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Episode 20

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J&Z do an amazing cover of Down with the Sickness by Disturbed. We also talk about WWE, bugs, and hurting people as kids. Follow us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/aroundthelunchtable/?hl=en
there’s a stranger in my bed
there’s something
how’s that guy do that that’s stephen
it seems i’m having some trouble
and dealing with these changes violently
it changes
there is no turning back now
down with the sickness and i’m in the
market down with the sickness
and i’m gonna knock it down with the
sickness open up your weight and
no mommy don’t do it again i’ll be a
good boy
look at you just [ __ ] up and die
i have to be such a [ __ ] [ __ ] horn
such a [ __ ] up
that’s he says i’m very aware that’s
what he says
uh welcome back episode 20. no we’re
putting that in it’s going good
no it’s going in listen we’re not
putting that in there episode 20.
now it’s going in it’s done episode 20
welcome back to around the lunch table
hot [ __ ] tank
we got z uh cover-up disturb
dude when is disturbed i feel like
do you remember only the only reason i
ever knew about them was because i knew
they were [ __ ]
out like just crazy like a skillet and
it happened
it had like a random girl that was just
like so
hard like what i started sing the
hardest lyrics but they weren’t like
i’ve never heard they went dude that
dude that skill that song is so hard i
meant like hard to be like
like like the [ __ ] like really deep
grumbly [ __ ] [ __ ] here’s the thing
i’m not hating on it but i’ve never i’ve
never understood the
like obviously a lot of people it was
like maybe when they were younger or
maybe it’s not what like
the screamo the cookie monster medal
you know what i mean i’m saying the the
i’m saying
in comparison to that like that’s not
even that bad compared to some scream
like the death metal [ __ ] i’ve never
thrasher i understood how slipknot
slipped no i [ __ ] all in the [ __ ]
names like [ __ ]
deer blood and all these like i don’t
understand delilah’s vagina
black delilah
crypt keeper like the name they have
like wwe names
tripskeeper skullzer
more crypt keeper wow the bone breaker
you remember the first uh spider-man
with toby mcguire
he goes to the first question
another crowd’s like bones
i’m just like i never understood the
point of all that i never understood wwe
like it’s a it’s a yeah apparently
i mean some of it’s not but 80 percent
of it is 100 what i don’t get is like
i feel like the crowd and the funny
thing is
they’re all adults there yeah but i feel
it’s more of like a very low iq
is in the crowd like you know what i’m
saying because they’re like yeah and
then she’s like
grabs the chair and it’s like give him
the chair
give him the chair dude the [ __ ]
thing i’ve joined in the rock door he’s
i know i don’t know because i’m saying
it’s not real at all but it doesn’t even
look real
no but i’m saying there’s little bits
and pieces of it that are real you know
i mean
like but yeah the majority of it isn’t
like there are stories of people
breaking bones and [ __ ] but i’m saying
people break bones in ballet like
snapping their ankle that doesn’t count
there’s no one’s giving people the chair
in ballet
hit this hit the silhouette
no but you know what i’m saying i’m
saying yeah obviously most of it’s not
real but i’ve never understood how it
has such a big following
yeah like who is that big who is the big
wwe star retired everyone’s like triple
like what a career i’m like okay that’s
[ __ ] wwe
like yeah like i’m not hating i mean
like that like that like he was
obviously a [ __ ] g
remember obviously because you guys hung
out and you know what i’m saying he died
rest in peace remember from
princess bride that [ __ ] yeah did you
know he was actually like the best
drinker of all time too
that’s where i was going with this he
one time there was a
interview with him and jake the snake or
whatever jake the snake
and they did like wwe together and he
asked him he was just like beer and so
he just
the [ __ ] no that’s what he said and
so they stopped in the gas station she’s
like hey you want anything she’s like
so dude goes brings in like two [ __ ]
like 20 dude the dude apparently drank
like 48 beers and never went to the
bathroom once
because i’m saying i think that gonna be
a trip to how big he was
well yeah what else would a tribute to
i mean his stomach’s [ __ ] huge no i
know i’m saying like even if you’ve seen
him because his hands were just like did
you ever see the thing of his hand in a
beer can yeah look the beer can look
like a little one of those little dixie
cups you get the coolers in the offices
they’re like this big yeah
it kind of sucked you you know him to
die but i mean
