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J & Z talk about the elephant man, some messed up stuff about Michael Jackson, and idk the rest.  Check out our Patreon for exclusive episodes and early access to weekly episodes! https://www.patreon.com/aroundthelunchtable
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45. 45
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[ __ ] yeah good it’s good i guess
first thing i want to cover is some
current events um yes so some remains
were discovered all those who have been
following the gabaputino case and the
brian laundry thing everyone brian
laundry love it the nation has been
captivated for months about it and um i
will say
they did find remains in florida
um and they apparently they have matched
it with his so interesting
i’d assume he committed suicide i don’t
know he saw dog the bounty hunters on
his ass
i mean if dog was after [ __ ] that guy
because uh some of the police guys were
saying well it was really interesting
that we just found him dead but it’s
like he probably knew there was a
manhunt going on anybody yeah i mean if
dog the bounty hunter was coming after
me i feel like i’d just go to cold
weather i feel like he’s not good there
well yeah look at the [ __ ] guy i know
he looks like a [ __ ] melted raisin
like her uh
i feel like his skin you could stretch
it yeah it’s like have you ever held a
frog yeah like in there you take one
part like this and the whole thing is
that’s kind of like
one of those pillows where it changes
yeah and like that dude is just i mean
did you ever see that video like when
when he first was when dog was first on
the case when he uh when he didn’t like
can he just
can he do that he’s a vigilante of some
sort i guess
he’s like [ __ ] batman
you could just go dude no because he
went the mayor has the skylight on the
thing because i remember there’s like
cops around he’s like and we’re out in
the river we’re gonna take this boat out
we we’ve had information he could be in
this area it’s like can you do that
can you just you know are you allowed to
run a legal investigation like i don’t
even know if you’re allowed to be i mean
i mean i just know that if he caught him
he’d read him like a bible verse and
hand him a cigarette in the back of the
car just be like you’re a good kid you
just [ __ ] up
you know he’s like he’s like god he’s
like i don’t think i can escape this
manhunt dog the bounty hunter is not
joining the chase oh i gotta go yeah
dude i don’t like having batman on you
dude oh
clock the bounty hunter does not amount
to okay who would win dog body hunter or
his butler would win before dog
yeah alfred alfred’s a real one
um but i will say alfred took that [ __ ]
to the chin man dude
he was he was the realest one remember
you want some pampers [ __ ] baby wipes
for that dog bite yeah wonder what he
did all night
um no the uh uh
like i would say
the thing about alfred though was that
like remember when the [ __ ] gave him
the letter to give him yes yeah he
didn’t give it to him because some
things were both she remembered she was
and she was she was telling him because
the only reason he grabbed it was
because he was like
she was gonna marry me alfred he’s like
he just grabbed it what a real one she
wasn’t and he wanted he wanted to
maintain that because she because she
she would have died it wouldn’t matter
but she died you got to hold on to that
yeah he got to hold on to that dude
alfred’s there when he’s telling all his
friends dude that [ __ ] was going to
marry me yeah
and then he’s like he’s like at her
funeral he’s like yeah rachel was going
to marry me and alfred’s like
anyway so they they found brian
laundry’s bones right um yes they found
i guess it was a scout because they
composed that fast well it’s been a
month and a half i mean damn i mean
apparent okay maybe not completely but
apparently it was dental records because
teeth stayed there for a very long time
yeah so it was dental i mean because i’m
sure it was too decomposed to tell it
just seems a little fishy man like it is
a little fishy but dudes on the run then
they just find the body but the the most
interesting part of it was that i’ve
been hearing about is the parents oh
there’s laundry began looking and the
day they began looking they find him
very very interesting
maybe he just pulled out all his teeth
and then just put him in that i mean if
you’re at that life or death scenario
like i’m gonna go to jail forever like
okay [ __ ] that guy and he deserves to
rot but i’m just saying if i’m ever on
the run in a manhunt yeah i mean the
thing is when you’re caught
you’re you’re [ __ ] so you might as
well just get your your the best bang
for your buck at that point exactly i
might as well be [ __ ] you might as
well stay on the road as long as you can
and then if you can’t take it anywhere
like [ __ ] it but i would i would
definitely extend it as long as i could
