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Episode 48

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J & Z talk about a high school teacher who had a special needs fight club? Also how if you rub George Bushes head he freaks out. Patreon for exclusive episodes and early access to weekly episodes! https://www.patreon.com/aroundthelunchtable
yes we are welcome back slap dicks this
is around the lunch table episode 48 48
we’re almost to 50. almost almost at 50.
road to 50. yeah we’re almost there
there’s a bumpy road a lot of speed
bumps a lot of hurdles there’s a lot and
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to life i see i didn’t write that ah we
got it we got it we’re learning we’re
learning 48 episodes we got it off the
rip i just i just wanted to touch on
something that i found that i thought
was yeah [ __ ] absurd and don’t i’m
not gonna get [ __ ] for this because i
i’m not the one who did this okay i’m
just reading the article as is okay hit
me teacher arrested for allowing fight
club in special education classroom
no this happened in cloverdale
california a california high school
teacher has been arrested on suspicion
of refereeing a classroom fight book
that resulted in multiple student
injuries and hospitalizations
so this guy is sitting around there
yeah egging on these he was referring to
he was refereeing and he and the
police sergeant clove
uh shout out clovedales isn’t that horse
that’s a clydesdale
he was he was referring to fights and as
you would see and he promoted as a
boxing ringer mma fighter
he’s got dana white to come
let’s get ready to rumble just like
breaks his kid’s notes and hands them a
okay i have so many questions off the
road first how old were the kids second
that’s high school
wow of special needs kids it’s like the
top of it says specialties classroom so
so was it normal kids in like a special
needs classroom or
i don’t know it was special needs kids
yeah it says high school teacher yeah
one i want to know how many times these
kids went home
like like trained
he wasn’t even doing that oh okay
they’re doing push-ups and [ __ ] okay one
like i’m fighting zack tomorrow i got a
big one
one do they know what they’re doing two
how many times do they come home with
like a broken nose and have to like did
they like cover for the teacher
how long does this go on before honestly
this this guy this guy must have had
some adolf hitler type influence yeah
he’s definitely an entrepreneur i mean
he’s an opportunist yeah this i feel
like it’s one of those things like on
the dark web that like rich people watch
and he’s [ __ ] just
streaming it and they take bets on the
kids it’s like his little timmy or
little jimmy gonna win yeah i don’t know
it was um i mean the guy has
entrepreneurial spirit you know he had a
hand up to him for being able to make
such an infrastructure
in in a hidden place okay like
hiding in plain sight i’m not gonna say
it because it’s so bad oh no but yeah we
should say do you know the stereotype
about the strength of okay
dude they’re throwing hay makers man i
guess but it’s just it’s it’s even more
[ __ ] up but he’s just like loving it
yeah and like do you think he’d put the
outfit on it yeah i know i got to teach
you guys how to write these paragraphs
today but i think i’d rather watch you
fight yeah
i mean maybe and you know what the
imagine him egging out in the background
dude zach said
he said your mom is ugly like just
making him fight and get it on my god
okay let’s imagine that dude was 41. the
teacher was 41. geez at that point i
think he just gave up i mean he’s like
he knows he’s gonna get caught like
there’s no way i mean i why would you
okay you know how when you’re doing
something you know you’re not supposed
to be doing but you kind of justify it
in your mind you know like you’re like
well you know you know what i’m talking
about i guess yeah but yeah but i’m
saying how did he justify this in his
mind like
like hey honey how was work oh it was
the only thing i could figure out if the
way he justified his mind is if he’s
making money off it i don’t think he was
unless he’s just taking the kid’s lunch
hey is that your mom’s milk money for
today give me that [ __ ] yeah
but yeah isn’t that [ __ ] crazy that
is crazy um was that a current event
like this just happened no it was it
didn’t just happen it was like a year
ago or something but um i saw the
article and i was like wow this is worth
the read yeah
in other current events and there were