i guess that sucks anyone has to say but
yeah very profound assessment
james except for like hitler but would
you kill hitler
if he was a baby and you knew it was
like would you time travel and kill
that’s always been a lot like a question
like what if you no [ __ ] anyone would
i’m just like
oh the question was would you kill the
mom to kill hitler
is that what it was yeah i was like like
knowing she’s pregnant
yeah i’m gonna be like hey actually i
would first
do trial and error i would attempt to
disrupt the baby’s growth inside and
kind of just disrupt that without
killing her
so first downstairs first things first
yeah i
top of the flight of stairs hey can you
help me out with these groceries and
yeah that’s a stupid ass question who
the [ __ ] wouldn’t or just keep feeding
her alcohol and then
you know i guess yeah yeah
that’s one of those you know what’s
funny i i always thought okay listen
here’s the thing
here’s the thing here’s the thing when
you be an adult about things
i’ve just been thinking this a lot
recently because i’ve had a lot of
friends who had babies and [ __ ] like
i don’t want to watch people like
oh it’s beautiful it’s it’s childbirth
no i don’t want to watch i don’t want to
but i have to be there but like yeah i i
don’t want to watch
because isn’t it true the vagina and the
it rips no that is a true thing like a
but you know how like do you remember
like the first time you ever you ever
[ __ ] you’re like wow those are really
close together like
i mean yeah i know i figured they’d be
like light years apart and it’s like
well the thing is the body’s only so big
one can’t be at the
back of the one one’s on your chest
one’s on the back i’m just saying you’re
just like wow like that’s
that’s that you can see how it could be
confused no that is walking distance
right there
but like anyways where i’m going is like
the yeah
yeah the uh taint as like or the gooch
yeah i like gooch better yeah gucci’s
gucci the gucci gets it don’t say like
that don’t try to be funny
or try to pronunciate it like it’s
the gooch gets torn between the two of
them is what i’ve heard
about that the point is i don’t want to
watch that like i don’t want to watch it
unfold like
like actually come around here you want
to see this [ __ ] no i don’t i don’t want
to i want nothing to do with it does it
just like
plop out or they like pull it out is it
like a pulley system
i just don’t know how it gets out of
there okay no it’s it’s a combination
things i’ll tell her to push they kind
of they don’t just [ __ ] grab the head
and [ __ ] rip it out do they all wear
the plastic skirt that padme was wearing
i don’t know luke can you imagine what
okay okay imagine what it’d be like if
when a baby’s born
like it’s weird because in the animal
kingdom babies are born and are [ __ ]
running around because
yeah that’s crazy how it works like we
and they’re helpless for like
like 20 years yeah so i’m 25.
i’m saying can you imagine if the baby
comes out
and it starts sprinting around they have
to catch it it’s
knocking over [ __ ] yeah all the scalpels
she’s running around getting they have
like a little net trying to catch us
it’s like a cow it’s like the rodeo
thing which is no it’s like it’s like
when you’re in like the
chicken coop trying to cat like i see a
guy chasing the chick he’s like it’s
he’s just running around the the doctor
has a regular terrifying that would be
to see a newborn baby just like walking
on two feet
that would be freaky and i feel like
we’ve seen that in some horror movies i
feel like i’d kick it
yeah kind of like a football like i feel
like i hold it down and go
[ __ ] smack charlie brown dude lucy
was kind of a [ __ ]
lucy was a [ __ ] she’s like hey charlie
brown you fat [ __ ]
uh-huh you don’t make it why was charlie
did he have like he had one hair he’s
like [ __ ] smeagol
he had a couple i think yeah and why was
linus look at the blanket right
yeah or no that wasn’t him i thought the
lioness had the blanket no he did that’s
where i was going uh
pigpen had all the clouds around him
yeah was he just like
that he was smoking that loud all the
time either had like he was the first
kid who found the vape
yeah he was [ __ ] puffing on a dab pin
all the time yeah
who was the kid who rocked the piano
dude that kid was going to stay
when he was [ __ ] jammed i loved the
way they danced
when he played the piano remember the
family guy we’re just new snoopy’s like
yeah you enjoying yourself tonight
yeah yeah yeah yeah
family guys had some funny cameos so bad
[ __ ] that’s good um i saw this tweet and
it was like have you ever like tried to
and just a pebble comes out
oh like you’re just trying so hard just
like and you’re like did i get anything
and it’s just like
like a little bobber in the water in a
pond it’s like