i mean i feel like i tried to get like
to mexico or something right like out of
their jurisdiction you know once the
manhunt’s going you can’t just walk
across the border
mexicans get in all the time i guess
you’re all you’re also going down yeah
it’s a lot easier to get out
i don’t know i’m trump’s wallet i’m
saying if it’s okay well i’m assuming
there’s a [ __ ]
a manhunt going on they have your face
passed on every [ __ ] thing assuming
you’ll try to leave the country like if
he walks in an airport he’s [ __ ] yeah
same thing i’m saying go to the border
they’d be like oh
huh guys [ __ ] wanted so i uh
speaking of bones okay
did you ever watch that show bones
a little bit i’ve never it’s not much
but i remember like i was like hey what
do you think about this bone i don’t
know what do you think about this bone
well they were literally about bones i’m
gonna get a bone call
that is so [ __ ] dumb um so anyways
speaking of bones so i was watching uh
jimmy fallon last night and there was an
older interview of him and bradley
yeah they had that
the hats on yeah talking about the
element yeah
yeah so they uh he was talking about or
he was trying to talk about
so he did the elephant man play or
whatever which is uh they were also
laughing the entire yeah it was a tragic
story but he was telling me how
the bones are in a museum okay oh really
but the family or something doesn’t want
people to see them anymore but they let
bradley cooper see them
but you know how like a t-rex’s bones
are like kind of like hung from the
ceiling that’s kind of like how his work
like displayed yeah
that’s a little like a little
insensitive yeah
and do i amuse you
i’m a human being
did you ever watch the play or the movie
no i didn’t i never but it’s the dude
that had like the the [ __ ] crusty
[ __ ] yeah yeah [ __ ] right yeah yeah i
just remember there was one point where
i think bradley carey went a little too
far but i kind of saw where he was going
because they were laughing and he was
like yeah and then he had the thing out
of his head like
oh because remember they were laughing
the entire [ __ ] yeah it wasn’t at the
elephant man but i mean about who the
[ __ ] else would it be it was because the
it was both it was a combination yeah
the combination but the elephant man had
like the like the crazy growths and [ __ ]
right yeah yeah yeah he’s like in a
circus right and just
i don’t know if he was in a circus but i
would say yes he was known for his
extremely crazy growth it was a freak of
yeah how do you think do you think
there’s like you know how there’s like
scouts for like you know professional
baseball do you think there’s like a
circus scout that just
tries to fight i think okay listen the
days of like circus acts are are well
over i feel like because it was an older
it was a very popular thing like the 70s
the 60s anywhere early up to like
probably the eighth or 90s if you’re a
freak you know they’ll [ __ ] yeah like
that was like a big thing because here’s
the thing also
the circus expert no
it’s logic but let me finish before you
before you talk all that trash huh so
i’m saying but back then there was no
internet there was no things it was just
what you could go see
oh this is crazy i want to go see this
now you can [ __ ] type on the phone
you can see anything crazy you want yeah
like you know you can see [ __ ]
you could see a
couple gay guys going at it if you want
you can you can you can see midgets
racing camels you can see a lot of
different things you can see that you
can see a guy getting beheaded in
[ __ ] palestine like palestine
palestine palestine or pakistan
palestine it’s a hybrid of the it’s the
middle palestine kazakhstan i hate when
people say that [ __ ] um no like the
the thing with that is it’s like okay i
get there’s a traveling circus and [ __ ]
but we like imagine if like
we’ve seen so much
we’ve seen so yes that’s the thing we’ve
seen like if you want like
it’s crazy to even think about like i
mean especially like our parents age
like especially the [ __ ] porn
industry if you want to watch i’m in the
mood for brunette girl
face down ass up with a black guy type
it in and you can see it
i’m just saying like whenever you’re in
the mirror it’s just like i want to see
a girl shove a lollipop up or snooze and
it’s like
and it’s like what have you
what just coming up with [ __ ]
don’t look at my browsing history
no i’m just saying like whatever you
want to i mean it’s just there no yeah
and it’s become desensitized to all this
[ __ ] yeah but on the other token though
back in the day they would watch people
kill each other like yeah
i mean i would still like to watch that
but and we we do it now it’s just a
softer version that watch these two guys
beat each other up yeah hopefully one of
them dies no won’t not hopefully
not no but i’m just saying
there was it it’s a crazy difference