clydesdales in the classroom oh yes
an iso you know what i’ve always wanted
to work horseman is [ __ ] is joust
joust that would be great i think that’d
be pretty cool what i don’t get is it’s
a long pole right and it slowly goes to
like not that point but it you know the
jousting thing yeah but a lot of people
died from it still
yeah so like because you’re it’s a horse
sprinting or you usually it shatters
when you hit are you knocking them off
or standing no you’re stabbing and the
thing just shatters so if they’re both
the same length how does one how do they
not both knock each other out well it’s
all about timing and angle i guess
because if you have two or sprinting
each other you don’t know what like okay
i’m gonna point the same i’m gonna hit
him before he hits me
but if they’re the same length but yeah
they’re the same length but if you maybe
you as you can time it right when he’s
coming you’ve launched as he’s coming
do you think you and i should joust oh
i’d be sad dude that would be fun we
don’t people with horses but the thing
is here’s here’s the thing
it’s because the horses horses run so
fast it’s like people even that army
people died because horses weren’t
supposed to get jabbed with that [ __ ]
thing i want to know like
i i i would be down i would do it i’ve
always wanted to like ride a horse and
not actually kill someone save a horse
yeah i’ll ride a horse like you know in
the battles and they have the horse
with the what i never got is there just
someone one person take a sword as it’s
running by
it it’s like putting a rake inside of a
tire spoke you know and it just trips it
like this horse is running at you just
get a little low and just stick a sword
out it’s gonna yeah i mean who’s gonna
it’s like i don’t want to [ __ ] get
random by this horse or cut by this guy
so i’m just gonna look i’m just gonna
move but most of the time horses aren’t
known for joking most of the time they
did they did stab the horses like in the
movies they always step back
the the the thing i hate about the
movies is when like there’s this intense
battlefield especially like lord of the
rings and then like two old buddies meet
up and they’re hugging in the middle of
the battlefield yeah yeah like
everyone’s fighting around them like you
know that like that’s like the leader
why wouldn’t you just be like
real quick
it’s a movie i know but make it a little
realistic like i mean honestly
they did that in braveheart too i mean
yeah i feel like it’s possible it’s a
lot of death
a lot of death
this week i want to touch on that so uh
[ __ ]
travis scott happens right no that’s
amazing okay now i have one thing i’m
gonna say no i’m not the i’m not an
advocate for travis scott i’m not his
i’m not his buddy i don’t [ __ ] know
i’m not saying he did anything wrong but
what i don’t get is it’s like
i would know if i was stepping on a head
yeah you know what i’m saying
it’s like wow this is like it’s not a
watermelon down there yeah i would like
what about the people who are just like
stomp stomp yeah and they’re just like
look down oh he’s fine i mean remember
like stoning it took like 12 to 15
stones in the head to kill someone back
in the day is there a statistic for
stoning probably look it up i don’t know
but i’m saying it took a few seconds how
big is the stone how hard is that person
doing it yes there’s a lot of variables
like if i’m throwing distance yeah maybe
two i need maybe two oh one for me yeah
how okay we’re gonna get back to the
travis scott thing how
many stones do you think okay say
someone’s like five yards away okay five
15 feet okay they’re 15 feet i know it’s
not that right it’s not that far yeah so
over there you have like a you have a
sized rock perfect circle okay it’s
pretty heavy you know it’s rock it’s
made out of stone maybe a you know like
a not like a
lot like an obsidian somewhat circular
stone that is yeah but there you go it
doesn’t have any perfect circle just but
i was trying to say like the type of
stone it’s not like tungsten or
something you know that’s super
heavy is that metamorphic
it’s not pumice either where it’s super
light you know it’s just it’s just like
it’s like a river rock do you think i
could kill someone
how many of those stones do you think
it’d take for you to kill someone well
if you hit them in the head i mean
there’s a good chance you kill them if
you hit them hard enough good chance to
kill them i’m asking you
like you
i mean i’d say three for me
one bam i knock him out and then it’s