all that work and it’s like i know i got
more in there like
come on but actually it’s it’s it’s it’s
actually true if you actually like
hey if you really tried too hard you can
actually get like a braided aneurysm or
hey you can actually get like you pull a
blood vessel in your head or something
oh i felt like
you you know that meme where the guy’s
like yeah that’s he knows when that guy
looks like you
i don’t see it but you know you think a
lot of things look like me
which i do find that flattering it’s
funny because you say the same thing but
yours are so outlandish yours are
no they’re not turbo the snail and what
wait aaron agreed with me
thank you aaron will agree with anything
that’s against me well that’s funny
because it’s funny because you used her
as a
a trusted source one saying that i said
senior entire technician so it’s funny
how that works only one-sided
yeah oh aaron’s on it oh but now she’s
now she’s now she’s not a valid source
when it’s 202 to you interesting
interesting assessment very one-way
standard and it’s selfish and um
have you ever turned the wrong way on a
one-way street i have
and i was scared absolutely [ __ ]
shitless um i have
hello hello i have actually done that
he’s never gone outside
yeah basically aaron turned him into a
he’s been in the pen since he was born
yeah i want to let him out just let him
be free you know like can the camera see
his butthole
oh my god probably we cannot monetize
but yeah but yeah i definitely have
how long did it take until you realized
like instantly
mine was a few seconds too long but the
thing was mine wasn’t like during the
night or something like that it was just
i was in a rush and i was turning and
then there was like
um and like i don’t know why
but there was like construction going on
and so like like i could it just looked
already kind of weird it didn’t look
i couldn’t even tell like i think there
was a sign somewhere but like i was in a
i was like looking over my shoulder make
sure i wasn’t hitting anything and so i
went and immediately
because obviously if there’s cars right
there the red light i would have known
but there wasn’t
and so because there was cones on each
side so i was like okay they’re that’s
the lane for me then
because it’s each side but like it was a
one way and i i didn’t [ __ ] think
about it
and then i went but thank god there was
like a driveway right there so i just
like oh [ __ ]
i win that was it yeah mine was like
there’s been some pretty bad ones i’ve
heard from friends
mine mine was bad like i turned and
there wasn’t any cars there at the time
so i’m just like cruising along like 45
just going down this thing and then all
i see is me i’m like jesus he’s in the
wrong lane
you know this guy people drive people
are ridiculous now
i’m honking him back and then and then i
just see like it was like four arrows
going my way i’m like
then i just [ __ ] like pull over into
like a dominoes and just i like had to
hyperventilate and cry a little bit
it was like right when i got my license
[ __ ] this guy going the wrong way
yeah that was rough but um yeah i
haven’t i’ve only done that once i’m not
a bad driver though so i’ve never really
had any i’ve never even
yeah i’ve never had another car or
anything either so that one of those
yeah yeah i’ve never been into an
that was my fault um i had to get
slapped by this woman my car got
i didn’t literally slap she slapped you
no oh i was like [ __ ] no
but like there was like a school bus
stop sign like you know the school bus
stops everybody i’m just sitting there
and what’s weird is like i knew she was
about cause like you look up and it’s
like you can tell they’re not slowing
down and then she’s like this and it was
just like
freaking smacked me and then she got out
not stereotyping but she didn’t speak
english and i was like [ __ ] she doesn’t
have insurance
and then well no i’m just saying and
then she didn’t and so i asked her for
an insurance and she didn’t know she
said it was like her parents car and i
was like
[ __ ] and so i helped her dig around her
[ __ ] glove box to find this little
folder and then i [ __ ] found it i was
like thank god but then it wasn’t her
under it so it was had this whole so he
jumped all these hoops to find out yeah
yeah we had to get the parents involved
to get me my [ __ ] car
sign some non-disclosure agreements get
the doctors yeah
yeah doesn’t like dan bilzerian [ __ ]
have people sign nda’s to get into his
[ __ ] house
like what goes on there that you know a
ton of people do that tons
tons i mean okay besides drugs and sex
like what else could possibly go on
what i’m saying talk about what i’m
saying when you’re famous lawsuits and
[ __ ] i’m saying if people sign that you
are completely
you know you’re not gonna be liable for
[ __ ] like if someone [ __ ]