really quick i gotta hit the reverse
card really quick
because i’ve seen dog the bounty hunter
sure like
can he act as the law legally and just
do all these things
i’ve always wondered when he says
because when i think of bounty hunter i
think of jango fett right
from star wars or like in the wild wild
west this guy would go find someone
wanted and kill him and put him on his
horse be like the sheriff here you go
where’s my shillings yeah exactly yeah
that’s what i think of so i mean does he
get legal documentation to be like go
arrest this guy like yeah he’s not a cop
like he’s walking on someone’s private
does he have jurisdiction to just
jurisdiction to just go [ __ ] do
whatever he wants
right is he like [ __ ] batman he can
just go do it well batman can’t that’s
what he’s a vigilante is he batman is he
the bounty hunter you either die a hero
or sears or little long enough to see
yourself in the villain like i don’t
understand the
i guess you could say the legal part of
the whole thing it’s like okay obviously
a lot of the shit’s for the tv show but
on another token he is walking on other
people’s property
can you just do that as a random guy
with dyed hair and spray tan uh maybe
that’s all you need
that’s the only criteria it’s like do
you look like a mushroom
he looks like a [ __ ] what if dog just
went bad
he’s just capping people
we got the whole world on [ __ ] dog
alert no he’s like the criminal dog the
county runner oh
interesting very interesting terrorizes
the town the whole switzerland he was a
hopeless hero that was never loved by
the by the people so he turned bad dude
i don’t blame him our harvey dent
do the remember that in the dark night
when they’re both strapped to like the
oil drums and all the bombs
harvey can you find something anything
sharp yeah if he could he wouldn’t be
tied to a [ __ ] drum [ __ ] and the
joker is just like i’ll leave this shirt
of glass here for you yeah it’s like
dude i i like when he thinks um i don’t
when she thinks that
when she’s like
no she’s like she’s like talking he’s
like don’t worry about rachel’s she’s
not a big dick a little bit she did no
she did because she’s like oh i’m gonna
get saved i’m the [ __ ] i’m gonna get
saved and he mixed the addresses up and
remember because he was like he was like
don’t talk like that rachel they’re
coming for you and she’s like i know
they are but i don’t want them to and
obviously she was trying to make him
feel better and next thing you know
he’s getting harvey and she’s like
you know
i take back that one she gets blown up
thinking she was gonna get saved psych
[ __ ] did you find her attractive i felt
like she kind of looked like a maggie
gyllenhaal um no i thought that was
maggie gyllenhaal i’m pretty sure it is
i’m pretty sure i’m singing katie holmes
that’s not her no i just feel like her
nose is kind of like she’s not
unattractive but she’s not i think it’s
big nostrils it’s it’s it’s your type
you know some people think other people
attractive other people like oh that
person’s not attractive but yeah you
know that’s how it goes you know i just
think like bruce wayne billionaire
lincoln philanthropy philanthropist
playboy brilliant yeah like dude you
could you know i mean you really just
have your pick just remember in the dark
night when
um harvey and rachel were gonna go see
the russian ballet and [ __ ]
bruce [ __ ]
i don’t even nobody he takes the whole
ballet out on a cruise with him so they
had to cancel it and they show up to the
show and it’s canceled like dude what
did jesus bruce is a real one what did
he even do for money
made weapons wayne enterprises yeah what
did they do i think there was like a
financial firm or some [ __ ] but like
obviously he’s not jewish
but they did obviously the batman stuff
on the side over there yeah
it was in the basement or something yeah
in the server room they built cars and
[ __ ] apparently
there’s a whole r d floor just no one
knows about them yeah no one even
[ __ ] knew yeah the elevator goes from
floor 15 to 17. everyone’s like oh you
remember they had like the shipping
container in the shipping yard yeah and
it would
i need one of those for a gaming cave
dude even if it just went down to one
room yeah it does yeah yeah it doesn’t
mean all the extra [ __ ] i mean it would
be worth it to drive ten minutes away
it’s like hey bro can you hop on give me
you wanna be at the spot yeah let’s go
let’s be sick i’ll be on discord in ten
if i was um in fact a billionaire or
some of that status i would 100 have 85
of those all over the place i believe
bill gates made a batcave underneath his
house 100 cool i wouldn’t do this i
would do the same thing if i was that
rich i would like 80. like what are you
doing down there
[ __ ] were there’s originally you’re
doing down what are you doing down there
eaton worthers originals got crumbs in
your mouth
like come on
what are you doing down there