just then i can just get up close and
just pop pop and just we’ll use the
other two you can’t go pop pop no i said
i think it would take i’m saying okay
here’s the thing a rock
a [ __ ] if you hit some if you throw
it hard it hits him in the head there’s
a very good chance you should have their
skull and it causes brain bleeding and
they’re dead yeah it’s very high maybe
not like instantly but they’re going to
die on the way to the emergency room
yeah there’s a good chance
you want if this game’s over if i hit my
turkey yes it’s game over it’s it’s it’s
a wrap that’s curtains yes yeah he’s
gone he’s done for
so bad so back to the travis scott thing
the thing is it’s like
so this concert’s going on
everyone’s having a good time awesome
great cool
do you
i i mean i feel like i thought the human
race was a little more advanced to where
we would not trample people i mean only
eight died but it was like a hundred got
[ __ ] injured yeah a bunch more than i
got inserted and it’s just like some
people have like
death there’s like brain dead people and
stuff trampled to death yeah it’s crazy
it’s like you guys were [ __ ] head
banging so hard you [ __ ] forgot
there’s a human being underneath your
i mean maybe you also recall that this
is a mainly
a juvenile audience that
yeah why is there i’m sorry like why is
there a 10 year old in astro world i
don’t i don’t know and maybe this kid
that was like his dream was because he’s
travis scott and that’s fair enough but
i mean after the cactus jack meal i mean
all you need
you knew the little kids were coming but
i don’t know it’s like
[ __ ] they’re they’re laying one
just gonna say that if you’re not
athletic enough to stay on your feet i
mean come on i mean there’s so many
people i know i’m kidding a lot of
people were saying they couldn’t like
breathe in the middle of the ground
because we’re gonna run out of oxygen
just to just
like if you’re short too many mouths to
feed not enough air to go around i mean
it makes i mean i’ve never been in a big
crowd before yeah they gotta put a tree
in the middle get some of that oxygen
back it’s like it’s like it’s like in
planet earth when all those penguins
they all uh
get together and there’s like it’s like
negative 100 degrees and they’re all
together and they all stay warm because
they all get
and they all huddle together yeah they
don’t run out of oxygen
my point is that it gets it gets so warm
in there that they are able to sit out
there at negative temperatures all night
it’s just it’s a similar thing without
just all those
interesting interesting yeah honestly i
don’t know enough about the field
is there so that was that was one thing
the other thing i wanted to
bring up and there’s there’s too many
current events these days to even talk
about i watch
it’s not even a thing to talk about i
just had to [ __ ] say it
i was watching rose last night and pete
david do you know who ann coulter is
yeah she’s like this republican [ __ ]
that yeah i think i i think i’ve heard
that yeah many times so apparently she
had i don’t know if this is true
like her own like home supply brand or
something so she like made sheets and
[ __ ] okay okay so she roasts pete davis
about something stupid he gets on he
gets on the mic in front of everybody no
joke he’s like ann coulter and coulter
and he’s like you went from selling
sheets to
cutting eye holes into him i’m like oh
dude she wasn’t even laughing i was like
oh my god that’s [ __ ] funny
well that was her fault for
yeah you don’t go after you don’t go
after comedians yeah do why do you think
speaking of which are
was it was that ever a thing that we
actually got tickets to go see bill burr
yeah i already bought him
oh nice yeah we’re gonna go see the
almighty burr
yeah burr big bird
real horn horns yeah do you guys
remember that when like horns were like
sounded like a sailboat or not a
sailboat but i always think of like a
big car with like the big grill you know
like a great gas because i grow
you know what i’m talking about i know
exactly what you’re talking about you
know what i’d be thinking be sick is
to get like a lincoln continental with
like suicide doors oh yeah that [ __ ]
would be like you know when pawn stars
old man had lincoln
it was just veterans day today and the
old man was a vet yeah thank you old man
you know i mean me and z are kind of
vets we’re in a fox hole in the front
lines in the war for class equality
and we’re we are the infantry
come on
give me a rifle and a helmet and then a
pack of lucky strikes