happens to didn’t he throw a girl off
yes we’re like
i forgot about this yes at his house the
one he uh moved out he doesn’t live
there anymore but i’m saying
because it was for a commercial or
something wasn’t it or he was doing
but he threw her off and did she break a
leg or something dude it was like
like here’s here’s the pool and her legs
just go
and then like folds into the pool yeah
cause i’m saying maybe it was like a
shatter or something i’m saying but
because she threw her but she didn’t
because he was he was saying
what he was saying made sense because
like he threw her far enough
but like the way she was falling like
she was like because when he threw her
she was trying to grab him back
yeah and not you know what i mean so
like obviously so he’s trying to go like
this and she’s like grabbing on to him
and i believe she lost the lawsuit
because of that because there was a
video and it was like
i was throwing her and then she was
trying to like come back
it’s because she agreed to do it yeah
obviously he asked her
and she’s like yeah i’ll do it and then
she goes to throw it he
she goes to throw him he goes to throw
and he because he’s told the story and
in the video you can see it like
he goes she’s like yeah i’ll do it and
then he goes to throw her
and as she’s like going like this she’s
grabbing on to him and then holding no
no no and so he throws her half the
and then you see her lane at the pool
and they’re like it’s the cement
to talk about a total party kill like
[ __ ] that would suck
that’s what everyone’s just like she
comes out of the water yeah that’s one
of my worst fears is like doing that
like i
didn’t do that with abby i kind of did
but like everyone’s fear is falling in a
no i’m saying like hurting a girl that
bad that everyone’s like
oh [ __ ] and someone you don’t know that
well you’re a piece of [ __ ]
yeah that would suck have you ever done
anything like that
have you accidentally hurt a girl yeah
yeah i have
tell the story dodgeball oh did you just
smack her
i don’t show you mercy when i play
dodgeball i was like in sixth grade you
got a [ __ ] cannon
i was in sixth grade i think and
i was one of those people you know when
they put the balls at half court
you sprint to the balls i never did that
because i’m not a chump i’m not trying
to get out by
you know a [ __ ] hand and throwing a
[ __ ] like easy one in my ankles or
something like that so i wait back i
wait back like i’m like a shark
i sit back i watch i evaluate and so
what happened was basically
then when the ball’s right i’ll wait for
someone who literally throws two miles
an hour i’d [ __ ]
catch it you’re out bye so basically
this ball
it was like me and this other chick
versus like three of them they were all
three situations they were all cheeks
the girl gets hit out but she got one so
so it’s 1v2
all right this is easily doable but on
the other team sits a [ __ ] sweat who
thinks this is the world cup
so he’s in there he’s sprinting around
he’s diving doing like flips and [ __ ]
like a [ __ ] crackhead
and so he throws i catch it i’m like oh
that’s game [ __ ] over and so
i throw one of her she dodged it but
she’s staying at the very back
the very back and these dodgeballs
aren’t like they’re not very aerodynamic
yeah i think they always like yeah
they’re curving
[ __ ] and so because i’m trying to throw
it hard because my throat’s off then
she’s because
she her plan was to catch it but i throw
[ __ ] seeds
so basically sit in the back i’m at a
ball so she throws a couple so i only
have it
and then she doesn’t have any and so i
have like all the balls on my side at
this point so she’s like
she’s running side to side you know the
cushions they put behind yeah they’re
all from people who are running playing
so she’s like sitting by that like back
against it like that far away i’m like
really and the game has been going on
for like 10 minutes i’m like
like just me and i’m like are you gonna
[ __ ] come up and fight me
are you just going to sit there the
whole one she’s just the crowd’s just
going to see yeah
they’re all just like no so i have all
the balls this is my strategy so i take
two of them and i roll him towards her
ankles like at towards her back
and so i have the other it was so fun i
didn’t mean to but
yeah okay
so subconscious so when she goes to pick
it up i wait for her to go to pick it up
and then i just
it’s hard as but the thing was like the
chances of hitting her in the face
were not very high and she was so far
back i was just i had to throw a heart
so she didn’t catch it because
they’ll die really fast like the speed
and so i just throw it
and the timing was so perfect because
she’s like looking at me
she knows i’m gonna throw it somewhere
push like the second she was like this i
[ __ ] just let it fly she’s just