there’s either there’s okay there’s
there there’s two possibilities there’s
either nothing going on or there’s some
kinky weird sex probably a lot of kinky
[ __ ] illegal [ __ ] uh a lot of questions
a lot of ball games
yeah it’s like hey i want you to whip me
on this rotating car platform underneath
my watch no it’s a [ __ ]
merry-go-round with straps
he’s got a whole circus down there he’s
got the elephant man
it’s like the adult version of neverland
bro down there probably i mean
jerry do you ever watch that
i never watched the document but i heard
it was very graphic very totally i don’t
recommend it because i haven’t i’ve
wanted to watch it i i think there’s
like there’s a few here’s the thing
when they speak of which obviously okay
the dude
was a creep okay he was a creep
you know innocent uh he was proven
innocent so so was o.j yeah
because a glove didn’t fit but i’m
here’s the thing
as a kid
you know even if it’s like okay
i’m gonna work this carefully before i
get canceled but i’m saying okay yeah i
agree he’s a [ __ ] creep but here’s
the thing people still listen to his
music he had great music yeah let’s just
remember him from the music obviously i
agree he could be a creep he probably he
did some [ __ ] up [ __ ] and i i’m
honestly there’s a lot of people on
there apparently that’s gave some very
grimy details i’ve heard that’s where i
was going to go with that first i want
to say oj simpson true cinderella story
the glove didn’t fit yeah that was that
was awful second thing
i no no you and i weren’t like also okay
where are the parents
if so if these kids are going to mj’s
house i’m assuming this is what i assume
they take their kids they’re like is he
going to rape him i don’t know what’s
the king of pop that’s how and they’re
like well if if if they’re gonna if he’s
gonna rape him then at least it’s the
king of pop yeah is that weather’s
parent they just dropped them up by
honey i mean as dave chappelle said i
mean imagine your first sexual
experiencing being michael j yeah yeah i
and imagining getting older obviously
it’s a traumatizing experience but
looking at it from the because this is a
special scenario this isn’t a random guy
off the side of the street that grabbed
you you know this is the king it’s the
king of pop i if i’m not kidding you
okay listen as terrible it would be i’m
not saying it i’m not saying it’s a good
thing and obviously no one knows i mean
i’m pretty [ __ ] sure he touched all
those little boys but people have their
opinions but i’m saying
looking back
if you were one you’d be like well well
it was a king [ __ ] pop it could have
been worse it was a king of pop yeah
so i believe there was like
three four or five episodes or something
i made it through half of it so where’s
that [ __ ] probably bought the
court when he got tried so
now they did interview the parents as
well and it’s exactly what you said they
they were like
they were just more like starstruck yeah
like because the problem is is he would
take the kids out on stage and they were
he was giving them like a career and
then they were doing commercials and
[ __ ] and so the parents are like oh my
god it’s michael jackson doing this it’s
just life-changing for me yeah yeah
yeah yeah because the kids are like they
can’t take any you can’t get money as a
kid so the parents were getting that bag
through their kids but yeah and it’s
[ __ ] awful it is awful it’s awful and
that’s another thing honestly with like
child stars
i’m sure the majority are even if you
have the best intentions starting after
your kid i’m sure it gets so [ __ ] bad
it’s like well i pay the rent around
don’t because the kid can’t legally get
the money yeah so the parents [ __ ]
get it and actually you know the parents
are dragging them to do all these things
and not letting them be a kid and then
every parent i’m sure eight years down
the road oh [ __ ] i ruined his childhood
because i wanted all the money too late
now you [ __ ] it up my eight-year-old
has a coke habit i’m sorry
no but you because i’m saying that’s why
macaulay culkin
mccully cook and macaulay cook he quit
movies i’m saying because at one point
he said he was like i was doing like
three [ __ ] movies at once he’s like i
was like i didn’t want to do it anymore
yeah [ __ ] that yeah no no no no no no
nicole macaulay
macaulay culkin was one of the only ones
who said he never did so he stood ten
toes remember dave chappelle said he’s
like he’s like i’m not he’s like i’m not
a pedophile but if i was gonna [ __ ] one
kid it’d be him he’s the hardest one to
home alone oh my kid’s
also dave chappelle yeah um i was gonna
but like
i don’t know child stars i feel like
that’s such a because obviously they
have like regulations and rules but are
you telling me everything it’s always
it’s hollywood
i mean [ __ ] everyone knew it’s like
oh here’s the thing as much as we think
like we see stars like adults but when