put a [ __ ] spade on the side of that
helmet watch me charge into battle baby
beaches of normandy how long you last
and i think i’m the first i think i’m
the first one yeah i’m
yeah i’m in i’m instantly going probably
i mean
i mean dude imagine just bad that would
just be so [ __ ]
it’s like there wasn’t an easier way
like we have aircraft carriers with
artilleries like why don’t we bomb the
[ __ ] pillboxes
they did
well i mean this is world war ii man
this isn’t now they’d send predator
missiles in this is this is what because
like and they can’t just
like a bunch of planes and dudes of
parachutes come out because they’ll just
get shot in the air you gotta take the
you gotta take the beach establish a
beach head first
you do do you think like our future
we’re just gonna be like this is gonna
be money it’s like if our robots kill
more of their robots and they run out of
money to build more robots and then
rick’s gonna appear out of the teleport
from the robot wars
but yeah basically i mean at this point
i feel like if we were to get into a war
it would almost be
each nation knows they have nukes so
it’s like okay if we both use them it’s
just we just [ __ ] everything up so
like it’s gonna be a stalemate on that
part you know what i mean yeah i feel
like it’s gonna cut down it’s kind of
weird when you get to that like ultimate
weapon that everyone has in your just
like everyone’s just pointing your guard
yeah no one wants to pull the trigger
yeah because it’s like okay well if i
pull this trigger everyone dies everyone
die well if i bless trigger almost all
done with that but they have probably
more than i do and then and then before
we know what we’re all doing and then
we’re all [ __ ] dead the goal is is to
nuke everyone’s nukes at the same time
and then you’re the only ones with nukes
left i think the goal is if you ever see
olympus has fallen no i haven’t is it a
good movie really really yeah very
interesting olympus like the olympics
olympus they call the white house
olympus they do really is that like this
code name yeah roger
olympus but the thing the whole movie is
i can’t believe
with gerard butler you’ve never seen
this movie isn’t it when the president
goes on a plane it’s instantly called
air force one
yes that’s air force one yeah well it’s
the plane’s called air force one yeah
whatever plane he’s in though so if he
flies like spirit airlines no no no
there’s a plane called therefore i’m
saying whatever plane the president is
on the president’s not going to get on
spirit airlines
hey uh mr president the planes had some
malfunctions we actually got to a flight
with southwest yeah can you imagine
you’re in the line for the bathroom i i
i was here first and my kids crying you
what’s that scene in family guy what’s
like oh on the site it didn’t let us
switch seats and then stu was like sorry
we don’t switch seats no it was like
he’s like
he’s like your poor planning does not
constitute an emergency
that i’ve had people ask me that’s like
hey so we didn’t if i’m by myself i
don’t care but like if i’m with you i’m
like dude what the [ __ ] yeah it’s like
just because you didn’t want to pay the
extra 30 and you used the the freaking
the freaking flight saver package and
getting to get to choose your seats
well i did get to choose my seat and i
chose it next to my boy so yeah exactly
but yeah i’m gonna eat my biscoff cookie
and look back at you in [ __ ] economy
[ __ ]
[ __ ]
[ __ ] your voice is crack yeah
anyways olympus is falling very
interesting storyline because gerard
butler’s in it and actually harvey dent
is the president in this movie really
chica looks like a pig to me
maggie gyllenhaal yeah it’s the yeah she
is um anyways katie holmes i don’t know
but if you let me finish my story so
what happens is in the movie um
the united states they have like a
meeting with some prime ministers from
korea blah blah blah and they all get in
there and they’re all cleared and then
they like
have this plane fly over dc and start
shooting people as a distraction because
whenever an attack apparently happens
that’s when they take the president down
the bunker and that’s what’s safe so
it’s emergency protocol they go down
there then once they get down there
all the dudes like bodyguards are like
[ __ ] bad guys so they [ __ ] kill
all the guards
take all the prisoners of the generals
secretary of defense blah blah blah
jesus and there’s a thing called
cerberus and it’s a service code that is
the um detonation mechanism in our nukes