it hits from the face she’s crying i’m
like yeah
everyone lifts you up she’s on the
[ __ ] girl like rudy after he makes
the plane
subtitles go on he he went on to win
three more dodgeball championships after
that’s a good one though i like that one
trying to think of another one i
uh i remember we should go down the
like over the slider just like over oh
like in like facebook this i was like
fourth grade i think
back then it was like kind of flirting
you’re like
breaks both arms got you maybe
she was pushing me off the slide okay so
she had it coming yeah and then so like
oh my god how do you [ __ ] like it i
push it and since she has no athleticism
or balance
[ __ ] it has cankles [ __ ] nerd [ __ ]
[ __ ] falls off the top
thankfully she was okay but yeah i
pushed her off
i feel like i feel like i’ve hurt a lot
of people
in my little kid days i feel like i
remember we were playing soccer
on the field or whatever and i was
playing goalie
or whatever i don’t know we didn’t
really have positions oh mike i wasn’t i
was in front of the goal
and so this girl hits it and i catch it
and so she turns around
and so i do the whole drop kick and so
she’s like running away
sir their heads to my back a drop kicker
[ __ ] [ __ ] dirt it’s like damn
yeah one other thing not related to that
crazy story my grandfather who’s now
rest in peace he was in like the
military and [ __ ] i remember
he gave me this 50 caliber bullet one
time because you know it’s a big bullet
and i was like oh that’s cool
yeah so i remember you know you had like
wednesday night church
and so i was like oh i want to show noah
at church and so i put in my jacket and
i was like oh you know this is cool you
know you’re like [ __ ] yeah
seven or eight like this you always
brought things to church yeah you
brought like bionicles and [ __ ] look at
toys you did too i didn’t bring things
to you you had the little spinny [ __ ]
bionicle thing
what just happened
it’s still recording but our headphones
went out because the cat is [ __ ]
oliver no it’s fine
okay anyways so the uh
what’s spinning things do you remember i
remember you had the spinning
[ __ ] discs yeah like you guys in
there i remember dude one time you
you know when oh here we go something
you remember that i don’t probably
i remember we were uh you remember when
you would get in the groups and pray or
yeah yeah and so you and my you and me
you and i were behind
norm noble okay and so
oh my god i think oh i remember this
thank you thank you okay
okay if you’re standing on the stage it
was the right side and we were like in
the fourth pew back
normally i do remember
so i remember that you
let one around the disc shot out and hit
it in the glasses
when he was praying no it hit him in the
eye and then he puts his glasses on
we’re like he put on eye protection and
we were [ __ ]
crying and he just kept praying because
they’re so slow and i think it wasn’t
like praying out a lot of the time he’s
because you know you would like stand up
and pray and so he’s like praying you’re
it’s so slow
bro that was locked away in a memory i
didn’t even know i had so
see it’s not all fake news from j spence
yeah some of it’s
some of it’s real yeah that was funny um
so anyways
this [ __ ] bullet i bring it to church
show noah it’s cool or whatever and it’s
in my jacket and i forget about it so
the next day i go to school
right and why this this fourth grader
have a [ __ ] 50 cal bullet it was a
second grade and so um
i remember i was like i like you know
you’re just and i was it was
maybe half through the halfway through
the day yeah i was in my pocket and then
pulled out i was like oh what the heck
and so i actually remember
somehow knowing to do the right thing
was like tell the teachers like hey i
accidentally brought this
like i don’t know why i said it and so
the teacher goes
and so she takes it from me and they
tell me to go into like this
waiting [ __ ] room like outside
[ __ ] parents show up
[ __ ] everything swat team shows up
dude so they they pull me
into the [ __ ] principal’s office my
dad’s there he doesn’t know why he’s
there he’s pissed as [ __ ]
and then luckily my dad was a pissed
afterwards so the principal comes out
with a ziploc bag like it’s [ __ ]
back and my dad just [ __ ] grabs it i
was like dude
yeah like luckily that was the only time
my dad was like i’m proud of you son you
know like [ __ ] yeah
yeah that’s funny as [ __ ] like why does
this kid have a 50 cal bullet
yeah yeah the thing was it didn’t didn’t
have like it was empty
like yeah was it deadpool it was just
for show yeah it was a show bullet you
know i mean
it was probably like an 8 out of 10
grade but yeah near mint state yeah yeah
definitely you you had another another
i don’t oh i really hurt somebody when i
was 13.