they’re kids it’s like
the kid’s not getting and he’s doing
things for the parents and everyone else
yeah he’s not [ __ ] benefiting he has
no idea what he’s doing and i’m sure as
a kid it’s like oh this is [ __ ] cool
man but after a little bit it’s like hey
i’m like being it’s [ __ ] forced labor
almost a little bit yeah
no i mean i mean it’s kind of [ __ ] up
yeah i mean it’s like you know in
hollywood are you telling me the
six-year-old dragged him drag you to
this toothpaste commercial that he
didn’t want audition for yes
it’s just like it makes no sense yeah
like the uh like in hollywood you know
people would be like oh they’re just
going to epstein’s island like they all
know this [ __ ] and they all know okay
well that’s all i don’t know if that was
the same attitude epstein was not the
king of pop no he wasn’t yeah and he
didn’t have that’s the one you don’t you
didn’t have a full carousel and train
and a robin hood and cotton candy
machines and churros and smoked like
disneyland every time you went over
there so here’s the thing natalie i kind
of want to go over there and see what it
looked like i kind of want to go play on
some carousels
that should you imagine the banger ass
party you can throw there’s a price for
everything you want to go over there and
play you better go over there and play
how much money that [ __ ] still
makes like on a daily basis it’s crazy
crazy from beyond the grave seriously
okay i actually i do have a question so
i’ve always i feel like people don’t
talk about this enough
and maybe i just don’t know enough about
the subject i don’t know honestly i
don’t know enough about the field
so michael jackson is a black man cool
when did he
i i really don’t know so he turned he
had like some surgery to turn his
pigment white he did not want to look
like his father apparently
okay so
was that just like normal to because i i
don’t know anyone else in the world who
has done that never and here’s the thing
it was the king of pop so it’s like it’s
weird but it’s looking a [ __ ] pop and
it was accepted because in the 90s in
the 90s he started to get some plastic
surgery and things changed and all of a
sudden i think it was early 2000’s like
what the [ __ ]
because he was like
yeah yeah yeah literally i didn’t even
know you could do that i didn’t know but
let alone do that in the 90s or the
early 2000s exactly the whole point is
is like with all the technology we have
nowadays like you would think that i’ve
never seen that there were there would
be some other stars there but you have
to okay you also have to look at this
way there’s no reason for anyone to do
that to change their skin color i’m
asking why did he he i just said i’m
saying the reasoning he at one point has
said he’s like he didn’t want to look
like his father so he just changed his
skin i guess
he could have gone like
he could have just got like facial
reconstruction or something but he did
have you ever seen his nose how many
times did he like fall off
it didn’t actually fall it was joked
about because he had so many nose
surgeries which but i’m saying obviously
at the same time there probably wasn’t
something mentally right up here
well no [ __ ] the dude’s [ __ ] kids
like and that was okay i i didn’t get to
finish my point so i watched like the
first game yeah he had that real money
money yeah that reel that mo look what
that money make a [ __ ] dude
what i was saying was that like i got
through half of it and the problem was
those people went into graphic design
yeah that’s what i’ve heard i haven’t
watched him it was very disturbing he
was like yeah he liked when i touched
his nipples and then like he wanted me
to bend over and just like look at my
[ __ ] and [ __ ] and it was like okay
and after like because 30 minutes of
that it was like i don’t like i like to
watch things and laugh i’m a comedy guy
i like that
i like so you watch never go back to
neverland or whatever i’m saying i was
interested because the only reason is
because dave chappelle said don’t watch
it i was like all right i gotta launch
it that’s okay i didn’t because he said
that because i i was assuming there was
a lot of just i’ve heard there’s a lot
of disgusting
very very incredible
material and i feel like the whole time
i was just like
yeah it’s [ __ ] evil [ __ ] yeah it’s
evil [ __ ]
and but what about okay hey time out
what about the housekeepers and the
groundskeepers they’re just like
they’re just watching yeah hey this
isn’t weird michael jackson’s hanging
out with 10 8 year olds and he’s taking
him into this room nothing weird about
this a grown man what are they doing he
he was the king of pop
he always said i didn’t have a childhood
so i just
okay that part maybe just being ignorant
no childhood part makes sense but no one
goes to that length it’s like they just
go on some roller coasters or something
like don’t [ __ ] build a carnival for