that if they’re in flight you can
detonate it so what they were trying to
do is detonate our nukes in the silos
oh [ __ ] yeah it’s kind of crazy did they
end up doing it well they got close
encouraged butler came and saved the day
before the countdown could finish but it
was a really sick more movies the
strategy of it was actually [ __ ]
crazy though like yeah they [ __ ]
there was definitely planning no there’s
hell planning and then they like have
these garbage trucks like 20 of them on
each side of the white house
and then like once the police started
coming obviously the police start coming
and they [ __ ] blow up the tires so it
sits and they open the garbage trucks
all these dudes got 50 cows
oh it was crazy it’s crazy you got to
watch it it’s a great movie we should
it’s crazy how much planning is needed
now because like
i think like 9 11 was the last time
where like planning wasn’t really needed
that much
because we didn’t know planning but well
because we have teeth dude imagine just
walking into a freaking plane with a box
cutter and just being like uh pilot get
out like yeah there was no one knew
there was nothing like that that you
know what i mean you know what i mean it
was just like this is great it’s like
walking it’s like i’m controlling this
plane now yeah i don’t know it’s it’s
how do they not see that coming
but yeah it’s actually really crazy but
in the movie
obviously the white house probably has a
lot more defenses you really don’t know
about which then they keep it that way
rightfully so
because they kind of just marched in
there but i will say
yeah no one’s ever occupied the white
house since the war of 1812 actually
really wow well
what i think is
interesting do you think the government
is as crazy tough as they sound or
imagine there’s just no security
protocols but everyone thinks there is
no one’s showing up it’s like when
puts the sos alarm sign outside yeah i
don’t have sos
i just or it’s like smile you’re on
camera where’s the camera i don’t know i
don’t have one it’s fake there’s no wire
going anywhere
it’s just battery powering the red
blinking light you know it’s just it’s
just a camera with no wires inside and
they always have smile you’re on camera
going through the cement yeah yeah it’s
[ __ ] hilarious imagine if there’s
just like nothing in [ __ ] biden’s
just in there just sleeping dude you
just walk up and knock on the door hey
hey joe hey z hey i mean technically
you’re a civil servant you’re we’re your
boss so just checking in
that is true isn’t
technically i’m your boss and you’re
like okay it’s it’s a technicality you
put that on a resume uh was the boss was
the boss of a president of all
presidents went up since i’ve been alive
huh how many presidents have we had
since we were alive
i remember george bush remember when
he’s in medford
[ __ ] the town went crazy and then the
dude isn’t he like
there’s not even a joke doesn’t have
like a mild case of down syndrome right
i have no idea i don’t know the health
things no i believe i don’t know i
believe he actually not even a joke i
believe he has especially hw or george w
the the the sun so the george w dude
george’s bush’s dad george’s
george bush’s dad the first one hw yeah
dude he it’s literally not even
conspiracy he donated a [ __ ] ton of
money to like the nazi party he was for
it i’m not even kidding i won’t let’s if
i’m not [ __ ] surprised yeah it’s
crazy but yeah the the son i believe he
was like special needs or something well
it wouldn’t be the first time that
president had just disabilities yeah fdr
you know i had polio yeah i couldn’t
move his legs the uh but no i believe
because family guy did a thing that if
you rub george’s bush’s head he started
like freaking out
they went up and rubbed his head he was
okay did you look this up yeah i think
if you rub george bush’s head
george bush’s wife killed a guy do you
know that no there’s a lot of [ __ ] i
probably don’t know that like no she
straight up just killed someone in a car
accident now is that not manslaughter
like lock her up laura bush
i only knew that from a family guy thing
because i don’t see it brian had a date
and brian’s date dressed up as a car
crash victim he’s like oh who are you
dressed as she’s like i’m dressed up as
the guy laura bush killed it’s like
they’re [ __ ] crazy i don’t know what
the [ __ ]
i it doesn’t i just clicked on the first
art it says bush41
man with down syndrome bonded over love
for quirky socks
i don’t know what’s happening porgy
socks like dogs
