he doesn’t please
me and the milkman’s like well i can
please you and give you your milk yeah
and you can have some of my milk yeah
and then he gives her milk double time
yeah and that’s 100 and then the milk’s
in the fridge and in her puss
that’s [ __ ] gross
no but milkman clap cheeks i i’m serious
they did dude there’s no [ __ ] cable
guys are the the modern day equivalent
of the milkman they come by they fix
your cable they say hey can you look at
the cable box in our room too that
doesn’t happen though it does girls do
not [ __ ] make moves like that only
horny middle-aged men older women women
older women do the older the violin the
sweeter the music just remember that
as rare as stradivarius
dude i i have heard that older women are
hornier than young but isn’t like i’m
saying with menopause and stuff and then
like that’s when you’re like 60. oh is
it oh well i’m saying as you get older
doesn’t your hormones go down you’re not
as no but i i heard they get more horny
i don’t know if that’s the case any
older women who listen to the podcast
let us know how horny
let us know how wet your fupa is
let us know how you’re done we’re going
to start
let us know how horny your daughter is
and how horny you are and we’ll [ __ ]
compare it see this right this right
this right here or this whole episode is
the exact reason for example like i’m
i’m with my girlfriend’s family
and like then the podcast comes up like
i don’t want any of these people to
listen to it because i don’t want to be
subjected to the things i say because
this is a really open open barrel just
this is an open podcast yeah i’m saying
but yeah i’m saying that’s why when
people say i’m like i don’t want
strangers like if i know them really
well it’s okay it’s funny now okay cool
haha whatever but it’s like when you’re
trying to
forge a relationship with
for example i like alex’s family or
something i’m not gonna [ __ ] i don’t
i’m not like hey listen to my podcast
we’ll talk about [ __ ] and come and
transvestites and all this [ __ ] and
we’re just gonna go crazy you guys want
to listen to this no my i my own mom
doesn’t listen to it yeah i told my mom
not so not to listen to it and then
she’s like i want to hear my son’s voice
and then she told me five minutes later
i had to turn it off yeah that’s what my
mom would have done too it’s just i’m
yeah so like but the thing is that i
respect is that we are who we are
you know and that’s what i don’t wanna
that’s so [ __ ] sick dude
we are who we are i’m saying like this
is like
this is deep down my kind of humor and
i’m not gonna i used to be hit i used to
be his dream girl now i’m as nightmare
[ __ ] stupid you know what’s [ __ ]
dumb those instagram posts yeah you know
what’s even [ __ ] dumber than that
it’s like
listen i
i can’t stand the whole narrative that
okay i’m gonna try to word this without
sounding like a [ __ ] [ __ ] but
with all these things i’ve read about
like oh they’re thinking about making a
female james bond or it’s not science
it’s it’s not sexist for james bond not
to be a woman it’s not it’s not sexist
it’s just it’s [ __ ] james bond and
that was i hate it and like daniel craig
was talking about it and he’s and that’s
exactly what he was saying he was like
he’s like i mean
he’s like why can’t there just be a
strong female character and he’s like i
don’t understand why she has to be james
bond he’s james bond
not jamie bond yeah he’s james bond it’s
not sexist for it not to be a woman
it’s just it’s not i’m sorry sorry to
[ __ ] in your parade but get the [ __ ] out
so like so cancer culture is going to
eat us up here but like
the new marvel show stopping my sword
and i’m preparing for war yeah so like
the the new marvel shows and i respect
it i do but i just don’t know where
there’s an end you know they’re like oh
my god we have our first paraplegic and
our first deaf person and our first
that’s different that’s different and no
no that’s different than that’s
different no no yeah it is that’s what
i’m saying i think i get that
i get that you know so that person is
watching it they feel included i’m
saying i agree with that yeah i’m saying
the new marvel shows have that and that
and that’s great
what i don’t agree with is replacing
characters that were already something
with something else to appease that
crowd yeah good call is that that thank
you is that you know we we just finished
hawkeye which by the way
kinda kind of disappointing to be honest
it was it wasn’t bad dialogue
it’s not a kid’s show
it’s not
is it a kids show is it [ __ ] oompa
loompas no we’re there to see this is
just telling mayhem this isn’t the
we don’t want tinky winky dancing on the