bad who was it it was um blake
fondrick’s dad
southern oregon giants who are playing a
baseball game at u.s cellular fields you
heard a dad
i heard his dad a grown man he was the
first base coach
and i do i will never forget this for
the rest of my life
um tristan i think was there to tristan
play on giants too
and so i got like he’s like kind of
not paying attention because like it was
a long at bat blah blah blah getting
science to third base so he’s like out
talking maybe i think he’s talking to
someone inside the dugout or something
are you pitching no i was hitting you’re
hitting okay so he’s talking to someone
like in the dugout so i’m over here
hitting and i get this like inside pitch
[ __ ] nail it but i hit it foul like
i’m sorry i’m saying
hard hard hard
and it hits him in the [ __ ] face like
right here
like you heard the bone oh [ __ ] from the
[ __ ] batter’s box
like his whole [ __ ] just right here
bleep blood everywhere ambulance comes
and [ __ ]
now like i’m saying but it was one it
was back in the day when
stealth comps there was no the you know
the old the sr bats the easton stealth
yeah this
orange and orange and grey comps those
bats were dangerous anyways
i [ __ ] hit him in the face and he
gets taken out of the thing
he’s bleeding all over the place i step
back into the box and get a base hit
nice another day at the [ __ ] office
dude i remember my dad
was on this like men’s softball team all
right and uh
go james yeah it was like his it was
like i love watching
you know that’s you know what i just
i feel like you run funny because
could be your dad also runs funny so
that’s freaky
my dad is like this yeah he looks like
he’s trying to strangle the bat yeah
um but uh and he’s all arms no hips well
yeah look at the guy
yeah it’s all arms no hits but um
he uh so like him and my mom have like
this huge trip to europe it’s like the
first time going to europe and it’s like
the next day
and my dad’s on the mound you know he’s
[ __ ] just throwing
i guess it was slow pitch so not scenes
but my dad’s [ __ ] throwing down
and dude he throws one the batter hits
him right back bam
in the eye so he gets this huge [ __ ]
the whole time because he’s got this
huge ass black eyes he goes back he’s
and all the pictures these huge ass he’s
got these big oracle glasses
oh my god it looked like my mom beat him
which she probably did but yeah
yeah that’s funny that’s [ __ ] crazy
yeah i remember one time hi
hi his guardian angel looks over us yes
he guards the uh
the domicile at night yeah he does oh no
he’s distracted
anyways you remember what
i can hear every little thing you say
you forgot what you’re going to say yeah
i completely forgot remember how hard
the halo 3 theme song was the
that was not right
dude i would sit in the lobby i would
actually just listen to it
god dude god gaming was at its best
when halo it was that was probably
if not the best first person shooter
multiplayer game to come out ever
oddball play play ball
slice and dice team swat vehicular
manslaughter double kill triple kill
extermination kill tacular kill
kilimanjaro kill atrocity kill
tastrophy kilimanjaro then it was
killionaire oh yeah you’re right yeah
yeah kilimanjaro was seven
yeah yeah apocalypse was nine yeah
i had only got killionaires and grifball
it’s the only time yeah
i think i got a couple in social big
team because dude social big team in
that game was funny if you’re the sniper
and there’d be
ten people in the lift
dude that game was great because there
was no recoil you know what’s funny that
was before they added recoil in the game
right now that we in like earned i know
bro what’s funny is because
i remember one time we were playing halo
me and brandon moore and his sister
sofia wanted to play
and we were at valhalla you remember
that and we’re like in the middle it was
everyone had snipers and [ __ ] i remember
this is like the funniest we had a
couple funny moments with sophia just
got killed funny-ass ways
and brandon we were ducking behind this
rock he ducks up
sniper he’s a cool [ __ ] he’s like sophia
do not stand up she goes
just get sniped right in front of us and
i remember crying for like an hour dude
so funny that was when gaming was just