i don’t see anything about that i mean i
mean i could have
you know
yeah you may be taking that out of
i just remember there’s a lot of
articles with the down syndrome kid
holding socks yeah
and i’m not making fun of you saying
that i’m just saying i just remember
there’s like a family guy where they
rubbed his head and he freaked out
that’s what i’m saying i don’t know
just if anyone out there is listening if
you meet you whoa whoa whoa whoa
hey hey no
it’s just like yeah
it’s like hey
yeah so anyone out there i don’t know if
this is true don’t come to us for facts
but if you meet george bush just don’t
rub his head
i don’t know what that’s about the
[ __ ] genie lamp
i actually have no idea i know you’re
going anywhere oh yeah i was hanging out
george the other day actually i’ll ask
him yeah and i was tickling his head and
he freaked out
yeah no i
i yeah i have no idea if he has special
needs if he is that’s great we’re not
making fun of special needs kids
it’s just i thought that no i i don’t
know i don’t know either i’m saying i
thought i’ve heard that before but you
yeah you know the uh i think
what was the other oh john mccain oh he
was a maverick he’s a maverick he’s a
maverick we’re taking the maverick to
the white house he’s a maverick i mean
he’s a maverick
what do you expect he is the maverick
you know him and his maverick policies
well i guess i can’t wait to see the
maverick going office and i’m proud to
join him there he’s a maverick we get it
okay what is a maverick
what is it logan paul
i was thinking like top gun but yeah
it’s the same logo but maverick
apparently like i’m saying the word is
like you go against you go against
normal popular beliefs [ __ ] like kill
a shitload of people in wars he’s a war
hero right john mccain yeah i think so i
don’t know it’s hard to imagine when
they’re like 80 but i guess he’s
probably a badass when he was young
i think it was uh illness some type of
he’s also he’s also really old yeah you
know i get that no i just remember it’s
like ah you know what you need a team of
you know we don’t get along and
everything you know we’re a bunch of
mavericks sarah palin said maverick 88
titles in a speech we can use the
mavericks he’s the maverick i think
everyone i think he’s a [ __ ] maverick
he was the first one i think to have a
woman vice president that was a good
campaign thing because then all the
women i don’t know if you know who the
vice president is right now but
that is a woman i said the first one to
like bring a woman into the presidential
oh okay
yeah and then big old billary
[ __ ] dude bill clinton i just gotta i
know we brought up the last episode what
a savage a cigar and a puss in the white
and the thing is aren’t there always
guards standing side by side they
probably said ham them coming under
chief get the [ __ ] out i’m like probably
i’m not the commander in queens
i’m guessing they did he just said hey
look that way i’m guessing he just said
hey i’m the [ __ ] president give me
some alone time and bring monica in here
with a cigar yeah would let me let me
let me stick a cuban in that coach hey
let me stick a cupid in that gooch hey
monica get over here you want to go take
a buff with this cuban no no no not that
one yeah lips down there lips down there
open them up hey monica you come on but
the thing is okay put another nickel in
the jukebox like a
a [ __ ] cannot puff a cigar it’s not
it cannot latch on
and take a hit and go blow it whatever
[ __ ] blowing o’s i mean you and i have
both had sex you know when they kind of
like clinch it a little bit yes but
you can’t take a hit of something with
those lips it’s not like the lip all
right your turn it goes
that’s what i’m saying it doesn’t do
that can you imagine if a tongue came
out it’s not
okay though you don’t want an alien
versus part of the aliens over there and
a little thing comes out imagine that
that was a girl’s [ __ ] oh
a girl’s [ __ ] snatch that’s [ __ ]
yeah that’s how that works yeah i i get
but i mean
i feel like i feel like having a [ __ ]
is way
way easier than a dick but on the same
note you could say it’s more convenient
to not have one but it’s also an
inconvenience to have tits
yes because i’ve heard girls with big
tits have back problems
i mean that’s probably
you know how annoying it would be if i
had fat tits when i run oh i would get
so annoyed
just yeah like it’s like you know when
you know when you’re on a boat and it
hits a weight
you just go everywhere but imagine