side this is yeah but then okay who
in their right [ __ ] minds
is having dialogue
making jokes during a fight if i’m in a
fight i am so zoned in
that i need to defend myself dialogue is
good like some movies that are kind of
kind of funny but hawkeye it was
absurd i’m not kidding it made me feel
like i was watching like a show that was
that was like rated g it’s it’s so bad
it’s so bad the two [ __ ] were
fighting in the middle of it they’re
well that that move was good they’re
like yes i had fun i’m like no one
[ __ ] says this ever if i’m in a fight
for my life i’m not talking i’m focusing
on myself in the opposition
where you’re getting people and the way
they did like the fighting scenes it all
was so like
it was so like clean and like just easy
going like there was no like barely any
people died in the fight scenes like
it was just i’m saying
it felt like i was watching like a
nickelodeon show that’s what it felt
like it was horrible and then the worst
so marvel nailed it a little bit with
infinity war infinity war it was [ __ ]
amazing they finally lost and it made it
okay infinity war was great because
you every movie no one expected no one
they’re gonna win they finally lost and
i love that because what i hate the most
is when the villain has the hero like on
his back
and then they’re pointing the gun
they never pull the trigger i’m telling
you if i really wanted that person dead
i’m not going to give them a dialogue
because it’s not going to matter because
they’re going to be dead but in joker
said it best in their last moments
people show you who they really are
maybe that’s the whole thing someone
away every
dude z
z’s xbox 360 profile oh my god
he typed out the entire
six pair honestly i’m not kidding that’s
like serial killer behavior of in my
profile picture was like the joker’s
like you don’t know why i use a knife
guns are too quick you can’t save wrong
little emotions in their last moments
people show you who they really are so
in a way i knew your friends better than
they ever did would you like to know
which number was yeah he wrote that all
out no it was actually from the
beginning to end it was like you had to
scroll down yeah or no you would just
view the profile and wait a second
like credits
yeah it’s like credits but no the fact
that i sat down and typed the whole
thing is so [ __ ] disturbing yeah
that’s some it’s so we all had cereal
color tendencies no i killed all my
chickens as a kid or tried to i tested
you can’t get me on it yeah
statue of limitation seven years
yeah i don’t [ __ ] know but it’s just
it’s it’s there’s just absolute
shenanigans going on
but what i’m what are we at
30 we’re worried about we’re gonna do
we’re doing two two and we’re gonna cut
it yeah
um well let’s do one pause it and then
do it yeah would would i hate
what i [ __ ] hate about movies these
is like these days
it’s like people have so many chances
like there’s this big thing going on
with this person and they need to kill
that person
and then they don’t and then you know
what happens is that [ __ ] comes back
well it’s like when when the hero
gets the villain and then they’re
waiting and they want to be a hero and
not kill them
and then the villain’s just like okay
well then i have my free shot bam like
you both are trying to kill each other
but the hero never does it and then you
get [ __ ] anyways
like you know what hey spoiler alert
spoiler alert don’t listen spider-man
new spider-man if you haven’t seen it
turn off the podcast right now new
spider-man he tried to help the villains
guess what happened his aunt died
dude i didn’t [ __ ] watch it
i was saying you you you don’t that
wasn’t a spoiler for you that’s fine you
just said i didn’t watch it you [ __ ]
[ __ ] i didn’t know she died
she didn’t completely die
she did die yeah what the [ __ ]
what i’m saying is
you [ __ ]
like that that’s the problem is he tried
to fix [ __ ]
and then what happens
people die
and so all the people he killed and then
his aunt dies and there you go
thanks for [ __ ] spoiling that for me
i appreciate it well i invited you to
the movie yeah i didn’t go but doesn’t
you know i haven’t seen it and you did
it on purpose you’re such a fan to be
honest that’s like not even the biggest
spoiler okay well good good well let’s
just end this one huh
at 31. [ __ ] yeah all right this is
christmas episode part one um stay tuned
for christmas episode part two check out
patreon.com around the lunch table
subscribe today and don’t forget the
merch and [ __ ] and have a good i hope
you guys had a good christmas we’ll see
you next episode and see ya

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