pure yeah and then we’d uh we get
airsoft guns and like
try to like recreate video games pretty
much that was fun
well no because we we’d like you know
yeah yeah do you remember when we
attacked we put up well we established a
beachhead against that honeybee nest
we did yeah the paintball guns and that
be chased the beast
because that’s the thing about honeybees
they chase you forever they will chase
you for [ __ ] hours
i remember they gotta know they’re gonna
die like in the b movie they knew they
were gonna die
so i mean they knew
hey ken i hear you’re quite the tennis
player never been the player myself i
found the ball bit grabby
that’s a lot of pages it’s a lot of ads
that’s usually where i sit
right there he’s got the tims
he was dripping joe swanson was dripping
oh my god bro
dude the funniest part was when he was
having the wet dream about the human
and she crashes in the floor watch this
watch this
jerry seinfeld’s voice is just [ __ ]
the uh i’m i don’t know this is not a
good fellow this is a bad fellow
black and yellow
what do they call the [ __ ] badass
big bees
pollen jocks
oh my god and they like they’re like
they’re getting ready to fly and they’re
on like track
in the track position they take the
wheel chocks away from their [ __ ]
you know if anyone’s seen the bee movie
my my favorite part is when
a hive of bees lifts a commercial jet
and then puts it on the tarmac
i i also like how they thinking b
they’re all in the tarmac member because
they’re trying to like
signal them to land there and then just
made it barry think b
thinking b thinking b thinking
b they’re all dancing
a commercial aircraft yeah come on
go on i mean i know like ants can lift
what like twice their [ __ ] like 10
times or some [ __ ]
which is actually crazy yeah i mean we
can’t do that
no it’s the equivalent of us like
carrying a car on our shoulder
so ants are pretty pretty crazy
you remember we ants yeah of course that
[ __ ] was dope too remember when there
was like
the ant bully the knockoff because i’m
big and you’re small
remember when we committed genocide on
the ass on that [ __ ]
green bin yeah we do
we had an ant infestation in our you
it was the grass bin for all the grass
yeah yeah and when i mean it was uh
i’m saying i’ve never seen that many up
close like
i’m saying the entire garbage can
was like black yeah from how many
answers i i’m saying i
i know there’s a lot of ants and i think
if i’m saying i’ve never seen that many
up close
that was actually crazy i had to be like
a million i’m serious
i’m actually not kidding you it was
probably close because i’m saying okay
picture how small ant is
the entire can yeah the whole container
in that
in the holes and the handles like well
it’s because we hadn’t like
mowed the lawn because it was like
wintertime yeah yeah yeah so they were
obviously causing restitution there
restitution i don’t know
um why do bugs want to come inside
i mean they have the whole outdoors they
like bring the doorbell they all got
their showcases and [ __ ]
is this my airbnb yeah always do
and they know they’re gonna die they
don’t if i see us
okay they just see hey they’re they’re
insects they see something like all
right they investigate and they make it
they love bright lights i mean i love
bright lights as much as the weekend
the [ __ ] bugs man like i get it you
know all life is precious and [ __ ] like
that but there’s a [ __ ] eight-legged
[ __ ] chilling in my corner like
you’re getting the shoebox
yeah the shoebox you’re getting the
shoebox special [ __ ] yeah you’re
getting it
yeah i remember i killed a spider one
time in middle or in elementary school
and i’m pretty sure that teacher thought
i was gonna be like a serial killer
because you know like the teacher’s
looking out for like signs she’s like
he’s definitely gonna microwave cats
and i remember i remember this one girl
name was cassidy cassidy sutton
she [ __ ] she’s like the spider i’m
[ __ ] smack it yeah i thought i was
like the hero and then everyone’s like
i’m like what you want me to pick it up
and [ __ ] everyone’s like that was
non-binary yeah that was an lgbtq spider
who’s lgbtq
tv dot tv
dot twitch tv yeah the uh
i mean the thing with bugs is it’s like