rape in your backyard
i mean there’s a lot of substitutes that
you could do to avoid that
like i don’t know
i mean like that’s like a guy killing 85
people like i never went hunting before
so i’m gonna kill all these people like
there’s substitutes to that it’s like
saying i didn’t have a truck when i was
younger so i’m like oh [ __ ] all these
country boys yeah i’m like wow
reaching a little bit it’s not reaching
he didn’t have a childhood so he [ __ ]
that’s [ __ ] that makes no sense no but
the point was being because he was so
famous at such an early age all he did
was go home and then go to the studio
there’s like a whole thing about
actually how
cooking is actually a crazy story at how
like he would just he would go home from
school and he would have like 15 minutes
once there’s three stooges and then he
would [ __ ] go to the studio he’d
perform he’d go on tour and he didn’t
even get a childhood which makes sense
and i get that i get that but you don’t
go [ __ ] a bunch of kids because you
didn’t have one oh i’m gonna put candy
canes and carousels i’m gonna [ __ ] them
all you don’t do that if you want roller
coasters in your background i’ll have
power to you and he was wealthy enough
to do it i didn’t usually do it i’m
pretty sure he did have make a [ __ ]
six flags
technically he did have some roller
coasters back there like little trains
and [ __ ] i mean he had a ferris wheel
which why did you need 15 baskets it’s
only you and one kid
you make it more
more intimate with one i’m going on a
date with this [ __ ] elementary school
kid wish me luck
did you not have friends that were just
like dude what are you doing everyone
wanted to be it’s michael jackson
imagine all these celebs because like do
you remember that picture it’s actually
it’s actually probably the hardest
picture of all time mike tyson’s walking
into one of his big fights
magic johnson madonna
mj eddie murphy it was just it was this
picture it was like the coldest photo of
all time besides the baby molester by
there but i’m saying it was a cold ass
photo i’m saying it’s mj
everyone wanted to hang because it’s
like you’re the most popular guy in the
[ __ ] world
he would show up places people would cry
and pass out and [ __ ] yeah i’m saying
and but i guess you just didn’t want
those friends
i’m saying like imagine eddie murphy hey
you want to come over and hang no
you know i’m with mark and micah we’re
having fun on my carnival what the [ __ ]
what we’re eating laffy taffy and we’re
gonna just want to know how no
no one ever noticed this we’re gonna see
if we can get to the bottom of this
tootsie pop i just don’t get it like he
must have not had friends because i’m
just saying on the other hand he’s so
[ __ ] rich and powerful
i know i’m just saying okay like like a
best friend obviously you never do this
i’m saying if i come home and you’re
just chilling on the couch michael
jackson didn’t have a roommate to pay
rent with
he [ __ ] lived in a [ __ ] mansion we
never had friends over he had like eight
yeah i’m sure he did at one of his eight
mansions not not the baby rape disney
i’m not i’m saying it how it is it’s
[ __ ] up but it’s what he did
he was
he was
all over little kids it’s [ __ ] up man
that’s horrible like there was this one
i’m not there was a cameraman a
and they were videotaping and he’s
hanging out with a bunch of kids
and i’m not kidding
like he’s at his pool and these little
have you ever seen this video little
kid’s like he’s like oh no no no these
little kids push him in the pool and
he’s swimming
and the camera is just like oh this is
good footage don’t help them
help them
holy [ __ ]
but at the same time on the same token
if i’m that cameraman he moon walks once
i’m forgetting everything
he’s the king of pop hey the only thing
he needed was the times it was the times
yeah i mean the staying power of his
music is just insane so do you think oj
did it
i think so
i can just tell like his tweets just
make it like
he tweets like he’s a guy who got away
with it yeah he’s like he’s like hey
y’all and he gives these little hints
like uh-huh
remember the interview thing i told you
like with the newscaster and [ __ ] and
he’s like he had a surprise for her she
opens her opens her door he’s like
me and he pretends to stabber he’s like
i just when i hear like him talk
it’s one of those like i got away with
it i feel bad it’s it’s like hey yo i
hope you all have a good thanksgiving
it’s like it’s like it’s like a middle
finger to the fbi like a quick little
hey by the way yeah most famous child in
the world right here couldn’t get me
couldn’t get me who’s this lawyer holy
[ __ ] it was one of the kardashians
that’s how they got famous
no yes because if i remember correctly i
thought in the epstein documentary it
was saying that same
yes lawyer actually represented oj so
that guy’s doing something kardashian
dad i don’t even [ __ ] know his name