sprinting so each one’s jiggling so wait
does it feel like shit’s like you know
when like you can’t balance you can’t
run in a straight line you know like say
you feel like a milk jug halfway forward
yeah and you’re ready when you’re
running in it goes and then it kind of
gets you human you know and you’re kind
of yanking it yeah so if a girl is like
has milk in there so you’re never eating
you’re never an equilibrium yeah is it
sloshing around you know like a wave
oh yeah it’s wherever gravity takes her
you know is it one swing low sweet
chariots is it one big like sack of milk
or is there like 18 little sacks of milk
i don’t know i’ve never lactated before
no i don’t think
you don’t know i’m just saying like
you feel them yeah i i
don’t i don’t know i’m not i’m not
shrouded in mystery i’m the wrong guy to
ask about that one yeah i i think that
i feel like it’s one big like balloon
and then there’s like a funnel to the to
do you do you know those like uh those
like backpack
bags yeah camelbacks you know you have
to bite it and suck it is that how a tit
no how do you get that allegedly
allegedly allegedly this is this is
something that actually apparently is
true if you
because i’ve always thought
a woman has to be lactating for milk to
come out yeah which is why i’ve heard if
you work it long enough you could get
you theoretically could get some milk
really yes i’ve i’m sure i’ll pull up a
prank do that from a man too
no oh
i was gonna say let’s try it i have
nipples greg could you milk me
um you can milk a cat though can’t you
technically no you can’t
you can’t milk a cat
have you ever tried to milk a cow no i’m
saying if a cat just had kittens you can
milk it
hey oh my god
what it is possible for women and men to
produce a milky discharge from one or
both nipples without being pregnant or
breastfeeding this form of lactation is
called galactoria
so it’s not actually milk it’s just a
discharge but i’m sure
i’m sure with women it’s actually like a
little so with us [ __ ] men don’t have
milk in their titties so you’re saying
if you suck my nipple hard enough
discharge is going to come out i don’t
know i it’s we need to do it for the
podcast it’s very interesting
eight hours of
z sucking my nip
get [ __ ] six views it’d be worth it
the hormone prolactin causes lactation
during presence pregnancy and while
breastfeeding people will have
legalitaria you still have prolactin
without you cannot be pregnant and
technically you still could the
pituitary gram with a small gland in the
base of the brain makes and regulates
prolactin and several other hormones
so it is possible that
if you have that you could be lactating
and not be pregnant so but you wouldn’t
really know it it’s not like it’s on
something that’s going to kill you but
you know so if you you know how they’re
like hormone pills yeah if you and i
took that pill could we produce milk i
there might be something there but it’s
not going to be the same as coming out
of a woman with the nutrients oh my god
you know what i mean it’s not it’s not i
heard human breast milk is very
nutritious oh very a lot of people put
oh berries
because you’re very knowledgeable no
it’s very up 100 a lot of people
actually um growing up it was a very
popular thing in the 80s late 80s 90s
they would still continue to drink their
mother’s breast milk even into their
even their teen years because it’s
packed with nutrition really wow yes i
heard that you get all the same like
antibodies and stuff from the mother
yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s right from the
you know it’s like it’s founding youth
yeah it’s
you know it’s like it’s like fiji right
from the source oh god i love fiji it’s
do you think you could uh
actually i want to go back to the uh
to the milk debacle here
kick what was another one there was kick
there was a
i don’t remember but anyways um so like
say you’re married kids
you know she just popped one out
the baby’s sucking on it he gets a
little full but there’s still some left
are you latching on to that nip and just
letting her okay one one day
when i have a wife i have a child
you know and if it’s nasty i might get a
little bit of a cup like hey can you i
don’t want it in the cup i want it
straight from the source like fiji yeah
i’m gonna try it but then i’m gonna put
in the cup and put some nesquik in it
and see if it’s
nice the thing is i think i’d want it i
don’t like warm milk refrigerated milk
so i think i’d put her in there yeah i
would want i’d put her in like a walk-in