if i were to crawl into your behi if
you’re not gonna be happy about this is
just getting
absolutely you know what i’m saying no
don’t come into my domiciles
they’re not like let’s just [ __ ] up this
person’s day they’re bugs it’s a bee
talking bees no yogurt night
i’m getting tired of this emotional
roller coaster but anyways
yeah i don’t i don’t really know i think
we’re where are we at
i’m 35. i’m also good at that yeah i’m
good with that uh
i’ve obviously bought by the way we’re
almost at 2 000
downloads man two g’s big b’s
remember how long it took i mean not
long i’m saying in comparison the first
thousand versus the second
like half the time it’s only uphill from
here it’s true
so it’s an update for that and then
we’re going to be releasing some new
um i don’t know
why i actually did we didn’t put on the
site yet but i did create some
a couple of high-waisted bikinis in the
summertime crop tops too
crop tops i might wear a crop top if
it’s a tlt yeah we uh
visors like summertime stuff yeah
we finally got a new uh a new website
which can
um handle a different merch supplier so
we have a lot more options
a lot more things we’re talking about
like name brand champion hoodies yep
high quality i did may i did make a
fanny pack embroidered fanny pack
champion that says oh yeah we have
so i did i asked this guy on fiverr to
uh i told you about it i was like hey
like we want something so i was thinking
like a
like a round one table like graffiti
type logo like something you know
yeah like brightening the colors but i
said the word abstract because it was
like oh like an abstract type thing
this dude which you know shout out to
him he tried i saw the pain in the 10
bucks because i felt bad
but he did like picasso type art there
was like a it’s an atl t then it was
like like like a human mask
like a my mask there’s like a minotaur
dude it was like it looked like it
should be in a museum i just don’t get
and it was like that’s not our audience
i just don’t get art like
okay like people will go in like an art
and just stare at paintings for like an
hour and a half i mean it is a cool
oh i see what they were trying to do
here i see what they were trying to
spend 50 grand
yeah i don’t know i don’t get art but
anyways yeah that’s new stuff on the
store coming
maddie [ __ ] did that for 100 beans
and you know i can see the dark and the
light side
you know the like it represents like you
know how
the darkness and the light all of the
things and emotions in our life come
and since i’m a gemini and you’re a
pisces like
we can really i’m not a pisces what are
you aquarius
leo no i’m only my name’s neo
i’m a libra holy bro anyways it’s gonna
be on our store pretty soon for the
season thank you everyone for
downloading we’re getting there once we
get to 2000. we’re really close we’re
yeah after this episode yeah we’ll
probably have it so
um yeah thanks everyone for listening um
i think that’s all we have for right now
where can they find you they can find me
at isaiah underscore last night
pornhub.com community where can they
find you uh
you can find me at jack underscore where
you can find both of our instagrams on
the around the lunch table instagram so
other than that yeah uh oh he’s got
something else i do have something else
uh we just got some new ads coming out
some new videos we got our new website
with some professionals oh i forgot the
website yeah yeah the website you can
watch everything from there it is
beautiful we’re gonna integrate the
store into there soon
a lot more easier checkout process you
know the whole nine yards your daddy’s
been working on it
um yes thanks everyone for watching uh
we’re trying to keep we have been
some of our episodes were a little long
and if you’re wondering why they’re a
little short
like 30 45 minutes we’ve actually been
getting a lot of compliments that
they’re not crazy long because people
can listen to them on the way to the
only longest we have
is the ones that we’ve had people on and
those could go for like four hours
because there’s no nuts
exactly so yeah anyways uh that’s all we
have for you today and we will see you
next week
let’s get rowdy up in here

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