kim kardashian’s dad
what was on the team on the t on the
legal team on the league he wasn’t he
wasn’t the lawyer but well then he has a
team of awards he was one of them okay
and that’s what got them their money and
their [ __ ] fame and so then kim
starts going around whatever they did
though they somehow [ __ ] got him out
of that which is insanity that’s insane
it is because the glove didn’t fit
the gloves it wasn’t just that i’m
saying they were somehow able to prove
the process because there was like a one
percent doubt
i don’t know
it’s insane i mean when you’re at that
stature why do you kill your wife just
i mean and it’s really [ __ ] up and
it’s crazy it’s because just because
these people including mj include
are famous
and good thing r kelly got thrown in the
slammer forever thank god i’m saying
all the guys are surprised
all the people well there was a lot of
things that he couldn’t get out of
there’s proof so he’s he’s a [ __ ]
idiot there’s a [ __ ] audio of him
talking about this
i don’t want to say it there was a this
is our news source is dave chappelle but
he usually says what’s up well i read
the whole article so there’s literally a
of because he videotaped everything and
he’s like this is the best 14 year old
[ __ ] i’ve ever had and he said it like
16 times it’s like dude why couldn’t you
just be like this is the best
48 year old
he dug himself a hole in which it’s like
hey you’re [ __ ] but i’m just saying
all the people that get out of this [ __ ]
are always like the rich and famous and
the celebrities it’s like
any [ __ ] guy you pull out from the
side of the road that literally
touched someone on the [ __ ] shoulder
is is is almost trying a wrong hug you
know what i mean it’s it’s it’s it’s
crazy things funny because when he
finally got you know [ __ ]
you know uh
found guilty or whatever he tweeted i
know i’m innocent but i was like dude we
have the truth
with this [ __ ]
do you remember after it all came out
because that that he was like crying in
the interview and then like it was his
daughter’s birthday or something it was
it was this was right after like it
first came out and he’s like happy
birthday on the online
and he sings the whole thing and then i
read the comments it’s like
listen [ __ ] this guy but the guy’s got
dude i just don’t get like there’s
literally transcripts of you saying it
yeah when’s his what which is why he’s
[ __ ] and he’s going to jump but how
can you tweet i’m innocent like dude
just take the l bro well because the l
means your life is over so he’s trying
to fight to the end i guess but either
way [ __ ] that piece of [ __ ] yeah he
needs kardashian lawyer well at that
wanted to be a lawyer it’s like just
stick to your ass i think she i think
she actually uh oh she got it
um i think she’s done some good i’m just
saying okay imagine you just have like a
traffic ticket it’s like and the
government will appoint you an attorney
it’s kim she’s like hey i’m pretty sure
she does high profile just kidding but
imagine walking in it’s kim but i will
say amongst all their celebrity friends
are you telling me
dude let’s call kim
who the [ __ ] gonna do that yeah nobody
nobody well i just feel like i didn’t do
it because he’s a nice not that it’s not
that i don’t believe that like when
people get older they kind of change
their ways and they can become different
that maybe she is a good lawyer maybe
she is maybe she’s the best i i can
guarantee you this if any of their
celebrity rich friends got into trouble
well kim’s a lawyer like
we’ll get back to you we’ll get back to
you you know i got this guy who’s been
in islam for 20 years so uh
kim just starts you know it’s like when
we went to the pitbull concert iggy
couldn’t get any couldn’t get any crowd
to say anything until she was twerking
her ass that’s what kim does she just
gets on [ __ ] stands and starts
twerking and then they’re like innocent
everyone has their bread and butter and
that’s hers yeah and the bread and the
butter yeah has their bread butter
that’s her bread and butter you know i
remember when her ass got so big it
looked like a diaper
well i think that’s always been the case
no i mean i think she got a reduction
after that
i i just couldn’t imagine like imagine
back just hacking and adding and then
slicing and then just distracting and
detracting and it’s just like god that
butts what i want to know honestly like
as in in a complete scientific way in a
in a curious way yeah
what do they do down there
do they
bear with me gelatin a little slice and
it’s like a peel like a peel back and
then they
and then they seal it back you know what
i mean they just slap it on there and
then peel it back and then sew it back
what does that have to heal i don’t know
i don’t know i don’t know but it’s a
very interesting thing i mean if anyone
needs to get ass implants it’s me it’s
the one
and i’ve looked it up