freezer first i would walk it yeah i’d
wonk it i’d want it
i’d want it cold too as well i’d want it
good yeah
yeah that’s actually that’s probably
what i do well that’s probably what i do
because i would of course want to know
what it’s like you know from the from
the nip itself yes exactly
i guess
yeah that’s uh oh i do want to shout out
uh episode’s not done but i do we i keep
meaning to do it at the beginning
patreon.com around the lunch table check
it out for exclusive episodes episodes
and uh apple podcast subscribe you can
get the audio early as well make sure to
check it out
and hopefully our conspiracy episode’s
coming soon we’ve been promising it for
months but you know we’re [ __ ] we
yeah we’re busy bees we don’t really
know it’s probably not gonna happen yeah
it’s going to it’s just a matter of when
you know that’s it’s like most things in
life you know i mean
it’s gonna happen we just got to figure
it out you know all these indus
gazendas dot our t’s and cross our eyes
you know exactly what we gotta do it’s
good all right well
pretty much all we got for today
huh yeah it’s about we got make sure you
go buy a t-shirt sales are really
heating up yeah we have oh the winter
collection coming out sorry we had to
skip the fall but uh it’s actually a tlt
the winter soldier yeah
uh jake is working on some [ __ ] with
like some snowmen and santa and [ __ ]
with me and z
yeah it’s gonna be good yeah the guy who
did our painting shout out to him check
him out the great jake todd uh he’s
pretty [ __ ] sick
he’s [ __ ] sick dude he’s [ __ ] um
but yeah it’s gonna be a great
collection coming out um the summer one
did great um but obviously you know once
the fall is just so quick and there’s
plenty that was needed that it was like
okay well are we really gonna do this
short time for fall because next thing
you know it’s november and it’s like
technically everyone’s in christmas mode
already it seems
so um it just it seemed more prudent to
just go to winter instead so i think
that’s what we’re gonna do i do i do
want to say something i hate when
rappers use the seasons for like uh for
like a pun
it’s like i’m hotter than the summer
the spring never sprung i will never
fall and it’s like okay like why why do
you hate that i don’t know it just seems
corny to me
like untalented and unnatural except lil
wayne did it and that’s little wayne’s
little wayne okay
yeah you respect the king when he speaks
yeah but anyways um yeah thanks guys for
tuning in and uh it’s been
it’s been fun it’s been a [ __ ]
pleasure it has been a pleasure i’m
almost at 50. for 50 we’re gonna do
something cool we’re gonna do something
special remember
yeah we’re gonna have our helicopter
dicks in the fireplace we’re gonna be
slapping [ __ ] around yeah we’re into our
money’s greatest hits and actually this
is uh in all seriousness uh we check us
out chatterbait.com on the lunch
we talked about this
shut up i want to do a full naked
episode once i can convince him yeah
that’s going to be [ __ ] awesome and
then we get demonetized but it’s on
chatterbait i know but the next thing
you know oh first thing business insider
front page
local podcasters nude on stream
i mean we definitely get a fluffer
because i want to look like somewhat
i mean like that’s not how that i want
to chub
i go
yeah i guess so but um i guess we’ll end
on that note but anyways thanks guys for
listening jack where can they find you
you can find me at jack underscore
spencer where can they find you i say
underscore lesnar or both of our
instagrams on the around lunch table
instagram page no thank you mate
so yeah thanks guys for listening we’ll
see you next week and don’t forget
um there have been a couple people
we completely blew past because we got
so we didn’t notice until way farther
down but um
if you want to ask a question you want
us to answer on the on the podcast i
know before we’re like i go on our site
and do it and we just realized [ __ ] that
just dm us and like you have to the
thing is people dm we have to like just
label it like question four podcast
colon and then ask and then we’ll we’ll
do that and then a works cited and then
at some point and then at some point
like when we do the episodes we’ll
answer all of them at the end or
something yeah so in like mla format you
know double space yeah yeah exactly in
my format so anyways guys that thesis
it’s been a hell of a ride make sure you
buckle in
so thank you guys for listening and see

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