it’s like five grand dude i could get my
tits off it’s not that much it’s it’s
the wonders of modern medicine because
honestly we can do some amazing things
dude if a girl isn’t confident with her
gotcha they’re comfortable with those
like 10g something oh you can get a
if you know a guy’s five well there is
probably gonna be there is like a
loophole if you have if you had issues
with your you can you can see if you can
get some um insurance was there a
plastic surgeon who was like [ __ ] the
boobs after he’d do it while they were
still out
what i thought i read that on twitter oh
that’s a really reliable source yeah no
there was like
ganja king 232 tweeted this so it must
be true no there was like this doctor
that would like
you know like after he put the boobs in
they’re like still unconscious and he
just no
forgive me if i’m wrong but i think that
might be a break of the code of ethics
in in medicine
it could have been dr love
remember him yeah those who don’t know
who doctor yeah oh my god doctor love
that that young kid who’s like 20 19 at
the time
posed as a doctor for years for years
wrote prescriptions wrote prescriptions
people paid him he made thousands of
does no one ask questions
how does he walk into a hospital with a
coat from the halloween store and no one
says anything oh hey i believe he had
his own practice of his own building
either way
how in what way does this just happen
how does the qfc pharmacy accept these
i’m pretty sure the beginning of the
story he did have his own practice on
one point his website when he first did
it i’m pretty sure he just walked into a
hospital because that was part of it’s
like how does this kid walk into a
hospital and people are just like oh hey
like remember he who’s right he’s a kid
genius he was writing prescriptions
and there’s an interview on if you you
can look up the interview apparently he
treated them well though right
like he actually like diagnosed just
because he’s prescribed some [ __ ]
moderate painkillers for all these foot
pain doesn’t mean he’s a good doctor
but i am that’s half of what tonight
i am saying does this hurt i’m just
how does it not go under the radar for
this long but someone who evades their
taxes in kentucky who didn’t pay twelve
hundred dollars gets thrown in the
slammer within two months it just
doesn’t make sense i mean he was he was
the batman of our generation he’s a
vigilante he’s out dude he was fighting
crime on the front lines he was crime
i mean he was fighting disease
if he was really smart he would have got
a bunch of perks and started selling him
dude i mean yeah i mean i i’ve always
wanted to do lean like write me a
i mean i’m just saying okay how about
this so you just print up a prescription
pad and walk to the pharmacy okay and
they give it to you how did he do that
how did he write prescriptions from
walking into a building
i don’t know what the [ __ ] genius
he must he either is a genius
everything’s just there’s just no [ __ ]
they just assume every guy with a lab
coat walked in no he did his time in
medical school we’re not gonna give him
any more questions kid genius [ __ ]
dog i don’t know i’m just saying his
last name wasn’t if you think about it
from all its elements it’s [ __ ] crazy
yeah he literally was writing
prescriptions this kid who has done
nothing but watch youtube videos
it’s crazy
and on webmd
the [ __ ] up thing about webmd is like
i’ll look up something how did he okay
how about this how did he get like
obviously i’m assuming he’d like put up
some fake medical licenses or something
but like
because you have to like because the
business it’s not normal like you have
to do all that [ __ ] as a business to
even accept and be able to get revenue
how what the [ __ ] it’s crazy man it’s
just not except the cash
i don’t know like the uh
[ __ ] i forgot what i was gonna say
i’m dr love i run the urgent care in
720th street yeah like how
i don’t know what happens [ __ ] i had
something to say and i forgot but no the
that [ __ ] i always get the hiccups
that [ __ ] is nuts because like one i oh
i had that question was love his last
name like his real last name i don’t
know i don’t think so because that’s a
pretty stupid thing i mean choose like
flanagan or like flanagan
it’s more believable than love
kevin love
oh okay people have that name yeah
that’s not bad
you’re lovie smith
you okay with the old hickeys over there
well that’s gonna wrap it up i’m gonna
die i almost threw up from the hiccup
uh you wanna wrap it up
this chair is slowly sinking i’ve gotten
sure um okay that’s going to do it for
thank you guys for listening i’ll pick
up some go away okay yeah yeah yeah i’ll
just do it oh i’m going to do the outro
i’m so nervous you’ve done it before i
know that’s the first time
give him a spotlight ladies and
thank you everyone for watching uh this
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